Bye Bye Bachmann; Perry tweets “Here we come South Carolina”

The first official casualty of yesterday’s Iowa caucus: Michele Bachmann.

“Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, so I have decided to stand aside,” Bachmann said at a news conference, flanked by her parents, husband and five children. “I have no regrets, none whatsoever. We never compromised our principles and we can leave this race knowing we ran it with the utmost integrity.”

She continued, “My faith in the Lord, country, and our republic is unshakeable. God has something greater around the corner. I am very grateful.  I look forward to the next chapter in God’s plan. He has one for each of us, you know.”

But Texas Governor Rick Perry who came in at fifth place yesterday in Iowa just a few percentage points ahead of Bachmann, isn’t quitting just yet.  He tweeted supporters, “Here we come South Carolina.”  In a statement today Perry said, “This is a quirky place and a quirky process to say the least.  We’re going to go into places where they have actual primaries and there are going to be real Republicans voting.”

Maybe Rick Perry is more assured of God’s plan, than Michele Bachmann.
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  • Stephen

    Perry still has money to spend. Once that dries up he’ll roll along like the other GOP tumbleweeds and disappear into oblivion… just like the rest of the clown posse.

    • Meanwhile, the Worst President Since Electricity violates the law once again to make a recess appointment while the Senate isn’t in recess!  As with regulations promulgated by this corrupt regime’s EPA, FCC, FTC, and NLRB, the law is just toilet paper to this socialist dictator wannabe. 

  • herddog505

    Too bad.  I had hopes for Bachmann early on, but she degenerated into lunacy.

    • Jay


    • 914

      Maybe She caught the ‘Stephen virus’??

      • I think she’s as sane as anyone – but how the media portrays those they hate won’t be kind at all.

        We really need reporters a lot more than we need journalists.  Report the facts and don’t spin the damn things to push your point of view.

        • hyperboliszt

          Nah man, she’s fucking nuts. Straight up. God told you to run for President? Welp, He’s got a sense of humour doesn’t He.

  • Commander_Chico

    Good bye Michele.  You are kinda hot, maybe even hotter than Sarah.  

    • PBunyan

      Nope.  Not hotter than Sarah.

      • Brian_R_Allen

        Nope.  Not hotter than Mrs Palin ….

        Nor one tenth as competent nor as accomplished.

        • herddog505

          I dunno about that.  Bachmann has an LL.M degree in tax law from William and Mary.  As I understand it, an LL.M is an advanced legal degree, rather like masters or PhD for lawyers; William and Mary is a very good (i.e. tough) law school; and tax law is one of the more complicated and esoteric varieties of law (consider the sheer weight of the US tax code).  I’m not putting Palin down by any means, but in terms of education, the edge goes to Bachmann.

          As for hotness, it’s a matter of taste.  Both women are very attractive.  O’ course, who knows what they look like without makeup!

          • Brian_R_Allen

            Mean Mrs Bachmann  no disrespect but also did not refer to either lady’s skoolin’.

            Mrs Bachmann is a very fine lady — and is, as our Aussie cousins might say, a not bad poor congresscritter, as not bad poor congresscritters go. 

            She is, that is, way better than at least 97.5% of them! 

            And except I believe it impossible for lawyers — and regardless of their political persuasions and/or their professions thereof —   to not have insurmountable conflicts of interest in politics — will likely one of these days make a not too shabby WI governor.

            And President and Armed-Forces Commander-In-Chief-elect Sarah Louise Ronald Wilson Reagan Heath Palin, still need only say the word!

      • Commander_Chico

        Here they are side-by-side.   Maybe Palin has the edge on do-ability.  There are more pictures of Sarah with tight clothing on available online, so it’s hard to judge Michele’s body.

        From a completely demented but funny blog:

        • hyperboliszt

          Dude, “do-ability”? Can a woman run for office without people judging her by the turgidness of their boners?

          (I know you know she’s fucking nuts but the sexist stuff doesn’t add anything to the conversation.)

  • PBunyan

    I’m hoping Bachman’s support goes to Santorum.  And Perry drops and his does too.  Time will tell.  I just hope Santorum gets the money to keep him in it.

    Did ya ever notice how much Santorum is like Jerry Seinfeld when he talks– his speech patters, mannerisms and facial expressions?  A few weeks ago I was watching the last debate on Fox News and Santorum got in to a back and forth with Romney and I said to Ms. Bunyan, “Oh my God!  It’s Jerry Seinfeld arguing with Ted Dansen.

    • Brian_R_Allen

      Did ya ever notice how much Santorum is like Jerry Seinfeld …. 

      Mr Seinfeld is Jewish and talks like a liberal, while Mr Santorum is a big-government serial earmarker.

      And talks like a Catholic who (poorly) plays a conservative on TV.

    • Jay

      Why do you want to keep Santorum in?

      • PBunyan

        Because of the 5 remaining choices he is the best and most electable candidate.  Not perfect by any means, but the best of the available choices.

        I know everyone thinks Romney is the most electable, but they are wrong.  The Obama campaign is dying to run against Romney.  It’s their best hope.  Romney will be another John McCain/Bob Dole in the general election.

        Edit: P.S.: I guess I didn’t make it clear, but Santorium is my candidate and has my vote this February. I was going for Herman Cain but after the Obama Campaign (a.k.a. the MSM) took him out, I pondered hard for about a week and settled on Santorum. It does break a cardinal rule of mine (never vote for lawyers), but in this case I really had no choice. I tried to force myself to support Perry, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it for a number of reasons.

  • ackwired

    I’ll miss her unique view of history.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    …. Texas Governor Rick Perry is not quitting and Tweeted: “Here we come South Carolina.”  

    …. In a statement today Mr Perry said he’s going to places where there are actual Primaries and real Republicans.

    …. Rick Perry is more assured of God’s plan, than was Michele Bachmann ….

    And has a pretty darned Good Idea of what America needs, too. 

    Way to go – Mr Perry!

    • Commander_Chico

      Romney probably gave him a call and asked him to stay in.

    • hyperboliszt

      So Republicans in Iowa aren’t real Republicans?

      Sounds like Palin denigrating my friends in blue states when she lavished praise upon her fans in North Carolina by calling them “Real Americans”.

      Perry is a fucking retard, bud. Aren’t enough racists in the U.S. of A. to get him elected.