“Go put some clothes on, you look naked”

Mark Shea brings us to events taking place in Britain:

Whipped Christians, timid about appearing “judgmental”, often capitulate to this sort of draconian post-Christian appeal to “judge not, lest ye be judged” and back down.  However, as this video demonstrates, some Britons are beginning to get a little taste of what happens when watery post-Christian secularism, accustomed to bullying meek Christians, meets inflamed and diseased Islam:

Mark goes on:

Secularist bullies and cultured despisers–the sort of people who hector Christians to be more understanding of “Piss Christ” and who perpetually rail about Judgmental Christians–knowing that Christians are required by their faith to “judge not, lest ye be judged”–are entirely flummoxed when they encounter a religious tradition where their favorite tactic of “Bully and Scold” suddenly no longer works.  Islam has, so far as I know, no injunction against frank, naked, and proud judgment against the infidel, and no sense of shame about indulging in such judgment.  Watery post-Christian secularism, which knows almost nothing of the differences between Christianity and Islam and generally assumes that if you’ve seen one Abrahamic religion you’ve seen ’em all is gobsmacked and utterly at a loss for words in the face of Radical Islam’s “Yes, I’m judging you and you’re going to hell, you sl*t” contempt for the infidel.  The whole attempt by the woman in the video to appeal to a sense of shame or humility is a total failure, as is her appeal to an imaginary verse in the Q’uran about “respect for law” when it is not Sharia law.  The whole thing only makes clear who immensely parasitic watery post-Christian secularism is on the Christian tradition.  It has learned how to turn certain aspects of Christian morality into a weapon against the Christian faith.  But it has absolutely no idea how to deal with a culture and religious tradition that holds those favorite shreds of the post-Christian morality in utter contempt.

The West must wake up… but actually must do more once awake.

Read the rest of Mark’s piece then pass it on. 

There’s a future at stake.

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  • Gmacr1

    What, are you shocked that the cult of insanity is pushing its world veiw on the Eloi in the country formerly known as Great Britain? A vacuum, any kind of vacuum, is an aberation and something will come in. In this case it’s the freaks that believe women are slaves and if you are a nonbeliever you need to either die or be a slave.

    • jim_m

       And the slave comment is not merely rhetoric.  The islamic world is the only place where slavery not only exists but is condoned and even approved of.  But perhaps we should not be surprised that the left supports islamic radicals.  After all, the dems were the Confederacy here in he US.

  • Hank_M

    I’m concerned about the backlash against the muslims.


  • Wild_Willie

    The ‘religion of peace’ in full demonstration. Thanks Rick. It supports what we know is happening behind the scenes here. ww

  • We are commanded by liberals to be tolerant and understanding of Islam while, at the same time, they are concerned about “the war on women.”  That is irony in its purest form.  Women are nothing more than cattle in families who practice the Muslim faith.

    • jim_m

       Women are nothing more than cattle in families who practice the Muslim faith.

      And what exactly in recent leftist treatment of women makes you think that they (leftists) believe otherwise?

      • Their only worth is in supporting what the left wants.  Failing that, they’re disposable.

  • Guest

    Quick note:  This kind of attitude is not unique to Muslim communities.  Israel currently has a problem with its ultra-Orthodox Haredi community.

    • And that’s their problem.  I don’t see them spreading into every country and, when a certain critical mass is reached, demanding the country remake its laws into a form that suits them.

      • Guest

        Point taken … to an extent.  But that’s not my central point.  Chauvinism and harassment of females is not confined to a single religion, or even to a single community.   

        • Gmacr1

          But it it not a central tenet of any religion other than Islam.

          • Indeed. 

            But I’d like to point out that up until around the middle of the 20th Century, the ME was actually fairly (compared to now) secular.  It’s probably no coincidence that when Arab nationalism rose Islamic influence rose, and all of a sudden the secular aspects were ‘discouraged’.  

            I dunno – I don’t see anything good coming from it.  Seems like once a certain critical point is reached, things deteriorate rapidly as far as the rights of women go.

          • Guest

            If you’re going to talk about the Middle East, you’ve got such a huge confluence of factors. 

            Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood gained influence, IMO, because so many of the secular dictators were corrupt, oppressive, or both.  And by oppressive, I don’t mean “march down the streets yelling go to hell.”  I mean, “throw people into jail and torture them” oppressive.  

            So … groups like the Muslim Brotherhood rose up to oppose the dictators.  And along with “down with the dictator” you got a hefty dose of “get those women to wear burkhas again.”  

            And another thing … I’ve seen a fairly persuasive argument that while the Middle East was very Westernized for most of the twentieth century, that Westernization was largely confined to the cities … and that today’s troubles are at least partially attributable to tensions between urban and rural Middle Easterners.

            But it’s all really a giant clusterfuck, if you ask me.

          • jim_m

             The Ayatollah Khomeini was exiled in Paris, so I don’t think that Islamic extremism is isolated to rural areas.

            I think the bigger issue is that there exists in islam an unwillingness to tolerate any dissent.  It isn’t like in western Christianity where we bicker and disagree, differences of opinion on minor issues are cause to kill the other person.  In fact islam teaches that there can be no disagreement and that it is the obligation of the muslim to kill anyone who is an apostate (ie believes differently).

            Given that culture it is not surprising to find that the mythical moderate muslim, if they exist, is unwilling to self identify and unwilling to oppose the violent fanatic.

            While an individual muslim might prefer to live in a more western culture they will not oppose the extremist simply because they are unwilling to be labeled an apostate.

            Lastly, given the Europeans’ desire to appear sophisticated and therefore their unwillingness to defend their own culture it is unsurprising that muslims disdain western culture and identify themselves first as muslims before identifying as British or German etc (if they do so at all).

          • Guest

            I didn’t say Khomeini himself was rural, or that extremism was isolated to rural areas … rather I mean that rural-urban tensions are one factor in the ongoing battle.

          • But it’s all really a giant clusterfuck, if you ask me.”

            Yep.  Unfortunately, it’s spilling over.  And there’s no mop and shovel in sight.

            Interesting times, aren’t they?

          • Guest

            In the sense of the Chinese curse.

  • ackwired

    Intolerance is usually ugly.  It is important to not respond with fear and anger.  That simply reinforces their intolerance and provides recruitment aids.  Some things about freedom are messy, such as putting up with apathy, ignorance, ideologues, and extremely conservative religions.

    • jim_m

      extremely conservative religions.

      One might argue that any religion that advocates cutting the hands off of thieves and stoning homosexuals or adulterers (well, really just the adulteress) is not conservative, it’s extreme.  If islam was so conservative why does the left seek to constantly appease it?

      • In the hopes of being beheaded last?

    • Extremely conservative? Ackwired, just what do you mean by that expression?

      • ackwired

        The extremely conservative branches of religions are frequently intolerant.  They believe that their set of beliefs comprise  the only truth and that all others are apostates who believe in false doctrine and that they need not be tolerated. 

        • jim_m

           I agree.  I see this kind of intolerance in warmists all the time.

      • Guest

        Also, keep in mind that “conservative” in America and “conservative” in Iran are two vastly different things.

  • Commander_Chico

    It seems to me that Mr. Shea, and Rick, have a bit of envy for the Islamists, because they are willing to beat up on their main target,  “Watery post-Christian secularists”

    Post-Christian (and post Islamic) secularism is not that watery, though: freedom, strong drink, and sex are a powerful force.

  • Commander_Chico

    It seems to me that Mr. Shea, and Rick, have a bit of envy for the Islamists, because they are willing to beat up on their main target,  “Watery post-Christian secularists”

    Post-Christian (and post Islamic) secularism is not that watery, though: freedom, strong drink, and sex are a powerful force.

    • jim_m

       I would characterize it as frustration with those secularists (ie multi-culti leftists) who are so transparently cowed by threat and so willingly give up their rights and are so willingly complicit in the suppression of other people’s rights in the face of violence. 

      It’s the left’s holier than thou attitude when addressing Christians and their supine response to even greater intolerance from islam. 

      The left condemns Christianity for calling homosexuality a sin, but ignores islam as they stone and hang people accused of homosexuality.

      Excuse us if we think you are all spineless hypocrites.  You disgust me as you condemn Theo van Gogh for insulting islam when he was simply defending your own beliefs.  Everyone can see that your appeasement will result in your own (metaphorical) throats being slashed except you.

      • Commander_Chico

        Saying “cover yourself” is not exactly stoning.  Even in the UK, that kind of free speech is allowed.  I suspect that at some point (slut walk) Rick is more in sympathy with the Islamists in criticizing how some women dress.

        As for the stoning, shit, we invaded Afghanistan and keep killing their people, isn’t that enough?

        • jim_m

          The point is that you are forcing others to bow to the demands of radical muslims.  The radicals might get offended and start killing people so we try to appease them.  The only result is that they demand more and more concessions. 

          For instance: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/9200616/University-to-have-alcohol-free-areas-for-Muslims.html

          Muslims are intolerant. period.  (or simply unwilling to stand up to the intolerance that comes from their society) They demand that everyone change their way of life to suit them.  They refuse to assimilate and instead are demanding an end to the traditional way of life around them.

          Last, we did not invade Afghanistan for he purpose of killing muslims.  We did it to get rid of the Taliban, who were harboring Bin Laden.  obama is rolling all of that back and it will have disastrous results.

          • Commander_Chico

            Muslims are intolerant
            Have you ever been to a Muslim country?  I suspect not.  A trip to Amman, Marrakech, Cairo, Beirut, Dubai or Tunis would disabuse you of many fixed ideas.

  • Meiji Man

    I started feeling bad for that poor little hutch-bunny who has no clue as to how the real world works. 

  • AndrewX

    She feels “gutted, absolutely gutted”. As in hollowed out. And she is. Her very core is one that has been told and told and told and told that all she has to do is be “tolerant” of anyone and everyone, and any behavior under the sun, and of course such tolerance will be returned to her. And now she meets people who will take her tolerance, use her tolerance, demand her tolerance, and spit in her eye when she asks for it to be returned…. and simply reject full stop that there is anything remotely illogical or immoral about such a stance.

    An enemy is just a friend you haven’t met yet ….. unless that enemy is one who looks you in the eye and very forthrightly says, “My goal is to destroy your civilization, and kill you and your children if you don’t obey. I’m sorry, but you are confusing me…. what about what I just said do you not understand? I am speaking your language clearly, am I not? Allah has commanded me to destroy British heritage and society, So I am doing that. What don’t you get? It seems pretty simple to me…”

    And if this is true, and it IS true, her entire worldview, and likely that of her parents and friends, cannot survive. And there is no way around that.

    And so she is utterly lost, and in the last 30 seconds of that tape, you are looking at an utterly lost (“gutted”) soul.

    Scary thing –  How many of her countrymen will literally, and I do mean literally, allow the death of their heritage, their country, their civilization, their families… rather than confront that truth and all that must then in turn be acknowledged.

    They would never really allow it to go THAT far??  How many of Stalin’s victims cried, “Long Live Stalin” as Stalin’s bullets crashed through them and into the bloody wall behind them?

    Answer: FAR more than most Westerners would ever begin to believe.

    • Gmacr1

      I did not call them “Eloi” because I thought it was a cute term to toss out there.

      The Endarkenment continues apace…

  • Guest

    What is the original source of this video?  It was posted by “BurnIslamBurnAllah,” shared on   a channel called “PigPiss4Mosques.”   Whoever is behind these accounts/channels clearly has an agenda when it comes to Muslims in Europe:

    Love western cultures, expel Muslim cultures.

    Which makes me wonder — who was the original source of this?  Was it a  “post-Christian” liberal, as Rick Rice implies?  Or did this originate with somebody who has an anti-Muslim agenda?  

    There’s a certain curious symbiosis at work here.  The extreme anti-Muslims and extreme Muslims seem to need each other for validation.  

    • jim_m

       Wow. You visit some pretty extremely named sites.

      You can pretend that violent intolerance is not central to islamic belief but you are only fooling yourself.  As JLawson suggests above, trying to get yourself to the rear of the beheading line isn’t going to save you.

      • Guest

        The only “extremely named site” I visited was YouTube. I wanted to find out the source of the video.

        • Jwb10001

          Do you suspect the video is not authentic? Do you think someone was able to get all those muslims in the street to “stage” an event?

  • jim_m

    Muslim member of the House of Lords places $10M bounty on Bush and obama. Can we finally dispense with this BS that there exists anything like a “moderate” muslim?  http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2012/04/british-lord-offers-bounty-on-obama-and-bush.php

    Of course this bastard is a member of the leftist Labour Party. The left won’t come out against it for fear of offending those tender muslim sensitivities.