Froma Harrop, Uninformed Dumbass of the Day II

Froma Harrop Uninformed Dumbass Froma Harrop is beclowning herself again, this time on the Daily Show, in a clip so good even Allahpundit called it a must watch.

So monumentally stupid is Froma Harrop in this clip, that Allah thinks she must be playing along with the joke.  No AP, Froma Harrop really doesn’t understand irony and hypocrisy, that’s what made her Uninformed Dumbass of the Day the first time, just follow the links.

Anyway, enough of me telling you how dumb she is…  I’ll let her show you in her own words.




Look who's taking bucketfuls of Wall Street Cash
MSNBC Talking Head: This Is The Best Economic Recovery In Our Lifetime
  • LiberalNightmare

    Too funny to be real

  • JWH

    I suspect she was “in” on the joke.

    • jim_m

      I’d almost guarantee that she is oblivious to the hypocrisy.  Most leftists are. 

      Cue Stephen to come in and defend her….

      • Stephen

        Allah Pundit thought she was in on it, and so do I and so does JWH.

        People like jimm aren’t smart enough to tell the difference, so they just bumble through their stupidity… sure that they are right.

        • jim_m

          My point was that she was oblivious to the hypocrisy.  Note that she defends her own words as mere hyperbole and not being of the same sort as those people with whom she disagrees.  Note that her defense of her hypocritical position hasn’t shifted one iota since last summer when she was first called on her bullshit.

          Like most lefties you are clearly unable to read with comprehension.  A distinction I believe I have pointed out to you in the past.

        • Jwb10001

          Wow she must really be super, double secret smart to be “in on” making herself look like a total idiot, but I guess you have to be smart like Stephen to “get it”

        • I would say that you perfectly described yourself. But you and two others couldn’t be wrong, huh? I guess your theory would also prove that Hitler was right? I mean, at least two other people agreed with him. Stalin? Chairman Mao? Mussolini? Your Three People Agreement Theory could dramatically change the way we look at history! How many people would agree that drunk driving is a great idea? Drugs? Millions would agree that liberals are idiots, and you could be the new poster child of idiot liberals.

    • Sure she ‘knew’, she just thought it would be cute to be made to look like a complete ass. Anyone can keep from looking dumb, but only really, really smart people allow themselves to look like an idiot.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    I bet she did really well in journalism school!

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  • ackwired

    I love it when The Daily Show has fun with hypocrits

  • I admit I was oblivious to her prior to ten minutes ago but isnt it nice in one fell swoop I can now run across anything she writes and throw it directly in the trash?? Isnt that what writers aspire too?

  • Gmacr1

    She’s full on ignorant. AoS did a fisking and the comments were a riot. John Oliver’s comments sailed right over her head and never once did it occur to her what was happening.

    She’s a leader in furthering polite political discourse.  /sarc

  • Brian_R_Allen

    The really neat aspect of lubbrool stupidity is that the further from any hint of reality any of their inanity, vapidity, banality, asininity and/or hypocrisy appears, the surer you may be the dopey poor dear dangerous dullards are deadly serious! 

  • I wonder why she would be “in” on such a crushing exposure of her own hypocrisy? If she isn’t in on it, she is an idiot. If she is, she is also an idiot for exposing the kinks in her world view.

  • I doubt she was in on it, however to label her as a typical leftist is unfair.  She is obviously unique to get such notoriety.  I don’t see a large quantity of viral videos that showcase the morons on the right because there are too many to air.  There are many leftist that are oblivious, just as right wingers are either selfish rich blowhards and/or brain-washed idiots.

    • MelanieU

      Agreed. The difference b/n left and right is that often left (as in Daily Show) will call out hypocrites on their own side. That’s why most “left” people don’t watch MSNBC nor support left talk radio. Wrong is wrong.

      • ddn

        The hypocrisy you say only leftist point out is also shown within your comment. You agreed with the statement that labeling a few as a general rule is unfair and yet you label all right-winged minds don’t point out their own hypocrisy. I have seen your so-called leftist only deed be done by many right winged and left winged minds. You simply need to expand your sample size of a few right-winged minds/shows to others. Look at both sides, the good sides and don’t let the bad-eggs shape your view of the whole. Both left and right wings have major faults; I believe the most comprehensive minds are those who consider all sides.

        • Well any right wingers in the 99% have been brainwashed by corporate greedy schmucks to think either the right has their best interest in mind or maybe one day they can be one of the 1% that don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes.

  • mary jo christiansen

    perhaps the funniest part of the whole thing is her response on her blog….how it was “great fun” even tho “most of my comments were edited out”….as if she can in any way rationalize her moronic rants.   Apparently she wasn’t “in” on it…and she’s just so hungry for affection and attention that she JUMPED at the chance to be on the Daily Show….She says she didn’t know she would be portrayed this way…this woman has a brain injury…she cannot be a highly functioning human.


    Considering she has her own blog (@, I am wondering if she will take the time to provide the “careful reasoning” that “ended up on the cutting room floor.”  The article in question, “Hurt feelings can be a consequence of strong arguments,” at ( is founded on the false premise that someway, somehow (according to post commenter, Henrietta Penobscott III, whom I agree with) , that “the Democrats had the debt-ceiling solution essentially correct and it was the recalcitrant republicans holding up the show.”  If this is the best she has got to offer the public, her career is close to over…

  • chloe simpson

    You guys are idiots… this was scripted and she played along with it. The Daily Show invited her to partake in this and she has a sense of humor so she agreed. If you guys think that any of those skits on that show aren’t scripted you need to learn a thing or two about television. I know this a) from knowing people who work on the show and b) from speaking directly with her about it.