Chris Christie Denial #983 — “This Time It’s Personal!”

For the umpteenth time, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has stated — clearly and unequivocally — that he will not run for president in 2012.


NOW can we actually move on from this?

The man who vetted Van Jones for the Obama administration doesn't know who he is
  • Bob Armstrong

    I think he means it. He said that he doesn’t want to quit the job of governor half way through… unlike, ahem… some other governor we know.

    Good for Christie. He would have been formidable. Now we just have to deal with the current pack of clowns.

    • Anonymous

      You mean Bill Clinton, Bob? I agree that it’s bad form. I remember Barack Obama and John Kerry also pretty much stopped doing their jobs in the Senate when they started campaigning.


      • Anonymous

        Yes, I fondly remember when John F’n Kerry and Obama actually did the country a favor and stopped doing whatever it was that they did in the Senate.

      • Bob Armstrong

        No, I was referring to the current reigning half-governor of Alaska, Sarah “I’m not running but give me money anyway” Palin – who resigned her job so she could get rich “pretending” to  still be interested in public service.

        • Anonymous

          Gee, no kidding.

          Your obsession with Palin is almost creepy.
          Enjoying the McGinniss book?

          • Anonymous

            There should be a Palin thread every day, they’re always lively.

        • Anonymous

          Hey, dumbass… the current governor of Alaska is Sean Parnell.

          You wanna talk about the topic, or do I take the hammer off the wall?


        • Come up for air out of that inhalation tent every now and then, take a bath, and read the news.

          It’s 2011 now.  Lose the tie-dye and the body stench, hippy.

    • Anonymous

      PDS comes in many forms. Your’s is anal muscular in nature.

  • Anonymous

    If nominated, I will not run.  If elected I will not serve…

  • Anonymous

    Silly J, we will be allowed to move on from the Chris Christie non-story when and only when the Mediadiots have a new non-story to flog 24-7 and not one moment sooner.

    Wait, did you hear that Romney used to own property that was once used to hold KKK meetings 37 years before Romney was born?  We may have a winner.

  • Peter X

    I like our chances of unseating The One less and less each day.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, the economy will surely perk up with this announcement.

    • Anonymous

      Christie was good on spending and taking on the public sector unions, but weak on imigration, the global climate scam and unknown on foreign policy.

      With Ron Paul polling even with Obama, I don’t think that Christie not running is going to make much of a difference.  This looks more like an anyone but Obama election for the masses even more than the 2008 was a vote against the Bush by-proxy candidate.

      The real danger of Obama II is in a third party run by either a conservative too fed up to vote for an establishment candidate (Palin) or as a Democrat dirty trick false flag operation (yeah I am looking at you Huntsman)

  • I was expecting the gist of his announcement to day to be an endorsement of Mitzi Romneycare. Thank heaven for small favors.

  • Anonymous

    Christie made the correct decision.
    Although for those on the left, what to do with all those fat jokes/remarks now?

    And with this decision and Knox being found not-guilty, what will the MSM obsess about now to avoid reporting on the ever growing Obama administration scandals?

    I doubt Mrs Obama will be going to Target again, and Walmart is out of the question.

    Biden is already insulating himself by not knowing anything at all about anything.

    And I doubt the rock will carry the news.

    So good for Chris Christie. He can finish turning NJ a republican state and I’m sure we’ll see him on the national stage at a later date.

    • Although for those on the left, what to do with all those fat jokes/remarks now?

      They’ll resume lobbing them at Rush Limbaugh, despite the fact he’s had his weight under control for years now.

      But God help anyone who says anything at all about Tubby Riefenstahl Michael Moore.

  • Anonymous

    He had no chance in the Republican party, he appointed a guy named Mohammed as a judge and defended it.

    No room for that size balls in either party, really.

    • He also defends the Ground Zero mosque, Cap-‘n’-Tax schemes, gun control, and is soft on illegal immigration.  Like Perry, he was portrayed as some Super Conservative Hero to those unfamiliar with his actual record, and would have experienced an even bigger flop.

      Perry is at least a conservative on most things, and has a strong enough organization to stay in (of course, if his debate performance doesn’t improve, he won’t win).  Christie would have been running to the left of Romney.  That doesn’t appear to be the right road to the 2012 GOP nomination.

  • Well, he would have been the most well-rounded candidate . . .

    Christie only allowed this little interlude of “considering” a run again as a sop to the donors he’s been courting nationally.  Hard to treat someone writing you a check as rudely as he’s treated most who repeatedly asked him about it, so he agreed to think about it some more.

    Once all the checks had cleared, he felt free to say NO again.

  • Anonymous

    How did Christie give a 40 minute press conference to announce he’s not running? The MSM has more interest in padding the field of candidates than GOP voters do. Mitt, Rick, Herman, Newt et al. would each be an incredible improvement over Barry Sotero.

  • Anonymous

    Barry is the weakest candidate in the field for the 2012 election cycle.

    (Now waiting for SpongeBob to come along and accuse me of RAAAAAcism any time now…)

  • Anonymous

    Pretty simple actually. He didn’t have enough time to lose enough weight. He’s smart. He’s waiting to 2016