“They don’t call them patients, they call them units”

Remember when they laughed off, ridiculed and otherwise denied Sarah Palin’s assertion that Obamacare would usher in death panels?

Listen to this neurosurgeon, fresh from a seminar in Washington DC, tell about what it is that the HHS has in store for seniors:

The Anchoress calls it what it is. Evil:

So if you are a 70 year-old Nancy Pelosi, or Paul Krugman — with a potent private health insurance plan such as the one enjoyed by Members of Congress and other bureaucrats — you will get every appropriate surgery and treatment applicable.

But if you are a 70 year-old former bookkeeper or waitress on Medicare, well — you have swung your last golfclub or danced your last waltz, because the “ethics panel” that assesses your unithood will have no problem inventing a equation that goes something like, “Potential-Tax-revenues-minus-potential-cost-divided-by-social-and-political-value-equals…a negligible unit.

And you’ll be shuffled off to the room with the big screen full of daffodils and excellent speakers blasting Vivaldi, and made “comfortable.”

Assessing human beings as “units” is Evil. Period, full stop. It is a diabolical disorientation. The only people who do not understand that are people who also have difficulty with that inconvenient old conscience thing.

The caller to Levin’s show said he was a neurosurgeon, and of German descent. He mentioned his ancestry at the same time he discussed “units” and admitted he was distressed. The source of his distress was very likely his recognition of a the sort of ruthless efficiency someone in his family once knew first hand, either from one side of the ledger, or the other.

Tell me again that elections don’t matter.

Video H/T to Wheat & Weeds.

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  • Not surprised, any cost savings in their (or any system) can only come from large cost/benefit analysis.  Problem is there will always be an appeal process which will be difficult to estimate the cost on that (not to mention the costs within the courts which will never be included in their numbers).

    I’m imagining an entire new industry of lawyers and “Former HHS Auditors” to help YOU get the health care you deserve.

    • Anonymous

      An “appeals system” isn’t much comfort when your brain is bleeding and you need treatment NOW.

      • jim_m

        Yep, kind of like how Canada makes you wait for 6 months for an MRI when you have a malignant brain tumor. Or you can come to the US and pay for it yourself.  Of course Canada will allow you to appeal for the government to cover your US treatment, but the appeal process will take over a year.

        That’s great when you have a system designed to save the country money by avoiding actually treating patients.

    • jim_m

      I’m imagining an entire new industry of lawyers and “Former HHS Auditors” to help YOU get the health care you deserve.

      Since the dems seem to believe that creating vast amounts of government regulation creates jobs you are probably correct that this is the intended consequence.

    • Id say friend we have ben compromised our whole bloody system…what to do…when the entire system has ben corrupted…? SP was right when she said Unconventional”…! and “Death Pannels”…

  • Anonymous

    Can someone tell me how private insurers handle these decisions on care? 

    Do they expend millions of dollars on care which is futile out of the goodness of their hearts, give alkies their third liver, a second or third bone marrow transplant to the kid whose previous ones have failed, and the heart transplant to the 90 year old grandma?  Or do they make cold-hearted decisions based on cost?

    And what about the millions without insurance?  Who makes the decision about them?

    Just wonderin’

    • If a private insurer does that, people have something they can go to.  If the government does that. . . and its the only insurer allowed like liberals want – then the person has. . absolutely nowhere to go.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, you can call the nice lady in Bangalore and complain to her.  Or you can sue on the contract if there is a clear violation.  Good luck against their big-firm lawyers.

        If it was the government, couldn’t you complain to your elected officials?  I know every Congressperson has a staff veterans’ liaison to deal with complaints about the VA system, and they often get results.

        • Anonymous

          Because a faceless beauracracy is so responsive to a consumer’s complaints.
          Go on, do tell!

          • Anonymous

            I’m just trying to figure out how a private insurance company is less of a “faceless bureaucracy” than the government.  I know that many private insurance claims are denied, do they do it face to face and with a smile or a sad look?

          • If a private insurance company refuses the care that has been paid for and guaranteed in the policy the family of the injured party can sue the ^&*out of the company.  Try that with a vaguely written Obamacare guideline ruled by a liberal panel of administration lackeys with a wish to steal from the very people they are sworn to protect.
            “Death Panels?”  No that was just a lie concocted by racist conservatives!

          • jim_m

            Or try arguing with a government that will pay for your treatment, but the treatment they will pay for is badly out of date and far less effective than other, newer forms of therapy.  Such was the case in Breast Ca in the 90’s where Medicaid would pay for a chemo regimen that was a decade out of date and they would not pay for any of the anti-emetic drugs even though the treatment they covered made you much more ill than newer therapies.

            Substandard care, delivered too late if at all.  That’s what the left calls “fair” and “better”.

          • Anonymous

            I agree that government is not a nimble as the private sector.  But maybe government is more accountable overall.

          • Anonymous

            Chico, are you really that naive?  Insurance companies are in it to make money.  All insurance is a gamble.  The insurance companies are betting against a person getting sick.  When it happens, they pay out of a pool.  They have to have consumers or the whole thing goes down the tubes.   If consumers are unhappy with the service, they can either sue or go somewhere else with their money.  (this is why portability, and being able to buy across state lines is so important).  All you have to do to look at government accountability is to look at the way public sector unions are run.  The union negotiates with the politician who is more than happy to give the union everything they want so that the politician can be reelected.  The public, who the union should actually be negotiating with ends up getting the shaft, because they have no say.  

          • Anonymous

            Insurance companies try to avoid bad publicity.  For some reason that’s bad for future sales.  Consumers call it ‘having a choice’.

            With the government running everything, they won’t have that PR problem, and you won’t have any choice.

          • Anonymous

            It’s less so because the people doing the second-guessing in most insurance companies do so AFTER the treatment has happened.  Here’s the thing: most standard treatments are going to be applied in hospitals, no matter what the insurance company will or won’t cover.  I know too many people who got large amounts of extremely expensive care without any insurance at all.  My neighbor got a quadruple-bypass heart operation, with full followup, and had zero insurance.  The hospital ended up writing off her treatment costs because she had no money to start with.

            The people I meet who have had big insurance issues had them after the bills arrived, not before being allowed treatment.  The few who have had treatment refused?  It was always for “experimental” or “non-approved” treatments with extremely low or unproven success rates, for illnesses that were basically not treatable in any situation.  

            Mainstream medical treatments don’t get turned down by insurance companies, over all.  The few that do get denied tend to be overturned when the doctors push it – and emergency treatments don’t even come into question.  You’re not going to see a car accident victim or a heart attack patient wheeled out of an ER without treatment because the insurance company denied them coverage.

            There are departments in hospitals that do nothing but fight with insurance companies on coverage – on behalf of the patients.  They tend to win, by the way.

          • Not to mention, if an insurance company makes a habit of denying care word gets out and they go out of business. If the government is the only option you are stuck with how they do things.
            Besides, CHico, this isn’t about private insurance companies, this is about how STOOPID Sarah Palin was to talk about death panels. How the death panels were denied and the fact the Death Panels are being proven to exist over and over again.
            I love the Ethics POanel name…..typical government name it exactly what it isn’t.

            Some people have no coverage (many by choice) so everyone should be punished with reduced health care. Makes perfect sense. /sarcasm

          • Anonymous

            Chico…when health care is rationed, and the rationing determined by Death Panels, then the procedures will unavailable at ANY price…except via black-market.  
            Right now, if my insurance company can’t/won’t pay, then I can find a way to pay or do without…but the choice is mine.

            Look back at any time any “commodity” was rationed.  Your ability to purchase the “commodity” meant nothing…unless you had the Ration Coupon.  

            Nancy Piglosi will get all the coupons she wants to keep stretching her skin…but will you and I get the Coupons WE need for true medical care?  Only if we we can demonstrate that we TRULY LOVE Big Brother.

        • Anonymous

          The only time a politician is going to take up your cause to get better treated is when he wants votes. You will be a prop for their next campaign. Otherwise you get a sympathetic form letter. Goes for either party.

    • herddog505

      I believe that this falls under the rubric of “contract law”.  For example, my father has had several operations due to a heart condition.  Insurance paid up even though his case is clearly a “loss” for them because THEY WERE BOUND TO DO SO BY CONTRACT.

      I don’t say that insurance companies don’t try to weasel out when they can, but they haven’t got the sort of power to nullify a contract at will that the government has. 

      • Anonymous

        Do you know what’s covered in your contract?  I don’t.  Seems like contract terms are pretty much take it or leave it.

        For all I know, I’m doomed if the cost of care exceeds $5000.  Fortunately, I had my appendix taken out years ago.

        I suppose the terms of the contract depend on how much you can pay or how strong your union is.

        • jim_m

          I know what is in the current contract with Medicare Medicaid.

          It is illegal for a physician to even inform you of an available treatment if the government won’t pay for it.  $100,000 fines and up to ten years in prison enforce that rule.  Many physicians refuse to take direct payment for that reason.

          What do you think happens when the government becomes the sole payer for healthcare?  Physicians will lose their ability to get around these atrocious rules.  You won’t even know that you are dying from a treatable illness. 

          For as much as idiot leftists abuse the insurance industry, the US still has better outcomes from illness than ANY nation on earth.  Our  Prostate cancer survival rate exceeds the rate of insurance coverage so we know that our current system can treat people without insurance. When government controls that the ability to treat people not covered by the government will go away and so will a lot of people.

          • Anonymous

            Can you cite a reference for the “illegal for a physician to even inform you of an available treatment if the government won’t pay for it” bit?   

            That seems like a blatant violation of the First Amendment, as well as professional ethical rules.  Doctors haven’t challenged that in court? 

          • jim_m

            I’ll see what I can do.  Most info on line is for patients and not for physicians.

            I know that many physicians choose to not accept medicare because of that and other rules.  My parent’s physician forces them to pay up front and then get reimbursed themselves.  It isn’t a first amendment violation because, as I have just said, you can choose to not take Medicare payment directly.

          • jim_m

            OK here is the scoop:

            In 1997 the government outlawed HMO’s providing Medicare payment from including or enforcing gag rules in their contracts.  This was largely successful and you will not find any such clauses in their contracts today.

            However, HCFA (the Health Care Financing Administration) in 1998 expanded “fraud and abuse” to include providing “medically unnecessary” services.  Understand that treatments that are experimental or simply newer treatments that have not yet been covered by Medicare will be refused payment as “Medically Unnecessary”.

            When HCFA refuses treatment as “medically unnecessary” they will include a document referring the patient to the Medicare “HOT-TIPS” line for reporting fraud and abuse.  The penalty for fraud and abuse is a fine up to $100,000 $250,000 per instance and up to 10 years in prison. [edit – Note that Federal penalties are a $10,000 fine and 5 years per instance. State penalties vary, but are generally harsher. Illinois penalty is $250,000 and 10 years per instance.]

            Since the risk of referring patients for non-covered treatments is so high this becomes an effective gag order from HCFA.  So it is not a direct gag order or ban on communications, but is is effectively so because if you inform your patient about non-covered services and they want them then you have to bill them for those treatments.  If you accept Medicare reimbursement you are not allowed to charge the patient for services so you will have to process the charge through HCFA, thus getting them to encourage your patient to refer you for fraud.  That is why physicians charge patients directly instead of accepting Medicare reimbursement directly.

          • Anonymous

            OK, i read that as outlawing boob jobs or laetrile for cancer at public expense.   Seems kind of tortured to read it as outlawing cutting-edge treatment techniques.

            Can you show me a doctor prosecuted for this, other than boob jobs and laetrile treatments?

          • Anonymous

            Well, you COULD read it that way, if you didn’t know anything about how medicine is actually practiced.  You see, there are a lot of treatments known as “off-label” or “unapproved” that do have good results in some cases.  Drugs that can be used to treat diseases or side-effects of other drugs, or surgical procedures that haven’t been given the nod by any government agencies.  

            For example, there are a few situations where a doctor might prescribe Viagra for a non-sexual issue like pulmonary hypertension.  You can’t currently do this for Medicare.

          • Anonymous

            This is enforced as “anti-woo” not off label use of drugs.  

            Like Chico asks below, cite me a case otherwise.

          • retired.military

            A blatant first amendment violation when someone DOESNT say something.   Gee Chico you are stretching it arent you.

          • It is illegal for a physician to even inform you of an available treatment if the government won’t pay for it.  $100,000 fines and up to ten years in prison enforce that rule.  Many physicians refuse to take direct payment for that reason.

            Wow. I didn’t know that. Thanks, Jim.

        • Anonymous

          So you sign contracts without reading them?  Sure your name isn’t Chris Dodd?  You should be working for the Obama administration.

        • Sounds like a crappy insurance plan. One that you chose. Don’t most people on a tight budget do the opposite? That is, take care of the small stuff but have “catastrophic” insurance for the big (and less likely to occur) stuff?

        • herddog505

          So, your beef with private insurance – the same private insurance that millions of Americans have used more-or-less without trouble for decades, by the way – is that you think that YOU might not understand YOUR contract???  Seriously???

          This is opposed to ObamaCare which even SanFran Nan said that we have to pass to find out what’s in it, and has had to be (ahem) fixed by presidential executive order two or three times since it was passed less than two years ago.

          To the extent that there are problems with private insurance (and there are), many come from (A) government distortions of the market; (B) insurance being paid for as a benefit of employment, which also distorts the market; (C) insurance being used to pay for some or all of routine health care issues, and; (D) refusal to allow insurance to be sold coast-to-coast across state lines (another government issue, by the way), which sets up virtual “mini-monopolies” that keep out competition and drive up prices.

          Failure of insurance companies to pay what they are contractually obligated to pay is NOT a general problem with private insurance.

    • retired.military

      So what is your solution Chico?

      RIght now my mother is 72.  Never had an income of more than 10k in her life. Yet she was just operated on for her legs.  The operation I am sure runs at least 10k if not double that.  She is simply on medicare. Period.  Nothing else.  Yet she gets to see the doctors she needs now, and gets the care she needs.  She has friends in their 70s who are getting treated for things like broken hips, cancer, and other lifelong diseases.

      Obama has already said that hey they should just get the pain pills and let the productive members of society get the care.  After all he wont have to live under those rules so why not.

      Yet when I say that murderers, drug dealers, and pedophiles should be given the death sentence and the sentence should be carried out in 2 months instead of 20 years folks like you say “well you never had someone close to you that falls in that category:”.  If I did my opinion wouldnt change.

      The govt cant do healthcare right for everyone.  It cant even come close.  Instead it will be a system where the rich will continue to get care on the backs of the poor  and the govt picks up the tab instead of the way it is now.  THat is the poor get much better care now than they would under a govt plan and they have options to sue where as under the govt they have Obama telling them to take the pain pill and STFU and go away and die.

      So take your govt solution baste in gravy and shove it up your ass chico.

      • Anonymous

        Um, you seem to be praising Medicare, that it’s doing right by your mother. 

        Did you know Medicare is a government program?  Do you use Tricare, another government program?    Maybe the VA, too?  How is that working out?   How would you know about private insurance at all?

        As retired military, you live in the most socialist system there is in the USA – government health care, government stores, government R&R facilities.

        • jim_m

          So Medicare and Medicaid do manage to do some things well, but they fail in many areas.  The VA is known to be a national scandal for how poorly they treat our veterans and how badly run and decrepit their facilities are.

          Idiots on the left tell us hat they know that these programs are flawed but that if we just put all 300,000,000+ people into these programs they will be better than ever.

          What a load of crap.

        • retired.military

          Yes Chico.  My mother uses medicare.  I use tricare.  For which I pay even though I was promised when I was enlisted that I wouldnt have to.

          That is why I am adverse to changing.  medicare as it is now WORKS.  Tricare works.  They are NOT perfect by any means but they do the job they were meant to do.  One of the reasons they work is that the size is CONSTRICTED to certain populations.  It has been shown time and time again that large scale govt social medicine for an entire population doesnt work.  Look at Canada, Mexico, Cuba, etc.  Patients waiting months for procedures such as MRIs and some of those are for serious conditions that require urgent care that you can get scheduled here in a week or less for routine issues. 

          The system as it is now WORKS.

          I dont use the VA. THe VA system has problems. Most of them are beaurocratic in nature. What does govt run healthcare have in common . Beaurocracy. In short you want to push the VA system down everyone’s throat AND INCREASE the patient base by an order of 300.

          If anyone wants Free health care THAN LET THEM JOIN THE MILITARY.  For more than 90% of them this is an option THAT THEY CHOOSE NOT TO TAKE.  IT IS THEIR CHOICE. 

          You mentioned the uninsured above.

          Uninsured gets in a car accident (say hit by a car) and seriously injured.  Within hours they have had all the CTs cat scans MRIs xrays, stitches and surgeries they need to save their life.  Yet they are uninsured.  But you bring up the democrat straw man. “what about the uninsured?”

          THere are about 40 million in that category.  About 20 million are illegal immigrants.  Hey why dont we pay for the folks in Brazil and Nepal and China to get medicare since you want us to pay for them.   Yet  if they are in the scenario above they get all the care they need and they wont pay a penny for it. 

          Half of the 20 million that are uninsured are young and can afford insurance but choose not to have insurance.   Now I do have a solution for these.  You dont want insurance.  Fine.  You will pay every penny of your medical bills.  EVERY PENNY.    No matter if you are still paying for it by the time you are 65 and medicare kicks in.  EVERY PENNY.  You have the freedom of choice.  WITH GREAT FREEDOM COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY (something that ilberals has a LOT OF ISSUES WITH).

          For the other 10 milion who cant afford insurance. THere are govt programs now that take care of them.  CHIP for one.  Emergency rooms for others. 

          In short  Chico your uninsured problem ISNT a problem. 

          You sit up and yammer for hours on end about FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Yet you proudly proclaim that in the area of healthcare people should have no freedom at all.  THey should pay the govt period.   WHAT A HYPOCRIT.

          “As retired military, you live in the most socialist system there is in the USA – government health care, government stores, government R&R facilities”

          If others want this then they simply have to do what I did. PUT 20 YEARS IN THE MILITARY. Oh wait they want it and dont want to DO WHAT IT TAKES TO EARN THOSE RIGHTs.

          And BTW Chico. Those facilities arent gaurenteed. What if they close the base close to where I live. Oh my. Then I would have to move to get those privileges back. And I would do so and not whine and cry on some street corner about GIVE ME SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. What if I want to go to the gym and it is closed for a unit function. I cant go sue anyone because of it. What if I am told that during the hours of XXX and YYY only active military can use the facility. I cant do a thing about it except say yes sir yes sir 3 bags full. When I go to the doctor and I believe I need to see a specialist and the PA or doctor who is seeing me disagrees than guess what. I am shit out of luck. Or maybe I can get in to see someone but it will be 3 months. If I die in the meantime from whatever I wanted to see a specialist for can my wife sue? Good luck with that.

          Military doctors joke.

          What if a patient dies as he is walking out of your office. What do you do?

          Flip him over to make it look like he was walking into your office.

          One time I wnat to emergency room on Sunday Morning. Had been up all night with the flu or something. Medicine wasnt touching it. Had 102 fever. After waiting in the emergency room for 8 hours I saw a doctor. 45 minutes after being examined he came back and told me. “Go home, take plenty of fluids, continue over the counter medicine, come back in the morning on regular sick call if you arent better” . Welcome to govt run medcine for the country.

          When congress lives by the same standards and under the same rules they set for everyone else than maybe just maybe the system will be more fair and equitable.

          • Anonymous

            Love it:

            Military doctors joke.

            What if a patient dies as he is walking out of your office. What do you do?

            Flip him over to make it look like he was walking into your office.

          • Anonymous

            Hey, that advice you got at the ER was appropriate and had nothing to do with government run medicine.  When you spent all that time in the waiting room you probably infected a large number of other folks, if not some of the staff, with your flu or fli (flu like illness).  Medicine doesn’t touch most viral illnesses that just have to run their course.

          • Anonymous

            That’s not a military doctor’s joke, and its been around since before I was in medical school.  I think it started in Vaudeville.  Can’t you see Groucho doing it?

          • retired.military


            Sorry.  I have been told it twice.  Both by military doctors. 

            BTW military doctors were around before vaudeville 🙂

            And Doc

            I was hoping for some stronger drugs to help me through. As I stated the off the counter stuff wasnt touching it. I stayed off in the corner of the ER watiing room and believe me would have much rather been home in bed.
            Military medicine for the most part is okay. I have seen some screw ups beyond comprehension though. IE a guy getting sent home after a car accident. Next day he goes back and they realize “Hey your leg is broken”

          • Anonymous

            RE: joke – Well I heard before I went into the military, and in fact before I graduated from medical school.  In the real military they’d just refuse to pronounce him and make the next shift say he’s dead so they could do the paperwork.

            I hope yours trained AFTER vaudeville.

            One major problem with MM is the protective bureaucracy that develops – the ” don’t mess with my retirement” mentality that allows all sorts of nonsense to occur without consequences.  You see that on the line side, but its particularly pernicious on the medicine side.  I caused all sorts of problems for myself by ignoring that ethos, even had an O-6 follow me half way around the world after I PCS’d to try to ruin my non-career.  It would have been funny if he didn’t actually come close to being successful at one point.  Thank God his O-7 boss had been a medical student under me when I was a Resident (and I had treated him well).  Yes, this was one defining moment that made me a believer, though not a Catholic one. 

        • Anonymous

          Your arguing in circles Chico. In 6 posts (so far) you haven’t addressed the issue.

          The doctors claim that a death (ethics) panel will decide that some people will get treatment and some people get comfort-treatment based on a cost benefits analysis has noting to do with retired.military’s benefits.

          If you want to defend Obama-care, that’s fine. But if all your going to do is run around flinging poo at the sky, why bother?

    • Anonymous

      Chico, here’s a comparison for you, straight from the front lines.  When I have a patient with private insurance, acute back pain and weakness in the leg, they get their MRI and neurosurgical consult the same week.  When they have the audacity to injure themselves on the job,  Washington State Labor and Industry takes over.  Average wait is 6 months, even when your doctor is reporting worsening weakness and pain. For Medicaid, you have to fill out a bunch of paperwork and wait 2-4 weeks.  I get about an 80% approval the first time around unless its the Molina version, which is about as bad as L&I.  It’s about to get worse with the current WA budget woes. Now the folks without insurance I send to PeaceHealth in Longview, or Southwest Washington MC in Vancouver, and they get approved or denied for charity care within 10 days. Lastly, the outside the envelope decisions you offer in your second paragraph really are made more often at the provider level and based on futility versus positive outcome analysis.  When politicians step in, as they did forcing coverage for autologous bone marrow transplants for breast cancer, lots of money gets wasted. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it’s all a pain in the ass, and it probably always will be.  I don’t know what “the Molina version” or “L&I” is, but I hope I don’t get it.

        Really, I’m open on the best solution for these issues. But I doubt there is a perfect solution.

        • Anonymous

          Medicaid is farmed out to various companies, CHPW and Molina are two prominent versions in SW Washington.  Molina is a PIA.  I think you know what that stands for. L&I refers to Labor and Industries. The WA version of Workman’s Comp.

  • herddog505

    We’ve been heading down this track for a long while, ever since the government started looking at citizens as “revenue sources” rather than as their masters.  Many members of Congress and recent presidents have taken this approach: it’s not “how can I best serve the people who have honored me with this position?” but rather “who among the sheeple have some money that I can take to pay off the people who got me here and – hopefully – will keep me here?”


    Rick RiceTell me again that elections don’t matter.

    In this case, I’m not sure that they really do.  I have ZERO faith that the GOP will even try to repeal ObamaCare even if they get the White House and all 535 seats in Congress.  After all, they are not opposed to public health care per se; they merely want it to be slightly less intrusive and a bit less expensive.  The best we can hope for from the likes of Mittens, Newt, Crybaby Boehner, and Turtle McConnell is tinkering around the edges and “reform”.

    It will be interesting as time goes by to see if Americans get tired of being treated as “units” and eventually demand full repeal… or if they get used to being handed scraps by their masters in DC as they have become with regard to Social Security and Medicare (“I hope they don’t cut my benefits this year…”).

  • Anonymous

    When health care is rationed because it is more ‘cost effective’ to tell someone to go die quietly in a corner because they are no longer producing revenue but are a net consumer of revenue you get that type of response.

    Welcome to the progressive future as brought to you by our glorious ‘Dear Leaders’….

  • retired.military

    If people stand up and say “I want free and govt run healthcare” they should be given an enlistment form and directions to the nearest military recruitors.   They have the option they just dont want to do what it takes to get what they want.  TYpical liberls.

    • jim_m

      Most of the OWS crowd is applying for free government health care by already being or becoming felons.  Rape Assault, drug dealing etc., these are all excellent ways to become guests of the state and have everything that they desire (free food, housing, education, healthcare) provided for them.

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  • Anyone else seeing the total government picture here? They “promise” to take care of your retirement at age 65 to 70 for making you a lifelong slave. I have no doubt that the retirement age will officially be increased to 70 very soon. Coincidentally the very same age at which the government deems you medically worthless. Ha ha. Isn’t that funny?

  • Anonymous

    Its called ‘Thinning the Herd!’   And of course, there are loopholes for blue-blooded liberalcRats..

  • The problem with ANY insurance system is that consumers are insulated from the real costs.  There are always two/three different sets of books (one for the heavily insured, one for the lightly insured, and one for the uninsured).  

    Until you get rid of those multiple cost structures, there is NO WAY you can create real efficiencies in the system.  A cost savings in one will simply be passed onto the other set of books.  

    In all of these systems, you have to drive cost-controls to the consumer.  The only way to do that is to make people aware of health care costs throughout the process and give them the incentives to drive cost control.

  • Anonymous

    thanksgiving!  Signing off for turkey and football!

  • I have strong suspicions that the reason obama has called for an expedited supreme court ruling is that he realizes that obamacare is depressing the economy and as soon as it is repealed the economy will get big boost just in time for him to claim that his policies are turning around the recession. It would take it off the table as an issue. There will only be a couple of dozen really good reasons left to get rid of him and his tsars.

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