Pelosi Really Is That Stupid

Earlier this week, Representative (and former Speaker) Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ventured out of her protective radical leftist cocoon and went on to The Daily Show to chat with Jon Stewart. She probably thought it would be safe, but she forgot that every now and then Stewart suddenly has these urges to show he’s not 100% in the tank for the left. This time, he asked Pelosi a very simple question that she should have expected: why did the House, in her last two years of control, not even try to pass a federal budget?

Pelosi’s answer was so stunningly stupid and wrong, it needs to be scrutinized in depth. “Because the Republicans would have filibustered.”


Six simple words. Two of them are four-syllable words, but still a very simple sentence. And just how is it wrong?


1) Pelosi was the Speaker of a House controlled by the Democrats, who also held the Senate. They were the solid majority. But here Pelosi says that she was checked because a potential threat from the minority kept her from even trying. There was no filibuster, because no budget was ever introduced. There was not even a threat to filibuster (see below), but because she believed that there would be, she neglected what is arguably the single most important duty of the House — to craft and pass a budget for the federal government.


B) Remember how I said there was no threat to filibuster? That’s because it can’t happen. Under House and Senate rules, budget bills can not be filibustered. They must be brought to a vote, and pass on a simple majority. That’s a simple fact.


III) OK, now I feel like I’m just piling on, but I have to. Here’s another reason why I can say so authoritatively state that there was no threat to filibuster the budget in the House. And that’s because filibusters are forbidden in the House. Debate can be cut off at any time by a simple majority vote, and any bill — including budgets — are passed by the same simple majority vote. And Pelosi had a solid majority during her entire tenure (can you imagine Pelosi being elected anything besides bathroom monitor by a Republican majority?), so there was absolutely no excuse for her not having the House pass a budget.


The question posed here is about Pelosi: is she so stupid that she actually believes what she said to Stewart, or is she so arrogant that she thinks that if she simply pronounces something, no one will question her?


In Pelosi’s case, I find it incredibly easy to answer: both.

Remember, this is the woman who was, for four years, in charge of one half of an entire branch of the federal government and was second in line for the presidency. Further, she fully expects to resume that position should the House return to the Democrats.


Keep that in mind, folks. And remember that every vote for a Democratic Representative is a vote to put Nancy Pelosi back in as Speaker.


If you think we’re screwed now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  • herddog505

    Jay TeaThe question posed here is about Pelosi: is she so stupid that she actually believes what she said to Stewart, or is she so arrogant that she thinks that if she simply pronounces something, no one will question her?

    I suggest a third question: are democrat voters so stupid as to actually believe what she said to Stewart, i.e. that their party didn’t pass a budget because the mean ol’ Republican then-MINORITY “would have filibustered”?

    The answer is unquestionably “yes”.

    I realize that the dems have been flogging that “party of no” nonsense for political reasons, but it really makes them look even more stupid than normal (if that’s possible) for they are admitting that a minority – a powerless minority prior to the recent midterms – is able to derail; how feckless are they?  They are also admitting that their budget is so extreme that they can’t get ANY GOP support.  Dividers not uniters, anybody?

    At any rate, Pelosi was a disgrace to the Congress and a prime example of what’s wrong with our government: we have people like her at the helm.

    God help us.

    • Anonymous

      “… or is she so arrogant that
      she thinks that if she simply pronounces something, no one will question

      Yes indeed!  Ask any diehard Democrat today, and they will respond that those evil Rethuglicans FILIBUSTERED Nancy’s last budget proposal.

      Nancy is a lot like Barry.  The FACTS are what they say they are.

      As for Nancy-poo’s appearance – her handlers don’t let her go anywhere unless they’re assured its a “friendly” crowd, and she gets to see the questions in advance.

      As for Stewart – you’ll notice he didn’t call her out on her response to the budget question.

  • Anonymous

    Princess Nancy sandbagged by the media – hah!  And as we saw with the media on another occasion this week, sometimes the law
    of unintended consequences works in our favor …

  • The problem I see with Pelosi and others – is that they’re not afraid to go from being public servants to being public masters once they’ve been in office long enough.  Servants are accountable – they’re not.  Servants can’t demand – they can, and do.  They see it as their right to have perqs just about at the same level as the President.  You do not QUESTION your masters, you simply believe and obey.

    I see them as great proof of a need for term and age limits in Congress.  After a while, the bad apples in the barrel float to the top – and need to be skimmed and discarded.

    • Her district being as rotten, stupid, and arrogant as she is, her removal from government will not occur due to an election.

  • Anonymous

    It appears that not only is Pelosi getting botox injections, she’s also smoking the stuff.

    Someone really should set up a meeting between Pelosi and reality.

    • Are you kidding?  Reality couldn’t make a dent in her botoxed, be-spackled visage… with a sledgehammer.

  • Anonymous

    “(can you imagine Pelosi being elected anything besides bathroom monitor by a Republican majority?)”

    Can you imagine trying to actually use the bathroom with Pelosi watching you?

  • Anonymous

    Jefferson saw the House as being closer to “the people” and Speakership a powerful position. The problem is a Rep. in the House may represent a small constituency, a radical liberal one. San Fran Nan comes from a powerful political family that intimidated and destroyed political enemies. Truth and right do not matter only power does. God help us if this country turns the House back to the liberal socialists because she will be back with a vengance.

  • jim_m

    Passing a budget means having to justify spending the trillions of dollars that you are spending.  Merely passing a continuing resolution means that you avoid the nasty business of explaining to the American people WTF you are doing wasting all that money.

  • Oysteria

    She’s not stupid.  She’s arrogant.  And she knows damn well that the majority of people out there aren’t familiar with House rules.  All she has to do is bang the “party of no” drum a few times, declare that the opposition refuses to compromise and voila! anything she says after that will be taken as gospel.  She’s simply a bald-faced liar – and crazy.

    Stewart didn’t ask her a hard question or even attempt to prove he wasn’t in the tank for the Democrats.  If there was any danger of that she never would have appeared on the show.

    • herddog505

      OysteriaIf there was any danger of [being questioned or challenged by Stewart] she never would have appeared on the show.

      Exactly.  I further suggest that Stewart, like many talking heads, is VERY aware that making too many guests too uncomfortable means that they won’t come back.  It’s one thing to pile on to somebody like Herman Cain or Ann Coulter; it’s quite another to p*ss off the former (and, she hopes, future) Speaker of the House.

    • She is stupid and arrogant.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t she be both?

      • Oysteria


        And crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Why does CA alway foist the stupidest politicians on the rest of the country?
    That stupid witch is the most ignorant or willfully decietful politician in Congress.

    “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it.” 3/9/10

    • Anonymous

      I agree with your frustration but, there are many politicians from all over the country that come down with a case of the stupids. Including RINOs and conservatives. Stupidity strikes without warning.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, but with piglosi, it never leaves..

  • But what happened when Stewart called her on it? Oh, my bad. Never mind.

  • Jay, you forgot an additional detail. During Pelosi’s term as Speaker, the Senate Democrats had a filibuster-proof majority, which is why Obamacare was passed in the Senate.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, they could have passed anything. They did not need one vote from Republicans. The radical base is upset that they didn’t raise taxes on the rich or any other liberal/socialist legislation.RLD

      • Anonymous


        They wanted at least one Repub vote to claim bi-partisan support, which translates into:

        “Don’t blame us, they voted for it too”.

  • Ah, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy!

    I used to think, “Say, sure she is more evil than Beelzebub, but she does have the cutest little dimple on her chin.”

    Then I discovered that, after all the plastic surgeries, it was actually her navel.

  • retired.military

    SHes blinky blinky an idiots toy. Shes blinky blinky a favorite of Chicos and boys.  Yes a blinky a blinky with botox in her face.  A blinky a blinky who can only get elected in an LA place.

  • Pure, unadulterated rank cowardice of the first water.