The Audacity Of Hope

Hope may be audacious, but it has its limits. For one, it’s a crappy method of birth control. For another, it tends to fail catastrophically when it goes up against physics.

Which is a lesson that this woman almost tragically learned.

She’s one of those #Occupy idiots currently trying to shut down the ports on the West Coast in an attempt to… I don’t quite know their point. It’s mainly a power play, the protesters trying to show that they have the ability to do what they want, when they want, where they want, and nobody can do anything to stop them.

Anyway, some of those idiots thought a good way of doing it would be to stand on the railroad tracks. This prize, “Lotus,” had an even better idea to assert her moral superiority over the folks trying to earn a day’s pay at the port:

She stuck her four-year-old child on the tracks.

Now, my father worked for the railroad for years. I grew up near an active train track. And I’ve heard enough anecdotal evidence (such as anti-war idiot Brian Willson and numerous stories of cars stopping on railroad crossings) to know that trains don’t stop easily. There are these concepts — “physics,” “inertia,” “momentum,” and the like — that I’m sure Lotus didn’t learn in college or even high school, and it was nothing less than miraculous that she didn’t get to see her little pride and joy smeared across the landscape.

Again, this is a reassertion of one of my favorite points: so many of the left’s tactics are based on the underlying presumption that their opponents are not the amoral monsters they make us out to be, and they routinely risk their lives to prove that these leftists are lying.

“Lotus” needs to be reported to the police for child endangerment, and have her kid (and any others she might have) taken away from her. If they can identify the father, give him custody — he can’t be any worse than a mother who sticks a four-year-old in front of a freight train to make a political point.

Especially a really, really, really stupid one.

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Wisconsin, The Slave State
  • Person of the year material, to be sure.

  • herddog505

    THIS is what libs mean when they say, “For the children”???

  • I used to have faith in the humanity of mothers that they would never intentionally put their children in harms way.

  • Anonymous

    Ya can’t fix “stupid”.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently Lotus pulled Stephen off the tracks just in time.

  • Anonymous

    So, want to take bets on when child services pays this prize mom a visit?

    I take “never” for the pool

  • jim_m

    With a parent like that the child is probably better off left on the tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way… right Chico? How dare that train threaten these protesters 1st amendment rights.

  • Grace_ia

    These people live in a fantasy world. 
    There will always be rich people no matter what. But because there will always be rich people, it is unfair for there to be any poor people.

    Being poor has nothing to do with personal responsibility.

    Green energy will be better, cheaper, more plentiful.

    There is no history which can’t be tweaked to mean what you want it to mean.

    Trains will stop in time to prevent an accident because they just should. (picture stamping of foot) 

  • anti-war idiot Brian Willson

    That incident was the first thing I thought of when I first read of this stunt on Spleenville.

    The only question I have is whether this mother was simply unaware of what happened to Wilson, or hoping for a repeat that would garner more sympathy than Wilson could.

    • Lee

      Or a payday similar to Wilson’s…

      • Either way, she goes from merely stupid to utterly monstrous.

        • Anonymous

          Should be nominated for a Darwin Award.  Unfortunately, it’s her own progeny that will make the ultimate sacrifice to raise the quality of humanity’s gene pool.

  • retired.military

    Why isnt Chico defending his comrade in arms?

    • Exactly.  He’s all about shooting off his big fat leftist mouth about how great OWS is, but manages to skip the reports of the rapes, assaults, public defecation, theft, and child endangerment, not to mention the other people who lost their jobs and businesses – or even their lives as police were diverted to the protests – just so the filthy scum could be accommodated without paying the same insurance and other fees and following the same laws as everyone else.

      If anyone needed confirmation that Chico is a two-faced, lying leftist scum of the earth, here’s another.

    • Anonymous

      What, is it mandatory for me to participate in every thread?

      OK, I’m issuing the required denunciation of parents playing on train tracks with their kids.

      Sooooo. . . . THE BANKS ARE RIGHT!!!!

      Also, Adjoran, I can never figure out if you’re drinking too much or too little, but in the end I come down on recommending that you pour yourself a stiff double.

      • What, is it mandatory for me to participate in every thread?

        You didn’t read the fine print, did you?

        • Anonymous

          Can I hire Daniel Webster to get me out of it?

          • Anonymous

            J Nobel Dagget may be around

      • Anonymous

        Not enough! Too little! To ever start again!! And the Banks are wrong cause they think like Obumma!!

      • Stephen

        You have to reply because the chowderheads on this board who cant’ think for themselves need to see what you think so they can choose the opposite path and get their “Like” button pushed.

        Think “Hamsters with typing skills” and you’ll understand better…

  • Hey, they are leftists; according to Chico, that means ANYTHING goes.

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  •  Did you all know that JayTea is not even a citizen of the US?  Why’s he even whining?