Who needs a little Hope for Christmas?

Deacon Greg sends along more than just a little Hope:

Great stuff, made greater by this story of Hope’s conversion to Catholicism.

Merry Christmas to all but especially to those serving and most especially to those deployed away from their loved ones.

God’s peace and comfort, God’s blessings and presence be theirs, even now.

"Bush Hatred Prevails Over Obama Love"
A Pyrrhic victory for Democrats
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  • Anonymous

    Thanks Rick – this got an immediate Facebook share from me.

    And you gotta love Jerry Colonna.  Not too many people know this today, but he was a first-call trombonist with CBS radio and the ARC/Brunswick recording studios during the 1930’s.  I can only imagine the hijinks that the directors and fellow musicians had to put up with during those sessions …

  • Anonymous

    Caught the show Dec 25, 1969 – Camp Eagle.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful, beautiful video. Thanks for posting it, Rick.

    Merry Christmas to all Wizbang writers and commenters!

    • And to you to, Bruce.

      We might not see eye to eye on a lot of things, but that’s fine – it’s what makes the world go around.

      May you have the sort of Christmas you wish for!

  • “Thanks for the memories.”   
     Merry Christmas!

  • Anonymous

    Bob Hope was a great entertainer, and he a knew a little something about politics too.