The Trump Card

Oh, Donald Trump, you scamp, you!


Yet another Republican presidential debate has been announced — this one sponsored by the conservative web site NewsMax (which, I gotta confess, is pretty out there), two days after Christmas. And the moderator will be The Donald Himself — who says that after the debate, he will probably make His endorsement.


Which just made the whole event a live edition of Presidential Apprentice, an open audition fo who will get The Donald’s imprimatur.


Two candidates have actually responded appropriately. Newt Gingrich has said he’ll go purely for the entertainment value, while Ron Paul blasted it as “beneath the dignity of the office.”

This led to the highly entertaining spectacle of two raving egomaniacs exchanging slams in public, with both pounding each other with the truth: Trump is a raving egomaniac with delusions of grandeur and aspirations of being seen as a “kingmaker,” and Ron Paul is a whackjob conspiracy nut with no serious chances of ever being elected president.


I have to admit that any candidate who takes this “debate” seriously will have their credibility seriously damaged with me, but I’ll cheerfully forgive those who do so with an attitude like Newt’s.

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  • Anonymous

    Huntsman is also taking a pass.  Good for him and Ron Paul. 

    Joining up for a clown show is beneath the dignity of the present and former offices of any of the candidates, let alone a potential president.

    In other news, Romney offered to wash Trump’s car and shine his shoes.

    • retired.military


      Trump cant do any worse than the clowns that they have from the MSM which moderate these.  Or people like donna Brazille.

      Trump cant do any worse than the clowns that they have from the MSM which moderate these. Or people like donna Brazille.

      Moderator from Presidential debate –
      Preosident Obama – after inheriting a horrid economic debacle, fighting republican obstructionism and save the rich from paying their fair share republicans, pulling the world back from the brink of collapsing back in to the dark ages, winning a Nobel Peace prize and being the great and fantastic Husband and father you are the world wants to know – Boxers or briefs”

      Moderator from Presidential debate –
      Mr Republican candidate do you still kill and eat your children?

    • Anonymous

      Trump could do worse – he could spend his time mocking and humiliating those candidates foolish enough to join his stunt, then announce they’re all unsat and he’s running himself.

      Why he craves publicity like Kim Kardashian, I don’t know.  He doesn’t need the money.  Who called him “a fat-fingered vulgarian?”

    • Only idiot leftists and media propagandist hacks give a rat’s patootie what Huntsman does. 

  • Trump the king-maker? At least it’s not Bill Ayers’ living room.

    Romney is the only one I notice with Trump’s protectionist, tariff-imposing bent.

    Edit: Jeff Jacoby has an interesting take on Romney’s protectionist rhetoric. He doesn’t really mean it. He’s just throwing meat to whoever he thinks constitutes his base. That makes me like him even less. It exposes him as the slick manipulator that I believe he is.

    • Anonymous

      Who knows what Romney really means?

  • herddog505

    Man, those smoky-back-room-brokered-convention deals are looking better every day, aren’t they?


    I really can’t see why the candidates can’t do this themselves.  “We’re having a debate.  We’ve hired a moderator whose sole job is to watch his stopwatch and tell us when we’ve spoken for our alloted length of time.  We have agreed on a format, list of topics / questions, and rules for times so that we all get an equal chance to explain our views on matters of importance for our country and people.  This will be shown live on our website.  We invite various media outlets to send camera crews to broadcast the debate for their audience.”

  • Anonymous

    Trump is a raving egomaniac with delusions of grandeur and aspirations of being seen as a “kingmaker,” and Ron Paul is a whackjob conspiracy nut with no serious chances of ever being elected president.”

    Yeah, and neither come from  Chicago!! I’d pick Trump or Paul over Barry in a New York minute.

  • Anonymous

    Just goes to show that Donald is feeling neglected.

  • jim_m

    Beneath the dignity of the office?  Get real.  Virtually ALL debates have been beneath the dignity of the office for several election cycles.  Are we to expect NewsMax to delve beneath the level of “Boxers or Briefs”?  Please.

    NewsMax is no more lunatic conservative than MSNBC is lunatic leftist.  Had anyone dared to say that they were not going to go on an MSNBC debate lick spittles like Chica would be raving about suppression of the media and the dangerous threat that it represented to the First Amendment.

  • Anonymous

    I heard Rick Perry say something yesterday and I’m paraphrasing this:
    “Presidents don’t do much debating, they lead.”

    None of these so called ‘debates’ so far has really been a debate and until they hold a real debate I’m not wasting my time watching sound bite TV.

    • herddog505

      Good point.  The “debates” are scripted and set up so that some candidates are favored, others are hit with “gotcha” questions, and still others are practically ignored.

      Part of it is politics: the debate organizers / moderaters have their desired outcomes and set things up to try to get them.  The rest is even more stupid: entertainment value.  The goal is to get a nice (read: controversial) soundbite for the news cycle, not get a good idea of where the candidates stand on national issues.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, but how will we know its a debate?  Oh, right. The economy will be right after Herman Cains alledged sex drive kicks in, which, I wish I had…lool

    • Anonymous

      If Cain’s sex drive could power the economy, we’d be on the road to recovery, God bless him.

      • Anonymous

        Dont worry Barry, your a shoe in!!  

      • Anonymous

        So what is you point? my sex drive could drive us to  pluto and beyond!

  • Anonymous

    These debates give the media plenty of time to amplify the imperfections of the candiates.Which in turn, gives the democrats plenty of ammunition for the presidential election. stop the debates! go to media outlets like youtube and others to state your case.