Obama’s Energy Policy In Action

Or is that inaction?


Fantastic. China, Canada reach quick deals on oil, uranium

By Jazz Shaw | HotAir

Last month we discussed the rather alarming news that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was planning a trip to China to discuss possible natural resources deals with the economic superpower. It seemed no coincidence that the trip was announced close on the heels of Barack Obama’s decision to kick the can down the road on the Keystone XL pipeline yet again. But at that time, I retained some hope that perhaps this was just a warning siren to Obama which would remind him that Canada had plenty of other options should we decide not to do business with them.

Apparently Harper hasn’t cared much for what he’s been hearing out of Washington and found a very willing ear across the Pacific because it seems that some deals have been struck already.

I can’t, and don’t, blame the Canadians for this.  They had a commodity they needed to get to market and their preferred trading partner (or at least the [P]resident of that trading partner) wasn’t interested.

At least one Senator seems to think this was a good outcome:


State Department IG Finds Flaws in Pipeline Review:

By Senator Bernie Sanders (S-VT) | Google+

A special internal review by the State Department inspector general faulted aspects of the department’s handling of a proposal to build a crude oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) last Nov. 7 asked Howard W. Geisel, the acting inspector general, to examine apparent conflicts of interest in the department’s handling of an environmental impact statement.

“The findings confirm once again why the project should not be rubber stamped for approval, despite efforts by Republicans in Congress to do just that,” said Sanders.


Then again, 0bama did say that he intended to send “price signals” in order to reduce consumption and force American citizens to be more environmentally conscious.

Do keep that in mind this election season whenever you fill your tank or pay your gas and electric bill.  Obama did this for your own good!


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  • I’d imagine that folks here are at least somewhat familair with all the jokes about Lucas electrical components?

    Obama – the Darkgiver.

    Obama – who’ll spend billions to make sure your energy prices are as high as you can stand.

    Obama – He’s tired of you wasting energy, so he’ll make sure you can’t have any more.

    Obama’s Energy motto – “Walk home before dark.”

    Ain’t nothin’ new – but Obama’s taken it a LOT further than Lucas ever could!


    • UOG

      The traditional knock on Lucas is to call them The Lords of Darkness. Anyone who’s owned an LBC (Little British Car or Lousy British Car – your choice) has experience with this feature of the Lucas electrical system. But British friends have pointed out to me that isn’t a strictly correct definition of Lucas. The correct term for Lucas is the Lords of Sudden, Intermittent Darkness. It’s Obama’s energy policy that is truly leading us into darkness.

  • 914

    I bet the Chinese will be rooting for Barry in November. ..  What an ignorant pathetic fool.

  • Hank_M

    I really hope this lousy political decision comes back to haunt Obama.
    With approx 55,000 miles of existing pipelines in the US, there was no logical reason to nix this deal.

    I know, logic had nothing to do with it. Another purely political move, the country be damned.

  • jim_m

    obama’s energy policy:  Driving our allies into the arms of our enemies and dirivng our economy into the ground.

  • Wow – so how much will the pipeline to China cost?

     Oh, wait – I forgot – this action by the canadians doesn’t have anything whatsoever with the XL pipeline or lack thereof. This is just another instance where Rodney blows smoke up the reader’s ass and they all grunt their approvals…

    • jim_m

      So the Canadians will sell the oil to the Chinese AND the US?  It’s not an infinite supply.  Every drop of oil that we cannot buy from Canada is one that we will have to get from the middle east.

      Also if you read the linked article

      Canada and China have also agreed that a joint complementary economic study being conducted will be completed by May 2012, “after which Canada and China will proceed to exploratory discussions on deepening trade and economic relations.”

      The point is that we have forced Canada into developing a stronger alliance long term with the Chinese, binding our largest trading partner closer with a country that positions itself very consciously as our enemy.

      Combine that with a refusal to expand oil exploration here at home or to access the vast resources we have in oil shale and you get a policy that is intended to weaken the US for the long term alienate our allies and strengthen our enemies

      • I don’t think that’s the policy – I think it’s an unintended consequence.  Obama’s concerned with getting the green vote in the next election – that’s it.  He’s not thinking beyond that.

        •  Except of course that he said that he intended to force us to make more environmentally sound decisions via “price signals.”

        • jim_m

          Then we disagree.  I believe it is the intended policy of this administration to weaken this nation by outlawing access to our own resources and by denying access to the cheapest alternative.

          Or perhaps I should put that this way: He intends to restrict access to energy and to dramatically decrease the supply of energy and he does that without regard to the deliterious effect it will have on the nation’s economy or national security. It isn’t an unintended consequence it is a consequence that is not regarded as worth bothering about. In that sense it is known and it is ignored.

          • “Then we disagree.  I believe it is the intended policy of this administration to weaken this nation by outlawing access to our own resources and by denying access to the cheapest alternative.”

            I told you guys that Jimm is a wack-a-doodle nutcase.

          • GarandFan

             And this from the guy with his head planted firmly up Obama’s ass.

    • Gmacr1

      Are you really that GD ignorant or is it an act?

  • Remember folks, DFTT.

    • jim_m

      Really Rodney, If you don’t want him here just ban him already.

      •  As with everything else, the leftists assume liberty is license.  There is a marked difference between tolerating opposing views for the sake of open discussion and just letting troll behavior crap on every post.

        When I tried to shame JT into banning “Bob Armstrong” for that, though, I received an off-board warning and threat to ban ME. 

        It’s getting old, fast.

        • jim_m

          Generally, I dislike making calls to ban someone, but when the editors are continually posting that we should not respond to someone, what’s the point?

        • Adjoran, you were not the only one so threatened.

      • Banning is a site wide thing.  There may be some author here who values the troll’s input for some reason.

        Banning is also quick, whereas being ignored is slow and painful. 

        • jim_m

          When your dog craps, you clean it up.  If you don’t, pretty soon your whole yard is a toilet and not a lot of fun to spend time in.  Either that or you have the dog walked somehwere else.

          Just saying.

          •  As Inspector Cluseau was once informed: “That, sir, is not my dog.”

          • jim_m

            And I will continue to point out the crap where it lays.  😉

          • And I am not an Editor here at Wizbang.

          • jim_m

            Yes (double checking the listing at the bottom of the page), I see.  What has happened to all the editors?  They don’t author much anymore do they.  Used to be that author and editor were pretty much synonymous. 

            Apart from Rick (whose current absence is understandable) and Michael Laprarie, you really don’t see much of the others.  We get an occasional post from the Baron and Kevin does his caption contest, but that’s about it.

            Becomming like absentee landlords.

          • You can always email [email protected] and write a request to Kevin to try to get action.   Personally I believe Stephen is an idiot and should have been banned long ago.  I figure if that happens we will have 2 days of peace before he makes another nom de plume and we start all over again.

          • Gmacr1

            IP address ban.

    • Gmacr1

      Seriously, kick his narrow punk ass to the curb and be done with it.
      He adds nothing but dissension to any thread.

    • herddog505

      Good policy.  There are commenters here with whom I often disagree but still find it worthwhile to argue with because (A) they express their case well; (B) are civil, and; (C) really seem to believe what they write and don’t seem to just be baiting people for their own amusement.

      There are others that simply cause me to roll my eyes and read on.

      • My stand is that those who don’t really engage on issues get ignored.  The vile get banned.

        But that only pertains to me and those I can convince.

  • herddog505

    Is this another example of how Barry “improves our stature” and makes America a world leader again?

    He’s basically told the Canadians to f*ck off and sell their oil elsewhere when they’d like to sell it to us.

    He’s run guns into Mexico.

    Lucky we’ve got the Atlantic and the Pacific on the other two sides; I can’t think of how he’d screw up our relations with them.

  • Gmacr1

    The (P)residents stated policy was to make coal energy ‘cleaner’ (which works when no one can use it) and to improve ‘green energy solutions’. I gotta say he’s done wonders with one and failed miserably with the other. Both have driven energy costs higher and killed jobs. If the RNC has half a clue they’ll beat him over the head with facts that he’s screwed the public in the energy dept.

    Especially with the pipeline fiasco which in no small part was his way of appeasing the enviroweenies with his hyped up environmental impact statement.