Obama says no to 20,000 jobs

Merry Christmas GOP:

NoKXLThe furor over fracking aside, the large environmental controversy du jour is the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would carry “dirty” fuel from the Canadian tar sands to waiting markets and refineries in the U.S. The past few months have seen the administration vacillate repeatedly on the issue, and it has just announced that it is putting off any decision until after next year’s election. From the New York Times:

The Obama administration, under sharp pressure from officials in Nebraska and restive environmental activists, announced Thursday that it would review the route of the disputed Keystone XL oil pipeline, effectively delaying any decision about its fate until after the 2012 election. […]

The move is the latest in a series of administration decisions pushing back thorny environmental matters beyond next November’s presidential election to try to avoid the heat from opposing interests — business lobbies or environmental and health advocates — and to find a political middle ground. President Obama delayed a review of the nation’s smog standard until 2013, pushed back offshore oil lease sales in the Arctic until at least 2015 and blocked new regulations for coal ash from power plants.

The President may think he’s dodging a bullet by putting off his decision until after the election, but he has given the GOP a big pre-Christmas present, one that will go on giving as long as unemployment is a major political issue.

Republicans should jump on this with both feet and repeatedly.

This President isn’t interested in doing that which would increase employment in America.  This is proof of that.  Instead, he’s interested in bowing to a particular constituency in the hopes that they’ll help him get re-elected.

Everything should be done to ensure that interest fails.

Obama: Crony Capitalist-in-chief
How To Win Friends And Influence People, The Liberal Way
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  • To make things worse for Obama, the labor unions are in favor of the pipeline because it would create jobs.

  • Whatever happened to that laser like focus on job creation?

    • Anonymous

      He must have forgotten to pay the electric bill. Laser’s use a lot of electricity don’t ya know. RLD

    • It shifted to “job saved,” singular. Guess which one.

      Another tic for “incompetent” in the Obama legacy debate.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He has already said no to millions…Whats another 20 thou?   


  • There’s 2.3 million miles of pipeline in the US already.


    You’d think we’d have figured out how it’s done by now.

    But you know, I think I’d have been much more surprised if it’d gone through.  It’s so against his ideology and training to allow something like that, something that would actually be GOOD for the US.  That he punted isn’t surprising, sadly.

    But you know… Carter would have approved it.

    • That Carter would approve something is not an argument in favor of that something.

      • Anonymous

        The agony of defeat.

      • Neither is it a condemnation of the idea.  Carter understood, I believe, that the US actually needed energy and was willing to buck environmentalists to continue and finish the Alaska pipeline.

        Obama, however, isn’t concerned with America’s need for energy.  He’s more concerned about placating his dwindling base, and his upcoming election chances.  (You’d think that he’d understand that creating jobs and dropping the price of energy would get him votes – but as I said, his ideology and training prevent him from considering anything that will actually help.)

        • Houston Keys

          Good point. Carter was an idiot, but he wasn’t intentionally trying to destroy the US like President oPrah.

  • Anonymous

    This is a no-brainer for 0-bama. He pleases the wacko enviros and keeps energy prices high. The GOP challengers can say they will OK it when they get elected and 0-bama will say the same thing. If the voters believe 0-bama they deserve another four years of high energy prices and “green energy” jobs BS.

  • Why does 0bama hate ethical oil?

    • Anonymous

      Because Nancy failed to drain the swamp.

  • Anonymous

    Obama said no to jobs and hello to 20,000 new occupoopers. His ways are wise above reproach..

    • jim_m

      It’s the Cloward-Piven strategy in action.  Shut down the economy and stop making jobs.  Turn deeply indebted, frustrated and largely ignorant youth into the streets.  A pliable media will cover for them as they turn city centers into cesspools of disease and places of lawlessness where police dare not tread and where rape and murder are the norms.That’s obama’s vision for America’s future.

  • Meiji Man

    On the plus side. There is SO many things coming due after the election that will create jobs, that the Republican winner will look like a fiscal genius. 

    It would be interesting to see if Carter did the same thing….

  • jim_m

    My question is:   Exactly how much did the Chinese promise to pay into obama’s campaign to get him to effectively kill the pipeline so they could get the oil instead?

    The oil will find a place to go.  The Canadians aren’t just going to sit on it forever until we make up our mind.  obama is systematically destroying the energy sector of our economy. No oil.  No coal.  No nuclear.  But we can have windmills and solar panels made in China.  Sounds like a trend.

    • Anonymous

      Somebody is going to cash in on liberal ignorance. The left tries to destroy America to make it look like the rest of the following world.  Barry is a puppet of Euro-Social  envious schemers. He and they will fail. 

    • Anonymous

      The Canadians might wait until after the election but, they will build a pipe line and ship it to B.C. for shipping to China if the US doesn’t act. Their economy is doing well and they don’t put up with enviro-wackos when it comes to jobs and reasonable concerns. RLD

  • First of all, there is no “controversy” over fracking.  It is PROVEN technology.  Years of study and practice have found exactly ONE instance where ground water was harmed in any way.  It’s less dangerous to your health than voting for Democrats.

    This was a conflict between two key Obama constituencies, the unions who would get the construction jobs in this country, and the enviro-whackos who want a return to the Stone Age.  Whichever way he decided on the pipeline, one or the other would be angered.  So, as usual, when faced with a tough choice, Obama voted “Present.”

    Because it’s not about jobs, or energy, or what is good for America.  All Obama has ever cared about is what is good for him personally.

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  • Jay


    1) As the article stated, he’s trying to appease two bases on opposing sides of this issue.  No question there.

    2) All information from the State Department is done by TransCanada who wants the pipeline.

    The State Department’s inspector general announced on Monday that he was looking into charges of a conflict of interest and improper political influence in the preparation of the project’s environmental impact statement. Some have faulted the department for assigning the study to a company with financial ties to TransCanada.

    3) I guarantee that this won’t work to hurt Obama.  The only reason it really is now, is because the environmentalists threatened to pull funding.  The protests are great and all, but Obama would have to be crazy to say no and piss off the union or say yes and piss off the environmentalists.  Odds are, in the next two years, there will be a pipeline.

    • jim_m

      The unions have nowhere else to go.  Besides, they will stay with obama because he has now rigged the NLRB to oppose any significant jobs development without union approval.  The Boeing case is the signal to the nation that no factories will be built by US companies without a guarantee of unionization.

      So with that he is free to scuttle union pipeline jobs and cater to the enviro wackos.  obama promised to destroy the energy industry in this country and allowing the pipeline to go forward would possibly save it.  It doesn’t matter if the pipeline would reduce unemployment to zero and revive the economy to 10% growth.  He still wouldn’t do it on ideological grounds.  For obama ideology trumps everything.

      • Oysteria

        Jim: ” The Boeing case is the signal to the nation that no factories will be built by US companies without a guarantee of unionization.”

        Unless you’re a huge donor, own a company named GE, or something like that, and your name starts with an “I”.  Then you can build a factory anywhere and the media will pretend you don’t exist.  Oh, and you’ll get to be an inner-circle advisor.

    • There’s a process and there is supposed to be a decision.  This is typical of the Obama Regime’s destructive attitude towards the economy.  If we can’t even anticipate the regulatory agencies to rule in the time frame specified after complying with all their red tape, business cannot plan and invest.

      But Obama’s personal political interest trumps any sense of fair and lawful treatment of the application, as usual.

  • Anonymous

    BTW…20,000 jobs? Barry averages that  any other day of the week.

    • Well, they are the first thing he thinks about every morning and the last thing he thinks about before he goes to bed at night and he has “pivoted to jobs” in every possible direction and “focused like a laser” on jobs for years now, so it’s a bloody wonder we don’t have to throw open the borders to attract people to do the jobs Americans won’t do.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe a ‘Draft  America, Barry will send you Her guns’  would be a good camping slogan? Ok, it would be accurate. So not so good. The jobs Americans won’t do, are the jobs the left wont do. Like actual work..


    • jim_m

      Actually the estimate for the jobs lost is as high as 1 Million in the oil refining and assosiated industries.  The 20,000 is just for the construction jobs alone.

      This deal is a twofer for obama.  He kills the US economy and he forces a close ally into the arms of the Chinese.  Damaging the US and helping our enemies, that’s what this administration stands for.

      Canada’s prime minister says he made it clear in a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama that Canada will step up its efforts to sell oil to Asia since the Obama administration delayed a decision on an oil pipeline.Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will continue to push the U.S. to approve the $7-billion Keystone XL project.

      Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will continue to push the U.S.
      to approve the $7-billion Keystone XL project. Last week the U.S. State
      Department ordered that the pipeline be rerouted and subject to further
      environmental review, delaying a decision until 2013.
      Harper says the U.S. move highlights why Canada must increase its
      efforts to diversify its exports to Asia. He says he communicated that
      clearly to Obama.


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  • The guy with the sign and the beard looks like hippie from the 60s. Carter gave all the draft dodgers amnesty so they could leave Canada. He is still protesting, i think it is a case of arrested development.