Jimmy Carter: Newt Gingrich Has That Subtlety Of Racism

Since me and the rest of my fellow bloggers here at Wizbang were accused of being racists yesterday because of my post about Allen West, I figured I’d keep the race fun going by writing about this current nugget of wisdom emanating out of the mouth of Jimmy Carter. Newt Gingrich has “that subtlety of racism” according to the most wonderful judge of character to ever hold public office. Don’t believe me? Just ask the Iranians, the Palestinians, or the Muslim Brotherhood. Jimmy Carter is their biggest fan.

Here’s what the wizard of the Democratic party said on CNN:

“When you emphasize, over and over, welfare, food stamps, and ‘Why don’t the black people get jobs,” and if I’m president, I’ll make sure they turn toward a work ethic, rather than an ethic of welfare and food stamps, that’s appealing to the wrong element in South Carolina,” the former President said on CNN.

If I’m not mistaken, Jimmy, and I’m not, Gingrich didn’t say “Why don’t the black people get jobs.” He said we should show the poor how to get jobs and work their way out of poverty. Seems to me that Mr. Carter is the one automatically associating black people with poor people.

Don’t blame Jimmy, he’s just sticking to the party line making outrageous claims of racism when there’s no proof whatsoever. He’s not the only one, of course.

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  • Joe_Miller

    That’s because Jimmy shares the collective racism of the liberal Democrats. They don’t really believe black people are equal. They HEAR it even if it isn’t spoken.

  • Brucehenry

    Right. Because when your average South Carolina Republican voter pictures lazy food-stamp-collectin’ good for nothing “poor” people– you know, the kind whose kids “have no habit of showing up on Monday” — he doesn’t picture them as being black at all. 

     Why, where would an 80-something lifelong Southerner get the idea that he did?

    And Gingrich doesn’t MEAN for that voter to picture black folks, either. Nosirree.

    • cirby

      On the other hand, every Democrat seems to do that for EVERY subject.

      For example, when someone draws a cartoon of Michelle Obama as Marie Antoinette (an 18th century white noblewoman), that’s racist.  Because, er, well, NEVER MIND, IT JUST IS.

    • GarandFan

      I’d be interested in knowing how many “South Carolina Republicans” you know personally.

      As for Jimmah.  Once a closet racist, always a closet racist.

      • Brucehenry

        LOL a few, not too many. But I know lots of NORTH Carolina Republicans, in addition to lots of North Florida Republicans. Can’t imagine there’s too much difference.

        • cirby

          Democrats never can imagine that people on the other side have any real differences.  “They’re all the same,” you know.

          It’s almost like they have some sort of… prejudgement going on.

          Or prejudice.

        • LiberalNightmare

          >>Can’t imagine there’s too much difference.

          Are you saying that they are all the same Bruce?

          • Brucehenry

            You mean, do I think SC Republicans are pretty much “all the same” as Republicans from elsewhere in the South?

            Umm, yeah, pretty much.

          • Gmacr1

            Projection, its your livelihood and you do it so well.

          • What color is the sky in your world, Festus?

          • cirby

            With that last addition, you’re well into “bigotry” territory.  

            With a side order of “do you actually know any Republicans who will still talk to you in real life, or are you pretending that your caricature Republicans are based on anything but Democrat strawmen?”

          • Brucehenry

            Haha you wouldn’t know “bigotry territory” if given a map with a big red X marked “You Are Here,” Junior.

            I usually keep pretty quiet about politics in real life, btw. Often, bigots just ASSUME I’m one of them, because I’m a white man in late middle age, I guess. Amazing what people’ll reveal in candid conversation.

          • cirby

            I grew up in Democrat-dominated East Texas during the 1960s and 1970s.  I was caught in more than one full-fledged race riot.  

            I got beat up more than once because I had the audacity to have black friends in a predominantly white school during desegregation.  Our school system was already desegregated when people in Boston were throwing rocks at school buses because they held black kids.I had relatives who were dedicated racists – all lifelong Democrats – who lived and breathed racism and religious hatred, and who couldn’t, for the life of them, understand what you were talking about when you mentioned it to them.  “Other people are bigots, I’m just being realistic.”Yes, I know bigoted right-wingers.  And left-wingers.  A very few are classic racists, true. Most of the rest are pretty minimal about it, and don’t treat blacks much different than they treat whites or Hispanics.  Racism and bigotry aren’t the same for everyone.  Some times, it’s “all X are like that because blood tells.”  Some times it’s “all X are like that because The Man keeps them down, and they’re never going to climb out of the ghetto unless the White Man gives them everything on a silver platter, because they’re just not capable of it.”  Guess what political party lives and breathes that one…
            Meanwhile, you meet one or two classic racists, and then decide that everyone who disagrees with you politically MUST be just like them, because they’re “all the same” – the classic cry of the lifelong bigot.

          • Brucehenry

            Yes, yes, I agree with much of what you say, but we’re here at Wizbang. I’m the contrary voice here. I’m not here to point out the faults of liberals, Cirby. I’m here to point out Jim M’s faults, mostly. 

            Oh, and to try to get you guys to acknowledge that “He who smelt it, dealt it,” is NOT a valid argument when it comes to questions of racism.

          • Olsoljer

            If I were you I would keep pretty quiet about politics too, opening your mouth with the drivel you spout here would probably earn you a trip to the dentist.

          • Brucehenry

            What is that, a threat? LOL

          • chesterarthur

            Or in a comment.Thanks for your amazing demonstration of liberal prejudice and the lack of self-awareness that is the prime characteristic of your thinking. 

          • RDM

            Of course, with your comments here, you reveal your bigotry on a constant basis.  It must be really intellectually convenient to, rather than resorting to any logic, just claim your opponents arguments are racist.

          • Brucehenry

            Says the lurker.

        • Oysteria

          You just did the same thing you’re accusing others of, Bruce.

    • herddog505

      Oh, OF COURSE.  Why, if everybody on welfare was lilly-white, NOBODY would object to them laying about all day sponging off the government.  In fact, we’d all be begging – nay, DEMANDING – to have our taxes raised just so we could give even more benefits to that pack of deadbeats.

      / sarc

      • Brucehenry

        Yeah, cuz that’s what most food stamp recipients do — lay about all day, sponging off the government.

         Including all those senior citizens and military personnel. Parasites.

        • herddog505

          Are you implying that they are actually working?  Under the table?  At some hobby or other voyage of personal fulfillment?  Or perhaps they are simply sponging like this person might easily have done:

          Approximately one month after I had received the first letter, another letter found its way to my mailbox from the Department of Human Services.  I opened it up to find an EBT card with my name on it, instructions on how to activate and use the card, and the amount I could access on it per month — 200 dollars.  Nothing followed-up my interview, other than the evidently pointless letter I received during the previous month.   No one ever asked for a copy of my birth certificate or Social Security card, nor for my student identification card.  I answered all of their questions truthfully, but how were they to know that I was who I said I was?  Is it really this simple to obtain welfare benefits here in the United States?


          About 45 MILLION Americans are on food stamps.  I appreciate that the economy is in the dumper (that is, when Barry and his cheerleaders aren’t telling us that we’re in the midst of the Greatest Recovery EV-AH), but WTF?  ALL those people are military or elderly who – somehow – can’t work enough to put food on their own tables?  Further, many of these people stay on food stamps for YEARS: it’s not a short-term helping hand for people who are simply in a tight spot, but rather a habit.  Again, what the hell are these people doing if they AREN’T just laying about?

          We’ve got a serious problem with welfare in the United States, both from the financial aspect (we spend billions on the program, much of which goes to fraud, inefficiency, and other waste), as well as the moral aspect (do we really, really want to subsidize dependency).  But to speak of it is branded as racism.

          What other problems has the country got to face that are simply to be dismissed as race baiting?

    • TWB

      Bruce I know I’ll probably regret asking this, but what exactly would be wrong with helping black people get a job? Whether black or white, do you not agree that it’s better for an individual to have gainful employment rather than be a ward of the state?

      • Brucehenry

        Nothing would be wrong with helping jobless people, of any color, get a job instead of having to accept government help. Maybe Gingrich even really wants to help.

        The pandering schtick is an end in itself, though. That’s what Carter meant. Any honest observer can smell the stink of Gingrich’s rhetoric. If you can’t, you’re either too young, too naive, or too willfully ignorant. 

        • Jwb10001

          So in other words nothing is wrong with helping poor people so long as Democrats do it and Republicans just shut up about it?

          • Brucehenry

            If I want to say something “in other words” I’ll say it. Until then, just assume the words I used are the ones I meant. OK, Genius?

          • Jwb10001

            No not OK the words you used are cocky bull shit that needed clarified and frankly if you don’t like I don’t much care.

        • SCSIwuzzy

          you can read Carter’s mind now?  If he meant that, why did he muddy the waters with talk of black people?

  • herddog505

    There was a time when I thought well of Jimmuh.  Terrible president, of course, but a decent fellow.

    No longer.

    I don’t know whether it’s that he’s in his dotage, whether he’s had some sort of stroke or other brain damage like Joe Biden, whether years of having his face next to “failure” in the dictionary, or whether he was always a mean, hateful son of a b*tch, but… he’s a mean, bitter, hateful, partisan, disgraceful son of a b*tch. 

    • jim_m

      Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.

      Oh, and you left out anti-Semite.

    • ackwired

      Well, we couldn’t respect anybody who was mean, hateful, bitter and partisan, could we?

      • herddog505

        I can’t respect a f*cking idiot, either.

        “Malaise” my a**.

        • ackwired

          Ever heard of irony?

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          herddog505 wrote, in response to ackwired:
          I can’t respect a f*cking idiot, either.

          “Malaise” my a**.
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  • Walter_Cronanty

    The only thing worse than Carter as President is Carter as ex-President.  Truly disgraceful.

    • ackwired

      You may not agree with his views.  That’s your right.  I don’t agree with everything he says, either.  But disgraceful?  He did stop a war with North Korea when Clinton couldn’t wait to attack.  He has helped many people with his work on Guinea worm and other works thru his foundation.  He has been a much better ex-president that he was a president.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        He became even more anti-Semitic and even more of a partisan hack.  Most ex-presidents have the good grace to stfu concerning partisan politics, especially foreign affairs, after their term(s) [I’ll give Billieboy a bit of pass since his wife, whatever that may mean in their marriage, is a major domo in national/international politics].  Jimmah simply can’t keep his mouth shut and has become nothing but a parody of a progressive shill [there’s nothing classically “liberal” about the man].  He’s an absolute disgrace.  I still can’t believe I voted for him in ’76.
        herddog505 said it best above: “he’s a mean, bitter, hateful, partisan, disgraceful son of a b*tch.”

      • Oysteria

        Yeah, and Hamas builds schools and hospitals.  But we just disagree with their views……….

  • Newt is pandering to the racists in South Carolina. That’s clear.

    What’s interesting is not only the fact that some conservatives are suggesting Veep candidates on the basis of their race, even if they aren’t other wise qualified — but also we have Wizbang posting daily on the subject of race.

    • TWB

      Thanks for taking the bait, Stephen.

      • Thanks for reacting to my comments, T.


        Tomorrow I want you to write about VP candidates again. Capiche?

        • TWB

          We’ll see….depends on my mood. You’re probably actually a conservative who likes to yank our chains.

          • You guessed it.

          • Sky__Captain

            Either that, or he’s the latest incarnation of “Bob Armstrong, Racist Troll”.

  • MichaelLaprarie

    “some conservatives are suggesting Veep candidates on the basis of their race, even if they aren’t other wise qualified” … ‘Scuse me, but isn’t that pretty much why Barack Obama was nominated in 2008?

    • Hey, now that’s a racist statement. “Obama was nominated in 2008 because he’s black” — and often repeated attack on conservative blogs. You know – the ones who call him the “affirmative action president”.

      Newt uses similar coded speech. The racists love it and leap to their feet to defend it.

      • Sky__Captain

        And here I thought Barack Hussein Obama was nominated because he was “clean and articulate”.

        (I really do hope Li’l Stephen has a meeting with Olaf soon. Accusing everyone else of being racist is a one-trick-pony. And it’s lame.)

        • Mr Kimber

          Remenber when we couldn’t call him Barack Hussein Obama because if we did we were RACCCCCCCIST!!!!!!!! BTW what is Steve talking about with ” coded speech “. Is there a book where I can learn this  ” coded speech “

          • jim_m

            Coded speech is lefty speak for “I have no evidence what-so-ever that you are racist but I want to call you a racist so I will make up something and call it evidence”,

          • Brucehenry

            “You start out in 1954 saying ‘ni**er, ni**er, ni**er.’ By 1968, you can’t say ‘ni**er.’ – that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now that you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is that blacks get hurt worse than whites.”

            That’s Lee Atwater, one of the architects of Nixon’s Southern Strategy, guru of GHW Bush’s 1988 campaign, and a man revered by Southern Republicans for his political acumen.

            But OH NO, Southern Republican politicians have never ever used code words or dogwhistles. Perish the thought.

            For what it’s worth, I don’t think you, Jim, or other Wizbang commenters are racists. I think you’re oblivious, clueless, and naive, and very very anxious to claim the mantle of victimhood for yourselves. That’s why all the boohooin’ about “political correctness” and the “who, me?” butthurt whenever it is suggested that there could be a whiff of racism in certain rhetoric.

          • Hank_M

            “For what it’s worth, I don’t think you, Jim, or other Wizbang commenters
            are racists. I think you’re oblivious, clueless, and naive, and very
            very anxious to claim the mantle of victimhood for yourselves”

            Kinda full of yourself aren’t you Bruce?

          • RDM

            Yup.  Cutting taxes is ‘Racist’

            My lord, bruce?  Do you listen to yourself?Its like talking about underwear gnomes:Step one, steal underwear.
            Step two ???????Step three: PROFIT!!!Step one:  Racism in the fifties(By democrats, mostly, BTW)Step two: ?????Step three: Cutting taxes is racist!!!!

          • Brucehenry

            Do you understand the concept of “quoting others?” I posted a very famous, or rather infamous, Lee Atwater quote.

             I didn’t say cutting taxes is racist, Einstein.

          • It’s possible to pitch a dogwhistle so high that even the dog can’t hear it, but liberals can. 

            At some point, Bruce, allegations of racism for ‘dog whistles’, code words and crap like that simply lose all meaning and become ridiculous… except to those feverently wanting to believe in such things.

            You’ve really hit that point. 

          • Brucehenry

            Or for those who wish to live in denial, Lawson.

          • Yeah, Bruce.  Sure.

            Only racist around here seems to be you – you’re the one who seems totally obsessed with skin color.  

            Obama can’t be criticised on his policy decisions – it must be racism, because we can’t stand a black man in the White House. Or so you say.

            What we can’t stand is a fool who’s taken the Bush deficits and quadrupled them, who’s run up $5 tril in less than 4 years, and is about to ask for ANOTHER fucking trillion – while doing everything he can to actually avoid creating private sector jobs, and therefore reducing the money that comes in to pay for the functioning of the government. I don’t give a damn if he’s black, white, gray, green, puce with tartan plaid spots or blue-velvet plush with trimmings of Corinthian leather – we can’t fucking afford him.

            Disagreement isn’t racism – it’s the highest form of patriotism, remember?

            It almost seems the fact that we aren’t constantly obsessing about skin color, and framing everything in racist terms is total proof to you that we’re racists – and you’re not.

            But when you casually toss out accusations of racism for idiotic code words and ‘dog whistles’ – seems like the only person who’s racist here – and in denial about it – is you.

          • Brucehenry

            Two things, Lawson:

            One, who the hell was talking about Obama? This thread was about Carter’s criticism of Newt Gingrich’s rhetoric — he says it’s full of code words designed to appeal to bigots, and I agree. Others, ummm…differ.

            Also, too, and secondly, it’s a little silly to accuse a commenter of “obsessing about race” in a thread ABOUT RACE. I don’t see you scolding the dozens of other commenters on this thread who have an opinion on the matter. Why me? Oh, that’s right, because I’m not parroting the “Nuh-uh, YOU are racist” comments of the usual gang of Jeopardy champions here on Wizbang.

            If you’re an interested observer of politics like me, you can react to suspicions of racism in one of several ways. You can be OVERLY sensitive to it (as I am accused of being), slightly sensitive to it, oblivious to it, or willfully, blindly, historically-ignorantly, defensively oblivious to it. Most Wizbang commenters, in my experience, fall into the last category.

      • jim_m

        Here’s a question for you then:  Is it not racist to vote for someone because of their skin color?  If people voted for McCain because he was white your answer would undoubtedly be yes.  So if people voted for obama because he is black would that not also be a racist reason for voting for him?  Since the overwhelming majority of black voters cited the fact of his race in voting for him shall we not therefore declare that they are all racists?

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  • Let’s see if I correctly understand Stephen’s accusation: If we promote the advancement of colored people, then we are racists.  Does the NAACP know about this?

  • KenWD

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    • KenWD

      A bit of advice for President Carter.

  • 914

    I thought jimmie the joo hater moved to Gaza?

    • Walter_Cronanty

      Even they won’t have him.

  • Hank_M

    It’s the liberals that automatically default to black when the words welfare, food-stamps, poor, etc are brought up. This shows more about their inherent racism than anything else. Problem is, this conflicts with the enlightened view they have of themselves. So they do what they’ve made an art form – they project.

    As for code words, don’t be surprised that they use this argument also.
    When there’s nothing there for them to use to support the false accusation of racism, they use the old code word argument so they can rebut  and accuse based on something that was never said.

    As for Jimmy Carter, the self centered liar and bigot hasn’t been the same since he was attacked by a friggin rabbit.

  • RDM

    Is this “Code words’ thing kind of like when liberals say “Neo-con” and mean “Jew’ or “Jew lover’ to try to express their antisemitism without actually doing so?

  • Gmacr1

    “Newt Gingrich Has That Subtlety Of Racism” wheras James Earl Carter has removed all doubt.

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