Just Say “Uncle,” Obama

The saga of Obama’s illegal alien relatives just keeps getting better and better. First up was Auntie Zeituni, an illegal alien discovered living in public housing and off disability in Boston. Once she was found out, then she decided it was a grand time to appeal for “refugee” status. And, wonder of wonders, she got it.


Then, last week, her brother — Obama’s uncle, Obama Onyango, was busted for driving while intoxicated and nearly running into a cruiser. When stopped, Uncle Onyango blew a .14 on the breathalyzer — and told the officers (in a rather slurred voice) to “call the White House.”


Now, the fun part isn’t that he was charged with DWI. No, it’s what he wasn’t charged with.


You see, Uncle Onyango did have both a valid Massachusetts driver’s license and a valid Social Security number. (It’s unclear whether it was actually assigned to him, but it was a valid number.)Which has a lot of people asking a lot of very pointed questions, the most common of which is “WTF?”


Uncle Onyango’s biggest crime, though, might be bad timing. He happened to be an illegal alien caught driving drunk barely a week after another drunk illegal alien brutally killed a guy on a bicycle. In that case, the illegal alien ran down 23-year-old Matthew Denice, then panicked. He dragged Mr. Denice at least a block before he ran off the road — freeing Mr. Denice from the underside of his pickup. Then the illegal alien backed up on to the road — running over Mr. Denice for the final and fatal time — and sped away. So there’s a serious deficiency in sympathy among most Bay Staters for Uncle Onyango.


And just three weeks ago, two Massachusetts sheriffs declared that they were going to defy Governor Deval Patrick’s policy and start working to deport illegal aliens who end up in their jails. The problem is, while they can probably go around Patrick (alias “Obama Lite”), they need to have the cooperation of federal immigration officials — who answer to Patrick’s ally, President Obama. And Obama has made it clear that he thinks very little of enforcing existing immigration laws or defying the will of the people.


And trust me — the people in Massachusetts are very, very put out with drunk-driving illegal aliens right about now. Even if they happen to be the uncle of the President Of The United States.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll bet you Uncle not only is allowed to stay but will be provided free housing, Medicare, Social Security and Food Stamps for the obvious reasons.

    • jim_m

      Do you mean to imply that the President, rather than provide for his family member out of the millions of dollars in book advances and royalties etc, will use his power to pull strings to get his family member paid for at the public’s expense and let his family member live in poverty while he lives like royalty? 

      I’m shocked! Shocked!

  • “blew a .14 on the breathalyzer”

    Breathalyzer?  He should have just told the cops that he had asthma.  His nephew would have vouched for him.

  • Anonymous

    The linked article’s comments are pretty good.

    My favorite: “What a good looking family. They have truly been blessed. They should be
    on T.V.. It’s too bad Family Feud went off the air.Wouldn’t you love to
    see Uncle Oingo , Aunt Zuni, Barry and Michelle up there on stage?
    First question, Name something phony that you carry with you. There are
    so many good answers for them, social security card, birth certificate,
    love for America….. It is comforting to know that the little guy can
    still make it in America. As long as he wasn’t born here.

    And we also had this clever retort from a Ma moonbat: “Well George W Bush’s father is an international arms dealer and should be dumped in prison for the rest of his pathetic life.”

  • Anonymous

    Uncle Onyango blew it big time.  Should have said his last name was Kennedy, and mumble something about a family curse.

  • Folks, there has already been a deportation order made out against Obama Onyango, and his drunk driving record makes it unlikely that he will be given a pass by ICE.

    Also, as I see it, Onyango’s biological relationship with the POTUS is irrelevant . . . or at least it should be.

    • The operative phrase is “should be” – but Obama’s Executive Order on enforcement makes it pretty clear it will take AT LEAST a felony conviction to get anyone deported from now until we overthrow the Obama Regime.

  • Anonymous

    Tin eared politicians will still see to it that relatives are covered, after all, when did the law ever matter to the Won?