The Ten Commandments of the Progressives

Brought to you by Victor Davis Hanson

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1) Wealth and poverty are now more relative, than absolute, conditions.


2) Regulators are never the problem; a dearth of regulations always must be.


3) Debt is a mirage.


4) In our new age of diplomacy, being liked trumps being respected.


5) Collective national wealth is natural; private wealth is unnatural.


6) Medieval exemption is not medieval.


7) Victimhood is always sought, never questioned.


8) Neanderthals need nerds.


9) Ideology, for all the protestations of the zealot, is now not to be taken too seriously — not in this age of global leisure and affluence.


10) Owing in our new millennium shall be less stressful than saving.


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"This is the first time in the history of the United States..."
  • You left out.

    Looking like you care about X  is far more important than actually doing something to solve X.

  • jim_m

    Wealth and poverty are now more relative, than absolute, conditions.

    Sorry, but this is actually true.  Poverty and wealth are relative.  We have the wealthiest poor people in the world in the U.S.  If you told LBJ that the poor people in 2012 would have 2 TV’s,mobile phones, their own cars, routinely ate out, etc, he would have thought the War on Poverty was a resounding success.

    This is why the left is now switching its rhetoric to “Income Inequality”.  We have made things better for the poor, but by comparison they are still poor.  The real focus is not to eliminate poverty but to eliminate wealth.  Reelect obama and they will take a major step forward in doing that (at least for everyone but themselves.

    • It’s true only because the terms have been re-defined into meaninglessness.

      By any global or absolute standard the number of poor in this country is miniscule.

      •  We also do not count in-kind services as income in determining poverty rates, so the value of the food stamps, Medicaid, free cell phones, educational subsidies, and other non-cash benefits are excluded from the calculations.

  • Meiji Man

    I love reading VDH but he depresses me

    • Brucepall

      Cheer Up Meji Man,

      You could be living in the “Golden State” worker’s paradise like he does 😉 

  • LiberalNightmare

    11: I’m not the 1%, you are.

  • Brucehenry

    One can always count on Victor Davis Hanson to spout inane bullshit. He sounds like he’s vomiting a thesaurus.

    •  You remain free to eschew reading both VDH and myself.

      • SoBeRight

         What? And miss the daily laughfest? Not a chance.

        • Sky__Captain

           The laughfest occurs when the leftist, racist trolls comment. 🙂

        •  YRU here?

          • iwogisdead

            They are here to spout innane bullshit, of course. Never any substance, just tripe.

          • Evil Otto

            And attention. Don’t forget that. Brucie likes the attention he gets from people he hates.

      • Evil Otto

        C’mon, Rodney, without Brucie where would we get our daily dose of lockstep, conformist, hate-filled leftism?

        • jim_m

          It’s clear from the tenor of Bruce’s comment that the chief offense that Hansen has committed is having a vocabulary.  Perhaps Bruce is troubled by constantly having to look up all those words.

    •  Well, he doesn’t write for idiots.  But you can always go to the New York Times to reinforce your ignorance.

    • Evil Otto

      One can always count on Bruce to spout inane bullshit. He sounds like he’s vomiting.

  • Commander_Chico

    How about these ones, just for Victor:

    “Thou shalt not chickenhawk”
    “Thou shalt not bear false analogies to Sparta”
    “Thou shalt not hate the Mexican”

  • Walter_Cronanty

    11. The only reason our last boondoggle failed was because we didn’t pour enough of your money in it.

  • Brucehenry

    I take it back. It’s not the inanity — it’s the sameness of everything Hanson writes.

    All of Hanson’s political writing can be reduced to:
    1. The poor are lazy ingrates.
    2. Liberals are naive and stupid.
    3. Liberals are hypocrites.
    4. Liberals are pussies, not tough guys like me.
    5. Did I mention the poor are lazy ingrates?
    6. WHOLE COUNTRIES of poor people are lazy ingrates.

    I understand he’s a good and entertaining writer about Classical Greece and the like.

    • Why are you not exercising your right to not read what I or VDH write?

  • JWH

     Neanderthals need nerds.

    Actually, this one’s true.  As Christopher Moore put it in A Dirty Job, the Beta Male invented fire … although the Alpha Male invented the first-degree burn.

    • Brucehenry

      That’s one of my favorite books of the last 10 years. Very funny.

    • jb

       I’ve also heard this described as “the second mouse gets the cheese”.

      • JWH

        In more ways than one. If you read the book further (and it’s a fun read), Moore exposits that while the Alpha Male always gets the girl, the Beta male still reproduces because the Alpha Males all kill each other in wars.

  • Think Global. Act Loco.

  • If you are white, you are wrong.