‘Stick It To Obama’ Campaign 2012

In general, I hate sticky notes. For several years now, I’ve always seemed to have an abundance of sticky note packs in my office, in my car, in the kitchen, always in the way, taking up room, not being used. I throw them out when I find them, but somehow they seem to return. I don’t buy them, I don’t think my wife buys them, I don’t honestly know how they keep returning. Inexplicably when ever I need to jot something down really quick I’m never able to find one of the things. But now we have found the perfect use for the common sticky note. Behold, the “Stick it to Obama” campaign for 2012. It’s inspired by this note left at a gas pump in Douglasville, Georgia. It read:

Dear Voter,

Did you know that when Obama took office on January 20, 2009, the national average for a gallon of gas was $1.84? Keep that in mind when you vote in November.

Anyone but Obama 2012!

You can actually buy a 25 pack of these pre-printed sticky notes for $4.95 at Patriot Depot. Or you could buy sticky notes yourself and write your own witty campaign slap at Obama. Could you imagine how much you could annoy liberals if every time they pulled in to pump gas they had to see these little yellow post its slamming their guy?

Next pack of sticky notes I find laying around I’m going to put them to good use.

But, I have a vagina
Slut-Gate: Obama's Orchestrated, Left-Wing Campaign Plan
  • And I beat Stephen rusing to the defense of Obummer.

    •  He might be taking a couple days off for transgendering surgery.

  • GarandFan

    “Why has the DEMOCRATIC Senate FAILED to pass a budget in the last 3 years?”

    The possibilities are endless.

    • personally i thing the nobody in the government should be paid untell we get a budget passed.

  • 914

    Why is it that the dumbocrats that voted for Barry get beaten with cluebats for 3 years and are still worshiping their Obamassiah?

    It boggles the mind to fathom such a pitiful existence.

  • Sky__Captain

    “This gas price brought to you by Barack Hussein Obama.”

    • pizz

      Somehow you never seem to mention the part wall street
      speculators play on this. Why Not?

      How come you never mention that far more drilling permits have been
      approved under Obama than the Bush administration passed.

      Just keep on making stuff up to get the black kenyan socialist
      president out of the w.h. Right?

  • “The cost of Electing Democrats;  Rising, and rising, and rising. . ”

  • 1crappie2

    Just put up a real sign that says ” gas for Volts only” and watch the election go against the messiah in chief.

    • SoBeRight

      Did you know that the Volt is outselling the Nissan Leaf?

      Did you know?

      Chevy Volt February Sales Rank It 10th Out of 55 Clean Energy Vehicles

      February sales of 1,023 Chevrolet Volts placed
      the extended-range electric car as the tenth best selling
      alternative-energy vehicle in North America out of a field of at least
      55 “green” vehicles offered by all major manufacturers.

      The Volt reached this number despite extremely overblown negative media
      coverage including from a raft of critics willfully misrepresenting
      facts, and having started with limited production from its launch a
      little more than a year ago in December 2010.

      Since the Volt’s introduction, many have compared it to vehicles in the
      established internal combustion market, or against another perceived
      rival, the Nissan Leaf, which was launched around the same time.

      But perhaps people ought to evaluate the Volt’s market acceptance
      against the entire alternative-energy category to which it arguably

      Aside from these top-six best-selling alternative-energy vehicles
      (“Prius” actually counts as two cars), all other alternative vehicles
      sold last month in numbers no higher than one-thousand-something.

      Put in that light, the Volt’s 1,023 units sold do not appear so bad
      against the 1,568 units sold of the Hyundai Sonata hybrid, or 669 units
      sold of the long-established VW Golf diesel, or the 773 units sold of
      the long-established Honda Insight hybrid, and so on …

      • Plinytherecent

        Did you know that 1,023 vehicles sold would be a very slow weekend for Dodge Ram trucks?

      • From 2008 –


        $750 million development cost.  (Likely double that in reality.)  (According to the Wiki on it, you’re looking at $2.4 billion to date.) (Wow.)

        From 2011 –


        Demand less than expected.


        Shutdown for 5 weeks.

        “With a 150-day supply of Volts sitting on dealer lots around the country, this shut down will temporarily lay off 1,300 employees.What’s perhaps even more interesting is that this shut down comes after a lengthy “holiday” retooling break that only ended in early February. The upcoming shut down is scheduled to last from March 19 to April 23. As a GM spokesman told MLive, “We’re matching our production levels with demand and building to market.”

          Hmmm.  With a 150 day supply of Volts – think a 5 week halt in production will make that much of a difference?


        We’re looking at a total sales of less than 10,000 so far.  Do the math.  $2.4 billion divided by 10k (Okay, with overseas sales bump the count to 15k… though I think it’s a stretch.)


        So when you see that Volt charging (and hopefully not on fire…) in front of Whole Foods, you’re looking at a car that costs a good bit – of which the actual owner paid less than $40k.

        Enjoy the view – ’cause that’s about all you’ll ever get for that extra $120k.

        By the way – the Ford Edsel?  Widely known as a failure?

        Total production run of 84,000 before Ford pulled the plug – and that was without extensive government backing..

        I’m thinking the Volt is going to set a new low.  But we’ll see.

        • SoBeRight

          Glad you’re keeping an open mind.


          • Open mind – closed wallet.

          • LiberalNitemare

             Only a closed mind sees the chevy volt as a positive example of Obama’s presidency.

          • SoBeRight

            I recognize that it’s getting a slow start and could even falter and fail.

            I also recognize that it’s just become another target for the hate mobs on the right.

            The lies about it catching fire are a perfect example. The repeated lies about the sales figures, where a months’ worth of sales were reported by Wizbang as being the annual sales total is another example of the unhinged right wacko mob just spreading bull.

            And of course you’d yourself must have a closed mind if you don’t see both sides of the argument.

          • Sky__Captain

             How about the lie that GM temporarily closed the production line and laid off workers?

            Oh, wait – that’s the truth.
            And it’s because sales are poor – few people can afford the ObamaMobile.

          • pizz

            This guy could come up with
            a solution leading to $2.00
            gas and you still would call him
            a kenyan. So idiotic.

          • pizz

            Pure american technology. I thought you
            guys like american exceptionalism?
            Apparently not.

      • donwalk

        From Edmunds, September 2, 2011

        DETROIT — The Nissan Leaf continues to outpace the Chevrolet Volt in the monthly sales race, but General Motors says “that’ll soon change.” General Motors sold 302 Chevrolet Volts in August while Nissan sold 1,362 Leafs.
        GM has sold 3,172 Volts year-to-date, according to sales figures released on Thursday. Nissan reported that it has sold 6,187 Leafs since the electric car went on sale last December.

      • The F150 average 2328 sales… per day

  • In 2010, they sold 1,897 Maseratis.

    • They did it without subsides, very little advertising, while making a tidy profit on every one of them.

  • In the U.S., that is.

  • A government can NOT force a culture to change without extreme consequences.

    Mao, by some estimates, forced a culture change in China, with only 70 million deaths, and the government there sustains that change through brutal oppression.

    Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs changed the culture through capitalism and innovation. Nobody died. Quality of life improved for everybody, including the poor oppressed victims of communism, who sometimes get crumbs from the capitalist table that somehow roll through the cracks of their prison walls.

  • Love it!
    For the past year or so I’ve been leaving sticky notes on the pump each time I fill up, saying:

    High gas prices
    High inflation
    High unemployment
    The Obama trifecta!
    NObama 2012.

    • pizz

      And when they go down will you give Obama credit?
      Just like you did when the market hit 13,000?
      Just like when the Automobile Industry turned it around?
      Just like you did when he killed Bin Laden?

      Should I go On? 

  • Sky__Captain

    In the spirit of ZGoFish and his “SQUIRREL!!” posts about the ObamaMobile, I present:

    Quality sarcasm, there.

  • pizz

    How clever. Did you guys ever think to thank wall street speculators as
    well. Nah, they’re Americans not Kenyans……..Idiots!