False Fronts: Obama Still Pretending Fluke is an Innocent Kid

If you want to see how the left skews the narrative using untrue claims and false imagery to sell a message, you don’t need any other example than President Obama’s recent press conference where he continued to perpetrate the myth that Sandra Flake is somehow an innocent coed, a kid barely out of high school, when she is actually a long-time liberal activist in her 30s.

At the press conference the President was asked about Rush Limbaugh and his apology. Not only did Obama drag his own daughters into the debate, but he said he told activist Fluke that “her parents should be proud of her.” This line feeds into the myth that Sandra Fluke is but a young coed. However, Fluke is 30 years old. People stop assuring folks that their parents should be proud of them once they begin approaching middle age, certainly! If Mz. Fluke’s parents still aren’t proud of her as a 30-year-old, I doubt the president can help matters much.

But the thing here is, the left wants to promulgate the false image that Fluke is a young woman, innocent as the driven snow. She just isn’t. She’s a conniving activist, not a wide-eyed coed.

Unlike how leftists use the term “false fronts” (or its corollary “front groups“) its proper definition fits Sandra Fluke perfectly. She is presented as an innocent, 23-year-old coed that was somehow accidentally cast into the public spotlight and became mired in a national controversy quite beyond her control. But the facts make the lie to this false front crafted to conceal this woman’s true motives.

First of all, despite constant claims made by the media, this woman is hardly a youngster. She is 30-years-old, not 23. Secondly she is not an innocent caught up is a sudden media maelstrom. She is a long-time activist that has for years worked to undermine religious freedom, has been a gay “rights” activist that has advocated for forcing employers to make special rules for so-called “LGBTQ” employees, and has even tried to get herself inserted into the public debate in Congress at least once before.

But that is the game. If the left can fool Americans into imagining Sandra Fluke is a shy, unassuming coed they can more easily make any of her critics look like heartless creeps for opposing her. This isn’t about discussing the issues. It’s about killing the opposition. The left’s game is to win its war against religion. Unless conservatives reveal Fluke for the activist she is, they can’t win this battle.

Despite that Obama tried to characterize Fluke as some victim of circumstance calling here a mere “private citizen.” Sandra Flake is simply not the unassuming “private citizen” withering under the media microscope that president Obama tired to make us believe at his press conference. She is a left-wing issue activist that has sought the spotlight for the better part of a decade. In point of fact she even decided to attend Georgetown, a Catholic institution, with the express purpose of forcing the school to over turn its own religious-based rules.

Fluke is a hard-edged, steely-eyed opportunist out to destroy religious freedom and fighting for extremist legal interpretations to give special “rights” to gays, women, and other groups for whom she works. Fluke is neither a mere “private citizen” nor an innocent young coed.

But that is the game. If the left can fool Americans into imagining Sandra Fluke is a shy, unassuming coed they can more easily make any of her critics look like heartless creeps. This isn’t about discussing the issues. It’s about killing the opposition.

Transcript of Obama’s reply about Rush’s apology

You know, I’m not going to comment on what sponsors decide to do. I’m not going to comment on either the economics or the politics of it. I don’t know what is in Rush Limbaugh’s heart, so I’m not going to comment on the sincerity of his apology.

What I can comment on the fact that all decent folks can agree that the remarks that were made don’t have any place in the public discourse. And you know, the reason I called Miss Fluke is because I thought about Malia and Sasha and one of the things I want them to do as they get older is to engage in issues they care about, even ones I may not agree with them on. I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way.

And I don’t want them attacked or called horrible names because they are being good citizens, and I wanted Sandra to know that I thought her parents should be proud of her, and that we want to send a message to all of our young people that being part of a democracy involves argument and disagreements and debate, and we want you to be engaged, and there’s a way to do it that doesn’t involve you being demeaned and insulted, particularly when you are a private citizen.

Why We Need Rush Limbaugh
"The assault has become so nakedly partisan and opportunistic"
  • JWH

    Some of us object to your description of 30 as “approaching middle age.”  Now get off my lawn!

  • SoBeRight

    Of course she’s not innocent.

    She’s a slut and whore and we want her to post gangbang video of her having sex with her hundreds of partners.

    All true.

    uhm, really?


    • That would be women partners Stephen?  You are revealing your fetishes. 

      See above, once again proving my point.

      • SoBeRight

        All I did was repeat what Limbaugh said.

        You know, Rush Limbaugh, the guy you’ve been defending without even knowing what he said in the first place.

        THAT Limbaugh.

        Not to worry, Limbaugh’s tirade against this innocent will be shown to the American people over and over again in the days leading up to the election as an example of just how sickening the right can be.

        Go ahead, defend him some more.

        • UOG

          And Zgo confirms my point from earlier this morning, this is all he will talk about from now until November. This is all he has to talk about from now until November. No strengthening economy. No cost reductions in the price of energy. No boom in the private manufacturing sector. No increased hirings from jobs growth. No factories unable to keep with with new orders. This is it, all he has to talk about… from now until November.

          Might as well just write it out once and cut and paste it until November Zgo.

          • SoBeRight

             I comment on what the Wizbangers write about.

            Not my fault they’re stuck on this issue…

          • Sky__Captain

             Actually, YOU are stuck on this issue.

            Only you.

          • SoBeRight

             And, through my mind control I’m making the Wizbang bloggers write about this subject over and over and over and over again.

            Wow, I’m one powerful dude.

          • Sky__Captain

             Truly a legend in your own mind.

            Lousy debater, also.

            (Actually, more than a bit of a coward and a liar.)

          • SoBeRight

            You forgot “hung like a race horse”.. 🙂

          • Sky__Captain

             I also forgot “delusional”.

          • iwogisdead

            It seems all you EVER do is comment on what Wizbangers write about. There’s some good college basketball coming up on TV pretty soon–try watching some. Or get a girlfriend.

          • SoBeRight

            Got a gf. Looking forward to BB.

            Thanks for the advice.

        • ” the guy you’ve been defending without even knowing what he said in the first place”

          Lets see .  What was that phrase you used?  Yeah thats right


          You are making it up.

          Mind showing me where i defended Limbaugh using the term slut.

          Yeah I thought not.  Now the question is are you going to be a liar or simply someone who made a mistake  and apologize for that mistake.


          take note

          Exactly what I was talking about earlier.

          • SoBeRight

            I didn’t “revel any fetishes” as you stated I did – I merely repeated what Limbaugh said.

            And since you attributed Limbaugh’s words to me, you obviously don’t know he said those words.

            and you don’t support Limbaugh and agree that he was over the top and unnecessarily harsh?

            Thanks for clarifying. I had no idea.

          • a.  Satire is just way over your head or else is just a one way street and you dont feel others can use it.
            b.  We have only been talking about what Limbaugh said for the past week so it is kinda hard not to know what he said.   Since I have made several posts on the issue which you have presumeably read you are presumeably a liar on that part.
            c.  You have not shown where I defended Limbaughs use of the word slut or any other statement he made regarding Fluke’s sex life which means that you are definitely a liar on that matter or else mistaken my words for someone else.  Since you have not admitted the latter than I believe the former to be more true.



            Again take note of these posts for further proof of what I was saying in the other thread.

    • are you actually having a conversation with yourself  ? …  with one personality channelling a  mythical right winger and the other chanelling a monosyllabic drool cup user ?

  • herddog505

    I don’t know what is in Rush Limbaugh’s heart, so I’m not going to comment on the sincerity of his apology.

    Translation: I don’t believe a word he said.  I’m too graceless to accept his apology, and too gutless to come right out and say it.

  • Brucehenry

    1. She introduced herself in her testimony as a student activist. She recited a short bio including many of the points you listed. She never claimed to be shy, unassuming, or picked at random from the student body.

    2. The only place I ever heard her described as 23 years old is here at Wizbang.

    3. In America, all kinds of activists have the right to speak — even “far left” activists, even gay rights activists. And if they get a chance to speak before Congress, they’re going to do so. If you were an activist for, say, gun rights, and a Congressman invited you to testify at a hearing — even a “sham” hearing — wouldn’t you do so?

    4. Being a 30 year old law student is hardly unheard of, is it?

    5. Whatever the excuses, rationalizations, blame-the-victim games, or other nonsense defenders of Limbaugh’s attack use, it was still an egregious act of bullying and misogyny. He attacked this woman 53 times, over THREE DAYS, using the classic bully tactics of calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute.” This is something all cowardly bullies do when they want to attack a woman.

    6. Limbaugh, and let’s get this straight, is NOT THE VICTIM. He is an ogre, a bully, a hypocrite. His “apology” was hollow. I’ve never heard one so transparently insincere. And for a spokesman for the Party of Personal Responsibility to be defended as a victim for remarks no one held a gun to his head to make would be hysterically funny if it wasn’t so fucking sad.

    7. A father of two daughters, as Obama is (and as I am) is naturally going to have empathy for a young woman slandered so viciously. Obama’s comments hit, as far as I’m concerned, EXACTLY the right note. Read them again, calmly. Try to pretend someone else is saying them. See if you can see anything wrong with the sentiments expressed.

    • jim_m

       I don’t care how you try to spin it, at 30 YO she is not a student activist she has long since become a professional activist and she is not at all what one typically thinks of when told that a person is a “student”.

      Yes what Limbaugh said was in poor taste and he needed to apologize as he did.  However, if the tables were turned and a leftist had said something similar there would be outrage if the right refused an apology from a leftist.

      • Jay

         I don’t care how you try to spin it, at 30 YO she is not a student activist she has long since become a professional activist and she is not at all what one typically thinks of when told that a person is a “student”.

        She’s focused on LGBT issues and decided to get a law degree at a later date.  She’s a student.

        Trying to make an issue of her age is done in poor taste.  I doubt highly her age really mattered except to conservatives trying to polarize and marginalize the issues presented.

    • herddog505

      1.  Is this how the rest of MiniTru described her?

      2.  Rush Limbaugh, the usually unapologetic conservative pundit, has apologized for using language to describe Sandra Fluke, a 23-year-old Georgetown University law student whose resume reads more like that of a political activist than a victimized student. He labeled his description “insulting.”


      I think her age was one of those “everybody knows” or “I heard it somewhere” things.

      3.  Activists have a right to speak, ESPECIALLY if they show up in front of a sham congressional “committee” where they are the only witness, and then spend their time talking about unnamed friends whose alleged woes support the position of the “committee” members.  Now, if those “activists” happen to be on the wrong side of the fence (lets say, Rush Limbaugh or Tea Party members), they are shouted down, boycotted, and otherwise marginalized if not outright silenced.

      4.  No, of course not.  O’ course, that’s not JUST what she is.  Calling her a law student is a bit like calling Ann Coulter a lawyer; technically true and in some contexts perfectly acceptable, but in others rather deceptive.

      5.  I’ve said that Rush should not have called her a slut.  However, I’ve heard the excuse made about such people as Sarah Palin (even her daughters) and other conservative women who’ve been subjected to similar, much more sustained attacks that “they are public figures” and “they are in the arena”.  Out of curiosity, is there any insulting term that Rush might have used that WOULDN’T have roused the latent Southern gentleman among lefties?

      6.  Yes, Rush started it.  The problem is that (A) the left, in such persons as Bill Maher and Ed Schultz, have engaged in similar behavior with crickets (if not kudos) from the left.  Something about glass houses…

      Should Rush be forced off the air for this, by the way?

      7.  Oh, PUH-LEEZE.  Yes, Barry’s dad gene IMMEDIATELY kicked in because – gosh-darn it! – he’s got daughters of his own, and – gee whiz! – ANY father would go on the warpath about a man calling some girl (she’s SOMEBODY’S daughter!) a slut.  Why, the very idea that Barry would join the liberal pile-on against one of the most well-known reichwingers – a man who’s been despised by the left for decades – is just absurd!  ABSURD, I say.


      Look, I get that calling a woman a slut (or some variation of that) in public is offensive.  It was offensive when lefties did it with Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, etc., and it’s offensive for Rush to do it to Sandra Fluke.  But let’s please not go all “you’ve insulted a LADY, suh!  I DE-mayund satisfaction!”  We had quite enough of this hypocritical rubbish when poor Gabbie Giffords was shot.

    • Bruce

      The 23 year old part is all over the net.

      Here is one link


      as for most of your other points regardnig Fluke you are correct.  But the point of the thread was not how Fluke portrayed herself but how the left portrayed her.  That being an innocent young coed.  Most of the articles in the MSM about her dont mention her activism at all.   Nor do they mention the fact that the hearing was regarding “religion and the state” and not really on birth control.   If you are going to speak before Congress on Gun control I would presume you wouldnt try to do it at a hearing on say freedom of the press.

      For all of your and Obama’s outrage I have to ask do you feel the same outrage when Ingram is called a slut?  When Palin was accused of covering up an incestous relationship between her husband and daughter?  When Mahr called republican women sluts whores, etc.

      Dont get me wrong.  I am not nor have I defended Limbaugh’s use of the word slut.  Nor have most of the posters here at Wizbang from what I have seen.  What we are mostly outraged about is the BLATANT double standard.   Your failure to even mention previous incidents regarding republican women could be considered part of the double standard.  Nor do I recall (I could be wrong) you mentioning anything when those issues were discussed on Wizbang. 

      Is Fluke a victim?  Umm she is a 30 year old activist.  I am quite certain that she has been called names before and knows what she is getting into.    Are Ingram and Palin victims?  You could say the same.   But again here we have a double standard.  You mention Fluke but not Ingram or Palin.

      For a similar double standard look at Brietbart’s death vs say Kennedy;s death.  Outrage about comments about Kennedy.  No outrage about Brietbart.  

      Another example. Look at the thread about Limbaughs advertisers. You have zgofish rambling about how republicans are unamerican for getting out carbonite. Yet go back and look at the threads on the Komen foundation affair with Planned Parenthood. THe left was in outrage and talks of pulling donations calling advertisers etc was common on the left.

      Blatant double standard by the left.

      Here is a video of it on display for you Bruce.

      • Brucehenry

        Yes, the new slogan should be “RUSH — Only A Little More Despicable Than Bill Maher!”

        Look, this is getting tiresome. I don’t comment on every blog. I comment here, and in response to what Wizbang authors write and Wizbang commenters post.

        “Please Call Advertisers That Dumped Limbaugh, Let Them Know How YOU  Feel.” “The Assault Has Become so Nakedly Partisan…”. “Obama’s Orchestrated Left Wing Campaign Plan.” All articles in defense of the indefensible.

        You guys, while claiming that you don’t approve of what Limbaugh said, have minimized it, blamed Obama for it, blamed “the left” for it, blamed FLUKE for it, excused it, rationalized it, and snickered at it. Maybe not you quite so much, RM, but ol’ Herddog here has cracked wise plenty. “Well, it’s not considered polite to call a woman a slut, even if she IS,” was, I believe, his first comment on the matter last weekend. That’s just one example of the “humor” he found in the fact that this woman had been called a whore for 3 solid days by the country’s most bombastic and influential bully.And just re-read the 3 or 4 threads for lots more examples, not only from Herddog, but some dude named westcoastwiser, Stan, Jeff C, and numerous others.

        As an exercise, suppose Bill Maher had attacked a 30 year old gun activist during the Bush administration, maybe calling him a “fag.” That is entirely plausible, is it not? Now, further suppose that Bush had uttered the exact words Obama did above (substituting “Jenna and Barbara” for “Sasha and Malia.”) What would be wrong with the above statement?

        And LOL, you may think Obama insincere when he steps up to defend this girl, and some lady named Maggie65, below, may think me insincere as well, but Obama perfectly captured how I felt about this thing. And there are millions of parents (and other people) all over this country who have a similar level of empathy for this slandered woman. Long time activist or student, she didn’t deserve what Limbaugh dished out. Rush, on the other hand richly deserves the opprobrium his comments have earned him.

        Rush handed the president, an excellent speaker, a paddle, and the president spanked his repulsive ass with it.

        BTW, when an incumbent presiding over 8% unemployment and $4/gal gas prices is reelected in a landslide, you will have Rush partly to blame.

        • Bruce

          Again I think you miss the point or at least mine.

          It is the blatant hypocracy of the left in this issue that has myself and I am sure at least some other conservatives upset.

          You state “what if the reverse would have happened?”

          But the truth is that I doubt it  would have happened.  Why?  Not because the left doesnt make statements similar to Limbaugh but because Bush wouldnt have inserted his mouth into the issue.  Obama has placed himself SQUARELY in the issue first with his policies on the issue and then with his comments on it.

          Calling women sluts especially in a public forum is never acceptable in my opinion.  But if you are going to say it isnt okay to do it than dont turn a blind eye when someone on your side of the political aisle does the exact same thing.  In fact when they do it first and then you have outrage when it is done by the other party it makes your remarks look hollow and partisian as well.

          “And there are millions of parents (and other people) all over this country who have a similar level of empathy for this slandered woman’

          Can you honestly say that those same people who feel empathy for this woman also feel empathy for Palin, her daughters, ingram, etc etc?   

          Did Rush put his foot in his mouth?  Absolutely.  He has stated he was wrong but that isnt good enough for the folks out there who hate him and wnat to use this for political gain.

          Does Obama want his daughters to be called this?  I dont think any decent father does. At the same time Obama is a politician.  Politicians say a lot of things about feeling for this person or that person when in truth they could care less what they said, was said about them, what happened to them or anything else except for the political gain they can get out of it.  Want an example.  Cindy Sheehan.  Look at how the left treated her after Bush was out of office. 

          Truth be told I would guess that 25% of people in the US probably feel that what Rush called her was accurate.  And probably half of those are liberals. 

          As I stated on another thread.  Come Nov that last thing on people’s mind will be what Rush called Fluke.  90% of them probalby cant give you her last name if you ask them today.  $6 a gallon gas and 8% unemployment and the economy will be much more pertinent than this tempest in a teapot.

          • Brucehenry

            Double standard, huh?

            If you want evidence of a double standard, go to Youtube and look up “Ed Schultz apology to Laura Ingraham.”

             Then re-listen to Limbaugh’s so-called “apology” to Fluke.

             See which one you think shows the man who issued it to be a genuine human being, and which one is a monster.

            Keep in mind that Schultz called Laura a slut once. Limbaugh ranted about Fluke for 3 days.

            BTW, Schultz was suspended by MSNBC for his comments.

            Maher? He’s as big an asshole as Rush is. But I don’t see Think Progress posting 5 articles in his defense every time he says something offensive, as Wizbang has done.

          • Bruce

            Look at the media coverage of the Schultz incident and the media coverage of this one.  You could look at the media coverage of all the liberal incidents together and it doesnt equal the coverage this has gotten.  That shows one of two things (if not both). 
            A.  the target Limbaugh has on his back (the more impact a person has the bigger the target)  or

            B.  The amount of media bias there is in favor of the libs.

            BTW I dont see Obama giving back Mahr’s million dollars (yet) nor do I see Limbaugh endorsing any republican candidate (yet).
            Look at Palin. She is still demonized by the left.  My wife loves animals and is on the mailing lists of folks like PETA and ASPCA (please help me).  At least once  a month we get mail proclaiming Palin is out to kill off the wolves or exterminate the polar bears (and BTW only her donation can save them). 

            Again.  I would be willing to bet that 50% of the people who express outrage over Limbaugh’s comments  cant

            a. give you an exact quote of more than 5 words  of what Limbaugh said this
            b.  Cant tell you Fluke’s last name.

            Randi Rhodes calls for cutting out the ovaries of conservative women.

            Media response – Crickets chirping.

            Rush Limbaugh calls a woman a slut

            Media response – Wall to wall for over a week now to include a response from the President.

            It isnt just this matter either Bruce. Look at gas prices under Bush.

            Kerry out there talking about Bush should jawbone down gas prices and smoke the peace pipe, etc Did the press call him on it? Nope. You would have thought Bush was personally raising the prices at the pump.

            What do you have now? THe press saying “well the President cant really do anything to set the price at pump”

            Unemployment under Bush
            5% – media response – Jobless recovery

            Unemployment under Obama
            8+% – media response – economy is showing signs of improvement.

    • The_Queen_of_France

       You’re right, Bruce, Obama is just full of empathy.  Why, it was positively overflowing when Bristol, Willow, and Trig Palin were attacked mercilessly!  I’ll never forget the heartache so evident in Dear Leader’s eyes as the tears streamed down his cheeks during his lecture to the left about those innocent, private-citizen children!

    • cirby

      2. The only place I ever heard her described as 23 years old is here at Wizbang.”

      Anne Thompson of NBC News described her as “Sandra Fluke, the 23-year-old Georgetown law student.”

      So did the Huffington Post – in their article griping about Limbaugh’s attack.  Which means that the “23” lie was still in full force for at least a day or so after she appeared in front of Congress..

      • SoBeRight

         A few media outlets got her age wrong. The vast majority of stories I saw had her at 30 yo.

        • cirby

          If you go back and find the original stories, you’ll find the “23” number more often than not.

          Make sure to check the dates – the mainstream media didn’t start using “30” until after the internet collectively pointed out their initial mistake.  Quite a few had half-hearted corrections… or just went back and changed the number in the story without comment.

          • SoBeRight

            Googling Google News for “Sandra Fluke” 23 = 1030 hits


            Notie that a lot of the hits on ’23’ are due to the date of the story, feb 23.

            Googling Google News for “Sandra Fluke” 30 = 3280 hits


            That’s my evidence that proves you wrong – you got anything that can prove you right?

            Click on the links – read the results.

          • cirby

            Actually, all your links “prove” is that the story blew up by at least a factor of three AFTER people found out she was 30.

            Almost all of the hits you get with your “30” search fall within the last couple of days – after everyone found out about the “23” fakery..

        • Sky__Captain

          Probably after conservative blogs did the background research and found she is a 30-year-old libtard activist.

          It’s not like the libtard media is actually going to do that sort of research. They have to be shamed into admitting it.

  • Now that there is funny, Bruce Henry empathizing with a woman!

    • Brucehenry

      Yes, please feel free to scroll through the Wizbang archives and re-post all the misogynist comments I have posted over the years. I’m sure you’ve got oodles of examples.

      • SoBeRight

        She thinks it’s funny because your a man who empathizes with a woman.

        It’s a right wing thing…

        • Brucehenry

          I’ve been commenting here right regular since 2008. I’m sure I probably called Sarah Palin a “kook” and Michele Bachmann a “nut” at least once or twice.

          There you go — proof positive of liberal misogyny.

          • Sky__Captain

             Damn, are you guys starting your libtard circle-jerk again?

            We just got the place cleaned up from the last one.

          • SoBeRight

            Wow. So you’re the guy who cleans up after the circle jerk?

            I hope you use a mop!

          • SoBeRight

            This just in – Sarah Palin is planning on being the GOP Presidential nominee.


            Watch the video. There is no question.

            Now we know why Palin sabotaged Santorum. She wants Gingrich to stay in the race so neither Romney or Santorum clinch the nomination.

            That way it’s a brokered convention, and Sarah waltzes in unsullied by the mud slinging GOP primary campaign that SHE AND HER BACKERS created in order to arrive at the point where Sarah can walk in and grab it.

            Her employer, Fox News, is no doubt standing by to help her with biased news coverage and the usual bald-faced lies.

            But go ahead and check out the video. It brings back vivid memories for me of just how badly she comes across when she’s just “being Sarah” – it’s amazing how un-Presidential she is – but that’s just my opinion – your might see it otherwise.

      • herddog505

        True enough.  I can’t think of a single instance of anything remotely like misogyny in our various exchanges (excepting comments about people like Sarah Palin, which are not misogyny but rather political in nature, the same as it NOT being racist when reichwingers speak ill of that jug-eared idiot in the White House).

  • ackwired

    It is hard to believe that Huston is talking about the quote that he posted from Obama.  The Obama quote seems reasonable.  Huston’s comments do not even seem to relate to it.

  • Commander_Chico

    This is all about the metrics.   What are the metrics?  Limbaugh polls with a high unfavorability rating, 10% or more higher than his favorability rating.  That straddles the Democratic base and independents.   Those who view him favorably are correlated with the Republican base.

    The metrics indicate that Limbaw is a liability to the GOP.

    That’s why this is beating a dead horse.   Politics being what it is, the Democrats will try to hang the Limbaw albatross around Romney’s neck.

    • Jay

      Dang right this is a dead horse.  There are at least five stories that conservatives could salivate over.  Instead, they’re *still* talking about Rush.  It’s ridiculous.  I haven’t heard any criticism of Holder’s speech and I would have thought a place like Wizbang would salivate over it.  There’s been no talks or discussions of the drones coming into the US.  No, leave that to “libtards” like Greenwald to upstage conservatives *still* focused on the social issues that they’re losing.

      No new talks about how Fox News confirmed that the President wasn’t at fault for gas prices in 2008 (contradicting their persecution of Obama now).

      No new discussions of how drones are coming to the US in 90 days.

      No, nothing different.  Just push the same issue for the past *four* days.

      They need some new editors.

      • Commander_Chico

        You’re right, this is the deadest of horses, but I think there is no discussion of Holder’s speech or drones because Wizbangers are mostly authoritarian and remain silent when the police state advances.

    • SoBeRight

       Santorum lost 8 points in the polls since this kerfluffle began.

      That’s a metric…

    • “high unfavorability rating, 10% or more higher than his favorability rating”

      Gas prices keep gonig up and Obama will be in that same situation.   

  • ombdz

    Her 15 minutes are about up.  Media protestations aside, no one will remember the name Sandra Fluke in November … http://bit.ly/qVdDUt

    • Hell 50% of them cant tell you her last name now.

      • SoBeRight