Court Watching: 2008 Democrat Vote Fraud in Indiana and Virginia

This month two states, Indiana and Virginia, have indicted Democrats and convicted felons on charges of vote fraud during the 2008 election cycle.

While reading these, remember that the left says there is no vote fraud in the USA…

In Indiana four St. Joseph County Democrat officials have had charges filed against them for allegedly forging Obama primary petitions during the 2008 election.

Authorities charge that the scheme to submit the fake petitions for Obama was hatched at the local county Democrat headquarters.

When news first broke of the scandal, Democrat County Party Chairman Butch Morgan resigned his petition. Morgan is now one of those officially charged.

Others charged are St. Joseph County Board of Voter Registration member Pam Brunette, worker Beverly Shelton, and Democrat volunteer Dustin Blythe.

In Virginia, a grand jury indicted 10 convicted felons on charges of voter fraud and for lying on registration forms during the 2008 election cycle.

Five men and five women were charged with making false statements on registration forms.

Those charged claim they were accosted by solicitors urging the felons to vote illegally during the 2008 cycle. Authorities could not find any of these purported solicitors and none are being charged in connection with these incidents of voter fraud.

Those being charged lied on registration forms by checking the box that said they had never been convicted of a felon and were eligible to vote.

Court dates have not been announced for those charged in Virginia.

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  • jim_m

    I’d complain to the lefty organizations fighting against photo ID for voting but I need a photo ID to get into their headquarters.

    I guess they don’t want to hear from the minorities they supposedly represent.

  • makindescene

    Who is disenfranchising who now? By the way, you need a special badge to get in the DNC in Charlotte this year. That should be illegal. Why should they have to show ID?

    • jim_m

       Because the DNC wants to keep the blacks out.  What other reason could they have for imposing the ID rule? (especially in a former confederate state)

      • Gmacr1

        Remind me again who established the KKK and had members in the Party who were former members of said organization until their recent deaths? Or who established Jim Crow and firearms laws that specifically prevented a certain race from aquiring the means to defend themselves?

  • All the folderall….yet I don’t see any recalls that resulted from the voting fraud.

  • 914

    “Court dates have not been announced for those charged in Virginia.”

    Shortly after they vote for Barry again in the fall I’m sure..