George Clooney: Obama Is Awesome, It’s Just That He’s Not Awesome At Telling Us How Awesome He Is

Where I come from, when you’re awesome, you don’t need to have someone to tell other people of your awesomeness. But according to George Clooney, the only reason that Obama’s Presidency isn’t being deemed successful is because Democrats stink at telling everyone about Obama’s wonderful accomplishments.

Sitting down with NBC’s David Gregory (who thinks Obama is awesome in his own right), Clooney mentioned that if Obama were a Republican, he’d be touting how he had saved the auto-industry, passed a healthcare bill, and killed Bin Laden; and that somehow the messaging would be resonating with the American people because Republicans are so good at messaging. Not.

DAVID GREGORY: What about the guy who does have interest in being re-elected. There are some who believe that he’s now heading into calmer waters for re-election and that he looks pretty good. Do you see that as a danger sign. Do you think President Obama looks good to be re-elected?

GEORGE CLOONEY: I think he’s always looked good to be re-elected, even before the field, as we’re still looking to find out what the field is, because I happen to believe that Democrats are just very poor in general at explaining what it is when they accomplish something, I think they’re pretty bad at it. Republicans are very good at it. You know, I’m an old Democrat but I grew up around a lot of Republicans and, you know, if I was a Republican, if Obama was a Republican, I would be selling all of the, you know, you saved the auto industry and you got Osama bin Laden and you passed a health care bill that nobody could pass — if that was a Republican issue. I would be able to sell his presidency as a very successful one. But Democrats are bad at that. We like to pick each other apart. That’s our thing, you know. So I think it’s going to be an interesting time, you know. Listen, The worst thing you could do is feel in any way safe or cocky about it because you will always lose.

Let’s ignore for a moment the ridiculous premise that Republicans are great at selling their accomplishments while Democrats stink at it, and focus on the three issues that Clooney believes should have all Americans singing the praises of Obama. First, the killing of Bin Laden. The way I see it, that’s not a Democratic or a Republican issue. That’s an American issue. Bin Laden was a bad guy who did bad things, and a lot of really good people gave their lives and did really hard work over a long period of time to see that he was brought to justice. Obama just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Secondly the auto industry hasn’t really been “saved” per se. Sure they’re still around, but are they better off? Are they on solid footing? Has government intervention made them stronger? Just because they haven’t folded up shop and disappeared altogether doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been saved.

Third, healthcare. Please. Do I even have to go there? Just because a big government guy was able to ram a big government program down the throats of the American people doesn’t deem it a success. If it’s not repealed, it will only weaken the country over time. Most polls indicate that Americans regard Obama’s signature piece of legislation as the turd that it is.

Did George Clooney ever stop to think that there may be a good reason that Democrats aren’t touting these accomplishments and others as evidence of a successful Obama Presidency? Obama and Democrats alike would love for as little of Obama’s record to be mentioned during the campaign as possible. A successful leader who has accomplished successful things that benefit the country would have no need for cheerleaders.

And since I already referenced turds once, I’ll do it again. You can sprinkle a turd with sugar all you want, but you’ll still have a hard time convincing people to eat it. Because after all, it’s still a turd.

George Clooney is obviously a man who believes in the idea of sugary turds.


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  • 914

    It’s official! Clooney is Looney!!

  • jim_m

    It’s not that the dems stink at promoting their accomplishments.  THey have the MSM doing that constantly for them.  It’s that 0bama truly does not have any accomplishments that he can call his own.

    Killing Bin Laden?  He didn’t do anything, the seals did.  He struggled for 16 hours over whether to allow the seals to go in and do their job.  That isn’t strength, that is a coward vacillating in the face of a momentous decision.  He’s lucky we didn’t miss out on the opportunity.  

    Healthcare is a millstone that a majority of the public does not want and that looks more and more like a disaster with every passing day.

    0bama will be running away from his record and the congressional dems will be running away from him.  It’s not promotion that is lacking.  It’s success.

    •  Obama was reportedly huddled with Valerie Jarrett, who was presumably arguing against giving the GO order to get bin Laden or at least playing Devil’s Advocate for that position, for so long that Panetta was concerned.  When he finally gave the okay, it wasn’t the sort of order Leon had confidence in, so he avoided speaking to Obama again.

      This is why Obama was on the golf course and had to be called back to the White House to watch the raid:  Panetta didn’t advise him it was on until it was too late to call it off.

      Inspiring figure, huh?

    • cirby

      Remember: when George Bush sat in that classroom for seven minutes, reading a book to some kids while the Secret Service was checking out the area for attackers and his staff was trying to find out what was really happening?  That was Bush being indecisive.

      But when Obama sat around for 16 hours, trying to decide whether we should kill a guy we’d been hunting for a decade, that was a great decision.

      • Packy Flickinger

        Remember, when asked about it later what he said and why he did that? Yea, Though not. If you only want to see one side of the story you will never know the truth. And, btw, why did it take 16 hours for Obama to say “make it so” after we spent so long looking for him? Why did it take 4 days for him to give the ok to take out the pirates AFTER the seals already had snipers on them? Because he’s “indecisive” and an idiot.


      It’s not that the dems stink at promoting their accomplishments.

      It’s that their accomplishments stink.

      Obamarrhoids like to complain that their man is faced with an “uncooperative” Congress, glossing over the fact that in 2009 and 2010 he had as friendly a Congress as he could have hoped for, and it’s because of what came of those two years that the American people gave him a decidedly less friendly Congress.

    • If Bush had got bin Laden we’d be hearing about EVERY SINGLE DAY until the next election. Please be real for once. 

  • 914

    So according to George, Obama is so humble he cannot bear to take credit  for the awesome economic masterpiece he has presided over? I guess tons of money has isolated Barry and George from the real World and real work..

  • herddog505

    Is there some reason that George Clooney, an actor, is being interviewed for his opinion on politics?

    •  Because he says the correct leftist things to leftist questions from leftist reporters.

    • Packy Flickinger

      because America seems to value of those who know nothing of the real world and most of which never went farther than high school. Actors are NOT heroes or an authority on anything outside make-believe. With a few exceptions, him not being one of them.

  • So it turns out that, YEAH, Clooney IS just a pretty face.

    Of course, Obama won’t be running on his record (besides getting bin Laden on his watch, which he only mentions about three times a day) because it is a horrible one of broken promises and failed policies.

  • GarandFan

    The Narcissist-in-Chief doesn’t know how to blow his own horn?

    Come on Georgie boy.  How many times does Barry use “I” in his speeches?

    Killing OBL?  Giving the go was a hard decision?  Yeah.  Right.

    Auto recovery?  Where?  Only thing they got out from under were previous union sponsored health care obligations.  Without those, they’re STARTING to show a profit.  Of course the bond holders are still screwed.

    ObamaCare?  Oh, right.  The program the CBO just DOUBLED the price on.

    Hey Georgie boy, why didn’t you also credit Barry with RISING GAS PRICES?

  • davidt

    It’s just a matter of time until Clooney runs for office, probably Senator like Franken.

    •  And Clooney will have to steal the election, just as Franken did. If he runs, I wonder how many ballots will be found in the trunk of some DemocRAT operative’s car? Say James Carville?

      • Just enough to win on the third recount.

  • Hank_M

    “Democrats are just very poor in general at explaining what it is when they accomplish something.’

    Kinda hard to brag about Obamacare when no one knows whats in it or as GarandFan pointed out, the cost just keeps on rising. If he tries to brag about his green agenda, people are going to think it’s a comedy act. There’s always algae I suppose.

    Kinda hard to brag about accomplishments when there really aren’t any. And even if there were, dems are much more practiced at emotional arguments, personal attacks, and throwing temper tantrums.

    As for OBL, sure, brag away. But that is not going to win any elections.

    Clooney is very wealthy, and quite isolated from the economic disaster that Obama is presiding over. He can afford pretty much anything and anytime.
    I wonder if he realizes that he is part of the so-called 1%.

    • The thing to remember is what actors DO – convince you that they’re the character they play.  And we tend to believe the person they are in real life is the same as they are on stage or screen.

      But they aren’t.  The actor or actress on stage is NOT the same person they are in real life. Case in point – Samantha Carter, on Stargate SG1 is played by Amanda Tapping.  On screen she’s incredibly intelligent, capable, and smart… inside the script.  (Always loved brainy, competent women…)  Outside the series, with the cameras off?  Not so much.

      Clooney plays capable, competent, thoughtful, heroic figures.  This means he’s the same in real life?  Somehow, I don’t think so.  Hollywood crafts their product carefully, creating fantasies out of gossamer that wouldn’t stand up to a strong wind.

      So an actor specializing in unreality is supporting a President that doesn’t know what to do with Reality. 

      Somehow, I’m not inclined to take his political pronouncements seriously. 

      • Hank_M

         “So an actor specializing in unreality is supporting a President that doesn’t know what to do with Reality. ”

        Brilliant! This is a keeper.

  • Pretzel__Logic

    looked at a few Truman bios this morning. Not once is the death of
    Hitler, Tojo or Mussolini even mentioned even though they all happened
    on his watch and all happened as a direct result of US forces. Why dont
    you scratch that bin Laden capture from your campaign Barry, it was

  • Packy Flickinger

    Awesome? Well the sequester, high unemployment, increased taxes doubled national debt and the 20% who have lost insurance due to Obamacare might beg to differ. So tell me, why do you THINK he is awesome? I’d like to know.