What do Evergreen Energy, Ener1, and Amonix, Inc. all have in common?

They all received millions in Stimulus-related dollars from the Obama Administration – $5.3 million for Evergreen, $118 million for Ener1 (as well as a ‘good luck’ visit from Vice President Biden) and $5.9 million for Amonix.  Oh, and they all either developed or manufactured “green energy” components – ‘alternative fuel’ products, batteries for electric vehicles, and solar panels, respectively.

And this past week, all three filed for bankruptcy protection.

Boy, can Barry pick ’em, or can Barry pick ’em!

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  • Gmacr1

    Ya, the (P)resident has got his grubby mitts in a lot of taxpayer’s back pockets and is busily redistributing wealth to all his crony capitalist pals as fast as he can.

    Somewhat OT but applicable in the spending money freely dept…
    http://tinyurl.com/75jw3y9 I hear that she was buying them for him to wear…

    • Oysteria

      Your tinyurl link isn’t working.

      • Gmacr1

        Fixed, thank you.

  • herddog505

    This is one reason why libs, who don’t know any better or else are simply dishonest, claim that Barry is a “friend” to Wall Street and a capitalist despite the mountains of regulations and taxes that he has or wants to slap on business in America.  They confuse payoffs and kickbacks with honest business practices. 

    Another reason, of course, is that Barry didn’t sieze every bank, oil company and mortgage firm in the country as libs, in their fevered, pre-election imaginations, believed that he would, nor did he jail and hang bankers and mortgage brokers as they had hoped.  This makes him, like, you know, a TOTAL capitalist imperialist, man…

    Who they will all vote for in November.

  • jim_m

    Can we get a list of publicly traded companies that the obama admin has supported?  I’d like to short all of them.

  • GarandFan

    Barry is consistent.  He’s always backed losers.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    Where’s Chico to tell us it all a conspiracy from Big Energy?

  • Note on Amonix:

    There’s only one thing that matters here, and that is the installed cost of the latest PV plant at Alamosa using the Amonix trackers.. Let’s see the figures, just how does this install stack up against other non concentrating installs measured in $/kwh?  Why is it that a lot of so called tech sites do little more than copy and paste the propaganda feed to them?  

    Ever seen the Media ask an intelligent PV question? Katie Fehrenbacher was a bit of a skeptic way back when.. read her take here.. http://gigaom.com/cleantech/amonix-starts-construction-on-vegas-solar-factory/ Yes, she was a little too polite, but she knew Amonix didn’t have the MoJo.  I also noticed that her 53KW figure per tracker is likely closest to the real potentional of each tracker at Alamosa VS some of the BS figures published elsewhere…. some as high as 77KW.

    As I see it, the Girl Katie seems to have a better grasp of what Amonix has to offer than most of the techie guy reporters in a circle if you know what I mean. Harry Reid the pivot man of course..