Bolton disses Gingrich, endorses Romney

This is somewhat surprising:

John_boltonSlowly but surely, Mitt Romney is shoring up his right flank. His campaign announced Thursday that he’s been endorsed by John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush.

Bolton, whose outspoken views on national security earned him fans among conservatives and critics elsewhere, briefly flirted with a presidential bid of his own. He also became strongly identified with the tea party movement as it rose to prominence in 2009 and 2010.

“Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney possesses the strongest vision for America’s leadership role in the world, and I am proud to endorse him,” Bolton said in a statement released by the Romney campaign.

The Bolton endorsement was a blow to Gingrich, who had pledged to make him his secretary of State should Gingrich be elected president.

Pretty much a done deal it seems, Romney will be the nominee.



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  • Chip

    Oh Dear Lord, what is wrong with these people. Can’t they see that they will ensure Obama gets reelected with Romney as the nominee? Apparently not.

    • What ARE you smoking?  Romney has consistently polled better than anyone else against Obama, whose support has been under 45% in most head-to-head polls, a sign of doom for incumbents.

      Gingrich?  Santorum?  Perry?  WHO do you think would do better against Obama?  Because any of those will be chewed up and spat out by Labor Day.  Ron Paul?  Can’t win the nomination.

      Someone who isn’t running?  That train has left the station, Chip – don’t Bogart that joint, my friend . . .

      • Chip

        I don’t put a whole lot of faith in polls. I’m just relying on a gut feeling of mine that you just cannot trust Mitt Romney and I believe that will be the underlying theme during the General election season.  I just feel like Romney is Obama lite. Nothing is going to change with the establishment pick. It’s still early because we’ve only had two primaries but what usually happens is that once a frontrunner is established after the first few, the others usually pack it in. It would be a shame if they did that this time around but it’s just the same chit different day again.

        • Olsoljer

          Total agreement here.  I keep hoping one of these debates will result in a candidate going for broke.  Seems like they all just pussyfoot around as if they are afraid of offending someone, when an honest, hard stance is what we are looking for.  Obama has led us so deep into the hole, most of realize we are going to have to take some hard hits to get out.  Most of the candidates have produced at least one good plank.  I want to see a candidate put it all together, an “in your face” presentation I can understand.  Abolish tax code, eliminate D of Education, EPA, consolidate redundant agencies, reduce foreign aid, no more wars unless totally committed, don’t send our military when a missile will do,  development of our own resources, conversion to natural gas, fine the crap out of American employers  sending our jobs overseas, repeal obamascare,  rescind obama executive orders/agencies, term limits, something, anything DAMMIT give me a reason to vote for you!!!!!

          • Wild_Willie

            I trust Mitt 100% more than I trust Obama. That is for sure. ww

  • Rick, still way to early to draw any such conclusion.  This is also the first time I’ve found myself at odds with Bolton.  I don’t see a big government politician such as Mittens leading the way out of our current predicament.  Then again, when compared to the incumbent [P]resident, he’d likely staunch the bleeding.

    ABO 2012

    • jim_m

      I think the left grossly underestimates and for the most part outright dismisses the ABO vote.  With polling showing a plurality of people actually fearing his continued presence in the WH there is very little to recommend him to the voters.

      • Jay

        Uhm… You might wanna check this out.  The ABO vote, if combined with this video has a really tough choice ahead.

        • ABO 2012, up to and including the luaP noR kiddillies.

        • jim_m

          Clearly the idea of Operation Counterweight has not reached the left.

          Bain will be old news by Nov.  People will still be unemployed due to obama’s poor leadership (or lack thereof).  Conservatives worried that Romney is still a big government type will focus on the House and Senate where votes for a smaller government actually have a real impact.

    • So are you for Paul, then?  Surely you are not going to try to tell us that Gingrich or Santorum are NOT “big government politicians” when they bought houses in Northern Virginia to join the revolving door of influence peddling?

  • Stephen

    Bolton always was a good lap dog who did what he was told to do – no difference here.

    The GOP elite simply will not tolerate anybody other than Romney as the nominee.

    It was fun watching the clown circus go by and the GOP elite was nice enough to give each of the other candidates their two weeks of fame… then systematically destroy them live in front of the entire nation with opposition research and media leaks. It was Romney who leaked Herman Cain’s peccadilloes to the the press you know… as well as Perry’s Niggerhead problem.

    Applause applause. One of the better Republican puppet shows to date.

    • LIAR.

      Prove your false assertions, or retract them.

      • Stephen

        If you think I’m lying prove it or retract.

        • You made the claim, the burden of proof is on you, stephen.

          • Stephen

            I know! Adjoran claimed I was lying – so the burden of proof is on him to prove it.

    • Commander_Chico

      Yes, that is the way it’s gone.  Chico’s been saying the masters picked Romney and he was inevitable for a long time.

      The cue was that Fox News became the Romney Channel, broadcasting what seemed like all of his “town hall” appearances in Iowa and NH, while starving the others of attention, except if it was negative.

      I don’t know who leaked Cain’s stuff – I always thought it was Perry, but in the end the whole show was scripted, even if the main characters didn’t know it.

      • Stephen

        The GOP elite having been pulling the strings, just like they did to get McCain the nomination four years ago. They think electability trumps all – and to hell with what Republican voters think.

        It really doesn’t matter what Republican voters think… they’ll accept Romney or take a hike. Like it – or leave.

        But the GOP elite will probably throw a bone to the Teabaggers and pick a VP with some real Teabagging street cred. That rules out Palin and Bachman but there are others.

        • jim_m

          I suppose it was e GOP elite that has given Romney easy press coverage from the MSM and the GOP elite that had the MSM savage every candidate that was more conservative than Romney?

          The fact is that Romney has run a decently put together campaign, has not stumbled in the debates like Perry and hasn’t self destructed like Gingrich was always bound to.

          Nor was he the fringe player of the week like Bachmann, Santorum and others.  Ron Paul was always a crank supported by the fever swamp cadre of both far right and far left. 

          Huntsman is the only candidate that the leftist MSM has liked better than Romney, but he is so far left that even the MSM realizes that he is unacceptable to the GOP.

          Sure Romney is the establishment candidate, but claiming that some fix was in for him is farcical.   The GOP nomination has traditionally gone to the player that has waited the longest in line.  That was Dole, McCain and now Romney.  Only rarely has the GOP stepped outside of that tendency. 

          Explain with factual evidence how this fix was perpetrated.  Your conspiracy theory crap is just that.  Explain how the GOP acting the way the GOP has always acted is somehow an evil conspiracy and not just the way things tend to work within that party.

          Remember that Iowa and NH are open primaries where voters routinely cross party lines.  Many dems and independents voted in those primaries tending to skew the results to the center.  Is that somehow part of this evil conspiracy?  If so please explain how the GOP is successfully manipulating the dem voter base to further the GOP elite agenda.

          You and Chica are a real pair of dopes.

  • Hank_M

    I dunno. Who else would Bolton have endorsed?

    Gingrich was doing well until the negative ads cost him support in Iowa. Then he seemed to revert into the Newt we all knew but hoped had gone away, the nasty vidnictive Newt of old.
    And nowadays, grouchy people generally do not get elected.

    Romney did do a good job with the Olympics in 2002 and considering how messed up Ma is, he did a pretty good job of reigning in the always spending democrats that control the state. You have to recall, the Ma House and Senate were and are overwhelmingly democrat.
    And in the early 2000’s the Globe still wielded considerable clout politically in Ma and
    they endorsed the democrat, Shannon OBrien, of course. Romney still won, primarily due to the fact that Obrien came across as nasty and condescending.

    Romney was never my top choice, but considering the field and how they’ve performed, I think Bolton made the right choice.

    ABO 2012

    • DocEpador

      Perhaps this might be a decision based on the perceived inevitability of Romney’s election, Bolton is planning on keeping a very close eye on him.  By being a supporter Romney will have to appoint him to something important.

  • Even Fox News is in the bag for Romney.  Megyn Kelly had done Fox’s own research on the claims about Bain.  Stuart Varney presented a one sided view of each incident listed in the film about Romney’s time at Bain.  Funny they did no research concerning the 4 pinochio’s earned by the Romney backing super pac for their negative attacks on Gingrich.  Fair and balanced my a$$.  Just remember who to hold responsible when Obama uses the same tactics as Kennedy did to beat Romney.

    • jim_m

      Like what tactics?  Drowning his campaign aid like Teddy did?  Is that the tactic your referring to?

    • “one sided view” as opposed to what?  The “objective, even-handed” approach of the neo-Marxist attack film”?

    • Stephen

      Fox News is the bag. They funded Palin until she proved she couldn’t overcome her obstacles, then they backed Romney. They aren’t “supporting” him per se – they own him and they are just protecting their property — and he’ll have to pay it all back.

      At least nobody is claiming Fox News is “Fair and Balanced” anymore. That was really sad, pointing out how much Fox News wasn’t fair or balanced and having conservative idiots defending Fox.

      Apparently there are some on the right who are so stupid they don’t even know it when they are being played as suckers. Glad some of you are finally waking up.

  • Anon Y. Mous

    If Gingrich promised to make Bolton his Secretary of State without even discussing it with Bolton, that shows an incredible amount of hubris on Gingrich’s part. On the other hand, if he did discuss it with Bolton and Bolton was on board, than this is shows an incredible amount of duplicity by Bolton.

    • When has Newt ever “consulted” anyone other than to lecture them with a monologue? 

      Seriously, when?

  • herddog505

    I’m trying to come to terms with a Romney candidacy.  He doesn’t light my fire at all, and Romneycare is nothing short of a disaster.  On the other hand, he’s proved himself as a reasonably competent manager in his career.  I don’t think that he will be a stellar president and he’s certainly not going to roll back any part of the liberal behemoth that’s been built over the past eighty years, but I think (hope?  pray?) that he will be a decent caretaker.

    Anyway, Barry has set the bar so damed low that we’d have to elect a submoron from death row to do worse than he has.

  • Commander_Chico

    Bolton serves a role as Nutball Supreme in this race.  Of course, another chickenhawk mongering for wars. 

    He stabbed Gingrich in the back, no loyalty whatsoever.

    Romney will make him Deputy Secretary of Funny Walks or Special Advisor, Bolton can’t be trusted with any real power.

  • ReaganiteRepublican

    Huge Bolton fan on defense, but man did he get this one wrong- bad timing to say the least

    Mitt’s in decline, as Newt’s (counter) attack ads start to bite: Romney’s only up 2 pts in SC in the latest poll, and Gingrich is out front in NC already- the day’s soon coming when Romney regrets forcing the doughboy to go nuclear.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right Mittens?

    ha ha ha ha ha

  • ReaganiteRepublican

    Huge Bolton fan on defense, but man did he get this one wrong- bad timing to say the least

    Mitt’s in decline, as Newt’s (counter) attack ads start to bite: Romney’s only up 2 pts in SC in the latest poll, and Gingrich is out front in NC already- the day’s soon coming when Romney regrets forcing the doughboy to go nuclear.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right Mittens?

    ha ha ha ha ha

  • Sky__Captain

    All the hyperbole from the left-wing Peanut Gallery doesn’t make a difference.

    No matter who the Republicans nominate, the weakest candidate in 2012 is still Barack Hussein Obama.

    • herddog505

      Only if you look at his record.

  • klaffner

    Unlike a lot of people on this board, I actually listen to Romney.  I have also listened to Bolton over the years.  Romney’s well laid out foreign policy matches up quite well with what Bolton believes.  Could it be that Bolton is just lining up with a strong candidate that has the same beliefs and philosophy? 

    • Jay

      His “well laid out” foreign policy clashes with a horrific domestic policy that will be far worse than what Obama.  I can predict it now.  With his background in destroying homes, less ideas on immigration, and support for another war, he’s going to lose against Obama.