America, Obama, Cain, And Race

As I watch the Republican primary field shape up, and — more importantly — how the media and leftist commentators (but I repeat myself) treat the men and women who would be president, I find myself rethinking the 2008 campaign — and seeing it in a whole new light.


Yeah, Obama ran as the “Hope And Change” candidate, the new, fresh, different guy who was going to make it all better. But there was a subtext to his race (pun intended) that a lot of Americans grooved to — and he rode that right into the White House.


To be blunt, 2008 was all about America catching a bad case of “Jungle Fever,” and we went whole hog (well, 53% of us) for the handsome, mysterious black man. Oh, we didn’t completely lose our heads, though; we picked a “safe” black man — a man who was only half-black, and had spent most of his formative years abroad. He was more of a “foreign exchange student” who happened to hold citizenship and spoke perfect English. Just exotic enough to take the edge off.


In brief, we went for Stepin Fetchit, not Samuel L. Jackson. Bill Cosby, not Richard Pryor. Lionel Ritchie, not Fifty Cent. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., not Malcolm X.


And, as happens so often, we found out later that once you get past skin color, people aren’t really all that different. Obama was just a tall, gangly, guy who’d rather talk about stuff (mainly himself) than actually do things. Lily Von Schtupp was wrong — it wasn’t “twue.”


A lot of people don’t want to admit they are disenchanted, because that would require them to admit that they lost their heads in 2008 and were swayed not by intellect, but baser instincts. They insist that they saw something real in Obama, that he really is more substantial than he seems, and that they made a real connection with him, despite so much evidence to the contrary — that they were just a convenient lay. They aren’t the type he’ll commit to, but he’ll keep their number for a convenient booty call — say, November 2012.


Will they wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late?


Don’t like the above? Neither do I.


Nor do I like how certain conservatives are treated. I don’t like how Herman Cain is challenged as not being sufficiently black. I don’t like how women like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Nikki Haley are sexualized by their opponents as a way of denigrating them, marginalizing them, running them down.


So, leftists — wanna drop it, or can we all play?

Hope for our Posterity
The Occupy Protest theme song
  • Anonymous

    Well done Jay, you had me believing you had completely lost it right up to the gotcha.

    • Anonymous

      Brian, that’s either an insult (you actually thought I’d lost it) or highest praise (I head-faked so well, it convinced you). I’ll take it as the latter.

      Thank you.


  • Sorry, only a black man can criticize other black men. But black men can also criticize anybody. Unless one happens to be a conservative black man, in which case one is actually white. And white men can’t criticize anyone, unless they are liberal white men, in which case they are really black. All this is from the leftist book of race rules. Maybe the first black president can explain it, by which I don’t mean Obama.

  • herddog505

    Jay TeaA lot of people don’t want to admit they are disenchanted, because that would require them to admit that they lost their heads in 2008 and were swayed not by intellect, but baser instincts.

    That’s about the most polite way to say “because they were dumba**es” I’ve ever read!

    Jay Tea2008 was all about America catching a bad case of “Jungle Fever,” and we went whole hog (well, 53% of us) for the handsome, mysterious black man.

    I’ve never been entirely convinced of this.  Sure, for some voters it was all about race, but I suggest that for MOST voters it was politics as usual with Barry’s skin color as the cherry on top: they had been conditioned by eight years of unrelenting negative media coverage to hate Bush and to believe that things were just bloody awful in the country and we had to make a big change to fix them.  The GOP succeeded in nominating one of the worst candiates they might have chosen, an elderly, erratic, bad-tempered man who p*ssed off two people for every one he attracted.  In such a climate, any reasonable (or reasonable-APPEARING democrat) could have won.  That Barry is half-black was just a nice extra.  If it was all about his skin color, MiniTru wouldn’t have outdone themselves in inflating his thin resume and covering up his shady (even unknown) past.

    • I have never believed it was Barry’s race that won the election either.  After the bashing Bush took for seven years from the media and the selection of McVain, , all Obama had to do was promise a free ride(lie) to the ignorant masses who believe government will support them, talk nice, and smile.  The banking panic sealed the deal.

      • And Charisma cranked up to 11 didn’t hurt, either.

        But it’s become pretty clear that where Barry’s concerned, there’s no ‘there’ there…

      • Anonymous

        I agree that it would have taken an extraordinary Republican candidate to win in 2008 even if the Democrats had run the Zombie Stalin so President Obama did not win 2008 because of his race.

        After his performance in office and the expected economic condition between now and Nov 2012, I expect his only hope of re-election against even a moderately strong candidate (Romney or Perry) is the race factor.  If I had a dollar for everytime a white liberal or apolitical friend or family member nearly swooned in Jan 2009 because of the historical significance of the first black president, I could, well not retire (not enough friends for that in this economy), at least buy my daughter a car. 

        Those people are very susceptible to the “must re-elect Obama to prove you are not a racist.” position that is Obama’s last hope.  Baring an economic miracle or the unsealing of the Republican nominee’s divorce records in October 2012 that include proof that said nominee molested farm animals.

        Against Cain, this strategy does not work unless his allies in the MSM manage to make the “Cain is not really black” idiotcy stick.

  • Anonymous

    You are onto something in the theme that white Americans prefer exotic recent immigrants from Africa and the West Indies to those with long ancestry in America, the descendents of slaves.

    One of the problems with Affirmative Action is that more and more it benefits groups it wasn’t intended to benefit, like the children of African professionals, rather than those who suffered from the legacy of slavery and discrimination in this country.

    Those who still have to wear what Thurgood Marshall called “the badges of slavery” need the help, West Indians and Africans are doing quite well in the USA, thank you.

    • retired.military

      Whatever happened to the content of their character?  Someone I learned to live by a LONG LONG TIME ago.
      Guess that just goes out the window.

      • Yeah, character’s not important – in political circles.  The D and R are MUCH more important!

    • Anonymous

      I am sure the democrats and leftists will set up a genealogical bureaucracy to research blacks for slave ancestry so that they can get a job they may or may not be able to do. 

    • Anonymous

      “Those who still have to wear what Thurgood Marshall called “the badges of slavery””

      And who’s FAULT is that?  After 45 years of “affirmative action”.  Give me a freaking break!  Kids getting “affirmative action” today weren’t even born when the Civil Rights Act was passed and the Great Society went on a spending binge.

      “Still wear the badges of slavery”.  BULLSHIT!  If anyone’s wearing that badge, it’s because they want to.

      • herddog505

        Just saw Tavis Smiley and Cornell West on DCNN trying to persuade us that, contra Herman Cain, raaaaacism in America is terrible and pervasive and keeps the black man down.  Jebus…

        What message are people like West, Smiley, Jackson, Sharpton, et al sending to young blacks?  Is it, “Work hard, battle those who try to stand in your way and prove how full of sh*t they are, and stand on your own two feet like a free man”?  Or is it, “You’re screwed because you’re black.  Now, it’s not your fault and there’s nothing you can do about it, so just sit back and let other people take care of you because they owe it to you for being mean”?

        • Anonymous

          Tavis Smiley, Television host and Princeton Prof. Cornel West, are complaining about racism keeping black men down? In a country with a black President?

          Well, that’s ironic.

        • Anonymous


          “I’m a victim” doesn’t require the expenditure of any energy.  Just get in the Democratic breadline and they’ll take care of you.

  • Anonymous

    I wear my Jewish badge of Barock with honor..Suddenly the wheels are in motion and its not so ‘cool’ to be ‘black’ with a White House. Something more is necessary. ‘Rules for radicals’ Don’t leave Chicago without them!!

  • Anonymous

    I saw this a while back regarding the 2008 election

    “The election of Obama
    was really the penultimate expression of our social and political neurosis. Think about it. He was black so he allowed people to feel good about themselves voting for a black man.
    Racial neurosis check.

    He was young, so it allowed people to think they were going to relive JFK.
    Boomer nostalgia neurosis, check.
    And he was from the upper middle class uber educated
    Status and class neurosis check.
    It was really all there. A perfect storm of shallow stupidity.”