Nancy Pelosi, Devout Catholic, calls Bishops lobbyists

Roughly two weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi bemoaned the fact that some Catholics have this conscience thing. Now she’s calling the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops lobbyists. And oh by the way… she’s devoutly Catholic… just ask her:

CNS breaks down what it is that the devoutly Catholic Ms. Pelosi is not, as she puts it, understanding:

The regulation HHS has proposed includes a “religious exemption” that does not apply to individuals who, under Obamacare, will be mandated to buy health insurance. To qualify as a “religious employer” that will get an exemption an organization must meet all of four criteria: their purpose must be the “inculcation of religious values,” they must “primarily employ persons who share the same religious tenets,” they must “primarily serve persons who share its religious tenets,” and they must be organized under the specific section of the Internal Revenue Code used by churches per se.

As drawn, the exemption from the sterilization-and-contraception mandate would not apply to Catholic individuals, Catholic hospitals, Catholic universities and Catholic charitable organizations. Thus, Catholic individuals would be forced to purchase health insurance plans that pay for sterilizations, contraception and abortifacients, in violation of the the teachings of their church, and Catholic hospitals, universities and charitable organizations would be forced to choose between dropping health insurance for their employees or paying for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortifacients in violation of the teachings of the church. 


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  • Anonymous

    Nancy-poo has her own reality.  Too bad her bishop doesn’t have the guts to ex-communicate her.

    • retired.military

      Her, Kerry and several more should be excommunitcated.

  • Anonymous

    What a whore..

  • PBunyan

    Nancy Pelosi is only slightly less of a “devout Catholic” than Richard Dawkins.  Only slightly, though.

  • herddog505

    From Nancy Pelosi’s Political Dictionary (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2009):

    constituent – somebody whose vote I need

    valued member of the community – somebody whose money I need

    advocate – somebody who wants me to vote in a way that I find agreeable

    lobbyist – somebody who wants me to vote in a way that I don’t like

    terrorist – member of the Tea Party

    Religion of Peace – Islam

    religious extremist – devout Christian


    One wonders what – if anything – SanFran Nan’s priest will have to say to her on Sunday.  At risk of sounding cynical or a Catholic basher (I’m not the latter), if she drops a big enough check in the offer plate, absolutely nothing.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt she puts anything in the offering plate.  Maybe a dime if she’s feeling generous.  She didn’t get her millions by giving HER money away.

    • Does saying you’re not a Catholic-basher just before bashing Catholics somehow inoculate you like a Cootie Shot or something?

      • herddog505

        Knew it wouldn’t work.  Oh, well…

        My point is that SanFran Nan is giving her church yet another very public “f*ck you”, and I suspect that nothing will be said to her.  This is NOT a slam on Catholics, but a slam on the Catholic Church that seems too gutless to enforce its doctrines.

        I understand the problem.  From Nancy’s side, she is NOT a representative of the Catholic Church but rather represents a district in the State of California, a very liberal district in a liberal state that supports abortion rights; no matter what her personal views, it can be argued that the desires of her constituents are paramount.

        I think that the Church has recognized this: “We can certainly tell a politician how he ought to live his PERSONAL life, we can’t really tell him how to vote.”

        Nancy has upset the applecart by not only voting for something that the Church condemns, but by publicly misstating and even CRITICIZING the Church’s position on the matter.  About the only thing that she HASN’T done is nail a statement of her position on the door of her parish church.

        Will the Church knuckle under?  I think that it will.

      • Anonymous

         Nah, it is more like saying “I have Jewish friends” before quoting from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

        • herddog505

          No, it’s rather more like saying, “I love my country but I disagree with what the president is doing in Libya.”

          Actually, as I am not a Catholic, it’s more like, “I love Italy, but their fiscal policy is idiotic.” (BTW: I went to Catholic school as a child and I DO have friends who are Catholic.  I am also very fond of Itay.).

          Does the first statement make me anti-American?  Does the second make me anti-Italian?

          Or is it simply impossible to be critical of a person, institution or country that you respect – or, at least, do not despise – without being labeled a bigot?

          Oh, wait: I don’t care AT ALL for Barry’s policies, and I HAVE been labeled a bigot for that.  I suppose that it’s par for the course.

  • Anonymous

    She’s only as stupid and devious as God made her. Man, did he outdo himself!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, blame God like Adam did for making EVE.

      Perhaps you haven’t heard – the Good Lord doesn’t make anyone evil (He can’t) Their own free will chooses to do it. Unless you wish to believe that you are a mere mindless puppet that he jerks around…

  • Anonymous

    Like a drag queen complaining of cramps.

  • Anonymous

    Its sad that the voters keep sending her back to Congress although I think the ulterior motive is to get her the hell out of the state.

  • I’ll give Nancy a pass on this one because I am a Christian and what I call her is a whole lot worse than that.

  • Anonymous

    I can see at least 57 cracks on Nancy’s chin that don’t want VIAGRA

  • Anonymous

    [caustic comment soon to be interpreted as racist anti-Papist drivel]

  • Paul Hooson

    Nancy Pelosi aside, the Catholic Church has a long-running legacy of attempting to influence, if not control governments, to force non-Catholics to live under Catholic authority. Often that strong-arming by the church far exceeded mere lobbying like the church only does these days to members of congress. These days, of the $40 million dollar budget of the Catholic NCCB/USCC, nearly $7 million is spent on lobby efforts to influence both the public as well as members of congress. This of, course includes a number of paid lobbyists. Other churches such as The Latter Day Saints also have lobby efforts, and appear regularly at state legislative hearings to influence legislation,

    Pelosi, as any member of congress well knows, is lobbied by multi-million dollar lobby efforts by some churches wanting nonmembers to live as they do.

    • retired.military

      Pelosi is supposed to be a Catholic.  If you are going to claim a religion you should at least try to live by its tenets.

      In this case Paul all that the church is saying is that Catholics should not be forced to perform abortions as part of their job.  Lets look at similar cases.   Muslims have won the right to not to have to handle alcohol or pork. Gee  isnt it nice that the Muslims arent made to violate their faith but Obama and Pelosi want Catholics to violate theirs.


      • Paul Hooson

        I’m both Catholic and pro-life myself, Retired Military. But, I strongly feel that it’s unAmerican for certain churches to spend millions of dollars a year to lobby congress to pass legislation forcing non-catholics or even non-Christians to live by Catholic rules. That goes way too far. Mormons don’t believe in using Caffeine for example. It think it would be wrong for them to lobby congress to ban coffee or Pepsi for everyone for example. Seventh Day Adventists oppose eating meat. It would be wrong for them to lobby congress to ban meat sales in the U.S. for everyone. Abortion is horrible and gravely wrong, yet I have problems with a single church making important moral decisions for everyone.

        In all fairness, much of the lobby efforts of the Catholic NCCB/USCC do involve seeking public money grants from congress for programs they run for the poor or other charity work. Yet, this money isn’t free. It all comes from tax dollars from you and me. If this lobby spends about $7 million on lobby efforts each year, then you can expect it to cost taxpayers many more millions than that to pay for grants to pay for programs they support.

        One religious lobby, Morality In Media, for example was receiving money every year from congress to supposedly put a stop to illegal obscenity websites for example. Yet, in the average year, work done by Morality In Media doesn’t even result in one single prosecution of any website that supposedly traded in illegal obscenity. Apparently, every website that this group brought to the attention of law enforcement was trading in legal and lawful speech, and not violating laws by dealing in gross material that crossed the legal line of obscenity. So why pay this religious group money each year to continue their nonsense?

        The fact is that some religious groups lobby congress for grants, yet fail to show much tangible results for the amount of public money that they are given. Waste is waste is waste.

        If anyone here really supports the goals the Tea Party Movement, then a good first place to start is to look at all the blank checks written to every group that brings a lobbyist to congress asking for taxpayer money. Some religious groups are big abusers here.

        • Anonymous

          And then there’s all that free tax money we folks cycle through Washington to kill babies by the millions -called planned parenthood -that Margeret Sanger clone.

          Hardly a murmer about that.

          I have a lot of issues with my Bishops conference but defending conscience is the absolute right thing to do – think not?

          Day by day the roar gets louder from the anti-God folks. We are in the days of the nuovo persecution already -it will get a lot worse.

        • herddog505

          I understand your point, but where does one draw the line?  At what point should a church say to itself, “This is a matter for our various diocese, conferences, churches and individual congregants, not a matter of national law that we ought to influence”?

          For example, I trust that you would not object to a (hypothetical) church “lobbying” effort to pass laws against murder.  As I understand it, the Catholic Church (among other denominations) believes abortion to be exactly that; why should they not (again, hypothetically) press for laws against such a crime?

          From a broader perspective, once again the ugly face of an intrusive, overreaching central government appears.  If Washington did NOT stick its grubby, corrupt, incompetent fingers into every pie in the country, there’d be a damned sight less need for the Catholic Church (or any organization) to lobby.  Abortion would be – as it was and SHOULD be – a matter for states and local communities to deal with.  The local priests and bishops could then urge their flocks to abstain from and oppose the odious practice rather than worry about having to hire slick-talking pros to try to persuade, bribe or coerce a pack of worthless members of Congress – most of whom aren’t Catholics – to see things their way.

  • retired.military

    Stop talking about the love of Chico’s and Stephen’s life like that.

  • Pelosi is Catholic the same way that Bill Maher is a libertarian.