This Is What Democracy Looks Like

There’s a petition drive going on in Wisconsin right now, to recall Governor Scott Walker. If enough signatures are gathered, then there will be an election on whether he should be kicked out of office.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict the drive will succeed. Not because I think he deserves it, or that there are enough people who do, but because the recall drive is cheating like hell — and elections officials seem to be just fine with that.


As I said, there have to be enough signatures gathered to trigger the election. But elections officials have said that they don’t care if there are duplicates — and recall backers are encouraging people to sign early and often. The drive needs 540,000 signatures; in theory, one person could sign their name 540,000 times (wearing out a whole lot of pens and getting epic hand cramp), and it would probably pass.


Next, they aren’t bothering to check suspicious signatures. Noted Wisconsinites Adolf Hitler and Mickey Mouse, for example, have expressed their lack of confidence in Governor Walker — and, once again, state elections officials say “yeah, whatever.”


As Tina noted, this comes out just as Attorney General Eric Holder is declaring war on voter fraud. Whoops, my bad — he’s declaring war on fighting voter fraud. If you dare to work for fair and honest elections, then you’re obviously a hate-filled racist sexist xenophobe bigoted Jesus Freak and domestic terrorist.


This is what “democracy” looks like — when a group believes that it has 51% of the people (or, can at least intimidate enough opponents so that they make up 51% of those who dare to express their opinions), the rights of the minority — even if they aren’t statistically a minority — go right out the window.


I miss our Constitutional republic.

Forget voting fraud. Mayor cuts to the chase.
Excusing The Inexcusable
  • Anonymous

    If there is no rule of law then Walker can feel free to ignore the results. And also this apparently is a coup not a recall. And the ‘election official’s’ should be frog marched to the federal pen as traitors to the Nation.  You too Holder..!

  • If Adolf Hitler is supporting Walker’s recall, doesn’t that prove Walker’s not a Nazi?

    • You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

    • Anonymous

      It’s pronounced HEIGHT-LER dammit  🙂

  • jim_m

    The dems will stop at nothing to recall Walker.  They have already been caught going to cemeteries to write down names and pushing for people to sign multiple times.

    This is not a demonstration of democracy this is a demonstration of mob rule and how the dems plan to stay in power at both the state and federal levels.

  • Anonymous

    And the same people had no problem believing that GWB was going to “cancel” the 2008 elections.  So it makes you wonder.

    • Doesn’t make me wonder at all.  These people are corrupt boobs.

  • Anonymous

    This is getting a lot of exposure, which is good.

    I have a feeling that the recall/union/liberal mobs might have gone way too far this time.

    Walker was elected for a reason. He fulfilled his campaign promises. The left went nuts but did not succeed in swaying the govt back to liberal control nor were they successful trying to recall and change the makeup of the WI Supreme Court.

    Now this.

    Even if this recall is successful, I think the backlash is going to be devastating.

  • JustRuss

    Recall Walker, and watch him skate through the election while every democrat on the ballot gets swept away by republicans riding on his coat tails. All because the public both does not agree with the recallers, and because they hate sore losers.

  • herddog505

    The dems will do continue the efforts.  They’ll get enough signatures.  They’ll cheat at the ballot box, too.  Walker will be thrown out of office.  Nobody will do anything about it.

    And we’ll be a step closer to Civil War v2.0.

    The problem is NOT, as the left would have it, that the country is “divided” or the the government is “dysfunctional”: disagreements are a normal part of democratic government (resolving them is – indirectly – why we hold elections).  Rather, the problem is an issue of trust: both sides are, I think, increasingly convinced that the other is dominated by its extreme wing, will stick at nothing to get what it wants, has developed sophisticated methods and organizations to cheat and / or intimidate, and in extremis will suspend, cancel or overturn elections to avoid the possibility of losing.

    Bad times, indeed.  I don’t think we’re quite back to 1860 just yet, but it certainly feels like the 1850s these days.

    • jim_m

      They’ll get enough signatures.  They’ll cheat at the ballot box, too.

      That’s their plan and they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. They feel like they have a right to run this country and only they have the right to be heard.  If they fail to throw Walker out they will riot in the streets.

      I look back at the leftist riots in Mexico when they lost the last election. That’s what will happen here in 2012 when obama loses.

      • That should prove interesting.

        • Yeah, I bet.  That reminds me.  I need to start exercising my 2nd Amendment rights.  Firearms classes and applying for my permit(s).  Oh, and a trip to the local sporting goods store.

  • retired.military

    Mickey Mouse – Stephen must be voting.

  • They aren’t even going to bother checking the signatures, which makes a mockery of the process.  As Ann Althouse observed, someone could have signed her name and given her address, and there will likely be no way to know – at least until months after the recall election.

    It’s time to play hardball with these filthy criminal Democrats.  Play it the way THEY would – sue.  Get it all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where Republicans have a majority.  If our judges aren’t willing to stand up for fair elections, there isn’t any point to contesting the Democrats any longer.

    • herddog505

      But if they checked the signatures, that would be RAAAAACIST or something.

      Paging Eric Holder…


      Another leaf that the GOP might take from the dems’ playbook: “volunteers” to check the names.  Just as the WaPo asked for “volunteers” to dig for dirt… er… newsworthy material, I should say… in Sarah Palin’s e-mails, why not ask people to volunteer to check names and addresses?  Are those not a matter of public record?

  • Jay

    Welcome to the police state people.  While people focus on Mickey Mouse on the ballot, Congress and the Executive Branch have decided that they can lock up Americans, on US soil, without due process and through military law.

    Our democracy/republic is a farce.  It doesn’t matter if you’re liberal, radical, or conservative, our Constitution has ended with the infringement on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Amendment.

    • jim_m

      Funny how it is the left that is locking people u[p and it is the left that is destroying the sanctity of the ballot box. 

      And then you on the left complain that you really aren’t a bunch of fascists.  Of course you’re not.  (liars)

      • Jay

        Jim, look at who voted for this before you blame some sacred leftist governmental conspiracy.  Link – the vote to move this behind closed doors in the name of terrorism

        235 Republicans voted for this.

        Meanwhile it was a Democrat that wanted to pass an amendment, the Udall Amendment, to strike out the detainee provision amendment.

        On that same page is McCain’s blurring of the issue and I would like you to see exactly what he says, then get back to me.

        I don’t like partisan politics.  In fact, I abhor it.  But this is just as much the fault of the GOP as it is any Democrat.

    • retired.military

      If I read correctly the provision you are talking about does not apply to US citizens on US soil.

      • Jay

        RM, it no longer interferes with their handling of terrorism suspects, which does nothing about the due process concerns that even former military have noted.

        • retired.military


          Maybe I am reading it wrong from your link

          The latest version of the bill, drafted by the House-Senate conference committee, kept both provisions. But it exempted U.S. citizens from the requirement for terror suspects to be held in military custody and included language stating that the bill did not extend new authority to detainee U.S. citizens.

          The bill forces federal agencies to treat non-citizen terrorism suspects as enemies waging war against the U.S. rather than criminals. FBI Director Robert Mueller said the provisions would disrupt, rather than strengthen, efforts to fight terrorism in the U.S.
          “The statute lacks clarity with regard to what happens at the time of arrest,” he explained to the Senate Judiciary Committee. “It lacks clarity with regard to what happens if we had a case in Lackawanna, New York, and an arrest has to be made there and there’s no military within several hundred miles.”
          “What happens if we have … a case that we’re investigating on three individuals, two of whom are American citizens and would not go to military custody and the third is not an American citizen and could go to military custody?”’

          To me that says that US Citizens are exempt from the military court scenario.   I dont see the due process specifically mentioned but I would assume due process is applied since they would go to civilian courts. 

          • Jay

            The enemy combatants are determined by the military.  Since this story is still new, there’s a lot of information coming out about this.  All of it agrees that Obama’s administration changed the wording to include americans by defining America as a battlezone.

            The part that was reworded is “any person who has committed a belligerent act”

            Basically, Obama opposed 1032 of the bill, which applied to American citizens.

            This comes from Carl Levin, who is trying to find out if others were aware of this veto threat.

            No, this does not forgive Congress who voted and passed this, nor does it forgive Obama who will sign it.  This is TERRIBLE legislation on both sides of the equation.

          • And note this has passed the Senate, controlled by Harry Reid and his fellow jackasses.

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again. Voter fraud, voter fraud, voter schmaud. Screaming and hollering even before anyone knows anything about the result.

    Give it a rest. After all you have a conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court and we all know what conservative Supreme Courts do when they don’t like an election result.

    Calm down, take a valium and the courts will probably overthrow democracy for you, they’ve done it before.

    • jim_m

      That’s not how it works and you know it.

      Votes are cast by secret ballot.  If you don’t stop the fraud before the ballot you don’t stop it at all. 

      Fraud is destructive to democracy because it destroys the value of the vote.  But then that is what the left wants.  The left doesn’t want people to have a fair say and an honest vote.  They just want to win.  They have already declared that this matter doesn’t end until they get their way and they intend to get it no matter how many laws they break or even if they have to destroy the democratic process in order to get it.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Lets make a gigantic sweeping generalization unsupported by anything.

        Oh, and by the way, I assume you condemn those folks who are practicing intimidation of the signature gatherers?

        Prove it, i.e.. that “fraud….is what the left wants.” Shut up or prove it. You make a sweeping generalization and then cry and stomp your feet and accuse the left of labeling all of the right as racist. Don’t you see you’re doing what you complain about?

        Prove it. Prove your statement or shut up.

        And just so I’m clear about it I don’t think conservatives are racist as a group. There are racists everywhere, right, left and in the middle.

        • jim_m

          I conclude that fraud is what the left wants because the left supports the activities of ACORN, which has had its workers convicted of vote fraud and has been repeatedly shown to conduct fraudulent voter registration drives.

          In the 2004 Washington State Governor’s race the dem election commissioner of King County delayed the ballot reconciliation report until AFTER the vote was certified.  At that point it was discovered that more people voted than were registered to vote.  King County turned out a landslide vote for the dem candidate, who won a narrow victory because of that vote.

          In the 2000 presidential election dem voters in Milwaukee voted multiple times, getting right back in line after voting.

          Jim Miller at Sound Politics has been investigating vote fraud for a number of years:

          Although I have much more to learn about vote fraud, I do have some tentative conclusions.  Judging
          by news stories, most vote fraud is committed by Democrats, specifically minority Democrats.  (Anyone
          familiar with American political history will not be surprised by that pattern.)  Most vote fraud is
          committed with absentee ballots.  Vote fraud problems tend to be chronic; they occur election after
          election in the same counties.  If, for instance, you were to ask me where I would expect
          Republican vote fraud in 2010, I would say, without hesitation, eastern Kentucky.  (For
          Democratic vote fraud, there would be many obvious places to choose from.)  Most prosecutors are
          reluctant to investigate vote fraud, because they don’t see it as important, and because they know that
          some will see their investigations as partisan. 

          The dems are ALWAYS against any measure that will fight vote fraud. They stand against photo ID’s which they claim are unconstitutional but every time they take it to court they lose.  They also push registration for illegals and felons, groups that are barred from voting.  The dems for years have pushed for measures that make it easier to commit fraud and harder to stop it.

          That’s why I say that the left is intent on destroying democracy by destroying the sanctity of the ballot box.  They have been doing it shamelessly for years and idiots like you either turn their eyes and ignore it or deliberately lie about it to cover it up.

          • jim_m

            I’ve offered my reasoning. 

            The dems advocate for measures that make fraud easier.

            The dems support organizations that have been convicted of vote fraud.

            The dems oppose measures that would make vote fraud harder.

            The dems have repeatedly committed acts that are fraudulent.

            If you don’t like it then too bad. I’m not going to shut up.  I will keep on pointing out how the left is intent on making voting worthless.

            I will also point out how the dems are for throwing out the whole electoral process and not even allowing people the right to vote.  (Perhaps you were hiding under your rock when Gov Purdue of NC, a dem, suggested suspending all elections in the nation because obama’s problems were too great and we couldn’t afford to have a vote until he had fixed everything for us. She was dead serious.)

          • Anonymous

            How does one respond to “the left” this and that to a person who calls you names and “proves” his point by 3 examples.

            Well there you go, hundreds of millions of votes cast in general, congressional and local elections every 2 years and you got 3 examples the the “left” does this and that. Your authority? A right wing web site.

            Then of course you call me a name and don’t respond to my challenge about intimidation of the signature gatherer in Wisconsin. A lot of intellectual honesty there.

            You’re not worth talking with.

            Like I said shut up or prove it. So far you’ve failed on both accounts.

          • Anonymous

            You prove” we all know what conservative Supreme Courts do when they don’t like an election result.”

        • Anonymous

          Quote Hugh” Lets make a gigantic sweeping generalization unsupported by anything.”
          Also quote Hugh:”we all know what conservative Supreme Courts do when they don’t like an election result.”

          There’s a name for this sort of behavior….

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, it’s called sarcastic humor. Though it happens to have actually happened in case you missed the presidency of George W Bush ( a shame we all didn’t miss it).

          • Anonymous

            Yes your comments are a joke too bad they aren’t funny.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of reminds me of what is going on in Russia with Putin and his ilk stuffing the ballot box.
    No problem though, if the recall fails, the Chinese can forward their OP Plan to the Won.

  • Charles Kelly

    If they’re smart, the Recall organizers will turn in two or three times as many signatures as necessary in order to blunt any such accusations.

    The voters who put Walker in office will get a say, and if they say he’s toast, he’s toast.  What a country!

    (I’m a US Army vet E-5, business owner, and employer, I’m 66 years old and I have never been arrested…and I’m a liberal.  Your patriotism may vary.)

    • Anonymous

      Why can’t the democrats find a candidate to run against Walker in the next election instead of trying to nullify the last one?

  • Anonymous

    What’s got me hangin’, though, is not that there’s overt electoral fraud in Wisconsin or any place else but how few Americans seem to have any clue that America’s “elections,”  at every level of “government” and for decades already, owned, operated and controlled by the vast RICO-racketeering organised criminal enterprises that prefer we call them by their street name: the “Democratic” potty; have for at least a hundred years been systemically the western worlds’s most absolutely, totally, completely and probably irreparably, corrupted.
    Does no one wonder that an overwhelmingly conservative electorate – a conservative nation — and even notwithstanding that the effect of the Fascist (formally “mainstream”) Media’s 24/7 informational bombardment is a ten point move to the Left — “elects” so many “Democrats?” 

    Including – just off the top of my head – the senators: Patty Murray, Al Franken, Harry Reid and Michael Bennet; many of those “elected” to DC, were no such thing. 

    Given that he never bothered with elections, it’s probably an urban legend that it was Joe Stalin who said those who vote don’t count but those who count votes, do. But what was said by whomsoever – likely a “Democrat” – is no legend!    

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