Trump Jumps The Shark

It’s only been a couple of days since Donald Trump that he will be holding auditions for his endorsement a Republican presidential debate, and it’s already jumped the shark. To show how serious he and the other folks are about this, they’ve brought in a seasoned professional to produce the debate.

Eason Jordan, former head of CNN.

The same Eason Jordan who admitted that during the 1990s, CNN — under his watch — willingly covered up the worst atrocities of Saddam Hussein in order to preserve their “access” in Iraq. In other words, he approved of covering up the truth in exchange for permission to continue airing Saddam’s approved truths.

And after he left CNN, he openly accused US and Allied forces were “targeting” reporters in Iraq. He never offered the slightest proof, and to the best of my knowledge never apologized for it, either.

And this is who Trump and NewsMax think is best qualified to produce their Republican debate. I guess Dan Rather, Keith Olbermann, and Ezra Klein were otherwise occupied that night.

"The sense of entitlement and disregard for the law is appalling"
The Triumph Of The Swill
  • jim_m

    By all means let’s give the job of running a Presidential debate to a man who has admitted to giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies.  What could possibly go wrong?

  • Anonymous

    Jay, the debate may prove entertaining, whoever the moderator is, but as you always thought or wrote, that Dems had a near monopoly on humorless politicians,  now “there’s a real possibility that a little ribbing by Trump and Gingrich will give America an opportunity to get a good look at the stick rammed firmly up Mitt’s ass”.

    • Anonymous

      Funny, Steve, I recall the liberals going positively apeshit when Fox News wanted to sponsor a Democratic debate, with Clinton, Richardson, Edwards, and Obama all boycotting them. Guess you’re just cool with those double standards, huh?


  • How is this shark jumping ?

    • Yeah. I actually watched the episode of “Happy Days” from which the expression “jump the shark” originated. Trump cannot possibly jump the shark because he has never been as popular and cool as the Fonz.

  • Anonymous

    What a clown show.

    • That’s not the window, Chico.  It’s the mirror.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a good one, thanks for the laugh.

        • retired.military

          And the truth shall set you free Chico.

    • herddog505

      I have to agree.  Aside from his fortune, I can’t imagine why anybody takes Teh Donald seriously about anything other than real estate.

      But, then again, we routinely get political advice from actors and musicians, so I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Anonymous


    What appears to be lost on everyone is the fact that Trump was a (P)residential aspirant himself who has threatened to go Third Party.

    Eason Jordan has about as much credibility as a disgraced former head of a liberally slanted news organization that fails to report news accuratly as Donald Trump does being a (P)residential candidate.

    Maybe he’s auditioning for the VP slot? No??

  • Anonymous

    The Americans are not (either) in Baghdad or CNN or the White House for that matter!

    • Anonymous

      And I mean this in a very patriotic way..

  • Anonymous

    ‘Trump Jumps The Shark’

    And christens her “The Wookie!”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Combine Mitt and Newt and you get MOOT! But seriosly folks, the debates are just for “gotchas” for the the press and to give everyone else debate fatigue before the real debates.