The EPA’s Den Of Thieves

Dr. Ann Maest of Straus Consulting is an expert on the environmental effects of mining and petroleum extraction and production on groundwater. She’s also the person we caught red-handed agreeing to falsify data for the plaintiffs in an case against Chevron earlier this year. In case you missed it, these two videos show her conspiring to the plaintiff’s lead counsel.

That hasn’t stopped the Obama administration from doing business with her. She’s going to be a featured speaker at the U.S. EPA Hardrock Mining Conference 2012 in Denver.

The folks at Resourceful Earth have put together a letter you can send to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson to protest their decision to do business with and rely on the conclusions of Dr. Maest, as well as her inclusion in the agenda of this EPA sponsored event.

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  • Being a practiced liar is a prerequisite to working for Obama.

  • Hank_M

    I’m thinking that Maest’s falsifying data is a feature and not something that would disqualify her from being on Jacksons short list or useful “experts”.

    Remember, Lisa Jackson is a big proponent of environmental justice, something that does not require facts or science.

    • UOG

      … and has nothing to do with justice.

  • westcoastwiser

    Got to get everyone to grasp that those who give legal advice are “counsels” not “councils”

  • GarandFan

    well she does meet the Obama Administration’s primary requirement:  no ethics.  Probably vetted by Eric Holder personally.

    •  Whaddya mean, she’s got no ethics?  She’s got ethics!  She’s got whatever ethics you need!

      So, what kind of ethics were you looking for, and what are you willing to pay for them?  Of course, it’s strictly a cash transaction – it’s the only ethical way.

  • Sky__Captain

    Anybody know if she’s a tax cheat?

    • Gmacr1

      I figure that’s a prerequisite.