Why are the deaths of these black men being ignored?(UPDATED)

While the death of Trayvon Martin, as tragic as it might be, is grabbing every headline imaginable?

HoodieMarchGeorge Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, 17, in an altercation in Sanford, Florida. Police ruled it self-defense under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. The federal government is investigating. Zimmerman is white, Martin was black.

The One Million Hoodie March is protesting. One person said: We are all Trayvon Martin.

Why not be Aliyah Shell?

She’s the 6-year-old that gangbangers shot and killed in Chicago while she was playing on her front porch over the weekend.

Why not be Joel Sanroman?

Gangbangers shout and killed him in Chicago over the weekend.

Why not be Adrian Cruz?

Why not be Vincent Fitts?

Why not be Jeremy Anthony?

Why not be Bert Lindsey?

Why not be Equilla Coleman?

Why not be Anthony Scott?

Why not be George Marrero?

All nine were shot and killed in gang-ridden Chicago, along with a 10th man whom police did not identify.

The Chicago Sun-Times has the story.

We know why. The One Million Hoodie marchers could not give a damn about Trayvor Martin, or Aliyah Shell, or any of the other victims of street crime. This is about repealing a law in Florida.

If the “black community” truly cared about the deaths of young black men, community leaders would have greatly reduced the numbers years ago. But the truth is, most of these self-appointed leaders of the “black community” have a different agenda in mind and really could not care less about black-on-black crime, which produces 85% of the black homicides in America.

Why are these deaths being ignored?

Seems pretty clear to anyone thinking rather than emoting, anyone who sees an agenda being foisted rather than a death being mourned, anyone willing to see that the race baiters are salivating at what they see to be an opportunity to exploit rather than a life to lament.

Trayvon Martin’s death is a tragedy.  But is his death any more a tragedy than the countless lives lost in Chicago and elsewhere?

Seriously.  Is it?

An honest answer is what is needed here, not a politicized answer purposed in doing nothing more than dividing this country along color lines.

UPDATE: Kathy Shaidle finds a post from Duane Brayboy of BlackInformant.com that I think makes the point I perhaps failed to make, and since Mr. Brayboy is black, he’ll likely, in some circles, come across as much more credible than yours truly:

By now most of us know of the tragic story of young Trayvon Martin who was shot for simply looking suspicious. According to the story, Martin was simply walking home from the local corner store when he was approached by a man who later shot and killed him against the warnings of the 911 operator. What has most people up in arms about this story is the fact that the gunner has not been charged with a crime. I think that any parent would be upset if their child was senselessly killed, such in this Martin case. Like many others who are following this story, I am also very upset.

When I logged onto Facebook this morning, I was flooded with links to the 911 recordings on the night that Martin was killed. People are wasting no time getting this story out.
But allow me to post some other recent stories that took place recently.

“16 shot, 1 dead, across city Friday night and Saturday morning” (Chicago)
“3 Dead, 5 Wounded in Citywide Shootings” (Chicago)
“Arrests in Chelsea Homicide” (New York)
“Police Rule Homicide in Fairfield Shooting Death” (Cincinnati)
“Riverside police offer $50,000 reward for information on teen’s killer” (Riverside, CA)
“Antion West, 38″ (Los Angeles)
“Talbert Gorum, 48″ (Los Angeles)
“Timothy James, 44″ (Los Angeles)

These are just SOME of the stories that took place in this country just in the last couple of weeks. But while many of you were sending out invites to join Farmville, posting silly pictures, updates on American Idol, or liking the latest cool webpage, innocent Black men and women were being murdered. And in most cases, BY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE!!

Some time ago I made the statement “What we value, we hold accountable”. While there is this sudden mad rush to hold Martin’s killer accountable for his crimes (as it should be), where was all the concern about the killers of these innocent people listed above? Where were all the links? Like it or not, many of you are demonstrating that you VALUE justice only when it applies to White people. But for your own, ehhh, we do not expect as much. What you are doing is lowering your expectancy of your own people while constantly raising it for Whites. Something is wrong with this picture.

Just like in Martin’s case, many of the people who have killed their fellow Black people will never be charged with a crime, or will be found by authorities. Why? Because of a culture on “no snitching” that has taken a stronghold on many of our communities. In other words, never “dime out” another Black person to authorities.

Like many of you, I hope that Martin’s killer is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But I’ll be damned if I sit here and ignore the murders of hundreds of Black men and women every month in this country just because they were not shot by a White man.

Much more in the comments worth your time.

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  • GarandFan

    “Why are these deaths being ignored?”

    As “Black Activists” told Bill Cosby, ‘We don’t want you airing our dirty laundry in public!’

  • jim_m

    Just like it is OK for black people to refer to each other using the N word it is OK for them to blythely go about murdering each other.  The left doesn’t really care about them or their lives, but they want to be able to use them as a tool for political purposes. 

    The fact that the black community so willingly lets themselves be used as a tool in this manner results in the broader community really not giving a damn about them since they so readily debase themselves and their own welfare.

    • ackwired

      Of course, you wouldn’t want to stereotype.

      • jim_m

        Everyone stereotypes. The difference is that the left claims not to whilst participating in some of the most aggregious racism and covering up the fact that the left was responsible for the Confederacy, the KKK and filibustering the Civil RIghts Act.

        Just saying.

        • ackwired

          No.  Everyone does not stereotype.  Many have the intellectual capacity to overcome it.

          • jim_m

             No.  Everyone does stereotype.  It is how the human brain works.  Stereotyping isn’t wrong in that respect.  What you are saying is that people think that way but can refrain from acting on that.  I would agree but no one is 100% perfect all of the time. 

            The liars are the ones who say they never act on their stereotypes.  Usually they are referring to one stereotype that they are relatively good at overriding.  But the left is laughable for claiming to reject stereotypes and then continually stereotyping Christians and conservative in the most ridiculous of manners.

    • Hugh_G

      There you go again stereotyping minorities. 

      Ignorant ass.

  • Zimmerman is Hispanic.

    • Jay

      Half Hispanic, half Jewish, all racist.

      •  How racist of you to say so.

        • Jay

          When a guy is noted for saying “F’n Coons” under his breath on the 911 tapes, it’s indicative of how racist he truly is.  Or do you want to bulldog me on this when you haven’t heard about this issue until today?

      • The_Queen_of_France

         And Dear Leader is half black, half white.  What does either have to do with the price of tea in China?

      •  That should be the Democratic Party slogan going into the election.  Has a nice ring to it.

      • 914

        You are half bigot and half racist..

        • Jay

          914, do you EVER make any sense?

  • mikegiles

    IOW. the police arrived on the scene, found the gangbangers standing over the still warm bodies, with smoking guns in the gangbangers hands – and then they released them after the gangbangers explained it was self defense. Because you see that’s the point. Not that crimes take place. Trust me on this, black people are well aware of that fact by now. It’s that the police did nothing to solve the crime or take the perpetrator into custody – sort of how they treated all those other murders. Perhaps by now, we’ve simply gotten used to the lack of effort when a thug commits still another crime. Normally the perp is long gone by the time the police arrive, not standing there with some BS excuse.

    • The_Queen_of_France

       Right.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the “don’t be a snitch” attitude that’s rampant in the inner-city culture.  It’s always the fault of the police.

  • Commander_Chico

    Maybe because there’s no showing that law enforcement is ignoring the perpetrators of all of those other crimes, whereas in Trayvon’s case the perp was given a pass by law enforcement.  No state shall deny the equal protection of the laws, etc.

    Somehow this weirdo wannabe gets to stalk a teenage boy and shoot him despite being told by the police to back off.

    From Trayvon’s point of view, Zimmerman might have looked like he was John Wayne Gacy looking for a victim.

    The 911 call and phone record evidence already revealed is probable cause to arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon or manslaughter.

    Anyways, the argument that “what about that homicide?” is always a bullshit argument for not prosecuting this one.

    I thought about this – I was under the impression that this was something we could all agree on. I was mistaken.

    • I agree with Chico.

      •  I agree as well.  I believe that the police should have arrested Mr. Zimmerman.  I liken it to the incident in Houston when Patti Labelle’s bodyguards beat up a West Point Cadet and the police came and posed for pictures with Ms. Labelle.  The police should do their jobs.  Mr. Zimmerman shot an unarmed teenager.  Even with the “no retreat” law (which I support), Mr. Zimmerman was not in his rights to confront an unarmed young man and then claim that “he feared for his life.”

        •  Based on what facts?  What you’ve read on the internet?  Oh, yeah, because nothing is ever put on the internet if it isn’t true, right?

          • Adjoran,

            I based my opinion on the reported 911 tapes I heard on the news.  The report indicated that Mr. Zimmerman was in a pick up truck  following Mr. Martin  who was on foot.  From my understanding, Mr. Zimmerman did not say that Mr. Martin was doing anything illegal.  Why did Mr. Zimmerman get out of the truck?  I don’t know.  However, if police are called to a scene in which an armed man was following an unarmed teenager, the teenager was found shot to death, and the armed man said that he shot him, I believe that the police should arrest him.  Sometime.  My thinking may be clouded on the issue since I have three sons.  One of my sons is still a teenager.  If my unarmed son was shot while walking down the street, I believe that it would be appropriate for the police to arrest the shooter. 

    •  You assume a lot of facts not in evidence.  Al Sharpton’s version may be good enough for you, not for me.

      • Jay

        Adjoran, you’re an idiot on this issue.  The facts were all a part of the timeline of events.

        You might want to read the timeline as well as look at the tapes before speaking again.

  • ackwired

    Clearly the problem will be solved when everyone is carrying a handgun.

    • herddog505

      Well, crime DOES go down in states that have CCW.

      But that’s only part of the puzzle.  The rest involves tougher sentences for crooks, especially violent and repeat offenders, and getting the police to do their job in a better fashion.  Would this Zimmerman character have even been out on his “patrol” in the first place if there wasn’t a genuine need for neighborhood watches in so many parts of our country?

      • ackwired

        Sounds like if we get police investigating crimes instead of drug use things would get a lot better.

        • herddog505

          I agree.

  • W

    The outrage has nothing to do with a person’s dying but the death is being used as an opportunity to gain power.
    The proper response by the police to a report of a suspicious character should have been “we are sending a unit over to check it out”.  People get tired of being victims and the police letting crimes go uninvestigated because they are too busy. Unfortunately when people take matters into their own hands, sometime things go wrong. As for this case, I bet we don’t have the whole story.  
      Pointing out that there are selective outrages is a legit point.

  • Hank_M

    “Why are these deaths being ignored?”

    Perhaps for the same reason that the death of Jesse Dirkhising was ignored a few years ago.

  • W

    Sounds like Trayvon attack Zimmerman. In accordance to Florida laws the police did the right thing in not arresting Zimmerman.  Of course the only evidence we have that Trayvon attack Zimmerman is Zimmerman would and physical signs on Zimmerman that he was assaulted.  

    Of course since it was against a black person, Zimmerman is guilty until proven innocent.

    • The_Queen_of_France

       Have you read the same accounts I have?  How on earth do you come to the conclusion that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman?

      •  Perhaps the bloody face and gash on the back of Zimmerman’s head, as reported initially.

        • Jay

          That wasn’t in the initial report.  Try again to protect a murderer.

  • The_Queen_of_France

    This is an ongoing investigation at this point.  Based on what I’ve read thus far, I think Zimmerman is guilty as hell.  That doesn’t change the fact that this incident is being used for political gain and that Rick is absolutely right.

  • I do not believe the responses that I have read thus far. It is as if I am reading news reports that others (besides Chico) are reading.

    Sure, Zimmerman says that he shot in self defense, but he did not prove that Martin actually attacked him first.  Evidence shows that Martin was minding his own business when Zimmerman began pursuing Martin.  And why did Zimmerman decide to pursue Martin? Because Martin was walking in a gated community. 

    When you read about Zimmerman’s background, you discover that he is a cop-wannabe. Sure, he has helped deter crime in his community, but in my opinion, he displays a vigilante mentality. After all, he was told by the police 911 operator not to confront Martin.

    Here is what could have happened: Zimmerman imagined that Martin was about to commit a crime just because Martin was walking in a gated community.  Ignoring the instructions of the police, Zimmerman decided to confront Martin, which he actually did. Now, Zimmerman isn’t a cop, and yet he had a gun. Martin could have thought that he was about to be robbed by Zimmerman, and Martin then could have tried to defend himself. In return, Zimmerman shot Martin.

    This story pertains to Florida’s “stand-your-ground” law that Zimmerman cited when he was confronted by the police.  The officers decided not to arrest Zimmerman due to a misunderstanding of that law. Now, additional evidence shows that Zimmerman’s use of the aforementioned law was not legitimate. The main lawmaker who wrote the law says that the law doesn’t apply to Zimmerman.

    Now, it is true that Zimmerman is innocent of lawbreaking until proven guilty. Well, Martin was also innocent until proven guilty, and there is no evidence that Martin was committing a crime prior to his confrontation with Zimmerman.

    It appears to me that Martin was was killed by an overzealous vigilante who decided to play “cop” before the actual police arrived.

    As for what Don Surber thinks about the protesters . . . Surber is wrong! I see no evidence that the protesters want a law repealed. Instead, I see a group of people who want a deceased innocent teenager to receive justice.

    The problem with Surber’s commentary is that there have been rallies protesting black-on-black murders. I remember such rallies taking place in the city of Tulsa.

    Also, Surber is wrong to compare the recent Chicago killings to the Martin killing because nobody is claiming that the Chicago killings were justified. The fact that there is no public protest of the Chicago killings does not mean that Martin protest is unjust.

    •  So, try and convict the guy in the press, hang him, and hold a show trial later, then?

      • Commander_Chico

        No, charge him based on probable cause, as in other cases, and prosecute as in other cases.

        •  Are you stupid?  Do you even have a clue what “probable cause” IS?

          • Jay

            He shot a teen armed with Skittles and Iced Tea.  Also, self defense in this case applies when appropriate force.  Zimmerman used excessive force with a gunshot to Martin’s chest.

      • JWH

        No.  With facts like these, investigate him, press charges, and let him prove self-defense at trial.

        • Actually, it is up to the prosecution to prove guilt. Zimmerman is presumed innocent until he is proven guilty of a crime.

          • JWH


            It is up to the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A defendant has two choices:

            1) Attack the facts that the prosecution offers. This leaves the burden of proof with the prosecution.

            2) Assert an affirmative defense (like self-defense). If a defendant chooses to assert an affirmative defense, that burden lies with the defendant, though his burden of proof can be lower than that of the prosecution.

          •  True enough, but as usual you are still wrong.  There is NO “defendant” because no one has been charged with a crime.

            YOU want someone charged with a crime because of what you read on the internet.

            The scary part is you see nothing at all wrong in your position.

          • JWH

            True enough, but as usual you are still wrong.  There is NO “defendant” because no one has been charged with a crime.

            Twit.  I was talking about criminal procedure in general.  In a criminal case, there is always a defendant.  

        • “Facts” like what, exactly?  You have access to something beyond what has been on the internet and TV?

          • JWH

            “Facts” is a term of art. Look it up.

      • At the point the police told him to stop following and he kept trailing the ‘suspect’, he went from being a ‘concerned citizen’ to someone looking for trouble.  The police were going to handle things – but that wasn’t good enough.

        If he’d backed away, nobody would be dead.  If he’d paid attention to the police, nobody would be dead.  If he’d put his fucking “Captain Crimewatch” alter-ego in the closet and LISTENED to the police, nobody would be dead.

        This wasn’t a “Castle Defense” situation – this was someone actively looking for a fight, for whatever reason. 

    • Evidence shows that Martin was minding his own business when Zimmerman began pursuing Martin“…

      Evidence shows nothing of the sort… 

      Well, Martin was also innocent until proven guilty, and there is no evidence that Martin was committing a crime prior to his confrontation with Zimmerman“…

      Yet another completely factless statement…

      I see a group of people who want a deceased innocent teenager to receive justice“…

      Is that like you saw the ‘evidence‘ that yet has to be presented by the state against Zimmerman assuming the state actually sees any?

      It seems that like the lefties you too want to whip up the lynch mob regarding Zimmerman…

      Meanwhile where’s your compassion for the sad fact that in 2009, African-Americans made up 13 percent of the population and 47 percent of homicide victims, according to the latest FBI data available analyzed in the report?

      More that politically incorrect news

      • Commander_Chico

        Again, are you a troll for the feds?  When someone flashes extreme rhetoric and displays weaponry I suspect government involvement.

        • Like I give damn what you suspect…

          BTW your idea of ‘extreme rhetoric‘ I find to be ‘extremely‘ funny but par for the course when it comes to libtards

          You libtards have a real tough time with reality and with those that don’t accept your delusional view of it…

        • A troll for the feds? LOL 

          A troll for Florida residents who are Hispanic? Maybe.
          A troll for the feds? Are you forgetting who the U.S. Attorney General is?

      • Wow, what have you been reading? I have been reading the reports from FOXNews and the Washington Post. Nobody is promoting a lynch mob. That use of hyperbole won’t work. Protesters and non-protesters do not believe that Zimmerman had a legal right to kill Martin. The lawmaker who wrote the law pertaining to this case has said that the law does not apply to what Zimmerman did.

        Now, juandos, could it be that you have a pro-Hispanic bias? Your username is a Spanish one, and it translates into English as “Juan 2”. 

        Oh, lest you accuse me of having an anti-Hispanic bias, I would have you to know that my late wife was a Latina immigrant. My in-laws are all Hispanic immigrants. My son is half-Hispanic. My daughter Ruth is Hispanic.

        Now, I said earlier that Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty. I also said that Martin was also innocent until proven guilty. The difference is that Zimmerman will be able to defend himself in a court of law. Thanks to Zimmerman, Martin will not be able to defend himself the same way.

        As for my “compassion” for African-Americans, long-time readers of this blog know that my daughter Radiance is an African-American and that I graduated from a public high school that was originally an all-black high school. I grew up where the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot took place. That is why I knew about those rallies against black-on-black murder that took place in Tulsa. I haven’t ignored black-on-black crime, especially because my childhood home is surrounded by such crime.

        Still, talking about black-on-black murders in no way addresses what happened in Florida. I didn’t mention the racial characteristics of Zimmerman and Martin because they do not matter. What matters is that a minor is dead because a vigilante decided to play “cop” after he was told by the police not to.

        • I have been reading the reports from FOXNews and the Washington Post. Nobody is promoting a lynch mob“…

          Who’s fault is that? 

          Try a dose of this here and this here

          As for my “compassion” for African-Americans, long-time readers of this blog know that my daughter Radiance is an African-American and that I graduated from a public high school that was originally an all-black high school“…

          How touching… Gee! I think I’m going to break out in…laughter!

          Still, talking about black-on-black murders in no way addresses what happened in Florida“…

          Says who besides you? Anyone actually important?

          Apparently the title of the blog posting sailed right over your head…

          What matters is that a minor is dead because a vigilante decided to play “cop” after he was told by the police not to“…

          There you go again, talking like you were a first hand witness…

          Do YOU have anymore ‘evidence‘?…LMAO!

    • Commander_Chico

      One thing that is being misconstrued from the left is that this is not about “Stand your Ground.”  “Stand your Ground” does not mean – drive around in your car, look for a “suspicious” person based on possible racist grounds, follow them in your car, be told by the police not to follow the person, ignore those requests, go on to confront the person, then shoot them because of the resulting confrontation (which may have resulted because the kid thought you were John Wayne Gacy).

      • jim_m

         yes, but for many on the left the idea of defending yourself is anathema.  They want everyone to be dependent upon the state for their protection.

        • “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

      •  And you have exactly ZERO evidence that what you described even remotely resembles what actually happened.

        DO YOU?

        • Jay

          Adjoran, it’s in the fucking 911 tapes.  Good god, how much of a troll are you?  Go look at the damn Zimmerman tapes and quit acting like an idiot!

        • MunDane68

          Concern troll is concerned…

    • Brucehenry

      Very well said, David. And Chico, as usual.

      • Bruce,

        It isn’t often that we agree on an issue. Are pigs flying now? LOL

        • David,

          I find myself in the same position vis a vis with Mr. Henry.  Feels strange.

    • herddog505

      Good points.

      One problem I have with this mess is media coverage.  Photos of Martin show him smiling, wearing his football uniform, etc.: the all-American kid.  The press seems to have only one photo of Zimmerman: a mug shot.

      It strikes me that they made up their mind who the guilty party is and were flogging this story hard even before the facts could possibly have been known.

      • Jay

        It’s not that they made up their mind.  It’s that the police were covering up this issue extensively.  A few examples:

        A narcotics officer entered the scene, not a homicide detective.

        No toxicology report was done on Zimmerman.

        The family was not notified of the murder.

        The police did not check the cell phone for final details on who was called and when.

        The witnesses in the trial were not called by police to give testimony.

        And to take it further, the police have had run ins with bigotry themselves.  So add this all together and you can see the racial tensions that were coming to the forefront.

        • herddog505

          In other words, they made up their minds (as, obviously, have you by the use of the term “murder”).

          Look, let’s stipulate that, based on what I’ve read, the thing is dodgy and Zimmerman should have been arrested: “What the hell do you mean, ‘he looked suspicious, so I followed him, confronted him, and shot him’???” Personally, I cannot imagine why the police DIDN’T arrest Zimmerman.

          My point is that MiniTru’s coverage is (shall we say?) rather slanted.  Mugshot for Zimmerman, school pics for Martin.

          Further, why the interest in THIS case?  That strikes to the point of the original post and the article cited in the update.  Why did this particular shooting warrant such heavy coverage by MiniTru?  It hasn’t quite risen to Nathalee Holloway, proportions, but that seems to be only a matter of time. 

          I suggest that, as a few other commenters have already noted, this is about libs getting a little payback against a law that they never liked (Castle Doctrine).  Witness this from the Orlando Sentinel:

          You can’t say we weren’t warned.

          Back in 2005, opponents of Florida’s first-of-its-kind “stand your ground” law said it wouldn’t be long before we’d see shootouts in the streets — all in the name of self-defense.

          Arguments over something as trivial as exceeding the 10-item limit in a grocery store’s express lane could escalate to deadly violence.

          Prodded by their NRA masters, lawmakers waved off those predictions as exaggerations. Then they overwhelmingly passed a bill that took the “castle doctrine” to infinity and beyond. The “castle doctrine” used to mean you could use deadly force if someone attacked you in your home. “Stand your ground” not only absolved the homeowner of any obligation to retreat, it extended that concept outside the home.

          Gov. Jeb Bush couldn’t sign the bill fast enough.

          Seven years later, those warnings so casually dismissed by Bush and the Legislature are taking shape.


          Libs just LOVES them some shrieking about “DODGE CITY!” and “BLOOD RUNNING IN THE STREETS” any time people try to assert their 2A rights.  So, now they’ve got a literal bloody shirt to wave, and waving it they are.  That the shooter and the deceased are of two different races is that much more delicious for them: they can throw in “RAAAAAACISM” in additional to the anti-gun hysteria.

          O’ course, there haven’t actually been shootouts in the streets.  Blood hasn’t run freely.  People haven’t started blasting each other over disputes about whether some guy in the express line actually has sixteen items in his basket.  But that doesn’t stop the libs.  Any excuse to disarm law abiding citizens is OK in their book.

          In this case, they are using the body of a kid as a propaganda tool.

          Nice.  Real nice.

          • Brucehenry

            People aren’t arguing against the Castle Doctrine, but against the Shoot First Rule. So-called “justifiable” homicides TRIPLED in the years after 2005 in Florida. as they tend to do in other states where this “Stand Your Ground” bullshit law is in effect.

            There wasn’t a “shootout” in this case (and in many of the other “justifiable” killings) because the dead guy was UNARMED.

            “Mugshots foe Zimmerman, school pics for Martin.” Umm, maybe that’s because Martin had never been in trouble with the law, unlike Zimmerman, who had. It was probably the easiest and quickest way to find pictures of both individuals, don’t you think?

          • herddog505

            Not a very good excuse, I’d say.  It seems reasonable to assume that MiniTru got the pics of Martin from his family.  Why could they not extend the same courtesy to Zimmerman?  Answer: obviously, they wanted to frame this incident in a certain way, i.e. creepy white killer vs. smiling black teen.

            RE: Stand Your Ground

            I fail to see why law-abiding citizens should have to cower before any crook who comes along, or why we should all mimic the cowardly trash who allegedly stood by while Kitty Genovese screamed her life out.  I find it repellant that, if a man goes to the aid of a stranger being attacked and uses lethal force to stop that attack, there’s a segment of our population (i.e. lefties) who will excoriate him as a vigilante or worse.

            I recall the REAL bullsh*t I’ve heard all my life about locking one’s self in the bathroom if a crook comes in the house, or the crap about women making themselves vomit to deter would-be rapists.  If more crooks are winding up in a box as a result of these laws, then they are doing just exactly what I’d like.  Incidentally, please note the word “justified”.

            Finally, a crook doesn’t have to be packing a Kalshnikov to be dangerous.  An elderly person, a woman, or a handicapped person can be seriously injured or killed by an unarmed crook of even modest size.  I don’t see any reason why a law-abiding citizen should have to HOPE that the suspicious individual who approaches him, who won’t back away, ISN’T a crook, strung out on PCP, or a psycho.

          • Commander_Chico

            Talking about crime, from the point of view of the kid, Zimmerman was a potential pedophile stalking him.

          • herddog505

            Oh, no question at all.  O’ course, I suppose that I should give you a friendly caution about stereotyping…


            Eventually, the truth will come out.  My guess is that Zimmerman was a wannabe hero and, contrary not only to what the police dispatcher told him but also to friggin’ common sense, confronted Martin.  Things rapidly went downhill from there. 

          • Jay

            Actually, that’s part of his reasoning.  He wanted to be a cop and the neighborhood watch “job” was the best way to do that.

            The entire problem here is how the police failed so spectacularly in their investigation here.  People have had to come forward because the police did a LOT to cover this crime.

          • herddog505

            We don’t know that the police “failed spectacularly”.  We CERTAINLY don’t know that they “covered up” this crime.  I’ve read that Zimmerman was injured; the officer responding may have thought, “Hmmm…. This guy called us because he saw a guy acting suspiciously.  Now, he’s beat up and the guy’s dead.  Perhaps he had a point.”

            The officer may not have known AT THE TIME that the dispacter told Zimmerman NOT to follow Martin.  He certainly knew that criminals don’t typically wait around for the police to show up; Zimmerman waiting like an honest citizen would, it seems to me, be a mark in his favor with the officer(s) who responded.

            In short, you are confusing what seems to be a mistake by the police with criminal malfeasance on their part.

            Is there anybody else you want to declare guilty in this matter?  You’ve already said that Zimmerman is a murderer; now you’ve declared the police criminally corrupt, virtual accessories after the fact.  Anybody else you want to book, Danno?

          • Brucehenry

            It may have started as a mistake, as you say, but the ongoing footdragging is sure looking like “criminal malfeasance.”

          • herddog505

            “Footdragging” apparently being equal to “they haven’t strung Zimmerman up fast enough to suit the mob”.

          • Brucehenry

            Good points, I guess. Perhaps there’s a way to craft these “Stand Your Ground” laws so that incidents like this are not made more likely to happen.

          • herddog505

            I suggest that there’s no way to craft laws to be foolproof.  This is where we HOPE that people SOMEWHERE in the chain will exercize some sense.

            Zimmerman apparently didn’t.  It may be that the police didn’t, either.  Let’s not further compound the offense by chucking common sense ourselves.  Let’s see what the local authorities in Florida do with this case before we start baying for federal investigations and crying “police corruption”.

          • Jay

            What I’m seeing from the SYG laws is that the number of “justified homicides” skyrocketed after their passing.  Before 2005, there were 49 killings.  Afterwards, there were 109.  These laws were noted in 2005 to promote racial killings and promote deadly escalations of violence..  How unfortunate that the critics were proven right…

          • jim_m

             Of course the justifiable homicides increased.  Previously these would have been classified as either homicides or manslaughter. Otherwise the home invasions went on unopposed and innocent people were victimized.

            The critics have not been proven right, you are just falling for their bullshit. 

            Only an idiot leftist would find fault with a home owner defending himself and his family from a criminal caught in the act.  Don’t assume that the Trayvon Martin incident is in any way reflective of the vast majority of crimes.  It isn’t, but it is just like an idiot leftist to use something totally out of the ordinary to take away the rights of law abiding people.

  • Except for Al Sharpton’s involvement, how is this incident being used for political gain?  The protesters want Zimmerman prosecuted for the wrongful killing of a teenager. If Zimmerman is guilty as hell, then the protesters have a legitimate complaint. As much as I don’t like Sharpton’s antics, even a broken clock is correct occasionally.

    As I see it, what we have here is what I call the “Frank Burns” dilemma. In an episode of the TV series “M*A*S*H”, Hawkeye Pierce threatens to white-wash Franks Burns’ rear end if Burns doesn’t confess to sending negative letters to a high-ranking army officer. Burns asks Pierce why the “innocent-until-proven-guilty” doesn’t apply to Burns. Although he hated to admit it, Pierce had to admit that Burns was right.

    Well, the people who are protesting the Martin killing are innocent of political motives until proven guilty.

  • There are certainly questions in this case.  The police found the shooter with a bloodied face and accepted his story of the confrontation, which was premature.

    However, whenever Al Sharpton rushes into a case, my Spidey-sense starts tingling hard.  This guy is a liar, a racist, a con artist, a slanderer, and an inciter to violence with blood on his hands.  If he’s on a side of a question early, I’m in no hurry to rush to judgement, thanks.

  • .

    Some Orlando-area police agencies simply stopped investigating
    shootings involving self-defense claims and referred them directly to
    state prosecutors to decide.

    I think local authorities don’t know how to handle the “Stand Your Ground” or “Shoot First” law in any practicle manner. Florida has caused itself a problem.

  • W

    If the public want a lynching then the law should give them one. Nice thinking.

  • JWH

    I have an honest question:  How did police react to the deaths you cite?  

  • Brucehenry

    A suspicious person might think that Rick was trying to subliminally suggest that maybe Zimmerman was justified in shooting Trayvon because, after all, young black men ARE dangerous, right?

    • Suspicious… And idiotic… But expected from those who’ve shown the kind of thinking you’re exhibiting here and in the past Bruce…

      • Brucehenry

        LOL. So, you love to talk about politics and religion at parties? I bet your parties get over pretty quick if you react so angrily and defensively to the slightest snark.

        So what WAS the point of this post? The two issues, black-on-black crime on the one hand, and a wannabe-cop-vigilante apparently taking advantage of Florida’s shoot-first law and being coddled by the cops on the other, are apples and oranges. One has very little to do with the other.

        As has been said, if there was any indication of cops covering for perps in the gangbanger cases, there might be some equivalence, but there isn’t any such evidence, so there is no equivalence.

        • Try reading the update Bruce and take up your sophomoric reactions with that author… I’m in no mood for your idiocy.

    • jim_m

       You mean like Jesse Jackson thinks that young black men are dangerous?

      Of course when a black man says that he’s just being honest but if a white person suggests it they are racist!!.  Please, let’s just drop the accusations and be honest about the issue.

      • Brucehenry

        I don’t know or care what Jesse Jackson thinks or says. Jackson hasn’t been relevant since the early 1980s.

        • jim_m

           Why am I not surprised that a lefty wants to ignore inconvenient evidence that his charges of racism are nothing but pure bullshit?

        •  HA!  Shows what you know – Jesse Jackson was NEVER relevant.  He knew this very well himself – it led him to develop his “I I AM somebody!” program.

    • Bruce, nowhere in Rick’s post does Rick try to defend Zimmerman. Rick is simply calling into question the motive behind the protests. Rick suspects a political motive. I do not.

      • I’m also pointing out the hypocrisy of those outraged by this killing but who are silent about the many, many others…

        • Brucehenry

          Rick, I apologize for implying a racist motive to your post. Guess I just got fed up to see this tragedy used as yet another excuse to bash liberals and yada yada yada. But I do suggest you are conflating apples and oranges. 

          Black-on-black violence is indeed a huge problem. Seemingly insurmountable, even. The Trayvon Martin case, in contrast, can be easily addressed. Charge this Zimmerman guy with manslaughter, and if there is insufficient evidence to convict, so be it.

          Besides, there IS much handwringing and soulsearching in the black and liberal communities about these matters. There have been numerous speeches, marches, protests, and demands for action in regard to black-on-black murder. No one is ignoring the issue. Or rather, the issue is not being ignored, I should say.

          • OMG. Bruce said something else that I agree with. I hope those flying pigs don’t relieve themselves the way that birds do.

          •  You should admit yourself to a psych ward immediately.

          •  Typical leftist totalitarian.  Forget the rule of law.  Forget the police, the prosecutors, forget the grand jury of citizens.

            “Charge him” on the basis of internet speculation.

            God save us from the “justice” of the Left.

        • Commander_Chico

          Well, at least you posted something about this, I’ll give you credit for that, even if it was a bit twisted.

    •  Come out from under your rock to smear somebody – anybody?

      You have NO facts in this case and are a participant in public hysteria over something on the internet.  Actually, you could be the poster boy for public hysteria, but you’d have to lose the tiara.

      • Commander_Chico

        Translation of your many posts on this subject:  I haven’t read jack shit about this case, so there are “NO facts.”

  • 914

    “Why are these deaths being ignored?

    Because the race pimps Jack$on & $harpton are already  booked with the Travon bullhorn tour..

  • Whenever people I know to be dishonest flock to a lynch mob, my default position is HOLD ON.  When I see people I believe to be honest joining them, I weep for our system of the rule of law.

    You don’t have to like Florida law which, under “stand your ground” authority, eliminates the requirement to retreat from a danger if reasonable in order to claim self-defense.  In fact, it isn’t even in play since no one has been charged with a crime.  Zimmerman probably will be, but because of political pressure instead of evidence, which is in itself a travesty of justice. 

    The rule of law requires it be administered impartially, not that someone be put in criminal jeopardy because the mob demands it.


    • Brucehenry

      Sorry, but “political pressure” is not synonymous with “the mob.” Sometimes it takes pressure from the community (local or larger) to get the police to do the right thing.

      And because one hears about something “on the internet” doesn’t mean one has heard false information. In this case, we’re not talking about Daily Kos, World Net Daily, or Weekly World News. We have timelines, 911 tapes, and preliminary investigations by reputable journalists

      The fact that “no one has been charged with a crime” is, umm, the freaking POINT of these protests, Adjoran. It is suspected that the local police are giving this guy a pass for whatever reason. From what I’ve read (yes, on the Internet) it sounds like a reasonable suspicion to me.

  • herddog505

    Good heavens, you gotta love MiniTru.  F*ck whether or not the shooting was justified!  We gotta figure out how to “pigeonhole” Zimmerman:

    Florida shooter George Zimmerman not easily pigeonhole

    The shooter was once a Catholic altar boy, with a surname that could have been Jewish.

    His father is white, neighbors say. His mother is Latina. And his family is eager to point out that some of his relatives are black.

    There may be no box to check for George Zimmerman, 28, no tidy way to categorize, define and sort the man whose pull of a trigger on a Sanford, Fla., street is forcing America to once again confront its fraught relationship with race and identity. The slain victim, we know, was named Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager in a hoodie.

    The images of Zimmerman — not just his face, but the words used to describe him — can confound and confuse.


    Um, no.  Race only “confounds and confuses” idiot lefties.  For the rest of us, this is a simple matter: was Zimmerman legally justified in shooting Trayvon Martin?  His race, whether he did or didn’t want to be a policeman, whether he was or was not an “official” member of his neighborhood watch, whether he is Latino, Jewish, Catholic, white, polkadot or plaid are immaterial to this central question.

    But, again, not to idiot lefties.  Apparently, skin color matters very much in the courts of Libworld.

    • Commander_Chico

      Zimmerman’s smart play is to flee to Peru, where his mother is from, or someplace else outside the USA where he can disappear.  He’s got nothing holding him in Florida right now.

      • herddog505

        Well, except for perhaps a belief that he did nothing wrong.

        • Commander_Chico

          His belief means nothing.  Life is short – do you take the chance of spending 20 years in prison for manslaughter?  He might also be the object of vigilante action.

          • herddog505

            I suggest that his belief means quite a lot to him.  Why would a man who thinks himself innocent – even virtuous – run like a common criminal?

            As for being the victim of vigilante action, I hope that we can all agree that such would be a bad thing.  It may be that Zimmerman has sinned; indeed, it seems reasonable to me to say that he did and that he the case should be laid before a jury.  But to be harmed by other wannbe avengers… I realize that lefties would take great satisfaction in that, but I say that nothing is to be gained but rather much damage would be done if such were to occur.

            Perhaps if our police and courts did their jobs a bit better, people wouldn’t feel a need or have much opportunity to be would-be heroes.

  • jim_m

    Why is the media focused on Travon?  Because the Arrogant idiot in chief declares: If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/03/obama-weighs-in-on-race-row-after-hispanic-man-shoots-fl-teen-if-i-had-a-son-hed-look-like-trayvon/

    That’s right.  This is about 0bama and not about some kid who lost his life unnecessarily.

  • W

    Now Obama has involved himself in another local law enforcement issue. Someone should ask him if an American has a right to defend himself. Of course the Lame stream media won’t. They are too busy spreading lies and exciting racial tension.

    • jim_m

      Someone should ask him if an American has a right to defend himself.

      What would be the point of doing that?  We alreadyu know the answer. No one has the right to usurp the authority of the government to protect the public. 

      Frankly I am surprised that the dems don’t find self defense to be a violation of the police union contract and sue people for unfair labor practices.

  • Has anyone else looked at this video clip and read the short news story from Fox 35 Orlando?

    It sure does raise a few questions about what really happened assuming that the witness talked by the reporter was telling it like it was…