Channeling James Carville (UPDATED)

James-carvilleRemember when James Carville smeared Paula Jones, saying you’ll never know what you’ll find “when you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park.”

Remember the criticism he rightly received from conservatives for saying such garbage?

I’m not sure who Michael Barron is frankly but I tripped over a piece he published yesterday and felt the need to respond.

Someone tell me how Mr. Barron today is any different from James Carville then

So Ginger White, self proclaimed mistress of Herman Cain and the latest pawn in the great demo destructo machine, now has remorse. She proclaims sorrow and asks for forgiveness from Mrs. Cain. She says she “never wanted any of this to happen”. Really? So that is why you went to a lawyer and held a news conference and plastered your sordid tale all over the land. But you didn’t want to hurt anybody. Yeah right. Well, lookaround Ms White as they drag the dead Mr. Cain from the battleground all at your hand. You struck the dagger. You were complicit with the poison and you created the maelstrom which now lives on in Mr. Cain’s life long after you have spent your 30 pieces of silver.

Unless Mr. Barron, she really did have an affair with Herman Cain… and if she did, it takes two to tango.  And Ms. White has said that she came forward before others got wind of the story, that investigations were already underway, that it was already out there… but it doesn’t fit the meme to leave that detail out now does it?  Her story, as we know it now, is no more true nor no more false than any of Herman Cain’s denials at this juncture.  After all Mr. Barron, withholding information from your wife is as much a lie as telling a falsehood, and if Cain can lie in that manner, he can lie in any manner, but that just doesn’t help the story line and the smears now does it Mr. Carville Barron?
He goes on:

Like all Judas’, after the irrevocable act, they feel remorse and sorrow. Too late. You don’t feel bad for Mr. Cain. You feel bad for you. Who knows if anything you said was even true. It doesn’t matter. The world heard “affair” from your lips and nothing else matters. You even got to play out the stereotype of a black man with a white woman. Oh, you did him in alright and your masters in Chicago are toasting you tonight with theircognac and cigars. “What a coup!” “Can you believe she did it?” Yep, that’s your legacy. You skewered a decent man. A man running for President of the United States. A man who committed himself to a genuine quest to make America a better place. A man who sought to provide opportunity to those who had only been given welfare. A chance to join the economic opportunity afforded all Americans. Yes, Ms White, that’s what you took, not only from Herman Cain, but from all of us who supported those ideals. You didn’t just destroy Herman Cain. You destroyed us.

Here you identify the root problem with your defense Mr. Carville Barron… the truth to you doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that Ginger White is tarred and feathered, that her reputation is smeared irrevocably, that she is painted as a money grubbing whore who now takes her place next to Judas… apparently because Herman Cain is your Jesus, is that correct Mr. Carville Barron?  

You state that she skewered a decent man but does a decent man do things without his wife’s knowledge… for 13 years?  Cain’s admitted to that has he not?  And Mr. Carville Barron, Ginger White hasn’t destroyed me, and she didn’t destroy Herman Cain… in fact, just ask Cain yourself if he’s been destroyed…  and while you’re asking him, ask him why, if these allegations are as you’re portraying them to be, why in hell is he quitting?  Do decent men quit when confronted with lies?  Do decent men simply give up when liars go on the attack?  Or… might the man’s decency actually be giving way to the notion that he is as complicit as Ginger White in what has taken place and that the decent thing to do is turn back to his wife, seek her forgiveness, and mend what he himself has torn apart?  That to me is a decent thing to do.

Mr. Carville Barron, Herman Cain’s decency may very well have manifested itself now and not before.  And Ginger White coming forward may very well have led to that manifestation.  But what do I know Mr. Carville Barron, after all, anybody with any sense knows that she’s trash, a Judas who has betrayed your Christ… correct?

Mr. Carville Barron, concludes:

So now you can take your place among the other Judas’ in history. Do you know how they turned out? Everybody knows you now and what you did. Read your bible. You’re gonna need it because where you are going, even God can’t help you. 

Your God may not be able to help her Mr. Carville Barron… but my God, the God of Scripture, the God of tradition and history, the God whose Son is Jesus Christ and whose Holy Spirit dwells amongst us even now, seeks out the Ginger Whites of this world and helps them immensely.

It’s the Carvilles and the Barrons out there, putting their ideology above all else, who may be placing themselves outside the reach of God’s help, to God’s great sadness and chagrin.

God have mercy on them.

God have mercy on us each.

UPDATE: The Anchoress links and adds as only she can:

The worst thing about politics — the very worst thing about it — is how our political enthrallments help us to become everything we hate.

And so very quickly, and deceptively. It’s hate that feels like love.

The most insidious part of this Borg-like hate collective is how easily one can slip into its influence through the simple error of attaching real but disproportionate feelings of love onto things which are often illusory and ultimately temporary. I love my politics so much that I must hate you for your policies; I love my church so much that I must hate you for not loving it as intensely; I love the promise of my pension plan so much that I must hate you for pointing out that it is unsustainable; I love my opinions so much that I must not allow you to have opinions of your own.

Hatred is a twisting perversion of paradoxes wherein one can claim a love for God so fervent that it justifies hating another, even as God hates your hate, because it has been born of the absolute idol one has made out of one’s professed love.

Halt! Who Goes There!
The Trump Card
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  • Anonymous

    Any married guy who plays around is playing with fire. 

    The fire is the white-hot jealousy his mistress has for his wife and his family life.   Chicks are crazy, “women scorned,” etc.

    You can see this as the wages of sin, or just the price of sticking it in a meat grinder.

    • Anonymous

      The difference is it doesn’t hurt a democrat. In fact it improves their standing.

      • That’s because Democrats are known to be reprobates already.  They get credit for having spine enough to do wrong personally rather than through their usual surrogates.

  • Anonymous

    For a real chiller, read the comments after the Barron piece. Cain supporters are a scary bunch.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Challenge yourself! once in a while? lol, cut me down. I don’t care! Just offer something or abstain…

    • Anonymous

      Cain is just another rich guy who was running a vanity campaign.  It was supposed to be a modest adjunct to his book tour, maybe even a tax dodge. 

      This pizza maker somehow got on the stage of the debates while Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer got shut out.  He caught fire a little, and the fire got all of the skeletons running out of the closet.  Now the vengeful ex-mistress wants to have her revenge.  Cain should have thought about all of this before.

      • Anonymous

        Cain is just another rich guy? As if any democrat running for office is poor? Or any poiltican? C’mon man.

        • Anonymous

          Chico has class envy he begrudes people their success.

          • Anonymous

            That might not be the only envy he suffers from.

      • retired.military

        Cain has actually created jobs, ran a business and worked in the private sector and became a success.

        That is 4 things that Obama hasn not done.

        • Anonymous

          When General Mills put Cain in charge of Godfather’s Pizza it was worth $30 million. A few years later, Cain and his associates bought the company from General Mills — for a little over $3 million.

          How many jobs do you think Herman Cain created while shrinking his company 90%?

          • Yeahbutt — if we had only lowered the tax rate for the top 1% – why think of all the jobs that would have created!


    • Anonymous

      Kinda like those Obama supporters who were convinced Obama would heal the planet and cool the oceans while paying their mortgages and gas, or I know the ones that stood outside the polling station with clubs?  Those guys weren’t scary at all.

    • Anonymous

      Talk about chilling Bruce, think back during the Clinton years, how his various accusers were treated. You should try to go back and find some of the comments left about Paula Jones, Linda Tripp,Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, etc. The commentary was bad enough, but more than that. All were harrassed, all were dragged through the dirt and most had death threats. Linda Tripp was lampooned by SNL, had her confidential personnel file leaked to the media, and was prosecuted by Democrats to intimidate her. Kathleen Willey was threatened, her house burglerized, and also had her private papers leaked to the media by the White House.

      • Anonymous

        Eric, taking facts to Bruce Henry is like shouting alone in the forest. He cannot hear. He has liberal tunnel vision. Facts don’t apply to his world. ww

    • Anonymous

      Bring it betch!!!

  • Anonymous

    ‘Tis enlightening to know who he is that is without sin.

  • Anonymous

    All I can think of is QUISP?

  • Anonymous

    Just another chapter in the best seller – how to conduct a democratic smear campaign for dummies.

  • If they never had sex, then she deserves the invective. Stay tuned.

    I’m laying my money that they did not, and neither of them is technically lying. That would perfectly fit the facts of both their statements, as far as I know. That would mean that White is lying by omission, and standing idly by while a man is ruined. I don’t know why the question is so difficult, or why no one seems to be demanding a direct answer from her. It’s simple. Did you have sex with Herman Cain? Yes or no? It is really quite surreal that this most basic of questions is left only to media inference. To date, I have not heard White herself use either the word “affair” or “sex.” White vaguely said, “inappropriate situation… relationship.” Whatever the hell that means. I have plenty of relationships with people who I have not had sex with. Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Don’t think you’re wrong there.   

      What’s struck me about this is the ambiguity.  There’s no DETAIL to this.  Nothing that you can point at and go “OMG, they were doing the horizontal mambo!”  Did they hug at one point?  Did they kiss?  Did she kiss him, and he told her not to do that again?   WTF is ‘inappropriate’ supposed to mean? Context is crucial, and there’s no context!

      Is this what we’re reduced to?  Democrats can run brothels out of their homes (to be fair,  Barney Franks was never in the running for the Presidency and he ‘didn’t know’) while a detailless “Our relationship was ‘inapproprate’ can destroy a candidacy for a Republican?

      Man, we’re SO screwed.

    • herddog505

      I’m pretty sure that my wife wouldn’t be too happy if I was spending a great deal of private time with another woman, especially if I was giving her money.

      I’m guessing that Cain’s getting very familiar with his couch…

  • Anonymous

    James is kinda sexy in that snakeoil!!  lool

  • herddog505

    While I think that Barron goes too far with his rhetoric, I also think that his fundamental point is sound: this woman deliberately went public with accusations against Herman Cain’s character but now feels “remorse”?  PUH-LEASE.  “Gosh, I’m really sorry that I implied that you’re a cad.  Oh, and I hope that your wife and family are OK with what I said, because I really, truly, DOUBLE pinky-swearz didn’t mean to hurt you in any way.”

    If I was Cain and I was innocent, I’d sue the sh*t out of these women for slander.  Discovery could be interesting, too: did somebody (ahem) suggest that they go public with their stories?  If so, who?  Why?

    O’ course, if Cain DID do it, then his best course of action is to find a nice rock to hide under for a while, just like Slick Willie.

    Oh, wait…

    And speaking of sleezy dems, whatever happened with Algore and “release my shakra”?  Oh, yeah, I forgot: MiniTru IMMEDIATELY investigated, smeared the woman as a liar, let Algore off the hook, and he was able to quickly get back to being a world-class con artist making millions off his global warming scam.

    The double standard is just infuriating.

  • Ginger is lying …