Would you trust these people with $1 billion?

If the members of the California State Legislature had to get real jobs, most of them would have been fired by now. Incapable of solving any of the problems that have crippled California, they instead fritter away their time giving perks to special interests and passing endless new regulations that have decimated California’s business community. Then, when voters passed a measure that would withhold their pay if they don’t pass a budget on time, two legislative chieftains turned around and sued the state’s Controller who handles their paychecks.

Imagine the gall of suing the taxpayers for refusing to pay legislators unless they actually perform their jobs and get work done! It’s just further proof that Sacramento is broken and politicians there have only the special interests in mind. Take, for example, the latest special-interest giveaway by the one career politician, former state Sen. Don Perata.

Proposition 29 raises taxes by nearly $1 billion and hands the money to a board including six political appointees who’ll have to power to dole out that cash however they may chose with no accountability. That money is protected under the terms of Proposition 29 for 15 years, meaning that not even the Governor can step in and change things even in cases of waste or abuse. Proposition 29 is literally a case of the fox guarding the hen house.

Even the plans of how this new cancer research effort will work seem destined for abject failure and financial ruin. It is said that the CCRA will somehow create 1,600 new jobs — and the state pensions that will come with those jobs for decade to come. Unfortunately, there is a problem with some of the assumptions that the budgeting is based on as the money is supposed to come from cigarette taxes. But as sales fall due to higher taxes revenue will fall. Of course, the CCRA won’t be spending any less, mind you. It will just expect the state legislature to find the cash elsewhere, taking away more money that could be going for schools, police, and the like.

New York found this out recently when it passed a law banning the sale of certain types of cigarettes to New York Indian reservations. The state suddenly found a $130 million shortfall in tax receipts and wondered why.

There is also an example of the failure of such boondoggle ballot measures closer to home for Californians. Eight years ago the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) was launched promising all sorts of wonderful cures for what ails us using stem cell research funded by the taxpayer. Thus far $3 billion tax dollars have been spent without any cures or even any promising results from all the expenditure.

Worse, it should be remembered that the stem cell research institute spent its $3 billion over a seven year period. The Cancer Research Act intends to spend $1 billion every year. Again, these are billions of dollars that could have gone to education, first responders, even roads and bridge repair.

Until politicians in Sacramento can finally get their act together, it’s lunacy to send them any more money. Stop the dysfunction in Sacramento and vote no on Proposition 29.

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  • GarandFan

    It doesn’t stop there.  Our MAGNIFICENT legislature held a 19 minute session on Friday.  Mumbled some phrases then adjourned for the day.   Seems Monday is President’s Day (paid day off) – in order to keep their per diem pay intact, they held a Friday session in order to prevent a 3 day gap, which would have cost them money.  You’d think with as big a budget gap as we have (thanks to unsubstantiated rosy income projections last budget cycle), they’d be looking for places to save money.

    Oh, my bad, they have.  Cuts to welfare programs, schools, and public safety.

    Priorities ya know.

    • TomInCali

      If you’re so upset about the California legislature holding a 19-minute session to prevent a 3 day gap so they get paid, I can only imagine how out of your mind you must be about the U.S. Senate’s 30-second sessions to prevent a 3 day gap to prevent the president from performing one of his constitutionally defined duties.

      • GarandFan

        Odd.  It didn’t bother Obama when Reid pulled the same crap on GWB.

        • TomInCali

          I wasn’t talking about Obama. I was talking about you.

      • Interesting isn’t the Senate still controlled by the Democrats? Harry Reid makes the schedule? 

        • TomInCali

           Sorry, I meant “House”, not “Senate”.

          •  The Senate is in session too, idiot.

          •  Why don’t you quit digging? 

            You have proven that you don’t know what you are talking about, so you need not provide more evidence.

            (But, I can’t resist asking, what Executive duties is the House preventing the One from performing?  I can’t wait to see your  answer. I do hope that it does not involve mumbling something about recess appointments. That would be too inane for words.  Constitution 101.   Of course we all realize that it is a moot point as it is very hard to conduct Executive functions when you are constantly flying back and forth across the country in the People’s great big jet to raise money for your campaign.)

      • Hmm, never mind the fact that the Senate is controlled by the presidents own treasonous party, that has been addressed. How can  the president waiting until the Senate is out of session to make an otherwise unacceptable appointment to an invalid, unconstitutional post fulfilling his duty to “advise and consent”?  Never mind answering, I have had my fill for gibberish and pretzel logic for the time being. 

        • TomInCali

          Because the Constitution gives him the right to make those recess appointments. And nowhere in the Constitution or the law does it say a recess has to be more than three days.

          But that’s not the point. The oddity is the opinion expressed that 19-minute pro forma sessions by California legislators is bad, but 30-second pro forma sessions by the U.S. House are OK.

          • Hmm, agreed that there is such a thing as a recess appointment. It was a terribly bad thing that should never happen 4 years ago. Now it’s the president’s duty to dodge the approval process even though there Senate is actually in session? Fascinating double standards you have there. 

          • TomInCali

            And fascinating words you’re putting in my mouth. You demonstrate a perfect example of the straw man logical fallacy.

      •  Idiot.

        • TomInCali


          Now what did that accomplish?

          •  I told the truth and you lied. But that’s not unusual.

      • iwogisdead

        Setting aside the fact that the two situations are not analogous, and that this is a typical liberal non sequitur, the fact is that Obumble’s attempts at recess appointments violate the meaning of the recess appointments clause and do not qualify as “one of his constitutionally defined duties.”


  • Vote with your feet, and your wallet.

  • MunDane68

    Dear Legislature,


    1.  Stop raising taxes.

    2.  Stop spending money you don’t have.

    3.  Retire after two terms and go get a real job.


    The CItizens

    •  A former legislator get a real job? The horrors. As long as they can milk the public cow, that will never happen.

  • Why just point to Sacramento?  All of the opinions above apply to the federal government as well.  Until they follow The Constitution and balance the budget it is senseless to keep sending them money to steal and buy votes for re-election.  I have yet to under how citizens can be held to the standard of law when politicians are not.

    • Brian_R_Allen

       I have yet to under how citizens can be held to the standard of law when politicians are not …. 

      Maybe it’s because we believe our hundreds of millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition are not intended to see to it that occasionally the tree of Liberty is refreshed with the blood of Patriots and of tyrants? 

  • If we resolve nothing else, if we must choose a hill upon which to die before retreating, let it be NO BAILOUTS for states which spend themselves broke. 

    Not a brass drachma.

  • superdestroyer

    There is only one thing that a conservative in California can do to affect policy and governance and that is leave. 

    There are states that are not as crazy.  People should try moving to one of them.  Why else do people believe there are fewer whites in California today than in 1990. 

  • Heym Warner, where did you get the picture of the California High Speed Rail? Was that a test run or something?

  • Brian_R_Allen

    If California’s State Legislators had jobs, thet’d have long ago been fired. They have crippled California and have frittered away their time dispensing perks to cohorts and cronies while drafting endless new authoritarian regulations that have decimated California business ….

    “Have Decimated?” 

    How about, ” have DEVASTATED!”

    Business in Califobamacated has been reduced by closer to ninety percent than ten! 

    Brian Richard Allen
    Lost Angels – CA 90028
    And The Very Far Abroad