Newt Gingrich Wins In South Carolina, Derails Romney Express?

Well it looks like the Mitt Romney coronation will have to wait until at Super Tuesday.

I’m not sure the Newt becomes any more electable that he was before South Carolina, but it does knock a little of the inevitability sheen off of Romney. He’s still the front-runner, but now he’s going to have to fight to keep that status…

Primary Thoughts
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  • Commander_Chico

    I’m sure the youth of America will flock to support this caustic 68 year old fat guy. Your suburban married mom-type will particularly be attracted to Newt.

    You’re taking a sure thing and making it into a choke-a-rama reminiscent of the Cubs or Red Sox.

    Considering the Electoral College, do you think Newt has any chance of winning, for example, Maine, NH, Colorado, or Michigan as Mitt possibly/probably would? Two words: none and none.

    Chico has been saying that Mitt’s a lock, but Mitt’s incompetent failure to anticipate the tax return question gives him pause. Mitt’s been running for years, but preferred the shady tax shelters and exemptions to the better idea of paying more taxes than he had to in order to make himself look good. That would have been the best campaign contribution he could make. Makes ya question his judgment.

    • jim_m


      Are you really so shallow as to make Gingrich’s weight one of the top three reasons that people should vote against him?  Nothing is quite as revealing as seeing what character traits someone fastens upon as reasons to reject someone else.  In your case physical fitness apparently supersedes most everything else. 

      God forbid that Chris Chistie should have run.   

      What’s next?  Candidates with glasses will be referred to as “four-eyed”?  Seriously, I didn’t figure you as being this shallow but then I never find it possible to underestimate how juvenile a lefty can be.

      • Commander_Chico

        Can you understand the difference between knowing that appearances matter and caring about those appearances yourself? 

        Newt will just look like crap next to the lean and healthy Barry. That’s a fact, and appearances do matter.  But being fat will not matter as much as being old, and being old will not matter as much as being a caustic a-hole.

        But we are touchy about that, are we?  A good fitness program helps you to both shed weight and feel better.  I recommend a program of squats and push-ups – gradually increase your reps in the morning and do a few sets during the day.  Then some weight lifting and some kind of cardio, along with taking the stairs and walking when you can.  Also, completely cut out high-fructose carbonated beverages.

        • jim_m

          If you and those you travel with are so shallow as to discount someone by their appearance and vote for a travesty like obama merely because he exercises I fear for this nation.

          As for myself, I am in pretty good shape for a man my age.  My waistline is still several inches (6+) slimmer than my chest.  And if you lift weights like I do it IS a cardio workout.

          • Shut up fathead. You’re sounding like a 12 year old again.

          • Jwb10001

            And the smartest guy commenting here puts forward another brilliant argument in favor of his position that will no doubt change several minds over to his way of thinking. You are with out equal when it comes to reasoned, thoughtful discussion.

          • oh, look – it’s a convention of 12 year olds. How cute…

          • Jwb10001

            why do you come here seriously? You never really say anything is it only to give us someone to make fun of?

          • I come here to talk to the adults. Go away and quit stalking me, moron.

          • retired.military

            You would actually learn if you actually listened to adults. Instead you shoot off your potty mouth, act like an insolent child and learn nothing.

          • retired.military

            Yep you and Chico.

          • Oysteria

            Yeah, because nothing proves you’re the adult in the room like,

            “Shut up fathead.”

          • lol.. like pollen to bees to the 12 year olds…

          • retired.military

            Stephn you shouldnt talk to Chico that way.

          • retired.military

            Stephn you shouldnt talk to Chico that way.

        • Newt will just look like crap next to the lean and healthy Barry. That’s a fact, and appearances do matter.

          Obama’s brain will appear a shriveled prune next to Newt’s Churchillian dome, and intellect matters.

          Obama will be a child sharing the stage with an adult.

          Obama will be a Carter running against a Reagan.

          In what fantasy world do you live where people forget Obama’s blockage of Keystone, his war on industry, his genuflection to dictators, and his destruction of the best healthcare system in the world? You have no idea.

          • Obama sums up the democratic reaction to the GOP Primary circuses… in the photo below

      • If you didn’t figure him as being that shallow you haven’t been paying close attention to his comments.

      • If you didn’t figure him as being that shallow you haven’t been paying close attention to his comments.

    • Mitt wants to wait and deliver his 2011 tax return in April.

      Fatal mistake. He should have released it weeks ago and it would be behind him. Now it’s looming ahead of him while he slips into second

  • Yeah, Mitt has to be able to defend his own success.  The tax thing is tricky, you know there are myriad deductions and devices using the full arcanery of the laws, but he will have to be able to explain most of them once he releases stuff.

    Still, I would have hoped he would be able to think on his feet and say, “Since when do returns get released before South Carolina?  Just because Newt decided an hour ago?  That has not been the tradition and traditions don’t change to suit your whims, or Newt’s.”

    Gingrich benefited from softball set-ups in two debates to sway a mostly undecided and uncommitted electorate in SC.  Juan Williams asked half a dozen racial questions before Newt slapped him:  he deserved the slap but wouldn’t have gotten it if he had just dropped his idiotic determination to act as if civil rights demonstrators were being hosed and tear-gassed outside the debate hall.  And John King had to ask the day’s top story’s leading question at some point, leading off is debatable but there is an argument to get the day’s controversy dealt with first, Newt knew it was coming and was loaded for bear.  Good for him.

    Gingrich isn’t qualified by experience, temperament, or character to be President of the United States.  This must be stated clearly.  He is a lying, backstabbing skunk who has screwed over conservatives even more often than he’s bent the help over his desk.  He has been hated by independents and swing voters ever since the 1995 government shutdown and is presently about 30% underwater in approval – the worst negative of any public figure over this period.

    Fortunately, the incompetent jerk didn’t qualify for the ballot in his home state of Virginia (where he’s lived since leaving Congress to participate in the revolving door of influence-peddling despite the desire of some stupid people to believe he isn’t part of the DC establishment) or in Missouri.  Can’t even do that much, which Alan Keyes could manage, but he’s qualified to be President?  Kiss my grits.

    • Romney made the tax thing tricky. He should have either unapologetically released the records, or unapologetically told people to mind their own business. But, as usual, he tried to take the middle of the road and have it both ways. The moderate will screw us the same way he screwed himself, if elected.

      • Olsoljer

        Romney is scared to death to reveal his personal finances.  Why?  It sure doesn’t look good to have in excess of 6 accounts in the Cayman Islands.  This guy is a bumbling idiot, and his gaffs will soon exceed Perry’s.

    • Olsoljer

      I take it you are voting for obama?

  • Stephen Macklin

    Romney Express?

    He’s one for three in the GOP primaries. Clearly the electorate doesn’t find him as electable as the pundit class.

    The real tragedy is that looking at the four remaining GOP candidates you cannot help but think the Republicans may have found a way to lose to the most beatable incumbent ever.

    • TWB

      I agree Stephen, I think the GOP is smack in the middle of blowing this thing all to hell.

      • Word. It’s what happens when corporations are allowed to run the GOP and take democracy away from the people.

        Just like 99%ers have been telling you folks for months… but the Koch brothers convinced you to ignore them and revile them… like good little sheep.

        Conservatives, you haven’t a prayer of deciding who the GOP nominee will be — and it’s your own damn fault. Wake up and smell the fix — your vote doesn’t count. The Citizens United decision which you so vehemently defended means that the Super Pacs are running the show.

        Damn sheep. When you going to grow a pair and take back your party?

  • 914

    If Mitt had simply failed to pay taxes like the Obama White House this would be a non issue. 


    “Considering the Electoral College, do you think Newt has any chance of winning, for example, Maine, NH, Colorado, or Michigan as Mitt possibly/probably would? Two words: none and none.”

    Newt would carry all of the south and southwest and take back Ohio and Florida as would Romney. I even think Pennsylvania is up for grabs this time.

    Barry’s in big landslide trouble. The shitstream media digging up and paying Herman Cain like frauds, will not work anymore.

    • Commander_Chico

      Don’t mistake the Wizbang comment board to the general voter populace.   Newt has 58% negative rating in national polling.  That beats Barry by at least ten percent. 

      The problem with Newt is that he talks too much and likes to say smart but shocking things.  All of his outrageous  statements will be dredged up and repeated over and over again.

      • Sky__Captain

        Of course, if all of Obama’s outrageous statements would be dredged up and repeated over and over again, even Chico wouldn’t vote for him.

        But they won’t be, so Chico will be confident in voting for the SCOAMF.

      • 914

        I haven’t heard anything ‘outrageous’ at all..  Accept from Ole’ jug ears who is going to lose 52% to 47%

      • Digg34

        Don’t forget that regardless of what your percentages say most people will vote ABO. If Newt gets the nomination Obama will be fighting himselff as much as dodging Newt.

  • It seems to me that Mitt was already prematurely coronated. Newt had to knock the crown off his head.

  • 914

    Cheeco’s just trying to give himself an excuse to vote for the buffoon in Chief again. As if he wasn’t anyways. Just a guilty conscience I suppose.

    • jim_m

      He doesn’t need an excuse.  Everyone knows that he will vote for obama no matter who opposes him.

      Apparently, from what he said above, chica will be voting for obama because he looks hot.

      • Jwb10001

        Can you think of any other reason to vote for him?

        • Brucehenry

          I can think of four:

          1. Newt
          2. Mitt
          3. Ron
          4. Rick

          • Four more…

            1. Sarah
            2. Herman
            3. Donald
            4. Michele

          • Jwb10001

            so no reason to vote for him just reasons to vote against these folks, maybe you missed it but none of them are running for president.

          • I would vote for Obama instead of all of those above. It’s a simple equation — the right has yet to put up a viable, qualified candidate… and Republican voters know it.

            And Donald and Sarah are not out of the race yet — they’re just lying in wait for the rest of clowns to melt down.

          • 914

            You will vote for Barry cause you cant pry your head loose from his ass!!

            Just too stoopid to matter.

          • Jwb10001

            Have at it!

      • Ah yes, the “tingles” criteria.

      • Ah yes, the “tingles” criteria.

  • herddog505

    I would like to ask my fellow reichwing Rethuglikkkans a big favor:

    My e-mail account is messed up, and I haven’t gotten the latest update from our corporate masters about who I should support this week.  Is it Newt?  Romney?  Santorum?  I’m pretty sure it isn’t Paul: the masters were pretty clear early on that we are absolutely NOT to support him because of his stand on the Fed and giving money to Israel; all that stuff about him being a kook are just window dressing to trick the lefties.

    Reading some of the comments, I can only suppose that – somehow – Big Corporations HQ is dropping the ball because ALL the candidates are getting at least some flak.  Is NOBODY getting their marching orders?  WHO ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SUPPORT???

    / sarc

    • Jwb10001

      It’s not your e-mail that’s hosed up it’s the Cheney mind control ray that’s on the fritz.