Occupy death toll now at 9

The Tea Party was villified and mercilessly set upon by the media on the basis of false and/or trumped up accusations of racism and extremism. Juxtapose that with the 9 deaths now being reported at Occupy protests across the country, deaths very few people know anything about.

Have you heard about this outside of the blogosphere?

Occupy_Grim-ReaperYesterday more than 30 people gathered for a vigil to remember 54-year-old Rich Youngblood of Florence who was murdered at the #Occupy Eugene camp. Herald.net reported:

More than 30 people gathered for a vigil to remember a man who died after a fight in the Occupy Eugene camp.

Occupy Eugene leader Kristen Carpenter told KVAL-TV, “We’re sorry we couldn’t have stopped the violence in the system sooner.” She said the Friday night vigil was not just for 54-year-old Rich Youngblood of Florence but also for all victims of street violence.

Police said Youngblood was beaten and choked at the camp on Monday. Authorities are still investigating.

The City Council ordered the camp be disbanded.

With the Eugene beating death, the #occupy death toll stands at 9. This does not include the #Occupy Raleigh protester who shot up a food store injuring three people then committed suicide.

We’ve seen rioting, fires, rapes, general chaos and mayhem and now 9 deaths… you’d think we’d see more about that on ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and other outlets… but… you’d be wrong.

Doesn’t fit the meme.

And it’s all about that meme now isn’t it?

Image stolen from The Jawa Report.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Liberty-AtStake/100002159374121 Liberty At’Stake

    Likely to be some more visits from the grim reaper at OccupyDC in the not too distant future.  There is a lot of hacking and coughing amongst campers at Camp Stinky, McPherson Square, reports of rising rat populations, and the weather is getting worse.  Barry and Van Jones and the rest of Team Leftie is not about to order the camp shut down any time soon either.  The 99% artist I talked to last Thursday was coughing up a lung and ignoring my advice to decamp.  The weather is nasty today, so I have no idea what his immediate status is.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    • herddog505

      Talk about propaganda:

      “Dedicated OWS people are DYING!  They need our help!!!”

      Too stupid to get in out of the rain…

      • jim_m

        “Dedicated OWS people are DYING!  They need our help!!!”

        I will gladly withhold food and shelter from them if that will help them die faster.  Oh, did I misconstrue the kind of help they were asking for?  My bad.

      • Liberty At’Stake

        Surely you don’t mistake my comment as sympathetic to #OWS’ organizers?  Team Leftie’s organizers will have blood on their hands when the useful idiots they’ve placed into the stone age encampments with false revolutionary promises prove stupid enough to stay in the rain long enough to meet their ultimate demise.

        d(^_^)bhttp://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

        • herddog505

          No, not at all.  I merely opine that OWS deaths from such a cause are grist for the lefty agitprop mill.  It’s of a kind with the hopes that there would be a “Kent State moment”: lefty bigshots want deaths that can turn OWS into some sort of collective martyr in the war against nasty capitalists.

          Unfortunately, the only deaths they’ve managed to get so far are less “martyr” and more “criminal” or “natural selection at work”.

  • Anonymous

    It really is impressive how dishonest the  MSM can be.

    • http://profiles.google.com/jinxmchue Jinx McHue

      Omission is the sincerest form of dishonesty.

  • Stephen

    Asa hard as the right is trying to create the meme that OWS is a violent mob, that’s failing.

    The deaths are not related to the protests. Why aren’t you reporting how many car accidents OWS protestors get into each month? Because it simply doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with OWS.

    • Anonymous

      Stephen,The camps aren’t related to the protests?

      Rather like saying the fingers are not related to the hand…

      • Stephen

        And if the protestors drive down Interstate 60, and there was an accident on Interstate 60 where somebody died, the death would not be OWS related.

        • Anonymous

          They’re dying on site.  If we counted incidental deaths, it would be much, much worse.

          These are people who are dying AT the protests, from violence and poor living conditions caused by living in tent cities with no real sanitation – and recurring violence.

          • Anonymous

            Violence encouraged and sanctioned by the occupy movement.
            It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

        • Anonymous

          False analogy.
          What happened to Youngblood was not an accident

          If someone was attacked or raped on their tour bus, while driving down I 60, is a closer comparison.  Or if the protestors were purposely running people down.

        • retired.military

          So if the Tea party drove down I60 and someone had left a racist sign than I supposed the media and you and Chico would not report that as being the Tea Party’s fault.

        • Anonymous

          The stoopid is irreversible with Stepehen..

    • Mr Kimber

      Why is it I can count on you to be such an ass?

    • Anonymous

      Let’s see. The MURDERS occur INSIDE THE OWS CAMP.  But they’re not “related”.

      Yeah.  You’re logic is overwhelming.

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EU5DQWQTTHTPO4A4ZYSL3AAV2U Adjoran

        I’ve said for years that a nice site like Wizbang deserves a higher quality troll. 

    • Anonymous

      “… the right is trying to create the meme that OWS is a violent mob.”

      We’ll keep  it simply.

      Explain the Woman-Only tents, then.

    • Anonymous

      “The deaths are not related to the protests.”

      Correct – the deaths are related to the protesters.

    • retired.military

      Funny I dont remember any deaths at the Tea Party rallies.  Instead at the OWS you have murders, rapes, drugs, pimping of underage prostitutes, and rampant theft.

      You can try to hide from the facts there Stephen but as usualy they make you out to be the sniveling liar that you are.

      “The deaths are not related to the protests.”

      Yeah and Hitler said that the deaths in the con concentration camps had nothing to do with the people being jews?

    • jim_m

      Why aren’t you reporting how many car accidents OWS protestors get into each month?

      Because the worthless scumbags at he OWS protests don’t make any money so they don’t own cars.

      But it’s nice to see how deeply self deluded Stepehen is.  The deaths aren’t related to the protests.  Can we then say that the rapes are?  How about the assaults?  How about the stupid OWS protester that was arrested in the McDonalds demanding free food?

      Stepehen insists that the actions of the protesters while on site at the protest are not related to the protest.  I’ll bet he would say that if a TEA Party person ever could have been demonstrated to have used a racial epithet that it would have definitely been related to the TEA Party protest. 

      Just another dimwitted hypocrite on the left.

    • Anonymous

      “The deaths are not related to the protests.”

      The stoopid is strong with Stepehen…

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EU5DQWQTTHTPO4A4ZYSL3AAV2U Adjoran

      You can do better than that.  People dying in or adjacent to the camps is directly related to OWS.  It isn’t all just those heartwarming protests like public defecation and gang rape.

  • herddog505

    “That’s a fringe.”

    “These people don’t really represent the OWS movement.”

    “This is just a right-wing smear job funded by the banks who tremble – TREMBLE, I say – at the sight of the OWS.”

    “This isn’t really connected with OWS.”

    “The OWS people are all good people with good ideas.”

    “OWS can’t be responsible if a handful of criminals get into their camps.”

    I’m sure I missed some…

  • Anonymous

    You might consider this as a symptom and harbinger of future times as larger numbers of people without the prospect of a decent job create disorder in the USA.  This is the paradise that your masters are creating for you – mobs and crime.  Plus perpetual war, of course.

    Decline and fall, baby, decline and fall. 

    • Anonymous

      “…a symptom and harbinger of future times as larger numbers of people without the prospect of a decent job create disorder”

      Not to put too fine a point on it Chico, but if one of these people come up my driveway looking to creates some “disorder” he/she/it will be out-of-order before they get to the top of the driveway.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the destitute with their iPhones and laptops.  Their job prospects are primarily limited by their own poor choices.

      • retired.military


        That is the destitute with their stolen Iphones and stolen $1500 laptops.  Get it right.  Jeez.

    • retired.military

      And you are all for it right Chico.  After all it is okay if they break the law. You said so yourself numerou times.

    • herddog505

      If I may play Marley to your Scrooge, please take some advice:

      Stop being a parody of yourself.

      • Evil Otto

        He can’t stop. Stopping takes rational thought.

    • Evil Otto

      You have got to be kidding with that, Chica. These OWS idiots are doing this to themselves. They’ve chosen to live in squalor and anarchy, and we’re seeing the results. If their reaction to not being able to get a “decent” job is to live in filth, the rest of us have no worries.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EU5DQWQTTHTPO4A4ZYSL3AAV2U Adjoran

      The “masters” didn’t create these deadly, violence-prone slums.  They are YOUR “99%” and you own them in every respect.  Every death, every rape, every assault, every public defecation, every disease.

      Suck on it.

  • Stephen

    They fiddle while Rome burns.

    The dumber ones make good kindling though… their squeals of pain add to the festivities…

    • Anonymous

      “The dumber ones make good kindling though… their squeals of pain add to the festivities… ”

      To quote Ed Sullivan, “Fuck you very much.”

    • retired.military

      Gee STEPEHEN

      You should talk about dumbers ones.  LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Not specifically this, although I read about some domestic-violence-type incidents at ODC in the WaPo.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G7YIUZMXOD5JGZZTCYMVA75KFU Shadow

    Just like the Santa Claus murders in Texas on Christmas had nothing to do with the peaceful religion of Islam.  Of course this wasn’t reported in the MSM either.


  • Oysteria


    “We’re sorry we couldn’t have stopped the violence in the system sooner.”

    Got that? “The system”. It’s a derisive term normally used by these young idealistic types for “the establishment”, “the man”. It’s her psychological way of distancing herself from an activity that’s gone bad. It’s lingo.

    The fact is, these OWS protests draw bad types in like a magnet. Disillusioned and disaffected types looking for someone, something, to blame, other than themselves, for their failures and then they feel vindicated and get bold and act out. These types need to be isolated, not drawn together to gather strength from one another.

  • Sid Stebbins

    The real tragedy is that each of these nine will only get to vote once in the 2012 election?

    Too soon?

    OK, too soon…

  • Anonymous

    Barry will reap what he has sown..  2 head counts for each dead vote cast..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

    Oh come on!  There had to be a lot more stories in the news than this paltry non issue!

    5 Charged in a fight after Miami police mistake the identity of 1

    Tampa Bay Police pepper spray and gag a 62 year old man

    Cops becoming more militarized

    Connecticut police beat the ever loving shit out of a guy, find no drugs and trash his house

    Ohio police can’t rip drivers out of their car for a welfare check

    Tougher drug laws equate to 1/3 Americans will be arrested by the age of 23

    If you’re going to say the Occupy movement is bad, you might as well criticize the police that provoke their protests.  If you want to see some of the problems they’re fighting against, look up above.  Look as the police abuse their positions with deadly consequences.  Look at how our police force is becoming more and more like a military unit, not to protect and serve, but to attack the people.  Look at how even conservatives realize the idiots in Washington don’t represent an ideological difference in politics.  They represent the money they are given.  For gosh sake, at this vecture, Occupy isn’t news.  They are now occupying homes and all you’re doing is fanning old dead flames that probably won’t reignite until the Spring elections.

    • Oysteria

      I’m sure there’s a Wizbang post, or a post at some other blog, about this very issue. 

      This post is not it.

    • herddog505

      I’m pretty sure that you won’t find too many friends of a paramilitary police force here, nor of no-knock raids, excessive force, cover-ups, etc.*  You certainly won’t find friends of the “boys club” that is the Congress.

      But that’s really not the point under discussion.

      I do take issue with this:

      JayYou might as well criticize the police that provoke their protests.

      You say “provoking their protests.”  I say, “upholding the law.”

      Contrary to what lefties like to believe when it suits their purposes, there are limits on free speech and assembly.  Taking a sh*t on a police car isn’t free speech; squatting in a private park for weeks on end in violation of long-standing laws against such things isn’t free assembly.  These folks had their protest; they got their fawning media coverage.  Then they not only made a mockery of themselves, but have created a burden on the people who live and work where they’ve pitched their filthy, drug- and crime-ridden camps.  They were told to leave; they refused.  The police, as they are bound to do, stepped in.  Had the OWS morons left when told (“OK, guys, pack it up.  We’ve made our point.  See you next time.”) there would have been no problem.


      (*) How DO you feel about Gun Runner and Eric Holder?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

        You say “provoking their protests.”  I say, “upholding the law.”

        There have been a number of laws to be enforced along with laws of bad incentives.  What have been the results of those laws?  If you can sit here and show me a number of studies that have shown that we’ve actually put a dent in marijuana arrests then kindly do so.  Kindly show me something about how these laws are not to disparage minorities disproportionately, or find reasons to take people rights and use them as privileges.

        The Occupy movement is an amalgamation and what causes my constant consternation is how people try to vilify the movement because of the immediate protest occurring.  From what I’ve seen, the movement is for people that have been left destitute.  NAFTA hasn’t worked for them.  Border immigration isn’t going to work.  They are left without work and a police state getting ever larger.

        Contrary to what lefties like to believe when it suits their purposes, there are limits on free speech and assembly.

        Such as what?

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        That doesn’t read as something that Congress can actively limit.  But in all ways, they have.  The Patriot Act, the NDAA, the warrantless wiretaps, FISA…  That’s all been bipartisan support.

         These folks had their protest; they got their fawning media coverage.  
        That has only been part of the point.  Most of the people are noting how Congress has been bought.  These are 535 independent contractors we have in Congress right now.  They’re more focused on the money rolling in than actually helping the nation:

        But switch to C-SPAN covering the U.S. Congress and it’s a completely different picture. You can’t see it, because they don’t allow the camera to pan around, but the hall is empty, people coming to speak just to C-SPAN—they’re not speaking to each other—all of the activity of negotiation and deliberation is done outside the chamber; there’s no deliberation, so you just have to ask, “Why did we create a Congress?” The framers didn’t sit down and set up a Congress so they could imagine these 535 independent contractors all arbitraging fundraising opportunities. If that’s what the institution is, then let’s just shut it down.

        THIS is the problem of Congress.  THIS is the reason that the fights against Occupy or the Tea Party are dumb.  THIS is why Congress has an approval rating of 13%.  THIS is why the Occupy movement continues to “fawn media” even though most of them continuously mock the movement, or ignore it completely.

        They were told to leave; they refused.

        A public place which Bloomberg didn’t even pay attention to and owe back taxes on.  I see the problem.  Civil rights mean nothing when you expose the problems of those that abuse a system unanswerable to the people it’s supposed to represent.

         The police, as they are bound to do, stepped in.

        Kind of helps that Chase gave them that large donation of funds right before they started arresting people to see where their allegiances are, doesn’t it?

        How DO you feel about Gun Runner and Eric Holder?

        I haven’t followed the Holder debates in regards to gun running.  Personally, I don’t feel that you should enforce gun control unless you’re going to look at drug laws as a public health issue.  People all over are beginning to see where the dollar signs are pointing.  They want answers.  The ones that have answers are the big business companies that don’t want to compete.

        What I am against Eric Holder is in the SOPA debates.  He has no idea about the domain seizures that ICE has instigated.  He has been asked about this by Zoe Lofgren as well as Senator Wyden.  Long story short, a hip hop blog was censored for over a year through domain seizure and the errors in the affidavit made this a laughable excuse.

        • herddog505

          Quite a reply.  Allow me to try to hit the high points:

          1.  I am not a fan of the war on drugs, but I can’t quite see why that’s relevant here.  The laws in question in this post have to do with squatting in parks, sleeping in the streets, and sanitation (i.e. don’t urinate or defecate on the streets or in the open).  Oh, and rape, riot, theft, arson, drug use, and trespassing.

          2.  I villify the OWS movement because (A) they are loafers; (B) they are morons; (C) they are thieves who expect other people (“the rich”) to pay for the bad consequences of their own decisions; (D) they are tools of the left (who’s paying for all of this?), and; (E) they are filthy and violent or at least unable to police themselves.  I can’t speak for why anybody else villifies them, but I’m pretty sure the lists are impressive.  I don’t buy into the idea that this is Bonus March v2.0 and they’re just a bunch of poor, desperate people forced into the streets.

          3.  Are you seriously asking about limits to free speech and assembly?  Does the phrase “shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre” ring any bells?

          4.  As with no-knock raids and a paramilitary police, I don’t think that you’ll find too many friends of our corrupt, bought-and-paid-for Congress here.  But I have seen less “reform Congress!” from the OWS morons and MUCH more “tax the rich!” or “make the rich pay their fair share!” or “more regulation for corporations!” Who do these idiots think will write the laws to make those things happen?  How do they think corporations engage in “regulatory capture”?  Why do they think that those big banks got bailed out when many small ones didn’t, or that GM got bailed out when many other companies go belly up, or Solyndra got millions in “loans” when other companies can’t get a nickel from Uncle Sugar?  Jebus, it’s like asking for MORE foxes to guard the henhouse.

          5.  The media mocks or ignores OWS??? On what planet???

          6.  You haven’t “followed” Gunrunner.  Why am I not surprised…

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

            1)  You said drug ridden as if that’s to vilify the movement.  It’s a false dichotomy when that’s one of the things that are being campaigned heavily in places such as Colorado and California, who are trying to legalize drugs for dispensaries.  More people are advocating drug use and regulation than advocating against it.  

            2) Try looking at that Youtube video and see what the options are for people other than protest.  These are people where NAFTA took away their jobs (“loafers), gave them higher debts (“morons”), made it difficult to economically progress (“the rich”), and have joined with a bunch of people who feel the same way (“the tools”).  Further, they’ve done a helluva job in organizing goods and having plans, so I fail to see where your idea that they can’t police themselves comes from.  How do you say that protests such as the one in Houston, where they effectively shut down a port equates to they can’t police themselves?

            What about the anarchists who damage property, who Occupy disassociates with and even helps repair the damage they do?  The movement is very diverse and I notice look rather belligerent in trying to pin the most hated  notions on the movement.

            3) You’re allowed to say it.  And you’re also allowed to suffer the consequences of it.  But saying there are reasonable limits to free speech, you might wanna define your argument.

            4)  You seem confused on this issue.  They are saying get money out of politics because most people see how corrupting it is.  This is a major point and I’m surprised you seem to think the Occupy movement merely wants to tax the rich.  The last I checked, the largest tax to try to pass on the wealthy was 3.25% on income tax.  This was rejected.  Meanwhile, the wealth disparity of Congress and Americans continues to grow.  As the article indicates, Congress can’t relate to the people.  Hence, the reason why Congress has only a 13% approval rating.  And yet you wonder why more people agree with Occupy than with Congress?  They’ve played this game.  It’s worked out badly for them.  Congress doesn’t have the answers.  This has been the problem for a while now.

            5)  Seriously, you forgot how Fox and all other media ignored the movement until 700 people were arrested on the bridge? Fox News won’t show much on broadcasting unless it’s to say they’re hippies (false), they’re nuisances (against who?), or if they want to show how badly they don’t understand the movement.  I mean this little gem speaks for itself.

            6)  *sigh*  The entire problem of Operation Fast and Furious is set to embarrass Holder.  This is not what the inquiries should be doing.  If he doesn’t know, great.  Get the people under him for executing the plan.  All of this back and forth in how he doesn’t or does know something is ridiculous.

            As I said, I don’t really pay attention to gun issues.  If you have one, great, good for you.  Not an issue I follow closely.  Once he answers why a blog was censored for a year without due process, then you can say he’s a corrupt asshole.  I want to know what his answer is.

            You really want to fix the Mexico gun problem?  Fix the US drug policy.  You effectively take away the incentive for drug cartels if you legalize drugs.  Otherwise, I’m sure OF&F will occur again with other idiots in place who have no idea how to track gun purchases.

          • Anonymous

            Jay, got any evidence of “Occupy” taking action against the anarchists in their camps, or repairing damage they or any other camp members have caused?

            As for Fast and Furious, Holder and senior men in his DoJ have provided false testimony to Congress.  That you don’t follow the issue and your reflex is give Holder a pass and and absolve him of responsibility for his own actions and those he is supposed to direct and monitor, says something about you.

          • herddog505

            RE: self-policing and cleaning up

            Of COURSE the OWS cleans up it’s own mess!  Cities like LA and NYC spend millions on the OWS sites because they are just a bunch of old sober-sides who are trying to embarrass the OWS with images of tyvek-suited, respirator-wearing sanitation workers hauling away truck loads of trash and garbage and filth.

            / sarc

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay


            The protesters usually come from the area that they’re protesting in.  The “anarchists” are usually outsiders in these places.  Occupy usually cleans up the messes.  Also, this is usually in areas such as Oakland or LA, where the police brutality levels are much more severe than in the east.

            The response is a lot more militant due to people remembering the police taking away their civil rights much more severely.

          • herddog505

            Ah, I see.  Police brutality is the cause of the mess.  Not the OWS crowd.  Got it.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

            And I was going to edit this in too…

          • Anonymous

            Explain the toxic mess in Boston and NYC.

            So LAPD mistake a group of kids with a drum circle and protest signs for the OWS crowd… a group that did not have permission to be at the library. And their goal for the location is at odds with the group that controls the site.

            And nobody was hurt or arrested.

            Ohhhhhh the humanity

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

            At bottom.

          • Anonymous

            One batch of kids clean up one day, Vs the messes left at every other occupy camp…
            One good deed does not offset dozens of bad.
            Which is our disconnect.  You seem to think that the nasty factor of OWS is isolated, rareand offset by their noble goals and positive impact.  Or so your posts would indicate.

            I believe just the opposite.  And the numbers bear out in my favor.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

            No, I don’t give Holder a pass.  That’s a false assumption.

            I follow Holder on a different issue entirely.  That’s the point I’m making.

          • Anonymous

            *sigh* The entire problem of Operation Fast and Furious is set to embarrass Holder. This is not what the inquiries should be doing. If he doesn’t know, great

            Is not giving Holder a pass on F&F?

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

            Nope.  He should get the ones responsible and fire them.  I also said that if we really want to fix the problem of guns in Mexico then we should fix the US drug policy which has failed.

            You’ve ignored that to try to say that Holder should be held accountable for this.  I’ve already stated I don’t follow this issue closely.  My issue with Holder is in the copyright field.  So if you can tell me why a blog was silenced for over a year without due process, then we can really debate.  As it stands, the gun issue is not my issue.

          • Anonymous

            The problem with guns in Mexico… is that the Holder Justice Dept walked them across the border.  And of course he should be accountable for what his people do.  Instead he refuses to answer and has lied to Congress.  He refuses to identify or fire anyone, and until he does something, the buck remains in front of him.

            If you would provide details about your little hobby horse, like the name of the blog or any other bit of information, then maybe we could discuss yet another way Holder is a terrible, even criminal, chief LEO.

          • herddog505

            I suggest that we are arguing past each other.

    • Anonymous

      So as long as bad things are happening outside of the OWS movement, everyone should turn a blind eye to the OWS movement.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay


  • Sid Stebbins

    @Jay: Nice non-sequiter. So is it the police who incited all of the murders, robberies and rapes at the Occupy camps? And ask yourself this – if the same had happened at Tea Party rallies how would it be reported? The press had to make up stories about spitting and shouting the N-word at black congressmen without any substance and had no trouble reporting it.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

      So is it the police who incited all of the murders, robberies and rapes at the Occupy camps?

      Nope, not non sequitar.  The laws allow the police to detain people indefinitely, raid their houses without a warrant, and arrest them on shaky legal ground.  These are the results of a growing police state which I doubt many are noticing because they’re focused on the result of the income inequality of America, the Occupy movement.  I’m more concerned about the laws that have been passed to allow those abuses than I have anything to worry from the Occupy movement.  And all of this is ignored to take potshots at Occupy.  Great, but it’s truly a non issue.  More people die from police brutality than drug overdose.  If we really wanted to treat the drug overdose, I would suggest looking into LEAP.  Drug prohibition has caused more OD deaths than regulation.  The two murders I’m sure will be solved.

      The police are not trained in dealing with large crowds, and that’s the problem here.  When I looked into the Occupy Boston arrests, they only had 10 people and didn’t look to incite the people through pepper spray or baton beatings.  They didn’t fight everyone and calmly did their job.  They got to know the leaders in a nonadversarial role.  That approach worked a lot better than what other cities did against this movement.

      And ask yourself this – if the same had happened at Tea Party rallies how would it be reported?

      This is nonsequitar.  I have no reason to discuss the Tea Party movement in my topics above.  Besides that, in some instances both movements have begun to talk to each other and find out the differences between them.

  • Evil Otto

    “We’re sorry we couldn’t have stopped the violence in the system sooner.”

    Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I’m bein’ repressed!

    • Anonymous

      I had the same thought

      • Sid Stebbins

        I thought we were an autonomous collective.

  • Anonymous

    “Occupy death toll now at 9”

    In more important news: The President shot a 30 over at Saint Andrews today!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

    Explain the toxic mess in Boston and NYC.
    Pretty simple.  Boston got to know them, had crowd control, and treated them with respect.  NYC, Bloomberg is a corrupt SOB and everyone knows this.  Also, before their first eviction, the Occupy movement was cleaning the park and keeping it tidy.  Might want to read up on how much they were maintaining the area even with the tents.

     So LAPD mistake a group of kids with a drum circle and protest signs for the OWS crowd… a group that did not have permission to be at the library. And their goal for the location is at odds with the group that controls the site. 

    The KFCC had given them permission to have a food handout there.  The police just got jumpy.  Kind of hearkens back to my other point about how the police are militarizing for no reason other than to beat the mess out of people that are peacefully protesting.  I mean seriously, why does Fargo need a tank when they have two homicides a year?

  • Anonymous

    So, Boston got to know them, and Occupy still trashed Dewey Square.  And left the Greenway Conservancy to clean up the mess, replant and resod.
    Philadelphia, which I saw first hand, had much the same experience.  It only took a week for the Occupy camp to become Lord of the Flies: 2011.
    Who are the KFCC?  Your source says they were there to do cleanup, not handout food.

    • Sid Stebbins

      KFCC? Maybe Kentucky Fried Chicken hired their own security to keep the OWSers from ruining their restrooms.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

      This is why you don’t type while hungry…  

      Cleanup organizer Kurti Parekh said to KPCC that “the Youth Justice Coalition had talked to the CRA about the cleanup, but was unclear whether express permission was given.”

      So the kids went there to clean up and do what they had to do.

      The Boston area was going to clean up but were not able.  Kind of difficult when the leaders are arrested. Judging from what others have suggested, I’m pretty sure that the Boston Occupiers would have been cleaning up to ensure that the parks were usable.  

      If you would provide details about your little hobby horse, like the name of the blog or any other bit of information, then maybe we could discuss yet another way Holder is a terrible, even criminal, chief LEO.

      The website

      The story behind it.

      I’ve followed the domain seizures for quite some time.  ICE is responsible and I believe John Morton should be fired.  With Operation In Our Sites, he’s stretched the domain seizures under the civil asset forfeiture laws used for drug dealers.  I follow it, because I believe the SOPA debates are a lot larger than the Occupy debates.  You lose most of your right to free speech based on someone just not liking your website. While Occupy is getting media attention, the fact is that these seizures haven’t gotten that much attention and only Ron Paul is speaking out about this.  Obama is silent on these matters.  So is Romney (who wants to also take away PBS) and Gingrich (world’s largest hypocrite ATM).

      • Anonymous

        You’re projecting what you want to be true, not what really is.  You have no proof that Occupy Boston would buck the behavior of the majority of Occupy camps (or their own history) and would clean up their mess, if only ther leaders hadn’t been arrested by the nasty police men.  Arrested for disobeying a legal order to leave the Greenway.  As you say, you’re “pretty sure”.  That is not reality, that is your opinion and hope.

        For the kids in LA, your own source, even as you quoted it above, says they did not have permission to be there.

        Your reading comprehension… again, you are projecting what you want the story to be in the case of the LA kids.  You mistook the letters of a radio station for a state agency (and got them wrong).  You missed why they were there (you wanted it to be a soup kitchen, it was a clean up).  You missed that the city agency in charge of the property (CRA) wants the building to become housing while this group of kids (or more likely their puppet masters) want it to be an educational center.  And you missed that they did not have permission to be there to do anything, only a spokes person saying it wasn’t clear  (which means no, they did not have permission).  And you leave out the detail that they show up with protest signs and a drum circle.
        Is it really so surprising that a group of young adults that is trespassing, with protest signs and a drum circle are mistaken for another group of trespassing drum circling protesters that were just evicted from a few blocks away?

        Given the sloppiness of your arguments thus far, I don’t know how many people will read your links for the issue that you feel is more important than F&F/Gunwalker and the Occupy death count combined.

        What we’re seeing here, is a Whitehouse and DoJ that are completely comfortable breaking the law and trampling over the Constitution and Bill of Rights to make their sugar daddies happy and to fulfill their political agendas.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

           Arrested for disobeying a legal order to leave the Greenway.

          Small note here, Bloomberg did the exact same thing in NY, so how effectively legal this is would be up for continual debate.  Bloomberg had one order, then forum shopped.  But this didn’t break the movement at all.  IIRC, most of the Boston movement was from the area whereas the LA movement had 40% of the people from outside of the area.  Simple logistics tells us that it has to do with the larger

          Is it really so surprising that a group of young adults that is trespassing, with protest signs and a drum circle are mistaken for another group of trespassing drum circling protesters that were just evicted from a few blocks away?

          And where are they supposed to get permission?  This is the problem.  They tried to do everything legally and the process was hampering.  Yes, I got some parts wrong because I wasn’t focused on the story, but that doesn’t mean the police did not get jumpy in trying to force the children not to be there.  I believe that my point that the police make the situation worse still stands.  Case in point, the police are actually looking at Twitter for info, in a private hearing for info on the takedowns.

          What we’re seeing here, is a Whitehouse and DoJ that are completely comfortable breaking the law and trampling over the Constitution and Bill of Rights to make their sugar daddies happy and to fulfill their political agendas.

          This I agree with.  You can say as much about F&F as you want.  But I’ve always felt that the root of the problem is what needs to be addressed.  The Occupy death toll has no bearing on actually fixing anything.  It does not answer the question of why the movement is growing or why so many support it.  It exposes the drug policy problem of the US or the callousness of the police state (remember, most of the deaths are ODs, which wouldn’t happen if drugs were legalized).  Calling the Occupy movement “drug ridden hippies” does not answer the question of what is causing the people to believe more in the Occupy movement than Congress.

          But we can both agree that the DoJ is using a lot of shady tactics to violate the Constitution and at the very least, the officers in the DoJ and DHS should be fired for various reasons.

  • Anonymous

    Invoking Mayor Bloomberg == Red Herring.  There was a legal order to clear out in Boston, people that did not comply or interfered with LEOs or others’ ability to comply were arrested.  Occupy is supposed to be a leaderless movement, so having 40 some people arrested shouldn’t have stopped anything like a cleanup.  Amd since Occupy protests have trashed other cities, what is your evidence, other than your feelings, that this would be different?

    They were supposed to get permission from the CRA, which is in charge of the property.  They did not have said permision.  It’s all in your own source.  Did you actually read it?

    And why would the CRA give them permission to clean up a site that it intends to use for housing to a group that wants to use the building for another purpose?  And if it was just a cleanup, why the protest signs and drum circle?  If the youth group was there with buckets, brushes, mops and cleanup supplies instead of picket signs, their chances of being mistaken for protestors would’ve been much lower.

    The police acted correctly.  They didn’t hurt anyone.  Nobody was tear gassed or pepper sprayed.  It reads like the mistook one group of misguided malcontents for another.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZ5BM5GNLA54OADSWGSXAMA7SY Jay

      Invoking Mayor Bloomberg == Red Herring.

      No, there was a restraining order against Bloomberg moving on Zucotti and he ignored that to go ahead with his plan.  He forum shopped for an order against the first order.  Further, the day before, Occupy was actually cleaning as evidenced in the Vanguard series “99%”.  On this one, we’ll continue to disagree because there is documented evidence that the ones doing the protesting were doing everything they could to remain within the law and Bloomberg was not.  The crackdowns also have evidence of coming from the FBI and CIA but I’d rather not get into that detail because it’s getting too conspiratorial.  But if you want to see this part; CIA Link, FBI Link and the coordination effort.

      The police acted correctly.  They didn’t hurt anyone.  Nobody was tear gassed or pepper sprayed.  It reads like the mistook one group of misguided malcontents for another.

      That’s the entire problem here.  The place has been abandoned since 2004.  Looking at some of the other links on the CRA, they’re pretty shady:

      [Denver-based billionaire Philip] Anschutz will not pay off that $70 million loan provided by L.A. taxpayers until 2025, yet public documents filed with the Los Angeles County Recorder’s office reveal that an Anschutz company has already sold off three significant parcels within the project area.

      AEG took the revenue from the resale of the three parcels, a transaction allowed by the redevelopment agency, and then the city shifted the planned projects on that land over to new owners. Yet at least one of those key parcels contained lots seized by the Community Redevelopment Agency from a private owner, using the eminent domain statute, purportedly to fight “blight.”

      The eminent domain takings in the area of what is now Staples and L.A. Live in the 1990s left many private landowners deeply embittered over being forced off their property at “market/fair value.” City Hall’s recent decision to let AEG sell seized lands means “they ‘flipped’ the property,” declares Marko Mlikotin, president of the California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights. He calls the resale by private developers of lands taken via eminent domain “egregious.”

      “The CRA was using public dollars to seize private properties. Shouldn’t that property revert to the original owner?” he asks.

      What I’m noticing is that the CRA is involved with land grabs for territory and a lot of lobbying.  And I was correct about the food handouts in the article.

      Update: “The coalition intended to clean up the former Hyde Park Library on 6527 Crenshaw Blvd. and have workshops and food hand-outs starting today and lasting until Friday,” reports KPCC. 

      What I’m seeing is a large bureaucratic entitythat didn’t give permission, which was made more difficult than it had to be.

      Parekh said the Youth Justice Coalition had talked to the CRA about the cleanup, but express permission was not granted. OnCentral made an inquiry to the South LA regional office of the CRA, but the organization had yet to make an official reply.

       So they decided to better utilize the area for what their mission was (workshops and food handouts) when the “owners” didn’t have anything to do with it.  Also, if it’s slated for rebuilding, why wait so long?

      • Anonymous

        What a judge in NY thinks about the spefic actions of Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD have nothing to do with the behaivors of Occupy in Boston or anywhere else.

        Whether you or YJC agree with the CRA, the CRA have legal control of that property.  Until a court or contolling authority takes that control away from the CRA and gives it to the YJC, they don’t get to decide how to use the space.  That is how rule of law works.  You don’t get to break the laws you don’t like without facing consequences.

        Now, from your source, if you read it this time (and if you did, you chose to ignore these details because they don’t fit your narative).  Emphasis in bold is mine.

        An attempt to “liberate” a former library in South Los Angeles changed gears today as organizers were forced to vacate the structure after a dispute with police.
        The coalition intended to clean up the former Hyde Park Library on 6527 Crenshaw Blvd. and have workshops and distribute food starting today which would last until Friday, said Kurti Parekh, program coordinator for the coalition.
        But at 9 a.m. LAPD officers arrived at the library and said the group did not have permission to be there, Sara Faden of the LAPD said.
        Faden alleged the group was not planning to clean up the facility but rather “occupy the building for demonstration purposes.”
        No arrests occurred, but Faden indicated charges for trespassing or disobeying an official order to disperse could come if the group remained in the building.
        The structure is currently owned by the Community Redevelopment Agency and is slated to become residential housing, according to the CRA web site.
        In an e-mail, the Youth Justice Coalition called the action a “liberation.” Parekh said the action was inspired by the Occupy movement.

        Gee, “Liberation” doesn’t sound like much of a cleanup.  And a group inspired by Occupy, with drum cirlce and protest signs, was mistaken by the LAPD for Occupy protesters?  Who would have thunk it?!?
        And then proceeded to roust them from the site for trespassing.  And aside from hurting their widdwe feewings, no harm came to any of them, and since they had more brains than their Occupy idols, nobody went down town.

        What was your point in bringing this episode of entitled douchebag theatre to my attention?  It hasn’t gone well for you thus far.

        I’ll check in again after making the family dinner and my post meal scotch.  Found a new label today on the way home from work, and it is calling to me like a dreadlocks to a hippy. 

  • Paul Hooson

    The “Occupy” movement is busing in hundreds of protesters to illegally intimidate voters at the Iowa caucuses this Tuesday. This is completely unacceptable, and a real threat to democracy and open and free elections. I urge everyone here to write the Iowa Secretary Of State at: sos@sos.iowa.gov  and to urge strong enforcement of stiff state and federal election law violations against any illegal protests that intimidate voters from voting.

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