“Everyone’s got that special conservative in their life”

I usually get Obama campaign emails but must’ve missed the one Bookworm is highlighting:

Birther mugFriend –

Everyone’s got that special conservative in their life.

Maybe it’s your dad, who forwards you every chain email about the President’s birth certificate, or your neighbor, who just put up a Mitt Romney sign.

Dealing with these folks can be … frustrating.

This holiday season, we’re giving you a chance to have a little bit of fun at their expense. Let a Republican in your life know they inspired you to make a donation to the Obama campaign — chip in $3 or more today.

When you give to the campaign, simply enter your Republican friend’s email address and they’ll get a note letting them know that they motivated you to donate — which will surely make their day.

Not only that, but when you donate today, you’ll be entered to win a chance to have dinner with the President and First Lady. Just picture how good it’ll feel to let your honoree know about those dinner plans.

The other side is busy scrambling for the Iowa caucuses and a long string of primaries, trying to find a nominee. Meanwhile, we’ve got our candidate — and we’re already doing the work to get ready for November.

Give your conservative friends the gift of knowing they’ve inspired you to donate. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Please donate $3 or more today:




Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. — Really want to fire up your GOP friends? Buy them a gift from the 2012 store. I recommend the birther mugs — they get the message across pretty well.

Bookie adds:

… emails such as this one give us a great insight into the mind of the liberal, and it’s not a pretty picture:  Obama’s campaign is smug, vindictive, sarcastic, immature and condescending.  In other words, it’s Obama himself writ large.


Excusing The Inexcusable
Auto Underdogs
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  • Anonymous

    ….  Obama’s smug, vindictive, sarcastic, immature, condescending …. 

    And Psychopathologically-Narcissistic! 

    And cannot be trusted to replace the cap on the tooth-paste.

    Or so says his every-bit-as-loathsome and fearsome “spouse,” Michelle-Antoinette.

  • herddog505

    Perhaps somebody could send her office a crate of “Miss me yet?” mugs.

    • Let me know when the fundraiser starts.

  • Anonymous

    And Rush says these people don’t have a sense of humor because they get sensitive about his accusations…

  • Anonymous

    Hitting the nail on the head with “Obama’s campaign is smug, vindictive, sarcastic, immature and condescending. In other words, it’s Obama himself writ large.” Precisely the reason so many on the other side have taken a strong dislike – to be kind – to the man and his minions. Be interesting to see how many Blue Dogs and other Dems start running from him once the campaign season kicks into gear and his dead weight becomes harder to bear … http://www.ombudizen.com 

  • “Obama’s campaign is smug, vindictive, sarcastic, immature and condescending.”

    Sounds like my sister-in-law, a dedicated (well, until Obama got elected) liberal, except for the vindictive part.  Kept getting Bushisms desk calenders, smug comments about how conservatives were so stupid and wasteful… and she clammed up tight about 6 months into Obama’s tenure.  NO smug, scarcastic remarks, no taunting about how things were going so well… we simply don’t talk politics at all.

    I mean, why rub her face in the fact that she was wrong, when every day she can see for herself?

    • Oysteria

      “I mean, why rub her face in the fact that she was wrong, when every day she can see for herself? “

      You are demonstrating how a grownup behaves.  How she behaved before she discovered her “error” is childish.

      This Julianna Smoot encourages people to drive away those who would otherwise be friends who only happen to disagree politically.  It’s every bit in keeping with Obama’s “get in their faces” and “punish our enemies” attitude.  Some might defend it as “it’s only a joke”, but few people are in the mood for such “jokes” these days. 

      My brother is a flaming liberal (the kind that will support leftist causes …. but not for him) and if he sent me something like this, I’d tell him to grow up.

      I could donate ten times as much to the RNC in his name and mail him the recipt, but I’m not into that sort of silly game.

  • Anonymous

    “Obama’s campaign is smug, vindictive, sarcastic, immature and condescending.”

    Well, after reading the following quote from Obama’s interview on 60 minutes,
    we should add that the campaign is “removed from reality”.
    Check this gem out.

    “I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first
    two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson,
    F.D.R., and Lincoln,” Obama told Steve Kroft, “just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in
    modern history.”

    • Anonymous

      “I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first 
      two years against any president”

      And You would lose hands down. Since you’ve accomplished the greatest jobs loss of any ‘president’  ever, … Your Fired!

    • jim_m

      with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln,

      The Dept of interior announced this week that they would be blasting the images of Washington, Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt off of Mount Rushmore to make room for LBJ, FDR and obama.

      • Anonymous

        Hell! Just rename the Grand Canyon  ‘Barry’s Gulch’  in honor of the hole he has dug.

  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt being inspired by their ‘favorite conservative’ is going to inspire any more of Dear Leader’s societal leechs to donate when they were already the least likely to donate to anything to begin with. If that was the case my new next door neighbor, who believe’s that the (P)resident walks on water and is a put upon saint who can do no wrong would have passed the parrisoner’s plate around and sent that to the SCoaMF.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me, or is that “Made in the USA” bit disrespectful of his poor dead momma? Who gives a crap where they were when daddy, who ever that was,  impregnated her? Where he was, “made” has nothing to do with where his mom was when she gave birth.

    But, just so there is no confusion about where I stand, his mom was a U.S. citizen. So he’s a “natural-born U.S. citizen” no matter where she was when the Little Zero was born. As long as he came out from between her legs he qualifies.

    • herddog505

      It would be hilarious if the mugs were stamped “Made in China”.

  • Someone needs to tell Julianna Smoot that “birther” is not a synonym for “conservative”.
    Lunatic? Yes. Conservative? No.

  • This ad gave me an idea.  Give the over weight people in your life a set of Obama dishes, not just the smug mug pictured above.  I know I would lose my appetite every time I looked at his arrogant pus.

  • Anonymous

    The mug is inaccurate. Barry was BORN in the USA.

    He was MADE in Indonesia/Hawai’i in the 1960s. He is not from mainstream America, and it shows.

    • Jim Beach

      What would you say he has done which is not in step with mainstream America?

      • jim_m

        1) Obamacare
        2) Apologizing to every world leader he meets and generally talking America down.
        3) Damaging our relationship with Great Britain.
        4) Damaging our relationship with Israel.
        5) Driving non-defense spending to stratospheric levels and doing nothing to reduce it despite promising to cut spending in half by now.
        6) Appointing 30+ unvetted czars to run his administration.
        7) Running an anti-capitalist administration that tells the few US manufacturing companies that they should have shipped their manufacturing overseas.  For example a)Gibson, b)Boeing.
        8) Promoting the OWS protests which are opposed by the mainstream of America.

        I could go on. It takes a really tone deaf and blinkered person to have to ask  how obama is out of step with America.  What is your reaction when you hear about his high negative job ratings and that a majority of American’s do not think he deserves a second term? 

        Common sense (which you apparently lack) would dictate that such high negatives and a majority saying that he does not deserve a second term are clear evidence that he is out of step with the public on many issues.

      • jim_m

        Yes obama is out of step with America:

        A new national poll of 18- to 29-year-olds by Harvard’s Institute of Politics released Thursday showed that in an open-ended question–meaning without prompting by the question–74 percent of respondents cited the economy as the most important issue.

        On that issue, only 32 percent approve of the way President Obama is handling the economy. . . . The upshot is that Obama has work to do among his most loyal generational cohort. In the Harvard poll, under-30s believe by a 4-1 margin that America is headed in the “wrong” direction. This is a number that would spell trouble for any incumbent, and not just one whose candidacy promised “hope” and whose mantra “Change you can believe in” was tailored to young voters.

        But why take Harvard’s word for it when you can take Gallup’s

        Americans are now less likely to see U.S. society as divided into the “haves” and “have nots” than they were in 2008, returning to their views prior to that point. A clear majority, 58%, say they do not think of America in this way

        But by all means keep your head up your ass and keep believing that you messiah speaks for everyone.  Pick your own reasons as to why he is out of step  there are so many to choose from.

  • Jim Beach

    Thanks for posting this! I’m totally going to donate now. I think I’ll also get one of those mugs.

  • Jim Beach

    By the way – do you really find this more smug and narcissistic than campaigns of conservative politicians? Or does it just annoy you because it’s Barack Obama? Let’s be honest with ourselves.

    • jim_m

      Um. Yes he is more smug and narcissistic than any other politician that I can recall.  Others are narcissistic (heck perhaps even most are) but few are as smug.

      The number of times that he has given the finger to other people presuming that no one else notices is a clear indicator of how arrogant he is and how little he thinks of other people (clearly he thinks that no one else is intelligent enough to catch on).

      And thanks for the obligatory accusation of racism, because that was what you meant with your last sentence was it not?

      • Jim Beach

        Well smugness must certainly be in the eye of the beholder. Because it’s harder for me to imagine a smugger President than GWB.

        Exhibitionist exhibit A: “Mission Accomplished”??

        Exhibit B: the guy who, after just squeaking into office the second time in 2004, declared “I’ve got a lot of accumulated political capital, and now I’m going to spend it.” Who treated a bare win as a mandate to try whatever he wanted.

        It actually would be fun to see Obama say and do something exactly like that, just to see people freak out.

        As for obligatory accusation of racism – no, that’s not what I meant at all. Interesting that you went there. But no, I think you hate Barack Obama for the same reason a lot of conservatives hate Bill Clinton: he beat your guy in an election, and there’s nothing he can ever do that will make up for it.

        He is if anything even **more** friendly to corporations than Bill Clinton; yet somehow he’s a socialist. Bill Clinton actually **raised** taxes on the rich, yet Obama’s the socialist. It’s comical, really.

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