Obama’s NCAA Tournament Picks….Yes, He Did It Again

I always fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for sport, but I always do. Then again I don’t have the kind of job where I’m spending trillions of dollars in other people’s money, trying to manage a possible Iranian nuclear crisis with Israel waiting in the wings to take action, a Syrian uprising being suppressed by a totalitarian regime, a complete and total takeover of the American economy by the government with a healthcare law that was birthed right out of the mind of Karl Marx, and of course on the days when I’m not real busy, I’d launch an all out assault on religious freedom. I don’t have a job like that, and since I don’t, I filled out a bracket.

Barack Obama on the other hand does have that job, with a countless number of other responsibilities as well that I didn’t list. And despite the fact that he has weathered the accusations in the past of being an aloof President who at times doesn’t take his job seriously enough, he managed to fill out his NCAA bracket with the breathless adoration of the ESPN hacks. Again.

It’ll be nice to once again have a President of the United States who actually acts like the President of the United States. You know, a President with higher priorities than hoping the Chicago Bulls eventually make a White House visit.

For the record Obama picked Kentucky, North Carolina, Missouri, and Ohio State to go to the Final Four. If you care.

Heinlein tried to warn them, but California's Politicians just ain't a listening...
A Fluke by any other name
  • ackwired

    You should thank him.  He gave you an excuse for a silly rant.

    • John_LC_Silvoney

       There has got to be some stories that also report on the SCOAMF’s well known indolence as well as his  relentless record of failure and statist thuggery .
      This is news you and Chick-fool-a can use.

      • ackwired

        It just shows how desperate the right wing is for another way to say he is evil.

      • jb

         Gee, you’d think the lack of such might indicate that he could actually be hard-working, relatively successful in his efforts and not a statist thug. Its just that you don’t like his policies.

        Just a thought.

  • Commander_Chico

    Let me give you a tip for your next post: Obama excretes a foul smelling substance!!!!

  • You knew the leftists couldn’t pass this by.  But remember how they mocked Bush’s vacations and golf days (he stopped playing while we had military in action)? 

    But remember, Obama is their Sooper Genius like Wiley Coyote, and he’ll have it all fixed as soon as his package from ACME, Inc. arrives.

    • Commander_Chico

      how they mocked Bush’s vacations and golf days (he stopped playing while we had military in action)

      Wow, what a sacrifice.  I wish Bush had taken more vacations – would have prevented him from fouling up as much as he did.

      Bush’s chickens are still coming home to roost – like the soldier who did three tours in Iraq and just went nuts in Afghanistan. 

      Bush presided over the most precipitous squandering of national power and prestige in human history.  To the extent that Obama sucks, it’s because he’s followed in Bush’s footsteps on civil liberties and wars.

      • Sky__Captain

         Ah, yes – the “It’s Bush’s Fault!!11!!!” excuse.

        • Commander_Chico

          Well, the war in Iraq was Bush’s fault, no getting around that.

          • Sky__Captain

            Let’s see – 0bama has been President for 3 years. When is he going to take ownership for his policies and actions?

            When are his ardent supporters going to realize he is a SCOAMF?
            Yes, I know it is a rhetorical question. 0bama’s ardent supporters (such as Chico) are NEVER going to realize it.

          • Err, if say, I marry a woman, Charge 50,000 on her credit cards and then divorce her. When you come in and marry her it’s your fault she’s in debt right? 

          • Especially if you are in your third year of marriage. 

          • jim_m

            So you are claiming that 0bama has run the government with a balanced budget for the last 3 years?  You are denying that he has added $4T to the debt?  He is not responsible for any of that? 

            Never mind the fact that when you do marry someone their assets (and debt) become marrital property.  So yes, the debt she had prior to marriage is now your responsibility as well.

            Seeing as you hail from Berkeley I do not expect you to understand anything with regard to personal responsibility.  Nor do I expect you to understand how 0bama has increased spending and increased the rate of iuncrease in our debt,  Nor do I expect you to understand the rammifications of the Fed monetizing $2T of new debt in the last 3 years.

            In fact I expect that you won’t understand anything of use to a modern society since you are most likely engaged in basket weaving studies or some other useless endeavor.

          • jb

            Most conservatives are in fact treating Obama in exactly the same metaphor Jason describes.

            It seems pretty innacurate to:

            a) treat all spending that happened after 1/21/2009 as Obama’s, when in fact most of it is continuation of funding for policies under GWB, and

            b) treat the spending required to dig us out of the hole GWB put us in as “unnecessary extra spending”.

            But I guess the extra sneers make up for this complete lack of logic, in your mind?

    • I’d worry about those ACME packages if I were him.  Seems to me no matter how many times that the things didn’t work, he kept shelling out good money for more expensive crap that failed, blew up, slammed him into the ground, blew up, slammed him into canyon walls, blew up, slung him unaimed into the air, or blew up.

      Hmm.  I see a consistent pattern there.

      I can only assume W.E. Coyote didn’t find ANY other catalogs than ACME’s in the outhouse during reading time.

      • Come to think of it, it’d be interesting to check out the White House Presidential Bathroom for reading material.  If there’s an ACME catalog, well thumbed in “Management, Geopolitical and Economic Guidance” areas, I’d be very, very afraid.

    • jb

      Also, Reagan took nearly twice as many days off at this point in his Presidency, and GW Bush took 3 times as many.


      But by all means don’t let facts get in your way.

      Still waiting for any on the Right to complain that Bush spent entire days off to attend baseball games.


      Gee, it’s almost like there’s a double standard. Naaaahhh!

  • The_Weege_99

    And, as usual, Clinton picked Ball State, Morehead State, Oral Roberts and Bringem Young.

  • Sky__Captain

    Remember when America had a REAL Ppresident and not a Hawaiian community organizer?

    • Commander_Chico

      I barely remember Eisenhower, yes.  It’s been mostly downhill since then.

      • jim_m

        So you agree with Eisenhower that it is reasonable to threaten nuclear attack in defense of US foreign interests?

        Very interesting.

        • jb

          From the alleged Left, I certainly think so. FYI, so did JFK, Carter and Clinton.

    • jb

      Who do you think was the last “REAL” President? I’m actually curious.

  • Conservachef

     It’s all part of an attempt to connect with the “middle class.” Just ask Sheriff Joe…


  • sabbahillel

    I wonder how those states are looking for the election?