“…there is reason to believe that strict right-wing ideology might appeal to those who have trouble grasping the complexity of the world”

Ugh.  Here we go again – “Low IQ and Conservative Beliefs Linked To Prejudice.”  I kid you not:

Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, [researcher Gordon Hodson] wrote in an email to LiveScience.

… Social conservatives were defined as people who agreed with a laundry list of statements such as “Family life suffers if mum is working full-time,” and “Schools should teach children to obey authority.” Attitudes toward other races were captured by measuring agreement with statements such as “I wouldn’t mind working with people from other races.” (These questions measured overt prejudiced attitudes, but most people, no matter how egalitarian, do hold unconscious racial biases; Hodson’s work can’t speak to this “underground” racism.)

As suspected, low intelligence in childhood corresponded with racism in adulthood. But the factor that explained the relationship between these two variables was political: When researchers included social conservatism in the analysis, those ideologies accounted for much of the link between brains and bias.

People with lower cognitive abilities also had less contact with people of other races.

Unsurprisingly, these are thoroughly meaningless conclusions.  How meaningless? Well, obviously Yahoo! News is spinning this research to apply to lower middle class, Southern, white, blue collar evangelical Republicans.  But their conclusions could also just as easily apply to perhaps the most opposite culture in America  – poor African Americans.

Don’t believe me?  Think about it: African-Americans from low income neighborhoods make up the majority of students in America’s poorest performing schools.  I haven’t done specific research, but I’d be willing to bet dollars for donuts that there is a correlation between the performance of these students and their measured IQ; in other words, it is probably below average.

Poor African-Americans tend to live in tightly knit, closed communities and have little real world contact with whites outside of white incursions into their community, generally in the form of law enforcement.  They also tend to hold very deep religious beliefs and tend to strongly reject non-traditional lifestyles, particularly same sex relationships.  And have I mentioned the predominance of very close, interdependent (though highly matriarchal) family structures?

Yet anyone who would argue that these traits are “likely” to be the cause of the deeply ingrained, racially motivated animosity between Blacks, Asians and Hispanics would immediately be lambasted as a “RAAAACIST!”

Of course if you are looking for evidence to justify “poorly educated and easily led” or “bitterly clinging to guns and religion” stereotypes of Conservative whites, this study has it in spades.  I suppose that’s much easier than actually taking the time to understand why others have differing value systems or opposite political points of view.

"Computer models have greatly exaggerated how much warming additional CO2 can cause"
Call Gingrich a Waah-mbulance
  • GarandFan

    Since Blacks and Hispanics, as a group, typically score lower than Asians and Whites on IQ tests, one would then conclude that most conservatives / prejudiced people are Black and Hispanic.

    Sure hope someone did not shell out a lot of bucks for this “study”.

  • In fact, leftists spend their entire lives minimizing the complexity of the world.

    *Government offers simple solutions to easily mold simple people.

    *Sloganeering: Give peace a chance; Love your mother; Make love, not war; Coexist, Fair share, blah blah blah

    *The universe is so simple that we understand it from beginning to end. BANG. There it is. Any questions?

    *Where did all the “apparently designed” complexity of life come from? “It evolved.” That was easy. Next question.

    *”We need Obama money!”
    Where does it come from?
    “Duh, I don’t know. His stash!”

  • jim_m

    Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies

    Oh yes. That is why inner city people who dropped out of our failing union controlled public schools vote democrat.  Spare me.  More leftist projection.

    • Oh, but there are sooo many more stupid conservatives.

      A big part of their stupidity comes from the media they read.

      More here: http://www.alternet.org/teaparty/153915/right-wing_lunacy:_the_shameless_lies_conservative_media_tell_their_audience/?page=entire

      • jim_m

        So as evidence of your sanity you link to an article on a far left website claiming that obama, a man mentored by Frank Marshall (a communist and pedophile),and who shared offices with Bill Ayers and Mike Klonsky (both Communists and domestic terrorists), and who launched his political career in the living room of Bill Ayers, that this man is actually an committed conservative?

        Keep wearing the tin foil and drinking the kool aid. 

        Thanks for the laugh and I’m glad to see mommy let you back on line.  Perhaps you could recognize that I had data o back up my previous assertions you cowardly dirtbag.

        • lol.. thanks for proving my point!

          • jim_m

            So is that your way of claiming that Frank Marshall is not a communist?  Are you claiming that Bill Ayers and Mike Klonsky are not communists?  Are you claiming that Bill Ayers is not an admitted domestic terrorist? Or are you claiming that obama has never had any connection with these men?

  • Commander_Chico

    Your point about the ghetto is well taken, there is a set of collective delusions among many residents there.

    But for an example of “strict right-wing ideology appeal[ing] to those who have trouble grasping the complexity of the world” you need go no farther than scrolling down the page, where TWB says that a lawyer representing his client as required by the Constitution who suggested the client is mentally ill is on a mission to bring about “the utter destruction of the United States of America.”

    Authoritarianism? Check. Not grasping the complexity of the world? Check.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s not exactly a defense of right-wingers to say – “Look, those in the ghetto are nit-wits, too!”

    • Nice way to take something out of context and deliberating twist – or fabricate – its meaning, you lying leftist scum.

      • 914

        How did you guess his middle name??

        • Commander_Chico

          My middle name is Quixote.

          • 914

            Your middle name is Cu who??

      • Commander_Chico

        How did I “take it out of context?” 

        Guy accused a lawyer doing his job of plotting the “utter destruction of the United States?”  What “context” justified that kind of raving?

      • Hugh_G

        A very “intelligent” comment.

    • iwogisdead


      Hyperbole is a literary device used to make a point, by journalists and other writers. Hell, sometimes even I use it when wasting time posting on blogs. It’s not to be taken literally. Even low IQ conservatives understand that. But, not you, I guess. Here, read this:


      See if that doesn’t help you grasp the complexity of the world. 

      • Commander_Chico

        Nice of you to defend it, but I don’t think it was hyperbole, just a nutball rant.

        • iwogisdead

          So, when a blogger on Wizbang does it, it has something to do with conservatism in general. When Sean Penn, Rosie O’Doughnut, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, any Occupy _____ knucklehead, and Bob Beckle do it, they are outliers? Got it.

          • Commander_Chico

            Is there any BS that doesn’t get the whiny response here “Bbbbut Johnny does it, toooo?”

          • retired.military

            Why does the left feel absolutely free to do everything under the sun but if someone on the right does the same thing then it is wrong.

            “”Bbbbut Johnny does it, toooo?” ”

            Gee Chico. If Johnny does it than someone else should be able to do it. IT IS CALLED FAIRNESS. Isnt that the left’s watch word. What is fair for one is fair for all isnt it?

            But the left repeatedly shows they dont believe in fairness. They only preach it to try to tie the hands of the right.

          • jim_m

            RM is correct.  The left is the chief offender when it comes to excusing bad behavior with the claim “But everyone does it!”

          • Commander_Chico

            When you’re a fool, it’s really no defense to say, “he’s a fool, too.”  Get it?

          • iwogisdead

            Which is the most foolish response to a valid claim of hypocracy I’ve ever seen.

          • hyperboliszt

            You can’t even fucking spell the word. Hilarious.

  • Yeah, because we all know those Occupiers are a bunch of freakin’ Mensa-level supra-geniuses.  Takes a lot of brainpower to shit on a police car.

  • If this crap wasn’t so sick and sad about the Libturds, I’d laugh my ass off.

  • herddog505

    This is classic liberal “science”: come up with a politically-motivated conclusion, get somebody with an advanced degree to do a “study” using a small, carefully-selected data set, then rush to MiniTru to publish.  This is used to support other such “studies” so that, before long, the propaganda (no other way to describe it) seems to have scientific basis: “Multiple studies have showed…”

    The nazis did this.  The communists did this.  Southern slaveholders and then democrats who supported Jim Crow did this.

    No surprise that modern lefties make it an industry.

    • Commander_Chico

      I agree with your ideas about “studies,” but it’s no secret that racists, real racists, are not geniuses.

      This is a rehash of Theodor Adorno’s The Authoritarian Personality from 1950.

      You can take Adorno’s test here:


      It’s a little outdated.

      • herddog505

        Commander_Chico[I]t’s no secret that racists, real racists, are not geniuses.

        They aren’t? 

        I suggest that racism is hardly confined to dullards as it is a social construct that can appeal to people of all intellgence levels and socioeconomic classes.  Consider a large number of ante bellum white Americans, including President Lincoln, Gen. Lee, and Jefferson Davis, who held the idea that the black man is simply not the mental and moral equal of the white man.  Several generations of white Southerners including doctors, lawyers, clergymen, and other intelligent, educated “elites” accepted, embraced, and vigorously championed this idea, which was the “moral” underpinning of the Peculiar Institution and, later, Jim Crow.  Even the odious ku klux klan was not started by a collection of knuckle-dragging bubbas, but rather by educated and cultured former CSA officers. 

        Lest I appear to suggest that racism is limited strictly to white Southerner, may I offer a personal anecdote:

        I briefly dated a Chinese girl.  She had a degree in accounting, which I think we may agree is not a field for morons.  I came to understand that her family wanted her to marry a good Chinese boy but, as those don’t grow on trees in North Carolina, a white boy was acceptable.  However – and she was VERY clear on this – black and Hispanic men were ABSOLUTELY verboten.

        Racism in action, eh?

        • Commander_Chico

          The social construct is a product of the era you live in, of course.  Phrenology was taken seriously more than 100 years ago, too.  Cosmology was very different 600 years ago.  Intelligent people believed in lots of crap in the past, as it was the “conventional wisdom.”

          By racism, I mean personal fear, hatred and the attribution of wide ranges of personal, moral and intellectual traits to all members of an ethnic group.   That should be pretty much debunked by an intelligent person’s ability to learn and observe in the world nowadays, even if you just watch TV. 

          That is not to say that there are not intelligent racists; David Duke appears to be intelligent, for example.  And there are more who exploit racism for their own ends without believing in it.

          I don’t regard acquiesence to family and cultural pressure in personal choices like mating as racism, so your Chinese ex is off the hook for racism in my book.   

          • herddog505

            Commander_ChicoBy racism, I mean personal fear, hatred and the attribution of wide ranges of personal, moral and intellectual traits to all members of an ethnic group.   That should be pretty much debunked by an intelligent person’s ability to learn and observe in the world nowadays, even if you just watch TV. 

            I believe that the psychological term for why this often doesn’t happen is “confirmation bias”: people naturally seek out and accept data that confirms what they already believe, avoiding or rejecting data that conflict with what they believe.

            I repeat what I wrote above: this study is rubbish.

            Commander_ChicoI don’t regard acquiesence to family and cultural pressure in personal choices like mating as racism…

            Good heavens, you can’t be serious!  Where do you think people learn to be racists or bigots of any other stripe if not from family and broader culture?  Do you imagine that people, upon reaching a certain age, embark on a calm, rational, methodical study of all the different races and cultures that they might encounter in their lives and, based on empirical evidence that they gather, reach measured, thoughtful conclusions that this group of people are good, that group are bad?  No: they “learn” those things because they are TOLD them.

      • jim_m

        LOL  Yeah, it’s a little outdated.  Your test called me a liberal.

        • Commander_Chico

          I suppose you are a liberal, compared to a fascist.

      • retired.military

        So you are saying that Stephen is not a genius.  At last we can agree on something.

  • The_Weege_99

    Naturally, this has not been in a peer-reviewed publication. It’s amazing the “science” that liberals are willing to believe because it fits their worldview.

    In this case, the study reinforces their prejudices, though if you read the article thoroughly, it isn’t quite as definitive or conclusive as some folks so fervently wish it was. I find that leftists cling, sometimes bitterly, to conclusions others claim, rather than reviewing the data and claims in depth and looking at them with skepticism (as all such claims warrant).

    As an intelligent and thoughtful person, whenever I see some claim that perfectly reinforces my worldview, I am immediately suspicious and skeptical. And I am right to do so. Leftists, however, immediately start repeating it, without having taken a millisecond to ponder if a claim is really credible.

    • the “intelligent and thoughtful person” better consult the ancient manuscripts to divine what we should do next.

      • The_Weege_99

        Well, I guess “intelligent and thoughtful” are not descriptors for you reply, whatever it was supposed to mean.

  • ackwired

    I  notice the use of the word “mum” in the question.  Was this study performed in the UK?

    • Jay

      Yes, it was.

      It’s one of the first problems with this article.  It actually thinks they’re talking about the USA.

      • ackwired

        So the study concluded that poorly educated, low income Brits tend to be conservative and racially prejudiced.  Michaels unnamed source used the study to suggest that poorly educated, low income white Americans are conservative and racially prejudiced, and Michael used the article to suggest that poorly educated, low income black Americans are conservative and racially prejudiced.

        Sounds like more finger pointing than enlightenment is going on here.

        • Jay

          True.  Add to this that the creators of this study stressed greatly that this is more about causal effects and it’s amazing how they get so much misguided anger towards the US it’s almost comical.

  • According to the college professor who taught my “Introduction to Psychology” class, the only thing that an IQ test measures is how well a person does taking that IQ test. 

    • My five years in Mensa convinced me that there really is something to the notion that people with high IQs are capable of greater things than the rest of the masses. I saw more examples than I could count of the monumental stupidities of which only genius is capable.

      • Commander_Chico

        Did you get time off for good behavior?

        • If he’s like me, it’s probably because the odds were really good.  Man, the ’80s in MENSA were a hell of a lot of fun.

          Of course, the goods were pretty odd – but at least the odds were good!

          Met my lovely bride there, too.  It was her first event, an ice cream social.  I helped her with a computer problem, we clicked, and twe got married about 19 years back. 

          Smartest thing I ever did was marry her… 😉

  • Brucehenry

    You guys should read what Wonkette has to say about this “study.” Suffice it to say, when Wonkette and Wizbang agree about how useless a study is, it’s fucking useless.

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  • Oysteria

    What I’ve learned today:

    Ignorant people are racist
    Conservative people are ignorant
    Therefore conservative people are ignorant racists

    There!  That was easy.

  • hyperboliszt

    This study is about knuckle-dragging BNP chav fuckwits in council houses, not white people in the United States. White lower income conservatives in England are, without question, among the stupidest people on Earth, but what that has to do with white American conservatives–not to mention ghettoized black Americans–is beyond me.

    • hyperboliszt

      Also, if you’d like another reason to ignore this stupid article, Brock University is one of the worst universities in Canada. Any time someone from Brock says something, you should take it with a bag of salt.

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