We Didn’t Start The Fire (Maybe)

Every now and then, a certain type of story hits the news. A rash of arsons is solved, and it turns out to be a firefighter. Some cop wannabe buys himself some blue lights and starts pulling people over, only to be busted when he yanks a real cop. A rash of smashed windows turns out to be the work of the local glass repair guy. And so on.


The more I read about “Operation Fast And Furious,” especially this superb roundup by Doug Mataconis and especially this latest update by Bob Owens, who has been a freaking monster on covering this story, the more I get the same vibe. The vibe that says “this is a bad thing, but not enough people recognize that this is a bad thing. It needs to get worse so people will wake up and see this is a bad thing, and they will see me as a hero for calling their attention to it.”


And if it goes much further, I might have to ignore Godwin’s law and bring up an even uglier precedent…

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  • jim_m

    The response so far from the left is to say that all the concern about Gunwalker is nothing more than conservative paranoia.  It’s getting harder and harder for them to sustain that position.  Now with the sale of guns to criminals in Indiana there is no excuse left to hide behind.  The question is now raised:”Is there an ATF office that was NOT running this operation?”

    This revelation is the one that should bring the house down.  The ATF was selling guns to known criminals in the US and they appear to ave been wanting those guns to be used in crimes.  Every crime that was committed using those guns the ATF is accessory to. 

    I have held off on impeachment talk, thinking that it was stupid and foolish.  Nothing obama has done to date can be said to truly warrant it.  But if this leads to him then there is a very good reason to remove him.  This was an act of war against the American public.  Regardless of his connection Holder must go.  ATF is under him and this happened on his watch.  If he had knowledge he should spend the rest of his life in jail.

    • PBunyan

      Lucky for Obama and Holder that the Ministry of Truth has their backs.

  • PBunyan

    It’s not actually breaking Goodwin’s Law when the reference is 100% accurate and apropos.  Goodwin’s law does not mean that references to Hiter and Natzi’s are never, ever to be used in online discussion.  It’s more about childish and/or fallacious uses like when leftists make accusations of racism.

    • jim_m

      I agree the reference is valid.  The the obama admin has a pattern of desiring to use crises to advance their agenda.  The difference up to now is that only the Nazis were known for manufacturing those crises.  Now we see that this may also be the case with this admin.  This is not drawing some broad analogy but making a precise point of comparing a specific political method of action.

  • Anonymous

    Eric “Pardon Me” Holder said on May 3rd that the DOJ Inspector General was ‘conducting an investigation’.  HOW LONG is that supposed to take?  Yep, “Most honest, most open, most transparent administration, evah!”

    • herddog505

      Bah.  How often did we hear that excuse when Janet Reno was the AG?  And, of course, MiniTru dutifully accepted it.

      Nothing to see here.  Move along…

    • Anonymous

      “We’ll get back to you on that.”

  • Anonymous

    These things must be handled ‘delicately’.. In the meantime Barry is arming his Hoffa army for 2012.

  • Doug is a johnny come lately to this story …  its a good round up but a day (month) late …

    • Mataconis can either be late to the story, or he can be wrong to the story. Which is not to say he can’t be both. On this one though, he’s only late.

    • Oysteria

      Maybe so, but if one person who reads his blog hasn’t seen the story elsewhere then it’s all good – late or not.

  • Anonymous

    I can see it now as violence breaks out at voting sites across the country in 2012.. Barry Mugabe goes on air as the peacemaker obliged to declare martial law and stay in office to ward off the violent Tea Party extremists..His jackboot panthers who are now being armed, will make sure the vote is tabulated correctly and the constitutional crisis will be averted with the great peacemaker remaining in office. 

    Pipe dream? Or conspiracy theory? Maybe, maybe not.