“If he wants money. Get a job. Work, like everybody else in this world.”

A would be robber occupies the left cross of one Derek Mothershead, a store clerk who decided he wasn’t going to roll over:

H/T Bookworm.

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  • john cunningham

    Mustafa Hendi….must be  stalwart of the Religion of Peace, no??

  • davidt

    That clerk better get a lawyer.

    • Anonymous

      Really.  Watch him get fired, then sued.

    • well if he is a big red sate he might luck out,  a blue state me thinks you are right,
      porbably turn into some kind of hate crime against our armed robber.

      • North Carolina: so not Mass. or NY. He’s probably safe.

        • herddog505

          Don’t be too sure.  We ARE the state of the Duke Lacross Scandal, after all.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, but look how that one turned out.

  • Anonymous

    Now Moostuffa has a crooked nose to go with his crooked mind..  Nice left Derek !   hee hee..

    • Anonymous

      Yeah … discount nose job included as a bonus.  LOL.

  • Anonymous

    “If he wants money. Get a job. Work, like everybody else in this world.”  … except the 40% that BHO has on welfare.

    • Anonymous

      “If he wants money. Get a job. Work, like everybody else in this world ..” …except the 40% that BHO has on welfare.”

      And the 100% he and his administration are comprised of… 

    • i’m still waiting for my condo and caddie

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on the Instapundit link, Rick.

    • Nice… though I can’t help but be a tad envious that he didn’t send ’em to my place.

  • Anonymous

    The only one’s dumb enough to order up a knuckle sandwich like this are OWS trespassers and or Obumma supporters. By hook or by crook is their lot in life.

  • Idiot assumed that if he had a gun, that’s all he needed.  Incompetence abounds.

  • Anonymous

    Either Mastuffas thought Barry was gonna be handing out  other peoples money at that location or he was tired of squatting in the Park? 

    He’s a  real go getter!

  • Anonymous

    Shovel ready Moostaf is the loneliest number  Barry ever do!.. 

    Btw Mustache!’…… Diebold technician tryouts are over!    Your hired!

  • Mike Lee

    Beautiful. Absolutely, positively beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    I blame Obama! !!!!

    Thats right I said it!!!!!   

  • Anonymous

    Lucky! Most armed robbers are not that blindingly stupid.

    Never bring a fist to a gun fight.

    • Anonymous

      Never bring your intellect to an Obama speech.  Ok!…” your there!

  • “Store?”  “Clerk?” Do you see any merchandise?  Or cash register?  Notice the triple 7’s in the window?   And computer kiosks in the background?  This is one of those “internet cafe’s” that are really thinly veiled “sweepstakes” (ie. gambling) houses.  Busiest days of the ones I drive past are the 1st and 15th of every month.  I hold little regard for anyone who walks through the doors of those places — thief, employee, or customer.

    • maybe so, maybe not, you must be a swami or one of dem.

    • Oysteria

      Oh well hell then.  They deserved being robbed, right?  The guy working there had it coming. 

      • Anonymous

        The store was wearing a tight skirt.  It was asking for it.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe  Mastupa was just answering a call to prayer? Are you always so anti muslim religion trigger happy?

      • Anonymous

        And don’t say “How do I know He’s muslim?”  I profile unabashedly.

  • when you only have seconds the police are only minutes away

    kudos to our store guy,  a brave young man

  • Anonymous

    This is what constitutes ‘A failure to communicate’ for Mustoofa. Barry Soetura would have went the same path if a certain Reverend wouldn’t have set his feet on the right path..

  • Anonymous

    Hey, the robber was just redistributing the wealth.  He has been told over and over how right and  just that is and just acted on it.

    • Stephen

      Yeah, that’s it’s — it’s president Obama’s fault

      A. Moron

      • jim_m

        914 already said that.  You can’t even have an original sarcastic remark can you?

        Now if this were an OWSer going into a fast food place demanding free food, I would say that it was obama’s fault for the very redistributionist reasons stated.  Alas, it was not and this is just a thug who got what he deserved.

  • Anonymous

    If this had happened in Ma, the clerk would more than likely been arrested.
    (See Anthony McKay of Swampscott Ma).

    As our Attorney General has said: “We try and discourage from people self help “.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure he’ll be getting a call from my buddies at CAIR….poor Mastupid. Mean ole American!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice left hook!

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  • Anonymous
  • That’s an awesome mugshot.  An ass-whoopin’ preserved for all time.  🙂