Meet Major Heather Penney – 9/11 Air National Guard pilot

Fascinating piece over at C-Span’s site:

Heather-penney Major Heather Penney recounts the drama in the skies after District of Columbia Air National Guard pilots scrambled to intercept incoming hostile planes. She describes why F-16’s initially took off from Andrews Air Force Base unarmed – and what she was prepared to do to bring down a plane piloted by terrorists. And she recounts how later that day she helped escort President Bush and Air Force One back to Andrews Air Force Base.

There’s a video at the link that is a must see, especially beginning around the 20 minute mark.  Once at the page, click on the Complete File link at the top of the right hand side under Video Playlist.

It’s seriously captivating stuff.

H/T American Digest.

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  • Anonymous

    These pilots would have not hesitated to due their duty, just like the passengers on flight 93.  

  • Capable – competent – determined.

    Contrast her with Maxine Waters and Pelosi.

    • Anonymous

      Those two aren’t even competent enough to wash the Major’s plane.

  • Anonymous

    Those two aren’t even competent enough to wash the Major’s plane. 

    Those two wouldn’t even know what the plane looked like.

  • I read her story on yahoo this morning and was moved by the clear and immediate drama that took place in the skies that day. Both she and Colonel Marc Sasseville are to be commended for their tenacity, perseverance, and courage. What a solomonic decision: kill your neighbors in order to save more of your neighbors.


    That’s the Right Stuff.

  • D S

    After 10 years  a nice tale, but her story doesn’t hold water.

    • Anonymous

      The D and the B are no where near each other on the keyboard.  No link, no discussion, just a dis.  Well, that’s BS from a DS.