VIDEO: Dan Bongino for U.S. Senate, Maryland

More in my Challenger Series of videos taken at this year’s CPAC. Today we have Dan Bongino who is running for the U.S. Senate for Maryland.

Bongino is a former Secret Service agent with two graduate degrees and a firm grounding in conservative ideals. When we spoke he seemed an eloquent spokesman for conservative principle.

Apparently the ignorati of the left have something to fear in Bongino as last November when he and his campaign staff were attending the Maryland GOP convention he found that his car and the cars of his staffers were vandalized with their tires flattened.

Bongino is most activated by the spiraling debt that Democrats have dragged this country into, but he also deftly addressed some of my foreign policy questions.

Dan Bongino is another solid new comer for the GOP.

Highway Robbery - Obama Style
"Of course, there is a scandal here. A terrible policy scandal."
  • SoBeRight

    Typo in the headline.

    • warnertoddhuston

      Fo sure. Fisxed it.

  • Jay

    Confused on immigration…

     First, securing the borders must be a national priority. The constant threat of terrorism and narco-trafficking through both our Southern and Northern border should have prioritized secure borders decades ago, but unfortunately it has not. Token measures and platitudes have inflicted untold damage to what should have been a long term plan using America’s incredible technological capacity to seek effective solutions to the problem. Secondly, I believe we must move towards a re-evaluation of the current chain migration and diversity visa based system. This system is grossly inadequate for attracting the world’s best and brightest to the U.S. and severely limits our future capacity for economic growth. Thirdly, we must continue our efforts to aggressively enforce immigration laws in the Homeland while at the same time streamlining the process for those immigrants wishing to relocate here. Economic analysis has shown that, across generations, immigrants add wealth to our nation through the importation of human capital and ideas. A growing population is also necessary to purchase the financial assets of our seniors and increase our tax base, but anyone looking to make the U.S. their home must respect the process and follow the established legal procedure.

     So which is it… Secure the border or allow immigration to take shape?  When our legal process takes 10 years for immigrating to the US, that’s a really good sign of a broken system.

    Foreign investment
    Translation: Allow multinational corporations to do whatever they want, even when they don’t tax the corporations enough.

    Not sure if I agree with tampering with Medicare…

    Energy is wrong.  Since he won’t vote for keeping energy in the US, he’s another right winger…

    We need to look at bold proposals such as leasing rights on public lands and waters with guaranteed access for our citizens. 

    on So he’s into eminent domain.  The government forcing the social reallocation of land and private property to those that might “use it better.” Perfect for a small state like Maryland isn’t it?

    National Security

    We still have the largest military than all the rest of the world.  Why not just help the vets and no more wars?  The other fluff in his look into the issue is how he thinks law enforcement isn’t already powerful enough.  Why not reign in law enforcement while the people complain about the police state?  It would help if you looked at civil asset forfeiture or something that would help the middle class.