Forget voting fraud. Mayor cuts to the chase.

Who needs voter fraud when you can cut to the chase? NBC Connecticut is reporting the following:

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano plans to ask the state Legislature to allow illegal immigrants who live in the city to be able vote in municipal elections.

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Can you guess which political party that the mayor is a member of?

Hint: The party’s name ends with “rat”.

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  • Anonymous


    If a community had a large proportion of legal alien residents — keyword legal — I could see allowing them to vote in some local elections and such if the local citizens are OK with it.  But illegal aliens?  No.  

  • Anonymous

    “New Haven Mayor John DeStefano plans to ask the state Legislature to allow illegal immigrants who live in the city to be able to vote in municipal elections.”

    They already do! That is how we got Soetoro!!

  • Dave Francis



    To a great extent the mainstream Liberal
    media appear traumatized by the old traditional issue, that there are only TWO foremost
    alternatives of what to do with the officially estimated number of 11 million illegal
    aliens (a disinfected figure.) This is for those persons who are residing
    without permission in this sovereign nation; either deporting them or allowing
    a Path to citizenship.


    Nowhere is this counterfeit proposal
    more perceptible than in the media conduct of Mitt Romney’s immigration proposal.
    It is substantially obvious to the American person, which in essence smells of
    Amnesty. No presidential contender has debated more about the particulars of
    dealing with the 11 million populations than Romney. He has told the numerous audiences
    of what his opposition to amnesty is, for aliens and what he suggests to do
    with them?


    The problem for the Liberal media
    against Mitt Romney is that he maintains a third preference that is generally
    which doesn’t include anything like mass deportation and legalization. It’s a easy
    program giving access to a government website, that illuminates whether you can
    be hired or not and official directions what to do if you are flagged. The
    application also costs absolutely nothing to arrange, with its outcome–once
    going at full steam–is self-deportation that also cost nothing to taxpayers.
    However, the national press turns a blind eye, which has everything to do with
    removing illegal aliens from the workplace. God forbid that–Romney should receive
    any credit for his innovation that purely conveys his values, to difficult for most
    established Republican Members of Congress (and Democrats). But the Texas Governor
    should at least get a merit badge for having that position. Then we have Michele
    Bachmann, THE TRUE TEA PARTY CHAIRMAN. Bachmann needs to gain more momentum by
    establishing her stand more on the illegal immigration occupation.


    Bachmann of Minnesota needs to
    press her opposition against Obama’s Department of IN-justice, as there ugly treatment
    of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah and soon North Carolina who
    are concerned by foreign national parasites, leeching the welfare assistance in
    those states; yet excluding not suing California, Nevada, Colorado, New York
    and others, who have declared their cities sanctuaries for illegal aliens and
    still receiving federal funds. In addition Bachmann should cite a second bill
    that has 80 sponsors is H.R.140, titled the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011,
    which was introduced by Rep. Steve King of Iowa, which will establish that babies
    smuggled into our nation, for the sole purpose of illegal parents to take
    advantage of the taxpayers. From the time of entry the parent can collect
    public entitlement, using the child as a pivot to remain here.  Benefits will accumulate over many years of
    health care, education and further welfare supplements. If you cut off the billions of dollars in welfare and cash payments to ‘foothold
    children’, millions of illegal migrants and immigrants will leave, knowing
    there will be no more—FREE HANDOUTS.



     Lady Bachmann has the highest grade of B-, determined
    by the pro-sovereignty group NumbersUSA, then followed on her heels by Romney
    who is graded at C-. Former House
    Speaker Newt Gingrich has dropped to a D-, after adopting that illegal alien
    solution, for those who have settled here for at least twenty five years and
    should receive a pardon, although not eligible for citizenship. One must
    wonder how Gingrich is going to construe who arrived here 25 years previous, or
    even ten years ago. For starters–how did they get a job, if the federal
    government was carrying out enforcement? Then again to get a job, they had to
    hand over a Social Security number to be hired. In other words they made up a
    SSN, and used fraudulent documents. So isn’t that a—FELONY?


    This is why the House must pass the ‘Legal Workforce Act’ or
    better recognized as E-Verify. This is why Americans must come together and
    press the federal, State Representatives to co-sponsor Bill H.R. 2885. This is the only avenue left to
    control unauthorized workers stealing jobs from lawful American workers and
    legal residents, as nothing has been seriously done since the Simpson-Mazzoli
    bill inception in 1986. That is why the numbers of illegal aliens have been
    climbing ever since and too the majority of Americans, well past 20 million.


    I was surprised that two Democrats have now co-sponsored the
    “Legal Workforce Act’, which is generating enormous support from the American
    people. It’s the taxpayer voters, who are contacting their Representatives
    in the House and Senate, determined not to be ushered to the side lines and
    demanding the E-Verify law. Thousands are calling 202-224-3121 to be directed
    to their federal and state political members and having a nationwide impact.
    Why not make your vote known by doing your civic duty in demonstrating that
    illegal aliens must go home. Can you
    even imagine what the hundred billion dollars plus that is going to subsidize illegal
    immigrants, can financial assist your states funds?


    US Border Patrol doesn’t have the manpower to halt drugs, illegal aliens
    crossing the border. The government refuses to build the real double fence as
    enacted in 2006. We need a military presence on the border to aid the Border
    agents as terrorists disguised as Southern border invaders are arriving here.
    This is also a National Security threat as murderers from the Middle East are
    out to kill us.


    be fooled by the Democrats and Liberal Progressives that illegal alien do pay
    their fair share in taxes. Those who do are insignificant, and use the IRS ITIN
    number and receive $4.6 Billion dollars back in tax credits.


    Department of Justice director Liberal Eric Holder as implicated in the ‘Gun-walking’
    scheme, known as ‘Fast and Furious’ and the death of Brian Terry, a US Border
    Patrol agent killed by the American government incompetence.   The man
    is now the driving force to use his power against states that have enacted laws
    to stop non-citizens voting in our elections. Remember the fraudulent canvassing
    group ‘ACORN’ as they are back on the map, assuming another name and having
    been prosecuted in 11 states. In conclusion the Liberal Progressives who are evidently
    pushed ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ are at it again, trying to force us to retire
    the term ‘Illegal alien.’ Illegal Aliens are voting and will do again. No
    matter if it federal, gubernatorial, state or local non-citizens should be
    prosecuted to the full extent of the law if caught voting.


     This is not going over well with the TEA
    PARTY, that if you stole into America which is a violation of the law, and then
    you are a—ILLEGAL ALIEN. Not an undocumented worker. THAT’S WHY ILLEGAL ENTRY
    OF STAYING, WITH A VISA OR NO VISA. I recommend all Americans who came here
    legally, need to associate themselves with the TEA PARTY. America is on the
    rails to very unstable future and the only hope for us is the TEA PARTY. Find
    out facts of the corruption and lies steering us in the wrong direction and read
    investigations at Judicial Watch, which will open your eyes to rot that is tangible
    in Congress.

    • Anonymous

      And what is the source for your copy-and-paste missive?

      • retired.military

        yeah it looks like a cut and paste job off some site which I dont want to go to.

        • jim_m

          could we just have it removed?  It’s killing the thread.

          • Anonymous

            Only I am allowed to kill threads.

  • All we need to do to end this bullcrap is to get millions of white conservatives from other countries to emigrate illegally to the U.S. and let the Democrats know it.  The calls for allowing illegals to vote (as well as stay in the country on some idiotic “fast track to citizenship”) will end very, very, VERY quickly.

    • retired.military

      Caucasions like who?  europeans?  Who have socialis countries like the dems want to take us to>?

      • Stop over-analyzing my joke and just laugh at it.  Sheesh!

  • Anonymous

    We don’t need more illegals to vote.. Just vote for whomever the opposition to Dumbo ears is over and over and over again using your real given name; ABO  = Daffy Duck, Eugene Buck,  Joe  the Plumber, SarahCuda..You name it!!

    • herddog505

      Yeah, that does seem to be the evolving standard for election law, doesn’t it?  Call it the “Wisconsin Model”.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm, Yalies or illegal aliens controlling the city?  Tough choice.

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