Where’s the beef?

That should make a snappy campaign soundbite this fall.  So obvious I couldn’t pass it up.  If there’s anything I like better than flogging long-lost memes it’s taking easy shots at Obama.  This time it’s personal.  Last week I paid $2.29 a pound for cryovac briskets.

CBS News – yeah, I’m as surprised as anybody – informs us that high beef prices are forcing Americans to seek other options.

Beef prices soared more than 10 percent last year according to the Department of Agriculture, and they will likely go up at least another 5 percent this year.

“It bumps up a bit, comes down a tiny bit, then it bounces again, and when it bounces, it goes up another dime, 15, 20 cents,” said Crimi, “and sometimes that’s in a week.”

“We do a lot of fish now and chicken,” said Johanna Butler, visiting the Italian Market from Swedesboro, NJ. “I mean, beef indeed is very expensive, so I’ve made some changes.”

For many shoppers tired of high beef prices, the question is no longer where’s the beef, but how much is it going to cost?

The only thing cattle with Obama is what he’s shoveling when he says the economy’s going in the right direction.  On a campaign stop at a dairy farm Obama tried to milk a steer.  When it comes to the economy Obama doesn’t know shit from Shinola.  Do cow related gags get old fast?  Should bovine puns, like Obama, be put out to pasture?

Yes, definitely.  But thirty-five bucks for a freaking brisket?  In Texas?  Something’s gotta give.

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  • jim_m

    Food inflation is hitting more than just beef, but beef is more expensive to begin with so it is the first to fall off of the menu.

  • Ever since the Tea Party gained control of Congress in 2010 there’s been a huge spike in corn prices. Hay prices too.

    Republicans are driving up the price of beef.

    Global Warming is a factor as well. The drought in Texas is Obama’s fault, as we all know, cause he’s a socialist and wants the cows to be uber expensive so more people will eat arugula.

    And now for some facts.

    There are a numerous explanations for the rising prices. For starters, says Sara Baker, public relations manager at Sageworks,
    a financial analysis firm, “the price of feed is going up…corn
    prices, for example, are nearing a record high,” as is hay, another key
    component of cattle feed.

    Not only have the rising grain prices increased the overall cost of
    raising cattle, they’ve also motivated some ranchers to simply exit the
    beef business entirely, in turn reducing the supply.
    “With very high grain prices in the last several years, a lot of
    farmers and ranchers have plowed up their hay land and gone to row crops
    [like grains],” explains John Ginzel of the Linn Group,
    a commodity market analysis firm. “This is across a lot of southern
    areas especially, where the smaller producers liquidated their beef
    cattle herds and went to row crops and wheat to generate greater

    Further complicating matters is the severe drought plaguing the southern
    part of the country. Texas, for example, is in the throes of its 10
    driest months in more than a century, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Other traditional ranching states, including Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona, also are suffering from a lack of rainfall.

    If Mitt Romney was in the WH this never would have happened.

    Corn Price chart: http://futures.tradingcharts.com/chart/CN/M

    • retired.military

      “Ever since the Tea Party gained control of Congress in 2010 there’s been a huge spike in corn prices. Hay prices too.”

      You are an idiot.

      There has been a drought this year and a bad one. A lot of Texas rivers are still down 10-12 feet. Cows were slaughtered to reduce the cost of feeding them. That is also one reason why meat prices are rising now.

      Oh I see from your quote you mention the drought. It has a LOT more to do with hay and corn prices than the Tea Party. Unless of course you are going blame the Tea Party for the drought. I mean George Bush was blamed by the left if aliens had attacked so it would fit your MO.

      As for Global warming. Take that tired discredited mime somewhere else.  Talk tot the folks in Alaska about global warming.  Also folks in Texas were praying for global warming last year as it was one of the coldest winters we had in a long time.

    • Corn prices are on an upward trend because we’ve diverted normal food production of corn into federally-subsidized ethanol.  Then we mandate it be mixed into our gasoline so we get worse mileage and damage our engines for a negative environmental benefit.

      Another great leftist scheme to save us from imaginary evils with high real costs.

    • retired.military

      Also we need to look at something which has a direct effect on the price of agriculture and bringing things to market.  That being the price of gas which has risen 82% since Obama took office.  The same Obama (and dumocrats) who have made it impossible to drill off both shores, the gulf and Anwar, as  well as making it impossible to build new oil refineries.    Gas is supposed to hit $5 a gallon this year.  Expect food prices to continue to rise.

  • ackwired

    Gee…now I’m confused.  Who is responsible for the drought in Texas?  Obama or the Tea Party?

    • retired.military

      Neitrher.  The Sun is.  Texas has had droughts since before it was a state and will continue to have them. 
      Stephen can spout that global warming nonsense but he doesnt explain how global warming caused the dust bowl.
         Obama’s oil policies have a direct effect on the price of groceries and every other good which has to be moved to market. 

  • ackwired

    Glad to see this posted..  I thought I had been censored.

  • Wild_Willie

    In the 80’s there was a similar drought in Texas. Grown ups don’t run down the street yelling ‘The sky is falling’ like Stevie does.

    And we all know why corn prices are higher. Thanks Pelosi. ww

  • Oh look, everybody decided it wasn’t Obama’s fault after all.

    Where’s the Beef?

    • retired.military

      Obama is partially responsible for inflation of food prices due to his oil polcies.

  • Might I make a simple suggestion? Remove “briskets” from your shopping list if you are going to complain about the price of them. If you can demonstrate that “briskets” are a necessity of life, then I will withdraw the suggestion.

  • Rance Frayger

    It’s interesting how everybody’s gung-ho for the free market until they run head first into the law of supply and demand. As the Chinese population moves up the economic scale, expect for there to be more and more competition causing higher and higher prices.

    Note: If Iowa didn’t lead off the presidential election season, nobody would ever have heard of gasahol.