Indiana Secretary of State Convicted of Voter Fraud

The Associated Press is reporting the following story:

A jury in Noblesville, just north of Indianapolis, deliberated for 13 hours before convicting Republican [Indiana] Secretary of State Charlie White on six felony charges; among those, he was accused of lying about his address on voter registration forms.

The ending of the AP story speaks volumes:

Special prosecutor D.J. Sigler told the jury Friday morning that White is an experienced politician who lied about his address to hide the fact that he had moved out of his council district.

“He knew better at every juncture,” Sigler said.

I can’t think of any good reason why Indiana’s Republican Party should continue supporting Charlie White.  If White were a Democrat, then the Indiana GOP would be celebrating White’s conviction.

Corruption in politics is truly bipartisan.


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  • Uhm, not sure about this one.  These charges was over the home address that White used.

    Not exactly on par with ACORN, et. al.

  • Uhm, not sure about this one.  These charges was over the home address that White used.

    Not exactly on par with ACORN, et. al.

    • TomInCali

      I never understand when people try to forgive criminal activity because it’s not so bad. If it’s not so bad, then don’t make it illegal. But if they put it in the law, then violating it carries penalties, no discussion.

  • Vote fraud:

    This month’s totals, estimated:
    R: 1

    D: 54

    Don’t worry, this particular charge will be highlighted on 60 Minutes, NPR, ABC’s Nightline and more.

    While they ignore the other 54 or so Democrat crime charges, allegations, and convictions this month alone.

    Par for the course.

    • You left out

      R 1  (identified in press as republican)

      D 54 (not identified in press as democrat)

  • If guilty, throw the book at him.  No exceptions, no favoritism.

    Sitting politicians who violate the law and are convicted should be required to do the max.

    • herddog505

      Hear, hear!

  • MunDane68

    Wait a sec…Secretary of the State of Indiana is a district office? That can’t be right.  How old are these charges?

    •  No, he was on the city council of his district while running for Sec.  He moved in with his ex-wife for a bit as he bought a new house for his fiancee and her children to live in until their marriage.  The ex-wife’s house is in his district.  The new house with the fiancee in it was outside his district.  He was accused of actually living at the new house while serving on the council, which is a no-no.

      He says that he lived with the ex- four days a week and at the new house three days a week.  Those challenging him said that the new house was his address, no matter what.

      Mr. White further confused everything by listing both addresses on various documents as his home when he says that he was actually living with the ex-.

      Clear as mud?

      There are other things that White has done that further muddled things while the case was waiting for its day in court.  It has made him look foolish and petty.  I don’t know him so I can’t speak to the truth of the matter, but it didn’t look pretty from my, an ordinary Indiana citizen’s viewpoint.

      And the topper for me in the case:  Mr. White put on no defense.  He didn’t speak in his own defense, nor did his lawyer call any direct witnesses or rebuttal witnesses.  The Prosecutor rested, the defense rested.

  • EricSteel

    Give Charlie White the boot, what he did was stupid, criminal and wrong, but in my opinion his case isn’t equivalent to the West Va. or New York cases and others which involve criminal conspiracies to create fake voters for the purpose of changing elections.

  • Just another reason for voter rolls to be verified by people from both parties and people required to present ID to vote. 

  • deltamary

    Just imagine what it will be like in November–

  • mikegiles

    Didn’t he own, and still pay the property tax on house number one? So what exactly was the evidence introduced to show where he was spending his nights, and even more interesting, how was it obtained?

  • AndrewX

    Anyone notice that the first word in the AP article is “The” and the second word is “Republican”?

    Just sayin’.