#Occupy: Now It’s Personal

Well, the Occupy dips have come to New Hampshire, and I am NOT happy. They’ve taken over Manchester’s Victory Park for their movement.
Now, I know that area pretty well. I lived within a few blocks of there for my entire tenure in the Queen City. It’s right in front of the city library. It’s where I attended a Tea Party event. And on every Veteran’s Day, I made a point of stopping by there (and not Veteran’s Park) because Victory Park has a monument to Rene Gagnon, the Manchester native who was one of the flag raisers at Iwo Jima. (In the iconic photo, he’s behind the 2nd guy from the right — you can make out his knee in front of the 2nd guy’s forward leg.) I can only imagine what a mess they’ve made of the place, and don’t want to think of the conditions around Mr. Gagnon’s memorial.


And it’s bringing out the worst in my fellow Granite Staters. One of them (allegedly) met a 16-year-old girl at the park and persuaded her to let the older woman manage her start into the wonderful world of prostitution.


As I noted in another thread, the Tea Party people got all their required permits, behaved themselves, left peacefully when finished, and most often left their venues tidier than they found them. Further, not a single Tea Partier was arrested at their events.


The Occupiers just show up, refuse to leave, trash the hell out of their venue, and engage in all kinds of criminal activities, get themselves arrested in the hundreds, and openly challenge and attack the police.


But to many prominent Democrats, the Tea Partiers are “hate-filled domestic terrorists,” while the Occupiers “represent what is best about America.”


God help us if that’s true.

October Snow
"I actually know people in the OWS protests that are good people..." (UPDATED)
  • I imagine your duck can’t be very happy about it, either.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, he is pissed. By the way, the park is right behind that parking garage we parked at for the Sarah Palin event.


  • Anonymous

    Well, I have to say this is “jumping the shark.” 

    Downtown Manchester is more like Tobacco Road than Wall Street.

    • But no extreme is too extreme, Chico, as long as they get noticed.  That’s what they’re there for.  

      Remember – it’s not about actually coming up with any solutions, aside from complaining that ‘someone’ ought to fix what they’re complaining about.  They want the solutions handed to them, with no effort of their own involved aside from drumming.

      • Anonymous

        The USA no longer has the ability to come up with any solutions.  Incompetence is the one bipartisan thing there is.  One extreme begets the other extreme.  The wise old men and women are marginalized.  Or if I could quote Yeats –

        Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

            Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

            The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

            The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

            The best lack all conviction, while the worst

            Are full of passionate intensity.

        • Anonymous

          “Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war, that this foul deed shall smell above the earth with carrion men, groaning for burial. ” Wm Shakespeare

          All things considered, the union thugs and the dipshits they are enabling have declared war on bankers, businesses and “the one percent”, that means anyone having more than them.

        • Incompetence is something that’s learned – as is competence.  When your formative years are spent being taught that it doesn’t matter how little you do, you’ll get a medal or trophy and there’s no losers in the games you play – then when do kids learn competence?

          Make things easy, make sure there’s no way failure inconveniences them.  Let them earn useless degrees, praising them all the while for their wisdom and foresight… and then let the real world kick them in the teeth and demand utility and usable knowledge.

          No wonder they’re pissed, the OWC crowd.  They’ve been educationally fucked by the well-meaning progressives, never told that life is tough and they’d better be ready to deal with it.

          Sadly, I don’t think they’ll ever really figure it out… they just don’t have a point of view that’d allow them to think it might be THEM who are in error, instead of the world.

        • Chico,

          “Incompetence is the one bipartisan thing there is.”

          Well, it depends on how you look at it I guess.  Taking a really cynical perspective, the entrenched politicians on both sides are actually pretty competent at maintaining the status quo.  So in some senses, they are pretty competent at keeping themselves in power and sparking partisan fights to keep voters nice and busy.  Meanwhile, same old same old in the DC.  But hey, at least we get to pick between Romney and Obama in 2012.

        • Anonymous

          A choice between Romney and Obama.  Scylla and Charybdis, more like.  I’m doing my hedging for disaster in the USA.  I prefer slow decline to flaming ruins, of course; but the banksters and cronies are looting the USA now before the whole thing collapses, making collapse more imminent. 

          Hyperinflation, or long stagflation, big unemployment and depression in wages, social disorder, oppressive authoritarianism with surveillance technologies Orwell never thought of: this is your future, Americans.

          • herddog505

            I hope that you are wrong but I fear that you are right.  We’ve gone very far down the road you describe, mostly because we’ve acquired the national habit of looking to Uncle Sam to protect us from every threat and worry that comes along.  It started reasonable: defend us from unscrupulous companies selling adulterated foods and drugs!  Then, it was the Depression: defend us from want!  Then, World War II.  The Cold War.  The War on Poverty.  The War on Drugs.  Now, the WoT.

            We’ve given up liberty in exchange for (perhaps) security.

            Now, we’re reaching the point where we need security from our own government.

            I hope that the Tea Party is the first wave of pushing back.  I fear, however, that, if this was 1775, Paul Revere’s ride would be stopped by a redlight camera, the militia would be disarmed because they couldn’t get permits for their muskets, and those who showed up anyway would be too occupied with TSA body searches to oppose the redcoats.

          • Anonymous

            It’s all an oligarchical sham.  Especially now, when we’re securing Afghanistan for Chinese mining concerns.

            I would like to see the Tea Party agitate against things like that, or the planned looting of the $2.6 trillion in the Social Security trust fund, or the TSA running road checkpoints.

            Alas, I think they’ll be willing enablers of those things and concentrate on $45,000 school janitor salaries and the like.

          • Your comrades in the Democrat, aka, Communist party started stealing from the Social Security Trust Fund under Jimmah Cahtah. They’re the ones who can’t be left in your room with a dollar on the table. They think every dollar belongs to them. As far as the TSA, remember its DEMOCRAT Big Sis Napolitano who runs it today!

      • I have relatives like this!

    • Anonymous

      Chico, until I enlightened you, you thought that Manchester’s Main Street was its main drag, when it’s Elm Street and South Willow Street that are the most developed. You wanna tell me what makes you such an expert on the Queen City?


    • Public defecation, masturbation, violence, prostitution, drug use, endorsements by the Communist and Nazi parties, advocacy of cop-killing. But… Chico says *now* they’ve jumped the shark.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess since Barry took their jobs and dreams, offending others makes them feel empowered.

    Will they vote for hope and change unicorn b.s. again? Oh yeah.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think so:


      Glenn Greenwald

      New survey: Obama approval/disapproval rating among #OWS protesters: 27-73%: is.gd/vw7HWu (60% voted for Obama in 2008)


    • Anonymous


      Glenn Greenwald

      New survey: Obama approval/disapproval rating among #OWS protesters: 27-73%: is.gd/vw7HWu (60% voted for Obama in 2008)

  • Anonymous

    But to many prominent Democrats, the Tea Partiers are “hate-filled
    domestic terrorists,” while the Occupiers “represent what is best about

    Birds of a feather.

    • It’s about control.  The OWS crowd aren’t a threat to their control – they couldn’t organize anything long term if they had to.  The Tea Party folk are.

  • Anonymous

    The local Marxists and Anarchists staged an Occupy Astoria Friday.  Mother Nature ripped a gale through them.

    I have to admit the park they used looked tidy this AM (they are all gone) but I don’t know if its because they picked up or the wind blew them all in the river.

  • The occupy mobs are making their mothers wish they had one more abortion, their fathers most likely never met them or even know they are their progeny.

  • Jay Tea,

    You’re a libertarian leaning kinda guy–right?  I was wondering about your take on what the prof Lawrence Lessig is going around saying about OWS, the TEA Party, etc.

    Also–any opinions about that Buddy Roemer guy?  Does he have any points?  Or is he just a guy looking for some attention?

    • Wait a minute there, Sparky.  Just because a guy likes to dress up in ladies’ lingerie every now and then (and hey, don’t we all) doesn’t make him a filthy perverted libertarian.

      Buddy Roemer has a point – squa’ on the top of his head.  The guy is like a rusty weathervane.  He’s moved from Democrat to Republican moderate (reputedly libertarian leanings in some things {wink} but there’s no need to libel him, no matter how degenerate he might be) to supposed conservative after a career of fighting for abortion. 

      • So you don’t like libertarians.  Why not?

        • Part of it could be their representatives in blog threads.

          • You do realize that many conservatives identify themselves as “libertarian,” right?  I know you’re trying to be witty and all, but try not to miss the main point in the process.  The point, in case you missed it, is this: If Jay Tea or anyone else around here has libertarian leanings, I wanted to ask what they think of Lessig, who is a self-proclaimed libertarian.  It’s just a question.

          • And you’re not being unnecessarily confrontational about it all, are you? Not in the least.

          • “And you’re not being unnecessarily confrontational about it all, are you? Not in the least.”

            Seriously, what is your problem here?  What exactly is “confrontational” about asking Jay Tea for his take on Lessig or Roemer?  Feel free to stop trolling any time.  If you have something to add to the conversation, by all means.  If all you’re going to do is try to derail things with stupid trolling comments, save it.

            I respect Jay Tea’s opinions and willingness to respectfully discuss politics.  I wanted to ask him about Lessig last week, but forgot.  Now that OWS is on his doorstep, I wanted to get his take.  I’d be interested to see what he thinks.  Is Lessig just a liberal tool?  Does he raise any good points?  Is he just looking for attention?  The libertarians are in an interesting political position these days.

          • Take another look at the comment of yours to which I replied. You wanted to know why Adjoran doesn’t like libertarians.


          • “Take another look at the comment of yours to which I replied. You wanted to know why Adjoran doesn’t like libertarians.”

            No shit.  Thanks for the recap.  So?  Again, what’s your problem?  What’s so “confrontational” about asking Adjoran a question?  And why on earth are you so worked up about it?

            PS: If all you are going to do is devolve into childish name-calling, just save it.  Not interested.

          • Anonymous

            This place is the home of Angry White Guys.  Whom I sympathize with, because I’m an AWG myself, only about different things than most here.  But every time Falling Down pops up on cable, I think that if D-FENS could have posted comments on Wizbang maybe all that would not have happened.

            Ryan, you’re flying at 50,000 feet.  Seriously, Professor Lessig talking about OWS?  Way over heads.

            Here’s a good article from The American Conservative the last bastion of the anti-imperialist, libertarian right, on Lessig:


            . . . .Lessig encouraged Occupiers to talk to “tea party members who have been out of a job.” Begin by “not challenging their integrity,” he advised, while cautioning that Occupiers not be as “completely convinced of your righteousness as those on the Right seem to be,” he said.
            But Lessig’s biggest applause line returned to the roots of the
            Occupy movement — Wall Street. The Occupiers could find common ground with Tea Partiers on this issue, he said, because “no one believes in crony capitalism except crony capitalists.”

            At the Q&A after Lessig’s remarks, one man stood up and claimed
            to be “one of the original tea party leaders.” “You have friends,” he
            said, to applause. But some of the occupiers weren’t having all the
            ecumenical talk. One objected that those on the left simply had too many fundamental differences with those on the right.

          • Next time you want to reply to ryan, click on his comment.


          • Chico,

            Do you appreciate irony?  Because I do.


          • “Seriously, Professor Lessig talking about OWS?  Way over heads.”

            Well, I don’t know.  I figured it’s an interesting question, all things considered.  Since there are lots of folks who have libertarian leanings around here, I’d be interested to get their take on Lessig.  But so much for that.  All I got was some lame trolling.  Funny how that works.

            Interesting link.  What amazes me is how there are indeed some common concerns, but folks on all sides are almost completely unwilling to even *think* about considering that possibility.  So it goes…

  • retired.military


    Great company you are keeping here.

    Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers
    Communist Party USA
    American Nazi Party
    Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
    Barack Obama
    The government of North Korea
    Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam

    Revolutionary Communist Party
    David Duke
    Joe Biden
    Hugo Chavez
    Revolutionary Guards of Iran

    Black Panthers (original)
    Socialist Party USA

    US Border Guard
    Industrial Workers of the World 
    Nancy Pelosi
    Communist Party of China
    International Bolshevik Tendency
    White Revolution
    International Socialist Organization

    PressTV (Iranian government outlet)

    Marxist Student Union

    Freedom Road Socialist Organization 

    Party for Socialism and Liberation

  • Anonymous

    Well, there ya go.  They do represent 99% [of the loons].