Weep hysterically or we will kill your family members

You can’t help but wonder how many Obama supporters will be doing the same on November 7th.

Then again, how many of us will be if he wins?

Leftist nuance
"violative of the religious liberty assured us by the first amendment to our Constitution"
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  • jim_m

    They’re probably weeping in anticipation of the coming blood bath that will accompany his son consolidating his power.

    I’m holding out hope that the Chinese see this as an opportunity to eliminate an unstable and dangerous neighbor and they install a more stable puppet regime.  Even a puppet in control of our enemies is a safer proposition than the one we currently have.

    • herddog505

      There’s much to be said for that.

      O’ course, this is the trap that bedevils our foreign policy: we got for “stability”, which usually means backing repressive villains like Batista or the Shah or the house of Saud.  It usually comes back to bite us sooner or later.

      • jim_m

        That’s why I am content to let the Chinese worry about “stability”.

  • jb

    I believe you mean “When” Obama wins.

    Because this election’s GOP bench is weaker than the Washington Generals.

    • Stephen

      It’s a GOP clown posse, complete with costumes and a little fire truck.

  • n/a

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