Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It’s early Saturday morning and I’ve screwed up the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ this week. I mistakenly posted the wrong photo – one which has been used before. To make amends I’m running the originally scheduled photo in a new contest post. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama with Malia, right, and Sasha, left, greet children dressed like elves at the annual Christmas in Washington taping at the National Building Museum in Washington, Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011. Host Conan O'Brien, Justin Bieber, Cee Lo Green, Jennifer Hudson, Victoria Justice and The Band Perry were to perform. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.

Discovering Christmas
"I think he's a disgrace, I think he's an embarrassment"
  • Anonymous

    This is great! I’ve got a new healthy recipe that uses elf.

  • Anonymous

    A starving polar bear ate Santa! That’s wonderful news for our green programs!

  • Anonymous

    Oh oh!’…..His lips are moving again!!

  • Anonymous

    This is the optical illusion room in the White House. It makes Michelle look tall and makes me look smart.

  • Michelle: “Wow it is true about the size of their feet.”

  • Mario Delgado

    It’s an Obamaful Life

    Little girl to Michelle: “Teacher says, everytime a bell rings an angel gets his wings…then your husband taxes the shit out of them.”

  • PBunyan

    The first family getting interviewed by George Stephanopoulos and some of his friends.

  • Anonymous

    UConn basketball recruiters line up to talk to Malia.

  • Jim Hall

    Guess what guys, we are starting elves local 101 and you only have to pay 20% of your salary per month in dues!!

  • retired.military

    Obama “what do you mean do you dont get paid and you have to work Christmas day?  I will get in touch my Justice dept about this.  YOu need union representation.”

  • retired.military

    Obama “I dont see any black midgets.  This is racism personified”

  • Anonymous

    This is not your father’s Christmas.

  • DM

    It was unclear whether Obama expected the children or the elves they were costumed as to pay for his profligacy

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean the ACLU is suing to have you banned?

  • Anonymous

    Surrogate City!!

  • Anonymous

    “Barrabus!: “Ha hahahahahahahha!   Victims!!”

  • Anonymous

    Dad, they are elves, not dictators, you can stop bowing

  • Anonymous

    Malia thought bubble: “Oh, great. Like the other students don’t already rag on me for being President Zero’s daughter as well as having Jumping Jack Flash for a mother. Now we’re having a photo-op with elves.

    Dear Santa, Save my social life. Please let the Republican win.”

  • Anonymous

    “We need three new dwarves. Mrs. Obama, you’ll be ‘Pissy’; Mr. President, you can be ‘Commie’; and Joe Biden can be ‘Spud’, the special dwarf.”

  • Anonymous

    Okay Jack, we’re here because the sleigh has been parked. Somehow it fell under the new CAFE fuel numbers that you picked out of the air. No biggie right? Just know this, every kid that’s getting dissed on the 25th has two voters attached to them…see where we’re going with this???

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it great that Obama has found a spot for Robert Reich?

  • Update:  Winners announced.  Click the link to read the winning entries.  The contest is now closed.

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