Road Trip!

Some of you folks might have noticed I took a couple days off over the weekend. At least, I hope some of you did. Further, I hope you’re not disappointed that I didn’t make it longer.


Anyway, last week was my best friend’s birthday. (We occasionally refer to each other as “brother,” as we’re both only children.) We just passed our 25th “anniversary” as well. For his birthday, I brought him back to New Hampshire — he’s my host in Maryland every summer — and we spent about 48 hours bombing around the state — wherever he wished. And before he left, we did something that was my idea entirely.


First, his idea. And I should have asked more questions ahead of time, because I’m still hurting. But it was so, so worth it.

Here’s a hint: my camera is not a Canon; that would have been a bit too on the nose. It’s a cheapo Vivitar.


Then, last night, we did something that only tangentially related to Miley Cyrus.

Or Kurt Cobain.

Or even Jim Morrison. Honest.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my legs and feet and back are begging for relief…

Sums things up nicely
VDH: "The skeptics of 2008 proved prescient;"
  • Anonymous

    Fun does hurt at times. My wife and I just got back from an 8 day trip to Kaua’i. A beautiful island with lots of mountains and hills. We climbed a few and walked everywhere. We are home now and ready to face this ever depressing world. ww

    • Anonymous

      Ahhh yessss.  Kaua’i.

      Did you enjoy the Farmer’s Markets that start with a whistle?

      • Anonymous

        Yes we did. We experienced every market and shopping area thanks to my wife. 😉  A very laid back island. ww

        • Anonymous

          NO NO NO,  SSHHHHH! 

           Its a horrible place.  Nobody else go there.

          Go to New Hampshire.

  • Anonymous

    Wierd Al does put on one heck of a show.

    • Anonymous

      NOW I am jealous.

      • Anonymous

        You should be. Al’s “Craig’s List” is a perfect dead-on Doors impersonation. Hell, he got Ray Manzarek to play guitar on the album version.

        And, of course, he closed with the now-traditional “The Saga Begins/Yoda” bit, complete with Stormtroopers and Darth Vader and the ever-evolving “Yoda Chant.”

        YouTube ’em if you have to.


  • Anonymous

    Good for you JT.  A friend merely bails you out of jail.  A GOOD friend is sitting next to you in the cell saying “Damn that was fun!”