“Bill Clinton is a model of humility and rational introspection”

Next to Barack Hussein Obama.

So says The Anchoress after listening to this:

I don’t believe there’s a way to be any more arrogant than that.

I just don’t.

This is what a true popular uprising looks like.
Forget voting fraud. Mayor cuts to the chase.
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  • Anonymous

    I prefer the terms “delusional” and “insane”.

    But then, what else to expect from our affirmative action, Indonesian educated community organizer?

  • Anonymous

    Surprised the Narcissist in Chief doesn’t get a nosebleed, what with his schnoz elevated to such a high altitude.  The skit writers at SNL must have a night job at the White House now. Or is Barry just stroking Bubba’s ego to preclude Hillary! from launching a challenge?

  • jim_m

    He’s not only claiming that he’s passed more significant legislation but that he has had more foreign policy achievements than anyone else.

    I suppose our student of history has never heard of the Monroe Doctrine?  That certainly has not shaped US foreign policy much.

    And he probably doesn’t realize that Teddy Roosevelt received the Nobel Peace Prize for actually doing something (negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese war).

    But seriously, for a President who thinks that the pinnacle of foreign policy is to obsequiously bow and apologize to tin hat dictators, I suppose he has done more of that than anyone else in history.

  • Kathryn Wilton

    “Pride goeth before destruction,
    and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

  • Anonymous

    The most arrogant sob this side of achmaddingyjihad.

  • Anonymous

    Remember, those four were only “possible” exceptions.  He might be better than all of them as well!  That makes him #1!!! (His presidency has been more like #2, in my opinion, but that’s just me.)

  • Anonymous

    Barak H(ubris) Obama

  • Well, of course any past president who could be called “George W.” would be regarded as inferior by Teh Won.

  • Anonymous

    So how hard was it really?  His first two years in office he was a Democrat President with Democrats controlling the House and the Senate with a Supermajority.   

    The Republicans didn’t have the power to stop him from doing much of anything.  And even then, he barely passed Obamacare.

    GW Bush started out with a 50/50 Senate and then a Democrat controlled Senate in his first two years and he got things done.  And also had to deal with a crisis or two as well.