“I think he’s a disgrace, I think he’s an embarrassment”

The video below gives ample evidence of Bill Press’ visceral hatred for Tim Tebow.  

Listen to Press initially saying that Tebow ought to STFU (Shut The F**k Up) about his faith, going on to call Tebow a disgrace and an embarrassment.

You’re quite the class act Mr. Press… quite the class act:

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  • Anonymous

    Who would you want your kid to grow up to be more like? Tim Tebow or Ndamukong Suh

  • Anonymous

    A liberal pussy like Press might be interested in knowing that Tebow won’t be “up against” a “real quarterback,” Tom Brady, since they both play offense. Instead, Tebow will be “up against” the NE defense, which sucks. Brady will be “up against” the Denver defense, which doesn’t. I guess we’ll see what happens.

    • Press is a nincompoop.  He actually unquestioningly believed that fake “Lovenstein Institute” study about presidential IQs and when called on it, he had the audacity to basically call it “fake, but accurate.”  He also thinks that the Founding Fathers were all deists and founded this country to be completely secular.  I once sent him a lengthy email and all he was able to respond with was a barely coherent one-line email.


  • herddog505

    What is it about Christianity that gets under libs’ skin so badly?

    • Clay

      Jesus Christ

    • The fact that it means that they will be accountable for their actions.

    • Anonymous

      It contradicts their belief that they’re God.

    • Kurt Hess

      I took all kinds of grief in college for not drinking. My lefty roommate explained by my not participating it was like having one’s mother tut-tutting over one’s shoulder. Mind you, I wasn’t disapproving; every major project my family ever did involved steak and beer.

      Secular lefties are offended by the concept of sin, by the need for atonement, by absolute truth, by any power they don’t control, by diversity of any consequence, by any allegiance that they cannot co-opt, and by the idea that the flow, direction, and goal of history does not revolve around them.

      Press strikes me as one of the near lunatics my wife used to deal while volunteering on the crisis hotline—people who don’t believe in God but who are also mad at Him. The result of such a mindset is a feedback loop that keeps a person perpetually enraged with no means of ever finding resolution. Anything that remotely represents God to such a person gets it with both visceral barrels. It is an emotional tantrum supported by a self-contradicting worldview that parades as an intellectual argument. 

      • herddog505

        Interesting explanation.  Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Press is a has been that has been rejected by the main stream media to the point that younger people can not remember when he was a big name. Now he is just a crazy old man trying to get anybody anywhere to notice him. His legacy is failure and mediocrity.

    • Bill Press is a has been never was that has been rejected by the main stream media


  • Anonymous

    “I think he’s a disgrace, I think he’s an embarrassment”

    Coming clean about Obama you little weasel? 

  • Anonymous

    “I think he’s a disgrace.”
    Yeah, if only he would run a dog fighting ring and murder dogs that didn’t perform well…or try to purchase 10 kg of cocaine that he could sell…or text pictures of his naked junk to women.

  • Press was a worthless leftist hack before being a worthless leftist hack was cool, and now he’s too old to be cool.

    Add football, religion, and decency to the long list of subjects about which Press is ignorant – not that it ever stopped him from offering his opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I think Thomas Boswell gets it right.  Set aside Tebow’s religion and evaluate him as a quarterback.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

  • Anonymous

    Tebow’s doing well as a quarterback, also I think the NFL is too strict on personal expression and celebrations.

    If he starts to throw interceptions, everyone will turn on him.  Quarterbacks are always overrated as a part of a team’s success or failure anyways.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Captain Gowdy!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Captain Gowdy!!

    • Anonymous

      Ah ha, so explain the Colts’ record this season.

      In football any player can make a difference in a game and/or the team with the quality of their play. Quarterback is one of the positions where a poor performance can negate the superior performances of all other players. It’s also a position where exceptional performance can mitigate the effect of poor performance at other positions or on other squads.

      Tebow’s record is better than Elway’s in his first season as a starter. So yeah, I agree he’s doing well. But he needs to develop – specifically, he needs to develop a 60 minute game.

      • jim_m

        He may never take another snap, but it’s hard to argue that Peyton Manning is not the MVP this year.  If he were playing the Colts would be in the playoffs.

  • I am sort of surprised. I knew Press was an idiot/liberal and that he was irrelevant, but I had no idea he was scum. Why does he care one way or another what Tebow does? How does it hurt him (or anyone else)? 

    • Anonymous

      This is a problem with a lot of busy-bodies, caring about how other people live their lives even though they’re not affecting anyone else.

      The flip side of this is people going into a wild rage on Gay Pride Day.  We’ll be hearing the annual complaints about Kwanzaa soon, too.

  • “How does it hurt him (or anyone else)?”

    To you or I, it doesn’t.  To someone who’s an atheist, or agnostic liberal, they see it as the proverbial red flag to a bull, a challenge which cannot be ignored and must be squashed any way possible.  Why?  I don’t really know – but the effect is unmistakable.  Maybe some switch has been flipped in their minds, and the sight of religion drives them mad…

    Fer pete’s sake, if simply putting up a Nativity scene is viewed as a government endorsement of religion, (and we all know where that goes, if a Nativity is allowed the next thing will be compulsory Church attendance, then one particular faith will be forced upon everyone, and the King’s going to want to divorce his wife… wait, wrong country, wrong century…) instead of allowing a decoration on public land – or a cross in the Mojave desert is seen as an intolerable affront instead of a memorial to veterans – there’s something badly screwed up with someone’s sense of proportion. THEY can’t ignore it? Or tolerate it for a while?

    Tebow takes a knee and thanks God after a touchdown.  And that’s offensive to Bill Press.  Maybe he might want to analyze just why it makes him so pissed off.  Perhaps because Tebow’s trying to be the best person he can be – instead of acting like the usual crop of players getting their name in the news?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get what motivates Press, or anyone, to call Tebow a “disgrace” or an “embarrassment,” but I always find it kind of silly when athletes or hip-hop stars, for instance, thank God for their success.

    Thousands of innocent children pray every day for, say, an end to being bullied, or that Daddy will stop getting drunk and beating Mommy, or that they will have something to eat tonight — their prayers go unanswered. But Beyonce prays that she’ll have another platinum hit, or Tebow that he’ll complete a pass, and God is all ears?

    Saw a cartoon recently. A guy says, “My brother was in a car crash and walked away without a scratch.” His buddy replies, “Jesus was looking out for him.” First guy says, “But his friend was horribly injured and crippled for life.” The buddy says, “Hey, shit happens.”

  • Well, I imagine someone sincere and dedicated to something other than himself or the idol of big government WOULD disturb MR press greatly.

  • Anonymous

    Love to know how some of you would react if an athlete started praising Allah as openly and obviously as Tebow wears his Christianity.

    Hey Tebow is entitled to say whatever he wants. I don’t care for it but I defend his right to do it.

    And Bill Press is an ass. Basically all the winger talking heads on both sides are horses asses as far as I’m concerned but they have a right to say and think what they want.

  • “Love to know how some of you would react if an athlete started praising Allah as openly and obviously as Tebow wears his Christianity.”

    Depends on how he does it. A heartfelt “Praise Allah!” is fine.  A shrieking “Alluh Akbar!” and the detonation of a vest bomb isn’t.  Does he keep with the saying in the Koran that respect the unbeliever, or the ones that demand he kill the unbeliever? 

    It’s all in the details.  If Tebow started chasing non-Christians with a sword, I don’t think he’d be nearly so popular.

    • Anonymous

      Oh I think there’d be some folks who’d be all for your last comment.

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        It’s interesting that one of your own links about “nutballs bitching” was a story about how a Muslim was buying an NFL team – even though he has a long and large history of tax cheating – something that other possible NFL owners don’t get passes on.

        So the point actually goes directly against you in the second Schlussel piece, to start.

        Let’s look at the others – the first is about a Muslim player who is fasting and not playing up to his potential, the second is about the NFL giving a couple of Muslim players permission to go to an event at the White House (which other players don’t get to do in similar circumstances), and the last is about two players attending a convention which is sponsored by two Islamic groups with some non-nice tendencies.

        On the other hand, Tebow… talks about his religion within normal NFL rules and plays good football.  So no, not a good comparison there.

        • Anonymous

          If there’s anything Chico is good at, it is irrelevancy.

        • Anonymous

          Just as what Tebow does is really none of Bill Press’s G-D business, some Muslim player fasting during Ramadan or going to the White House and their relationship with their coaches are none of Cirby’s or Debbie Schussel’s G-D business. As are legal contractual relationships between the NFL and its owners also none of your G-D business.

          Get it?

          “Fasting and not playing up to his potential”  wasn’t the story about pre-season practices?   So what? 

          “other players don’t get to do in similar circumstances”   Bullshit, you tell me the NFL would stop any player from a presidential invitation. 

          In other words, what Tebow does is right, because he’s following the True Religion, and Muslims are Bad.

          • Anonymous

            …except that everything you list consists of actual exceptions to normal rules, which allowed people to do things they normally wouldn’t get to do, exclusively because they belong to one religion.
            On the other hand, Tebow just plays football and talks about his religion.  He doesn’t use it as an excuse to get to do things other players don’t.You keep trying to pretend he’s getting away with stuff (like those players and that owner you mentioned, who got to ignore NFL rules and schedules only because of their religion).  Unfortunately for you, the only thing he’s “getting away with” is “being Christian in public.”

            In other words, Tebow is right, because he’s not using his religion as an excuse to break the rules – like the Muslims in the examples that you provide.

          • Anonymous

            Whatever, dude.  Does Tebow take Christmas off?  Good Friday? Easter?   Does he fast for Lent?

            Oh, riiight. Those are a part of the “normal” rules.

            It’s funny how people in the majority culture get all kind of breaks because of institutionalization of their religious beliefs, but when a member of a minority religion does something to comply with their beliefs, like take Eid or Samhain off, those of the majority bitch about “special privileges.” It’s a form of blindness to their own “regular” privileges, and of course ignorance.

            Basically ,

            NFL Players going to Christmas dinner = OK

            NFL Players going to Ramadan dinner = Not OK.

          • Anonymous

            Whatever, dude.  Does Tebow take Christmas off?  Good Friday? Easter?   Does he fast for Lent?”

            Now you’re just being a bigot.

            Have you got any examples – and by that, I mean ACTUAL examples – of Tebow taking off any of those days?  Have you got any examples of Tebow’s religion getting in the way of his training schedule or play?  Or any Christian NFL players having that sort of problem?  As opposed to your own citations of Muslim players doing so?

            Let’s see how many NFL players for Green Bay and Chicago take Christmas Day off, since they’re playing then.  The number will be zero, by the way…

          • Anonymous

            Seems like many disagree with you:


            Is it right for the NFL to play on Christmas Day?

            yes (39%)

            no (34%)

            as long as the Packers win (27%)

            Total Responses: 3480

            So 34% think it’s wrong to play on Christmas. I suppose the real believers are represented among that 34%. And I don’t need to point out that my religious practices are not subject to your vote, do I?

          • herddog505

            Not to dispute the basic point of people being busybodies, but I think that “normal” rules are “normal” for a reason, and it’s understandable for people to be irritated by ABnormal “rules”.

            “Look, we get Independence Day off because this is the United States.  Sorry: we don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Tag der Arbeit, 明节, or the Queen’s birthday.  If you want to celebrate your national holiday, feel free, but we’re not giving you a holiday or anything other than respectful curiosity.”

          • Anonymous

            C’mon, you know I’m talking about religious holidays, not secular civic national holidays.

          • herddog505

            I used secular holidays as examples by intent, but, if you wish, substitute any religious holidays you care to name.  The point is the same: there are certain holidays celebrated in the United States as a matter of custom, history, and widely shared religion.  We get holidays at Easter and Christmas, not Mawlid or Pancha Ganapati.

            As for the variance in devotion that we see among our people, even those of the same faith, is this not a mark of the freedom and tolerance that Americans generally have in matters of religion?

            I suggest that the problem Americans of any political persuasion have with “religion” is when they think that their own is being mocked and denigrated, or that somebody else’s is being crammed down their throats.

  • jim_m

    A shrieking “Alluh Akbar!” and the detonation of a vest bomb isn’t.

    Yeah, but I’ll bet they only do that once after scoring a TD.

    On the other hand I’d be willing to bet that if Tebow were chasing non-Christians with a sword imbeciles like Bill Press would be keeping their cowardly yaps shut.

  • Again, from the website:

    What is NAS’s political affiliation? 
    The NAS has no political affiliation. As NAS President Peter Wood wrote: “Both the Left and the Right produce their share of intellectual obtuseness. The NAS is not a partner with either. We are not a political organization, but a body of scholars who hope to sustain a vision of the university as a fundamentally good institution that deserves to be sustained.”

    Do they happen to skewer the Left often?  Yes Brucie… it’s what’s called a target rich environment…

    We’ll end the ‘dead-ass’ thread now knowing that you Brucie tend to knee-jerk and lie, then when caught in that lie, you attempt to backtrack by suggesting you weren’t really lying, you were simply exaggerating… as if there’s a difference… and as is usually the case when a leftist is caught in a lie, you then, with great aplomb and maturity, lash out with personal insults soas to convince your fellow ideologues that you’ve not just been spanked…

    It’s ok Brucie… your lies here will be just between us… no one else need dare know who it is you really are…

    • Anonymous

      Haha if you say so, Little Ricky.

      We’ll also end the dead-ass thread with the knowledge that you can be duped by a website blurb from an outfit that claims to be non-partisan while actually being…partisan.*

       So I take something else back, too, I guess. You’re not being dishonest here after all — just a rube.

      (* Note correct use of ellipses.)

  • Anonymous

    I like how they show enough discipline in their hysterics to maintain the straight lines, and burst out weeping when the camera pans to them… almost as if on cue.

    • Perhaps the people in the above video can join the Screne Actors Guild.

  • Anonymous

    What a crock of bs!

  • They have been brainwashed into thinking he was a god, so their reaction is at least understandable.

  • Anonymous

    People are strange, the North Koreans are in for a shock if the country opens up.  They’ll be pissed off once they visit Seoul.

    Where is JT?  I’m worried that he might have frozen to death knocking on doors for Gingrich up in Dixville Notch.

    • Yes, they might realize how stupid they’ve been to believe the promises of socialism.

      • Evil Otto

        Well, let’s be fair to them: they don’t have a choice. They must “believe,” or die, along with your family. How much they actually believe in socialism is unknown, since the barest hint of heresy is met with arrest. For them, it’s “believe whatever you’re told to believe, keep your head down, and you might live to old age… if you don’t starve to death.”

        They also have no frame of reference since they are the most intellectually isolated people on the planet. There’s very little word on the conditions of the outside world, far less than even the East Europeans had during the Cold War.

      • PBunyan

        Are you talking about the North Koreans or the Obama voters? 

        Then again, not much difference is there?

  • They aren’t weeping over Lil’ Kim.

    They just found out next month’s food ration.

  • Anonymous

    When NK implodes the rest of the world will start saying why did it take so long?  Its rotten to the core… but truth be told, its always been that way.  I expect many a communist to be swinging from lamp post because of what they have done to their citizenry. 

     It will absorb SK’s entire national focus for a generation to set thing right… 

    Semper Fidelis-

    • Oysteria

      It’ll take more than a generation.  And the thinking will infect SK more than you know.  For example, I have a few German friends who lamented the fall of the wall soon after.  Although they had great sympathy for those east of the wall, when it came down and the easterners began flooding to the west many in the west secretly wished they’d put the wall back up. 

      Although those who live under communist regimes live miserably, most of what they get is handed out to them as long as they toe the line.  When many of them move to where you work for what you get they complain bitterly because the government doesn’t do enough for them.  Certain liberties and freedoms just don’t mean that much to them.  Sacrificing them for “free stuff” – even poor quality and scant rations – is fine.

      This is not to say they’re all that way; some yearn for economic freedom and liberty and take great advantage of it when it’s presented to them, but not as many as you might think.

      • herddog505

        Freedom really is slavery for some people.

        • Anonymous

          yeah, that’s why Barrys OWS troops are so against it.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps so Oysteria; it’ll take more than 25 years to rebuild – I mean.  But NK’s brand of communism is most malignant and despotic.  Its a whole different mindset from the European version… the mayhem and debauchery of the government runs so deep that I think they (the party members) will end up fleeing, if they can, when the end comes; otherwise they will get their necks rung by an outraged and vengeful citizenry ( like in Rumania). 

        It may be even worse than that… perhaps as bloody as the French Revolution.  I think the regime really is that illegitimate.  When the conflagration comes, it will consume the country like a house afire.

        The last currency confiscation/new issue almost put them over the edge and the party and army almost lost control; the place is a tender box… just waiting for a spark.

        The character of the Korean people I have met is stellar.  It goes without amplification that there are different influences north of the DMZ, but the basic culture is the same – which is why I believe the NK regime will fall on its own (without any encouragement from outside of the peninsula).  FWIW.

        Semper Fidelis-


        • Oysteria

          I largely agree.  If NK falls, it’s gonna be a long swim to the surface.

          Human nature is a funny thing though.  It’s one thing to be forced to sacrifice for a specific outcome (no matter how meager) and quite another to do so willingly when there is no promise of the outcome.  I just  hope there are enough with that strong character and willingness to see it through.

  • I have the same problem with cut and paste at OTB every month or so, but its usually attributing a caption to the wrong person.

  • retired.military

    “Yes, they should find another employer.      ”

    Hey Stephen if people want free health care maybe they should just find another employer. LIke maybe the US military.

    • Anonymous

      Which leaves Stependork out, the US military doesn’t issue waivers for severely mentally challenged individuals resultant of use of mind altering illegal substances.  He might possibly be eligible for enlistment in a middle east country, isn’t hashish a perk of theirs?