EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Newt Responds to President: Let Obama Be the Saudi Oil and Algae Guy, I’ll be the American Jobs Guy

Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich appeared at Otto Engineering in Carpentersville, Illinois this afternoon and had a few choice words for Barack Obama. Newt told the president than he can be the fantasy algae guy and he, Newt, will be the science candidate.

Newt Slams the President as a member of the “Flat Earth, Sierra Club Society.”

*Note: as the video is done, I’ll also have video of Newt admitting that their early strategy against Romney was flawed and then the full video of Newt’s comments today. The video will be added when finished.

Earlier today Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland, President Obama claimed that anyone attacking his absurd reliance on wind power and algae to solve our massive energy problems are members of the “Flat Earth Society.”

Obama even went so far as to attack “one of my predecessors,” Rutherford B. Hayes who Obama quotes as saying that telephones are great but “who would want to use them”? “This is why he isn’t on Mount Rushmore,” Obama quipped. But Hayes was hardly a Luddite in the White House. For instance, on May 10th 1877 Hayes was the first president to install a telephone in the White House, so who knows what Obama is rambling about?

For his part, Newt is ridiculing Obama’s failures on energy.

“Phase one of the President’s defense against drilling was algae and that got ridiculed so much he’s now given up on algae for the moment. Phase two is, ‘American oil is bad but Saudi oil is good.'”

“Now this is wrong on a couple of counts. First, I don’t want the money going to Saudi Arabia. I want the money going to American companies creating American jobs in American territories.

Second, it further increases our dependence on the Saudis who are the largest funders of terrorist education and the largest funders of radical Islamist education in the world. I don’t want American presidents that bow to the Saudi King. I want American presidents who produce American oil, in the United States, make us energy independent, precisely so we don’t turn to the Saudis.

Newt had a few words directly for the president, too. A reporter asked what Newt had to say about Obama claiming the Newt ridiculed biofuels. Newt said he didn’t.

“I don’t ridicule biofuels,” he said. “I’ve supported ethanol, for example, which is a biofuel… I have a friends at Texas A&M who are working on algae. The idea that algae is a solution this summer is a fantasy and he knows it’s a fantasy.”

“Obama represents the Flat Earth, Sierra Club Society,” Newt said.

Gingrich wanted someone to ask the president, “Why is Saudi drilling good and American drilling bad?”

“This is utter intellectual nonsense,” Newt taunted.

“If he wants to represent Saudi Oil and algae, I’ll be happy to represent American oil and American jobs and we’ll see this Fall who the American people want to elect.”

Newt also admitted that they underestimated the effectiveness of Romney’s attack machine and that they got their strategy wrong.

Newt addresses the room

Newt with owner of Otto Engineering, Jack Roeser

Video of Newt’s Full Comments

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  • jim_m

    “Why is Saudi drilling good and American drilling bad?”

    Easy.  It makes America weaker.  A weaker US is an unalloyed good in the eyes of the left.

    • warnertoddhuston

      Exactly right.

    • Commander_Chico

      I was reading a Financial Times story on the US complaint in the WTO about China’s policy on rare earths a couple of days ago.

      The gist of the complaint is that China is wrongfully restricting exports of rare earths (not really that rare, but expensive to process without a lot of pollution) after they dumped rare earths on the world market and shut down other mines (some US and Aussie mines closed).

      There was a comment to the article that said:  “yeah, force China to use up its strategic minerals while you sit on yours and on your oil in Alaska.”   Seems right to me.

      It’s always better to buy from someone else when the price is relatively low and conserve your own stuff when the supply is short and the price is high.  That oil in Alaska will be pretty useful in 30 years or so when the crunch really comes.

      Of course lots of people have no long-term vision.

      • Vagabond661

         one would have to assume that all other oil would dry up in 30 years for that to make sense.

      • I believe you’re crediting Obama with a long-term strategic plan that doesn’t exist, or if it does – it’s a product of wishful thinking that requires the political, scientific and economic situations existing now to to continue unchanged.

        Frankly, from what I’ve seen so far, he’s got no ideological or mental flexibility and a rather deficient grasp of current circumstances. I’d put thinking like that far beyond his ability.

        • jim_m

          0bama believes that his ideology is absolutely, 100% correct in all aspects.  He does not compromise, he only loses the battle.  His history with congress shows that he is not able to talk about compromise, he demands his way and then if he cannot get his way he will fold and let someone else push their agenda through. 

          In Illinois he did not compromise.  He bottled up bills in committee that he knew he could not stop on the floor.  He stopped bills that even the predominantly dem legislature would have passed.   He could not even reach accord with the slightly less left wing elements of his own party.

          • Which is why I think he couldn’t manage to formulate a long-term plan for the country.  He’s charismatic as hell – or was – but charisma will only take you so far.

            And the more he tries to work the crowds using said charisma, the more he wears on those who don’t ‘love’ him unreservedly.  He’s trying to stay in front of the press, but the more he appears the lower his poll numbers drop. 

            If I were one of his advisors, I’d tell him to seek a lower profile fast. 

        • And it seems beyond the ability of most politicians, I must add.

        • Commander_Chico

          Well, even if he’s blundering into conserving strategic resources, it’s still happening.

          • Hmm.  I won’t argue that point, but it’d be good to examine just what other damage his blundering might cause.

            It’s all well and good to be forced to ‘save for a rainy day’, so to speak, but if you’re forced to put your money somewhere the government controls, it might not be possible to ever get it back. 

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  • Vagabond661

    The people who want us to invest billions in algae fuel research, solar power and “electric” cars for something that is supposed to pay off somewhere (but we don’t know where) in the future are the same people who tell us if we drill for oil now it won’t help us for at least 5 years.

    • It’s about religion instead of reality.

      Believe enough in the green energy religion, and deny yourself that nasty oil in the present. Because in some great future, everything will be wonderful.

      Oddly, that reminds me of some song lyrics I heard…

      Joe Hill’s “Long Haired Preachers”.

      “Long-haired preachers come out every night,
      Try to tell you what’s wrong and what’s right;
      But when asked how ’bout something to eat
      They will answer in voices so sweet


      You will eat, bye and bye,
      In that glorious land above the sky;
      Work and pray, live on hay,
      You’ll get pie in the sky when you die.”

      Making fun of religion then – now it’s what they want us to do. Don’t make pie now, wait for it to come magically later.

      Promises don’t fill gas tanks or keep the economy going.

  • Gmacr1

    I saw Newt speak at a campaign stop here and commented that if he could compress his idea’s into a 3 min speech he’d be hard to refute. He is on top of his game when he is talking about jobs and energy.

    The president is a SCOAMF, algea my aching ass.

  • All that’s well and good, but I still want to hear how he can guarantee $2.50 a gallon gas next year.

    • Lock the EPA in a closet (but promise to let it out eventually), set 1 blend nationally, announce the current permitting process is subject to unnecessary delays and those delays WILL be cut, announce the Keystone pipeline will go as originally approved, and put a “loser pays all court costs” in place for those attempting to block energy exploration through endless rounds of litigation and appeals.

      That should do it.

      Oh, and roll back the ‘Quantitative Easing’, if at all possible, to bring the value of the dollar back up.

  • Wild_Willie

    I hear Obama say “Fossil fuels are things of the past” and then he says “Going green is the future”. Has anyone told this liberal putz that we are living in the present. The problems are now. We need the solutions NOW. I can’t believe the ‘intellectual’ liberals even listen to this guy. ww

    • It’s not about having solutions – it never was.  It’s about appearing to have solutions that would require a massive expenditure – because that’s the only way they can even pretend to be effective.  Everyone knows the more money you spend on a problem, the better the solution, right?

      But you never want to actually SOLVE the problem.  A solved problem isn’t useful as a talking point, or for running an election campaign.

      Look at environmentalism.  Things have improved greatly from the ’60s, yet to hear the environmentalists talk, we’re about 30 seconds away from total ecological collapse.  (Or 10 years, whichever.)

      We’re told we’ve got to dump tungsten bulbs for CFLs, that contain toxins and cost more and don’t work as well – but they ARE more expensive so they’re obviously a good solution – which makes the $50 LED bub that just won government approval an even better solution.

      Even Germany’s figured it out – or the people have.  They’re finding though that once the expensive rules have been set in place, it’s almost never possible to rescind them, and the side effects of those rules are destructive in their own right – more so than the problems they were supposed to solve.


      There’s a big difference between figuring out the proper solution to a problem and coming up with a solution that sounds good.  And sometimes, you’ve got to figure out whether there’s a real problem at all, before you let someone go “OMG, WE MUST FIX THIS NOW NOW NO TIME TO THINK GIVE LOTS OF MONEY OR WE ALL DIE!!!!”

      Almost seems like the greens are holding the world hostage, sometimes…

  • klaffner

    Good golly.  When asked “As a historian, what do you think about being a part of something so big as a presidential campaign”, he wanders into the ditch of complaining about Romney’s money, negativity, blah blah.  What a small and petty man.  

    • He does appeal to the small and petty crowd, unfortunately.