Lie of the Year a Democrat Lie

The biggest lie of 2011 came from Democrats. That is the conclusion of

The Democrat claim that PolitiFact calls “Lie of the Year” is this: “Republicans voted to end Medicare.”

As to be expected, Democrats have ranted against PolitiFact, claiming that the Democrat lie is not a lie.  Yet, Democrats have a couple of problems that contradict their rant.

1. has proclaimed that the same Democrat claim is one of the Whoppers of 2011.

2.  The Fact Checker of the Washington Post has proclaimed that the same Democrat claim is one of the biggest Pinocchios of 2011.

Regarding the biggest lie of 2011, Glenn Kessler (the WAPo’s Fact Checker) states,

We stand with our colleagues at Politifact and on this one. As we noted at the time, “there’s certainly a worthwhile debate about whether the Medicare changes proposed by Ryan would help or hurt Medicare, and whether too much of a burden would be shifted to beneficiaries.” But that does not mean “killing” Medicare.

It didn’t take long for the usual liberal shills to sound off against Politifact. Ezra Klein wrote, “Ryan actually campaigned to get PolitiFact to name “end Medicare” their Lie of the Year.”

Klein was responding to Slate’s David Weigel’s claim that Politifact’s choice of Lie of the Year was the result of Paul Ryan’s influence.

PolitiFact editor Bill Adair replied, “Some of our critics wrongly attributed our choice to our readers’ poll and said we were swayed by a lobbying campaign by Ryan. But our editors made the choice and the poll was not a factor. ”

Paul Krugman wrote, “The people at Politifact are terrified of being considered partisan if they acknowledge the clear fact that there’s a lot more lying on one side of the political divide than on the other. So they’ve bent over backwards to appear “balanced” — and in the process made themselves useless and irrelevant.”

Apparently Krugman hasn’t noticed that he is making himself useless and irrelevant.

Granted, Republican politicians are not immune from making false statements. Indeed, PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year” for years 2009 and 2010 were claims made by Republicans.

Isn’t it odd that Democrat pundits have no problem with PolitiFact when the website says that Republican statements are false?

Bill Adair said it best: “For many of our readers, the love for PolitiFact has always been conditional. They love us when we confirm their views that the other side is wrong — and they hate us when we don’t.”

So, the fact checkers have caught Democrats making a false statement about Republicans, and Democrat minions don’t like it.

Permit me to offer those minions something to go with their whine:




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  • jim_m

    Isn’t it odd that Democrat pundits have no problem with PolitiFact when the website says that Republican statements are false?

    No, not really.  The left does not see truth as being related to fact.  They see truth as being those things that advance their agenda.  Why else do we hear the “fake, but accurate” refrain from these scumbags?

    Apparently Krugman hasn’t noticed that he is making himself useless and irrelevant.

    He can’t do something that has already been done.

  • Stephen

    The good news is that Ryan’s plan to end Medicare was shelved and hasn’t a prayer of passing anytime soon.

    • jim_m

      WOW!  The stupid really is strong with Stepehen.  

      The whole point of the article is how Politifact has not only shown that the allegation was a lie, but that it is possibly the biggest and worst lie of the past year.  Stepehen, determined not to let facts get in the way of his invincible ignorance, shows just how stupid he can be by declaring how glad he is that he fell for it.

      With an estimated 6.8 Billion people on Earth there are a lot of stupid people out there,but I would hold Stepehen up against any of them.  His stupidity knows no bounds and is utterly resistant to facts.

      • Anonymous

        Stephene must suffer from AAD (affirmative action dysfunction) just like his mussiah..

      • Anonymous

        Whatever Politifact says, it seems to me that it’s a matter of semantics. If changing Medicare from a defined-benefits program to a defined-contributions program isn’t “killing” Medicare, it’s the next best thing.

        • Anonymous

          Really?  Changing it is NOT ending it.  The irony of course is that NOT changing it at all will absolutely end MediCare in about 10 years according to their actuary.  As in MediCare goes bankrupt without a change. 

          • Anonymous

            Certainly any program can be *changed* without being *ended*. But if you change Medicare from a defined-benefit to a defined-contribution program, I don’t think it’s inaccurate to say you are “ending Medicare as we know it.” Therefore I think Politifact is incorrect in calling this a “lie”; at least it’s not “Lie of the Year.”

             “Killing” Medicare may be overstating the case, but “ending Medicare as we know it” is, I think, quite accurate.

          • Anonymous

            If end “as we know it” is the lead, it is technically ok and I agree with you.  Lots of dems did use that line.  However, I re-read the post here.  I read the claim as ‘ending medicare’ without any ‘as we know it’ qualifier.   I think that is a whopper. 

    • The good news is Obama’s plan will let YOU tell YOUR Grandma that maybe she isn’t worth the money for the hip operation, and maybe she should just stay home and take the pain pills instead.

      That’s what you support, so why wouldn’t you be delighted to deliver the good news personally, you sick freak?

  • Anonymous

    No biggie.. Leftist’s lie with the ease of moving lips.

  • Actually, Politifact is a left-oriented site.  Their “fact-checking” has been rather biased.  For them to declare this the “Lie of the Year” is rather damning.

    But it’s small potatoes to the lies we’ll hear from Democrats next year.  Get ready.

  • Anonymous

    The Ryan Plan is basically Obamacare for those over 67 – the plan’s eligibility would be raised from 65 – with privatized administration and insurance exchanges like the ones in Obamacare.

    Whether you call it “Medicare” or not is semantics, but it would be radically different and would end up as a benefits cut.

    • herddog505

      As it happens, Barry plans to cut Medicare, too.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, that’s called squeezing health care providers to provide care for less money.

        • herddog505

          OH!  I see.  It’s not a cut that will harm the most vulnerable amongst us, but rather a squeeze on those nasty, greedy doctors, hospitals, and pharm companies to force them to… stop seeing Medicare patients?

          As it happens, a good friend of mine is an MD.  She was outraged at the way Barry slashed the Medicare reimbursement for her services (radiology).

          It’s nice to for Uncle Sugar to be able to tell people that they MUST take whatever he’s willing to pay them, and if they don’t… well, that’s a nice practice you got there.  Be a shame if something… happened to it.

          • Anonymous

            Getting squeezed is an issue among all government contractors.  You don’t have to be a government contractor, though.  You can always opt out.

          • jim_m

            When the government becomes the only payer for healthcare then what are you going to do?  I’ll tell you what doctors are already doing:  They are quitting their practices because you cannot be a doctor anymore and cover your costs with the government paying less than 50 cents on the dollar on your fees.

          • Anonymous

            They still have doctors in Canada and the UK, though.

            Personally, I prefer that they break the AMA’s cartel limiting medical school slots.  Lots of intelligent kids who would be competent physicians can’t get into U.S. medical schools.  Admission is way too restrictive. 

          • fewer and fewer Canadian and British trained doctors though …  they come here to practice …

          • which doctors are doing right now …  seems like that would reduce the overall quality of care for seniors now wouldn’t it ?

  • herddog505

    Wow.  Klein, Krugman, et al sound like criminals ranting about the chief witness for the prosecution, don’t they?

  • Lying is so common for Democrats now I am surprised they don’t campaign on being better at it than other politicians.

    • herddog505

      Don’t you remember Slick Willie?  IIRC, MiniTru DID attempt to make his lying into a virtue.  Showed his intelligence or mental agility or something like that.

  • Anonymous

    When it comes to the bullsh*t that dems regularly spout, a more newsworthy item would be the democrat TRUTHFUL statement of the year.

    All though, there wouldn’t be much to work with.

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  • Anonymous

    Somewhere Joseph Goebbels is  nodding his head and saying “These Democrats have learned well.”

  • Anonymous

    These Democrats sound just like Republicans.

  • Anonymous


    Holder’s…”I didn’t read the memo.”Biden’s…”The Taliban are not our enemy.”
    Obama’s…”I’m the 4th best President ever!”
    Stephan Chu’s…”Nobody told me.”
    Jon Corzine’s…”I don’t know where that $1.4 billion went.”
    J. Napolitano…”The border is safer than ever.”
    Pelosi…”Bush did it.”
    J Kerry’s…The economy is fine.”

    and on and on ad nauseum…