Godfrey: Doesn’t give a damn what Obama does to the country

Is this for real… or is it satirical and the joke’s on those who really think this way? (Language warning)

Not sure when this was taped but you wonder… if it’s for real… is he still thinking the same way now? Or was he just making fun of Obama supporters?

Color me curious.

Hey, Crime Doesn't Always Pay For Thugs
Soft or Fettered?
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  • Anonymous

    Honest…….”I voted for him because he’s black”.

    Satrical…….”he’s so smart”.  ‘Obama – oil spills are bad’.  “He knows so much about nature!”

    The really funny part is that the Obamabots in the audience don’t know how to react.

    He’s making fun of Obama, but we gotta laugh, because, you know, Godfrey is Black; and if we don’t laugh that means we’re RACIST!

  • Anonymous

    Under Obama’s leadership we are spiraling downward into another (back-to-back) recession.  But with the Godfrey and Van Jones crowd, its not a problem… as America can afford to  keep everybody satiated with EBTs and Public Housing.  

    But what happens when Sugar Daddy runs out of OPM to pay for his ever expanding embrace?

    Well… we’re fixing to find out.

    Semper Fidelis-

  • Considering Obama was raised by a self described communist.  His seeking out communist professors in school, His political beginning at the house of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn.  His attendance for 20 years at Jeremiah Wright’s church (?).  I may at some point become obvious this guy does not have the best interests of the U.S. as it is currently configured, at heart.  Fools think if they crash the country they can take over.  What will happen is all the armed citizens will shoot all the communists and that will be that.

  • Bob Armstrong

    He’s a comedian – get a frickin’ clue.

    • Anonymous

      “I voted for Obama because he’s Black”?

      That’s something to LAUGH about?  Oh, yeah, right, forgot.  You libs have a real nuanced sense of humor.  Like canceling elections.

    • Anonymous

      Says Mr. Sock with an avatar of a guy with an arrow through his head.

      • Bob Armstrong

        Well, seriously – do conservatives not have a life? Or a sense of humor?

        Watching folks like Rick stumble around trying to understand contemporary humor is funny in itself, but really it’s more sad than funny.


        • Of course we have a sense of humor. We keep you around don’t we?

    • Anonymous

      Well, EXCUUUSE ME!

    • And you’re a filthy hippy asshat – without one.

  • PBunyan

    That was pretty funny. Godfrey does a great impersonation and has a very good grasp of both Obama and his supporters. I really think there are millions of Americans like Bob Armstrong who sincerely believe Obama really is brilliant just because he can state the obvious. The problem is that while he does a fine job of stating the obvious problems, his solutions and conclusion are pretty much always non-sequiturs.

    Say for example that there was a plane that crashed because it was overloaded and couldn’t get off the runway. Obama would say: “The problem… is that the wings… umm… couldn’t produce enough lift…. to overcome the excess weight… due to the overloading. Let me be clear. What we need to do… is start building airplane wings and fuselages… out of steel, rather than… um… aluminum…” And Bob and the rest of the Obamabots get tingles up and down their legs and Jergins lotion sales soar.

    In any case this is a welcome change from 2008 – 2009 when most comedians wouldn’t touch Obama. “Nothing funny about him.” they said. There’s lotsa funny things to say about Obama. Always was.

  • Ken in Camarillo

    Godfrey gives quite a send-up, but it is so unexpected that no one is quite sure that they are seeing it correctly. I don’t think there is any doubt that Godfrey is ridiculing Obama for real, not just comedy; Godfrey is saying, don’t you see through this guy by now?

  • Godfrey does an excellent Obama impersonation. His Obama voter impersonation is also superb.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but can he create jobs?

  • He’s not making fun of Obama supporters, he’s making fun of the notion that the only reason people voted for Obama is that he is black. Being black is all the information they needed. No further thought necessary. Godfrey apparently finds that insulting.

    I happen to believe that there is a lot of truth to the assertion. I know of several self-styled conservatives who actually crossed over to vote for Obama only because he is black, or at least seriously considered it. J.C. Watts for one.

  • I don’t know if he’s spoofing or making a political statement -but, I’ve always thought there’s fine line between comedy and hatred -look at all the leftist comics that give the idiots their nasty view of the world. (the brainless believe they are the serious reporters of news)

    Comics often get their start in schoolrooms making remarks in the back of the room. When they grow up, the only difference is that they get paid for the rebellion.

    Maybe, just maybe, that’s why there are few conservative comics…hmm?