The Andrew Breitbart I Knew

The country has lost a leader. Early this morning I was woken by texts, phones calls, and Facebook IMs to the devastating news that conservative activist Andrew Breitbart passed away, late last night. He was only 43.

Andrew was a force of nature, for sure. He was everywhere at once, attended every conservative gathering of note. I met him from Las Vegas to Chicago, from Washington DC to Cancun, Mexico and everywhere in between. Anywhere conservatives gathered he was there to cheer them on and urge them on to greater activism against the extremist, left-wing media establishment that has done so much damage to this country.

He was the one that served as the platform to take down the anti-American group the Association for Community Activism Now (ACORN), his megaphone brought us the outrage of the Pigford case, and many other stories that shed a bright light on government waste, left-wing operations, and the liberal media’s attempts to distort the coverage of the news to fit their left-wing agenda.

Breitbart started his life of conservative activism working for Matt Drudge helping Drudge program his news coverage on the Drudge Report website, it was here Andrew began to see how pernicious the left-wing media really is. Soon Andrew went on to help Arriana Huffington start the Huffington Post website and ultimately he began his own series of sites, The Bigs. BigJournalism, BigHollywood, BigGovermnet, Big Peace and Beitbart news — all of which I write for.

I have to say, that Breitbart’s star burned white hot. He was always on the go these last 10 years so much so that it was a wonder if he ever got any time to sleep. He logged more air miles than a veteran pilot, in New York one day, LA the next and the great Midwest still the next. He seemed indefatigable but we now understand how his crusade took its toll on him physically.

Andrew was one of the most real, most generous men I knew. He never ceased to take a few minutes out to meet attendees, shake hands, pose for photos with them, and chat. Let me assure you that he was the genuine article. What you saw on TV was Andrew Breitbart. There was no artifice about him. He wasn’t portraying a character or presenting a false front. There weren’t any unguarded times when the “real” Andrew came out. He was exactly what he seemed to be.

One of my fondest memories with Andrew was when we were in Cancun, Mexico in 2010. He, myself and three other bloggers, just the five of us, sat in a hotel room and for hours talking about life, the media, and the state of the conservative movement. It was a quite night, but one that proved to me that Andrew was just as presented. No faux Andrew. He was a real, passionate, brilliant man.

Andrew leaves behind his wife, Susannah Bean Breitbart, 41, and four very young children. Please pray for the family for this devastating loss.

Rest in Peace, Andrew. You are a great friend, a great boss, and a credit to your country. You will be sorely missed as there is so much more work to do.

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Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43
  • Thanks for sharing that John.  How he will be missed! 

  • Thanks for sharing John.  And we all need to follow in with your face
    truth and making the left eat their own words.

  • Wild_Willie

    God bless his family and comfort his children. We lost a warrior today, but another will rise up. RIP Andrew. ww

  • Commander_Chico

    I was watching him on the election coverage late Tuesday night.  He looked pretty healthy.  I hope they do a good post-mortem to determine cause of death.  43 is awfully young for a sudden coronary, unless he had congenital defects.

  • Jay

    I think he was a human being but I can’t stand what he did.  I haven’t even heard of ACORN but he decimated the group. He was right about Anthony Wiener.  But Shirley Sherrod’s resignation was totally out of context and doctored.  
    He went after ACORN for doing one thing…  Their job.

    ACORN had 400,000 member families across the country.  They had 1200 neighbor chapters, spread out over 75 cities across the country.  So they had a ton of people working for them.

    ACORN did voter registration, advocacy for foreclosure prevention, fair wage laws, affordable housing, 1st time ownership, predatory lending reform, and mortgage protection.  So this group was out to help communities that were in a tight spot.  Now, instead of ACORN, these people are disparaged even more.  Yet Breitbart treated this smear as if the people were a game.  If these people aren’t focused on home ownership, are out on the street, with no IDs, they may vote Democrat and kill the system.  

    No, you can’t tell me that Breitbart didn’t think it was a game.  He did.  He wanted to get attention for his causes and he was willing to “win” by any means necessary.

    At least FOUR different investigations went into ACORN.  All of them concluded that the tapes were HIGHLY doctored.  This is coming from the Massachusetts Attorney General, the Brooklyn District Attorney General, and California Attorney General Jerry Brown and the non-partisan Congressional Research Service.  

    There’s just too much into the ACORN issues that says that Breitbart just wasn’t all that good of a person.  Come to your own conclusions, but don’t expect a lot of sympathy from me for understanding how people felt about him, good or bad.

    • warnertoddhuston

      You are either lying about the Serrod case or you have no clue what you are actually talking about and are just stupid enough to be programmed by your string pullers in the lefty blogoshpere. Shame on you either way.

      Breitbart did no “doctoring” of anything.

      Additionally, there was NO “doctoring” of the ACORN tapes.

      You are simply a liar.

      • Commander_Chico

        OK, let’s call it editing.  He edited Ms. Sherrod’s presentation to take one phrase out of a context in which she meant the exact opposite to what Ms. Sherrod meant.

        • Hank_M

           No, let’s not call it editing.

          From TPMmuckraker of all places…

          “So we asked Andrew Breitbart, the founder of Big Government, why he hasn’t
          posted the full video.
          “I don’t have it,” Breitbart told TPMmuckraker in an interview.

          said his source sent him just the edited clips at first, but is in the process
          of sending the full video.

          Breitbart said he’ll post the full video, if he can get permission from the
          video production company who filmed it for a local NAACP chapter. He also
          maintained that he didn’t edit the clip and that it was sent to him already

          • Jay

            And you can see the entire video on the NAACP website.  

          • Commander_Chico

            That is horseshit.  He was going to get the full video, but didn’t wait for it to post the misleading parts.

      • Jay

        Bring your proof of it when I’ve named four sources that say otherwise.  If you’re going to accuse me of lying, I’d like to know where the slandering comes from.

        Also, I do my own research and investigations into this so no, I’m not some leftist blogger.  But I seek the objective truth and call it like I see it.  Breitbart smeared these people and was trying to also smear the NAACP through the Sherrod case.  So where’s your evidence that he didn’t “doctor” these when I’ve stated how those four entities showed otherwise?

        I guess having Jerry Brown force him to release the tapes in their entirety must have also escaped your notice.